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Thanks Dan and Swampy! (2/2)

By Leibi97
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... and this was the other one for the project :)

All characters belong to Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
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To bad they quit :(
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I also liked the show, but to be fair, they started running out of ideas in Season 3.
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well it was around for almost 10 years most shows don't last that long unless they are spongebob or the simpsons 
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And even then the quality is most likely gonna be a downward slope.

(Looking at you, Spongebob, Family Guy, etc.)
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Spongebob is still awesome Family Guy always sucked 
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Well, to each their own. I was just stating popular opinions.

No guarantee that what I said is or isn't my own opinion.
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those are both minority opinions Stewie plz don't do this so tell me if most people think family guy then why isn't it off the air and why was it  brought back from cancellation by popular demand and still one of there most viewed and top rated shows and  Peachy   if most people think spongebob declined in quality then why do they air it all day, why does it still make a nick ton of money off of merchandise, why is it there top rated show, why was the second movie very successful blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2015/0…  the only people who complain about how these shows should be canceled are nerds on internet forums and ignorant little kids it is pretty foolish for a network to end their most successful show  i hate Adventure Time but I won't deny most  CN viewers love it and it is one of there most successful shows it would be like Mcdonalds getting rid of the dollar menu people complaning on the internet is not an accurate representation of the public's opinion  
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First off, judging from those GIFs, you are getting defencive about this. No need for that. Just tell me I'm wrong, give some good reasons, and I'll apologise.

Second, then I guess I've been listening to the vocal minority. My apologies.
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nah its no hard feelings we are just talking about cartoons 
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This is great!
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Your art style is perfect for Phineas and Ferb stuff.  This looks so neat and polished- I love it!
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awesome! i'll miss them...:) (Smile) :( (Sad) 
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i still miss this show D:
i always will
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Very well done, Leibi!
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;w; THIS IS AMAZING TwT :heart:
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You did it? Awesome!! :D
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Wow, Leibi, awesome! =D
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This is cute
Good job ;p
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This is a great drawing too. It really does reflect the themes of te show.

I also like the designs you gave the other characters' heads. ^_^

Awesome yet again Leibi.
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