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November 27, 2016
lehuss imagines a younger Yoda in his time of glory in : Yoda my name is :
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: Yoda my name is :

Hi everybody , this is how I imagine how a younger yoda would look like in his time of glory :)) hope you like it
You can also follow me and see more of my work at cyu !
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Kind of reminds me of Yaddle
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That is dope! Quick question: Why does he have hair?
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hmm why not ? if you look at old yoda , you'll notice he has white hair :)
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Oh damn. I can't believe I never noticed that. Thanks lol Sad Megaman Emoticon 
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Erasing a jumpball from my mind... this artwork...fantastic!
Art8182's avatar
A Much young Grandmaster Yode. With should focus.
SamWallaceArtisan's avatar
The Amy Winehouse hairdo is a surprise ... but it makes sense. I like the way his face looks here, with a strange lack of wrinkles
d0lf1nluv3r's avatar
He looks amazing!
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i would totally watch a Yoda movie from his prime days! 
LovinSpoonfuls's avatar
Such a magnificent concept! 

Congratulations on the Daily Deviation too! :heart:
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thank you dear ^^
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What a neat conceptual image!
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thank you ^^
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Awesome. Yoda's ready for his L'oreal commercial with hair like that:D
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lol thank you ^^
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....Full head of hair, I had. Popular with the ladies, I was.

lehuss's avatar
hahah totally
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I'll bite, this is a fantastic idea
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