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Outlander - Reward - Sketch

With this I can definitely say I've given my best. No references at all, so that's why it still looks weird. But hey! I tried, and will do better in next times. I still like the concept.

And yeah, I got obsessed with Outlander, especially after finish reading the first book. Soooooo intense...

Outlander © Diana Gabaldon
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© 2014 - 2021 Lehanan
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Beautiful and tragic!
minni-lucy11's avatar
I love everything about this piece, especially the angle. :D beautiful work:D
Zandrasizzel's avatar
It's obvious that you love the books. It shows in your art.
TainaBoricua's avatar
Wow! What a powerful image.
Jackewa's avatar
I just bought the first 6 books just because of your fanarts from it! :meow: Read the first 200 sited and phew! I really like her writing style! Its hard to put the book down! La la la la 
Dragonnerd445's avatar
For a very intense scene, this could almost be viewed as calming and gentle were it not for the hint of a blade in Randell's hand. (and the broken rope.)
jusaebit's avatar
It doesn't look weird, it's amazing!
The perspective is crazy and you did a good job with details too!
Wonderful piece ^^
AbstractWorld16's avatar
Well, I guess I now have to read this series!
SaintGlory's avatar
I have to thank you and give you the deepest bow of gratitude possible, as thanks to you I've started reading Outlander. :glomp: And you illustrations just make my reading even more engrossing!
Lehanan's avatar
Thank you!! I so loved the first book! Hope that I can say the same for the second one.
SaintGlory's avatar
The second one is all right, too. I've been suffering some sleep deprivation over it for the last few days. :XD:
Lehanan's avatar
I'm just on chapter 2 and I really want to kill the writer because I don't understand what's going on and I'm confused as hell... eAeU
SaintGlory's avatar
Well, I'm on chapter 26, and I'm still at a loss as to what had exactly happened, but! There will be Claire and Jamie soon, and even Randall as well, so don't you worry! ;)
xSakuraKurox's avatar
Ok. I've been watching the series, wondering the whole time what it would be like if it was about two men instead. You are amazing. 
Lehanan's avatar
This actually should be happening at the end of this season so "thank" the writer for it XD Although these scenes are really hard to read and I guess they'll be hard to watch as well >A<U
xSakuraKurox's avatar
Wait you mean- is it bad ;-; ?
Lehanan's avatar
VERY bad... XD I was crying while reading.
xSakuraKurox's avatar
Mielle's avatar
First time I've seen a fanart this good of Outlander! And the angle you use is just amazing!  I wish I could come up with stuff like that! Bravo!
AsterHyakinthou's avatar
I see nothing wrong here. Everything about this scene is so right.
Yuuko94's avatar
Buaaaf genial, como cuanto tiempo tardas haciendo un dibujo? XDD
Lehanan's avatar
Este tardé especialmente mucho X__D Unas 10 horas.
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