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Joker me fascine... Une illu pour le noel d'un pote.
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Gruesome yet awesome
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REally love this joker. Love the classic side, and got just enough wicked to it.
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love this pic!
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awesomely terrifying I love it!
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Super détail du batman dans l'oeil ;)
Très chouette illustration, un grand bravo =)
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A very well done Joker! Keeping the Brian Bolland Killing Joke look while giving him a more dark and maniacal look! Well done! This is astounding art and brings pleasure to my eyes.
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That is one crazed looking Joker. Very nice!
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super nice work man.
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Best portrayal of The Joker on DA imo
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All hail, the new king in town
Young and old, gather 'round, yeah
Black and white, red and green, funky
The funkiest man, you've ever seen

Tell you what his name is

Partyman, partyman
Rock a party like nobody can
Rules and regulations, no place in his nation
Partyman, partyman

Party people, say it now, yeah yeah yeah yeah
Somebody holler if you wanna party

Get it up, oh yeah
Partyman, Partyman
Get it up, get it up

I rock the party, I rock the house
I rock the whole world
North, East and South
In the West, 17 horns blowin'

Partyman, partyman

Get it up
All hail the new king in town

Ain't nothin' but a muffin
We gotta lotta butter to go
Y'say aye, an' I like ya 'way, but don't come now
And if it break when it bend
You better not put it in

Giddy up
Ride 'em boy

Partyman, partyman
Partyman, partyman

Young and old, gather 'round
Everybody hail, the new king in town

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Joli ! J'suis fan aussi du perso, que j'ai dans ma galerie ... Encore bravo !
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 I would love if this were available as a print.
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The Batman symbol, for the pupil? Crazy creepy awesome!
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This reminds me of the Arkham Asylum version. The comic, not the video game.
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Ah the Joker. HELL YEA
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Hy, I have created a community page for Joker Fans.

If you like what you see feel free to add me, like, share, comment and post staff about Joker etc.

It is under construction and through the power of you and the people the legend will grow.

A page for the community.


Sorry for the interruption. Have a nice day..
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This is absolutley amazing!!!
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Just incredible. You do the iconic character honor. Thanks for sharing.
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Wow, this was really amazing work! Really loved the pose and the whole look of it.
Vampirik-Gackt-sama's avatar
Fan-freaking-tastic!! Love this work of paint job and digital effects. Makes this Joker look like a realistic animation. Liking how he holds his hat and hair covering one side with the shadow covering over him. Creepy and makes him look like he's about to do some shit to you as the viewer. lol
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