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Hand Study by Lehosh

By Lehosh
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Ok! Jammed out the hand study in not too much time... well, scrap that, it took forever, but here it is. Can you guess which of the panels is the first attempts and which is the last? Guess correctly and you'll get the genuine, ultra-uber No-Prize! Exciting I know.

Now I think I've got a decent grasp of the hands at various angles and have a feel for how they move and work. Hopefully my work here will help others learning the very difficult process of drawing hands.

For a general reference, I didn't use any single method for making the hands... Sometimes I used block+stick construction (as you can see in a few of the hands), sometimes I used circle+tube construction, and a few times I just freehanded it (mostly towards the end).

Block+Stick and Circle+Tube pre-construction methods are really helpful for getting a handle on how things work, but after I was comfortable enough with it and started just freehanding it, I think freehand sometimes turns out better... or at least more stylish. Block building tends to turn out just as you'd expect: blocky.

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Thank you so much for posting this! It really helped me!
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This is incredibly helpful. Thank you very much!
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Thanks man, this reference really helped out. I'll tag you when I post the illustration I'm working on.
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Great job and also very usefull!! Sometimes i really hate to draw hands. These little tentacle f...ers. you`ve mastered them. impressively
Cruelbreed ;)
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very dynamic and well done
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Thank you so much for all this hands! It's very usefull!!! *__* There's some view that you can't do it itself xDDD
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It's a very good study! Congrats!
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Very useful, cheers ;D
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This is extremely helpful, thanks so much for posting!
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this is very helpful
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Helped me a lot!
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this is very usefull thanks
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Wow! really good! this is helping for everyone wat to draw hands!
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* saddens when theres no middle finger* aww
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Un aporte a la sociedad... GRACIAS ♥
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very well done this is an excellent referral for new artists such as myself thank you
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thanks for posting this bro ^^
helped me a lot.
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JEALOUS >_< my hands must always be stuffed into pockets
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This is awesome. Did you have someone hand model for you ?
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so damn awesome! thank you!! *o*
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tons of help ,thank you.
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