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weirdest crossover ever


*Note: I've started a comic about this... if you have nothing better to do, you might like to check it out :D [link]

Now you've seen it all... ^^;
*EDIT: Officially, this has ranked as the 2nd weirdest crossover, first place goes to this! [link] :lmao: :rofl: :giggle: :dummy: :D thanks to ~PanPanMomo for the pic!
</b>Yes, these tough guys are two of my fave fictional chars, it's Wolverine, from the x-men, and Marcus Fenix, from the Gears of war (I & II) x-box game, they're both awesome, and they can both kick your a$$ 'nuff said.

This weird crossover was inspired by the fanfic Unworldly Time Share(c) by WolvGambit
, a pretty cool story if you ask me (I might even try to do a comic based on it...hmmm.... tempting..)</b>

*EDIT: OMG!! I just foun out the author has a dA account!! it's :iconwolvgambit: ~WolvGambit!!! go and check it out!!!

Gears of War (c) Epic Games
Unworldly Time Share(c) by WolvGambit
The WolvGambit fanfiction page/WolvGambit 's fanfiction page
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I didn't think other people saw how similar these two characters are! I love this!
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Don't really see what's so weird about this crossover, it actually makes sense.

Now what would be the actual most weirdest crossover? Loud House, Warhammer, and The Room. A family-friendly show about the antics of a family, plus a grimdark tabletop war game, and a badly acted tragedy (that is more comedy) just simply do not go together.
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This makes alot of sence. Both Marcus and Logan are alot alike
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I can see Wolverine fucking Locusts up easy.
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This is PERFECT!


Boy Lolitas :iconomgsocuteplz:

Mokuba Kaiba is freakin' ADORABLE x10!!!!! :iconiloveyoutooplz:

[] Single

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Al is my hero <3 TEAM ALUCARD! FUCK EDWARD CULLEN! :iconalucardplz:

NYEH x OVER 9000! :iconover9000plz:
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Awesome :XD: Wolverine is my favourite character, and I recently got into Gears of war:D Only on the first game so a bit behind :D
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Hey, I wrote a fanfiction on this material once!

It... it doesn't really compare to your art. :S
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Gunna check it out!
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Awaits future Chapter
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It might be a weird crossover, but I have an odd feeling that wolverine would feel right at home in Sera.
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I don't usually like crossovers... but this drawing is awesome. :)
And woah, those two would definitely kick a lot of ass. xD
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Weird? I don't think so. Considering I've been running an X-Men RPG for over six years &, although only within the last 8-9 months or so, I've really gotten into Gears of War too, I think this sort of crossover will be in the future of my writing too.

Again, great realism to the graphics, they actually look like their from the same universe, hehe. I also totally agree with you... I've loved the Wolverine for just shy of how long my RPG has been running for. Now I have added Fenis (ahem, and Cole) to that as well :dummy:.
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And I spell my fav GoW character's name wrong... geesh, that was just brilliant!

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This. I need as a wallpaper so i can stare at the manly glory for hours. Honsetly this looks amazing. ♥♥♥

the lancer is freakin sweet and God damn wolverine's face just tells me shit is about to go down.
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hey thanks! :D
hahahha oh yeah, hell's about to break loose with these two
thanks for the comment :D
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Ha! One of the best crossover ideas ever!

Brilliant work here dude, brilliant!
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