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Last week, I was pretty sad and a bit depressed.  Work has been getting me down.  I was worried about the audit I had coming up.  I had been working lots of hours, but felt hopeless like it would not matter in the end.  This coming week, I have a lot more stuff that has me concerned.  I wish I could retire...
But let me share the positive.  On the audit, we passed, but got our lowest score ever,  Still, it is a pass.  But we almost failed, once again because people won't listen to me, and are breaking the rules thinking I won't find out.  I had to write up 2 people last week.
But on the Safety side, I am doing pretty good,  We achieved our OSHA VPP Star Recertification and got the NSC Nebraska's Safest Companies Award with Distinction.  Here I am with one of my Safety Committee members at the awards banquet: Safety First! by Legrandzilla  I am sure we would not even applied for it if I was not there to do it.  So, I should feel good about that...
I fully expect though, that no matter how hard I work, someday I will be let down in my career.  That is part of why I wrote this: Disposable
She loved him from the first time she spied him writing on his desk
In the kindergarten class her heart beat for him even then
As they grew to adolescence she continued to watch, and long
Daydreams of something they might share someday
And that day came when he asked her out, she blurted
Irrepressible giggles from her overflowing joy, He wanted her!
But just that once it seemed, for after she gave him all she had
He left, he threw her away…She was disposable
He worked long and hard for nearly 40 years, a company man
He regretted all the ball games he missed that saddened his son
The missed recitals that disappointed his daughter, but he had to succeed
Though he gave so many hours, staying late, working from home
The boss called him in, it is just business he said, you must understand
Things must change and we need new blood, we hired him today
Just graduated from college and you had your day, I am sorry to say
So they threw him away…He was disposable
I wanted to be a good f
  And when I am sad, I often release my emotions by writing.  It does not necessarily mean I experienced all that, but it is how I feel.
Another update from last time, I had sold Buh Byeee by Legrandzilla and it arrived broken, and I would lose a lot of money if I had to refund, but the buyer is working with me to ship it back and have me fix it, and hopefully use insurance money to pay for shipping both ways.  So it will cost me some time, materials, and I may pay extra postage, but at least it is better than I thought.  Speaking of Ebay, I relisted Check Out My Latest Ebay Listing! by Legrandzilla and took of $25 on the starting price.  I also listed <da:thumb id="682987477"/>  I hope they sell!
I am working on a portrait, 2 commissions<da:thumb id="681493632"/>

<da:thumb id="681768281"/>  And my Paradise Big Swing:

Paradise Kong by Legrandzilla
If you look at the background of the first photo you can see the box the kit came in.
Well, it is a 3 day weekend since Monday is a holiday here.  Then I will take a deep breath and dive back into the sewer of my existence, lol!  So lets move on to a feature of lovely arts that delighted me this past week, shall we?
Oil Landscape #1 by RBO4

In(co)herency by cholie

The Old  Legend - Traditonal Painting by MarieStars

Untitled by SootheNoo1959

Clearing by dwarfeater

Card critter II by Nimphradora

Dean Squirrel by noonetells

Goddess of rebirth by HananaeBananae

Mysterious revisted by themasterofnone

Sorrow by themasterofnone

052617OrganicJourney by Dragonforge

Flamenco by cholie

Cookie! by uildrim

Milla Jovovich by SoulOfDavid

Blue Dragon by sandara

Red dragon by sandara

Houston We have a problem by sandara

California quail by kiwipics

morepork owl by kiwipics

Black Swedish ducklings by kiwipics

Carolina Wood Duck 4 by kiwipics

NZ grey teal by kiwipics

The Misfit by themasterofnone

The Gift lyp by lauraypablo

Lake by Piasecka

Machinesaurer! by KaijuSamurai

Armored-5-Legged-Crusher by Davesrightmind

Full moon. by virnagray

May by slshimerdla

GyaosWIP Update by Digiwip

Godzilla by TheBighead1200

Meghan Markle Portrait by IleanaHunter

Daily Painting 1644# - Plastipus by Cryptid-Creations

The Beast by PaleoGuy

Scarlett Johansson Drawing by JoeDieBestie

King Kong vs the T-Rex - Greyscale by hawanja

Hoher Peissenberg 4K by renenordmannfotograf

Godzilla by yuchans

Dzwierszno Male (HDR) by skywalkerdesign

The Journey Of Turtles by skywalkerdesign

Dzwierszno Male Sunset (HDR) No. 2 by skywalkerdesign

I wish you all a happy week dear people!So-nice! by faryba

Giant Smooch by Web5teR Being a Princess is hard work [SFM|GIF] by argodaemon

Gettin' Dizzy [SFM|GIF|Video] by argodaemon

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Thanks for the feature!
cholie's avatar
:tighthug: :huggle: Ugh, I'm sorry your work environment isn't good. I hope things improve for you and soon! Having a toxic work environment really dampens the spirits, so I really hope it gets better for you!

You are so kind, sweet, and thoughtful! Thank you so very much for featuring not one, but two of my pieces. I really and truly appreciate your support!
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Thanks dear friend and welcome!:hug:
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Thanks a lot for featuring me! :)
lauraypablo's avatar
Hi Jon :iconaawplz: I hope you're doing well :iconsweethugplz: I read about what happened with your work and I hope you can resolve soon
I read your poem and it touched my heart my friend, you write really nice, you're really kind and sweet friend :heart: send a big hug and the best of luck on your projects, please don't feel sad, If something goes wrong do not give up because you've friends who loves you!!!:iconflyingheartsplz:
Legrandzilla's avatar
Thank you dear friend:hug:
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wow i didn't expect my work to be mention by someone at this time (i'm still studying =P (Razz) ) 
we all go through hard times just keep on moving and everything will be find, keep up the good work :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you very much for featuring me!
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You are most welcome Marie, you are an amazing artist!
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Ow thank you so much!! Your sculptures are stunning!
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You are very kind, thank you for watching me!  I am watching you back! :hug:
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Ah I know that stressful just want to be done with your job feeling well too. It sucks, but looking on the positive side dose help some. And writing and creating are also helpful :) I hope people start opening their ears for you at work :p
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Thank you so much for the mention! I really appreciate it!

Sorry to hear that work has been getting you down... it's always frustrating when people around you don't contribute like you'd hope to something you really care about. :(
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Welcome, and thank you :)
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Good to hear there is a little bit of good news in there :) and the features are great as always too :D
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I'm so happy things are looking brighter for you my sweet friend... bless you... sending you lots of hugs hehe  Hugs - Free to use by Undead-Academy  
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