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Epic Castlevania Beast (collage)

All materials used here are created by KONAMI. I just combined them.
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The true Menace...
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the true final antagonist of Castlevania...
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<font><font>amazing and awesome </font></font>
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Words are not enough to describe how unbelievably awesome this is.
That thing is my God...
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If Konami ever decides to actually make a game based off of the Demon Castle War of 1999, this should totally be Dracula's final form.

Pretty badass collage, at any rate.
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:OMG:! Just wait, that WILL become a Harmony of Sorrow boss in the next DLC or 2 :w00t:!
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Pretty cool, man. I had to show Konami
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Good. May be they'll see this and decide to make another 2d Castlevania. :)
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Epic isn't the word! This is amazing! Love the defeated heroes at the bottom. Well done on this!
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Have you found the part where Dracula is prepared to slap Carmilla's red ass? :)
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I have not! I am afraid to say! ><
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Мда, нехилая тварюга получилась. И как ЭТО можно победить? )
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Мандрагоры, мандрагоры.. :)
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Now that's something. Menace's got nothing on THIS thing :D
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No matter how big the beast is, he still can be defeated with mandragoras. :)
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What.... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! :iconohnoplz:
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I call him Jerry. :)
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It's the end of the world! We need the heroes that aren't defeated to stop this!!
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