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Jelsa - You don't need to be alone anymore

By Lehanan
Because I'm running a print set of this among my Elsa drawing >w<
And I absolutely LOVE these two. Sorry for the ones that don't ship them ^^U 

Jack Frost/Rise of the Guardians © Dreamworks
Elsa/Frozen © Disney

Facebook art page (more SFW than my DA):…

Sketch -> You don't need to be alone anymore - WIP by Lehanan
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© 2014 - 2021 Lehanan
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Good lord, I went looking for Jelsa art, cuz it's been a while, find this gorgeous piece, and yet the most recent "reviews" are nasty anti comments??? Idk what's wrong with people -.-" Honestly, I love this crack pairing because of artists like you! Their aesthetic is so gorgeous, their loneliness very similar, and it's just I really love it! This is a breathtaking piece of one of my favorite non-canon ships! Thank you for this, and I hope you stay safe and healthy (and ignore your haters) <3

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Just remember that Jack is only 17 and Elsa is 21. I don't ship them at all and sure get mad a me. That's only one reason why I don't ship them.

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Pairing is just as lame today as when it started.
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Well, I don't ship them, but this is a lovely picture.  Thanks for sharing.
cool! i love this drawing style!
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I love this so much! Love Love Love 
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This is so beautiful!! :love:
SawuScimitar74's avatar
Love this pairing and this picture! :D
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oh, that's a nice pairing :-) beautiful piece
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This drawing is simply fantastic!! Jack frost frozen elsa icon 
Congratulations on the beautiful art! Oh, Olaf Frozen - Olaf's Shy Icon 
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I don't know if you're aware, but I've seen this piece on the background photo of a Whisper post... I hope Whisper paid you or something to use your artwork, because this is very beautiful. Just don't want it to be unfair to you, I know you must put in a lot of effort into your art.
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This pairing has my vote! :)
this is lovely!
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I adore this pairing! The sweetness in this picture is just so teeth rotteningly perfect. I could die from this cuteness. XD
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This is prolly one pairing of which I approve. I love this pose, it's so cute! So soft. Love how you do hair. =D
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So on a "I still like this couple and want to draw them" note. Here's some inspiration ;) Happy reading!…
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I usually don't like crossover pairings but I make an exception for Jelsa. :)
This is stunning! :yay: :yayay: - NaNoEmo 24/30 + Plz 
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Why would Elsa kiss a dead boy???
Mi-chan1239's avatar
he is not dead he is immortal 
NamelessSaint's avatar
he is dead... didn't you see the movie?
Mi-chan1239's avatar
yeah he is immortal guardian i saw the movie
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he died at 14 and was resurrected as as ghost.  You can't see him if you don't believe in him.  Pairing an immortal ghost with the vibrant young queen Elsa is absurd on its face.
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