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October 28, 2010
Mononoke_fanart by ~lehuss

The suggester says
"It's a really strong image, captivating and dynamic all around!"
Featured by elicoronel16
Suggested by Nim41
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I really love San , strong and wild . She is my favourite princess ever . I had to draw her in the way i like her ;)
Hope you'll like it
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SamWallaceArtisan's avatar
I like how this rendition makes zero attempt to make her "cute" ... she's a hateful anger-mongering badass and this picture conveys that.
Seiryu-kun's avatar
Absolutly awesome
Chiichiichan94's avatar
Amazing :D So much action in the drawing, good work :D
noexitcondition's avatar
Hey you managed to get a Kodama in there.
LordAkiyama's avatar
Absolutely fantastic work you've done here. Truly captures the character beautifully.
OzkarZeron's avatar
were can i buy a print of this beautiful work of art?
wolfgirlmovie's avatar
This is outstanding, there's so much movement captured! - She looks so powerful! Unswaying in her pursuit, and you've included a Kodama ^_^ We see him!

We're making a princess mononoke fan film, our 'San' is a little softer at the moment... but we think the trailer is goose-pimply.. See what you think, and if you get time, leave us a comment! 
- If you could reinvent the Kodama what would you envisage?

**… **
TorahSylphwind's avatar
You do her justice. ^_^
Magikapple's avatar
The-Rose-Sonata's avatar
this is so badass <3
VincyJess's avatar
Love it! A very fierce San! Can I use it on my facebook cover? *W*
VR85's avatar
Another GREAT piece!
ZinyaWolf's avatar
That's really cool!
aliveoncemore23's avatar
I love this movie and pic!
GabrielSora's avatar
The pose, the dynamic and the feel of this picture are amazing. Congratulations for this pic. It really makes it for San.
TabaChiRinn's avatar
Stunning. Very intense. Thanks for sharing!
LostGryphin's avatar
Love it - San's expression is nicely done - I love the movement of the artwork as well.
Koronue's avatar
Mononoke Hime! i loved Morrow. and i think Ashitaka was my favorite character of pretty much everything. i love how you drew her so intense! fierce and beautiful. totally a fighter. love it.
Lovely San !
I really love your art !! :)
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