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Gamera Video and More News

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 28, 2018, 8:51 AM
:iconsayhiplz:Hello friends and those passing by, welcome to my journal.  I hope you are all well. 

Today I won a Japanese auction for a new Baragon kit.  It is a little SD kit, I have never seen one before.  One of my friends is always on the lookout for kits I might want, so thanks to him I have one of these coming soon.  As a Baragon fan, I am pretty excited.  Here is an image of it from the kaijukits website:

Okay, so lets get on with the project updates.  

1.  Kong and Mighty Joe Young drawing request.  Not my best work, but it is finished I guess.  One of the downsides of taking on requests that are not your personal vision is, you cannot know precisely what the requester was hoping for, so maybe I should not do these types of requests.  I am better off having the idea in my head and the only person I need to meet expectations of is me.  Anyway, here it is in case you haven't seen it yet...Kong and Mighty Joe Grooming  by Legrandzilla

 2.  LeGrandzilla GMK (or should I say LMK) I have the initial lines drawn, it is a parody of the poster art to the left of it.

3.  King Kong Cave Battle Diorama.  This week I worked more on the serpent creature he fights, I painted him a dark oily color, and you can see the flippers I added.  I am thinking of keeping the eyes dark like this.Kong Cave Serpent Toy Bash by Legrandzilla

4.  Jarhead Gamera Bust.  This week I painted some gloss and the eyes and mouth and began to attach it to the base, I puttied the gap to seal it on there.

5.  Goblin Factory Gyaos.  All I did this time was added an oil wash to it. I will paint more with oils soon.

6.  GMK Godzilla vs Satsuma.  I am working on attaching the Satsuma with a wire which I will hide making it look like bubbles and blood and flesh, just engineering it right now. 

7.  Impostor Fake Godzilla.  I did some painting on the mouth and eyes, and the silvery parts of the fins and shoulder.  I plan to airbrush the main body next since I got my airbrushes back from the repair shop. 

8.  Giganatosaurus by Shane Foulkes.  I painted some details like the eyes and teeth and added an oil wash to it.  I still need to putty the seam on the head.  

9.  Chibi Alien Xenopuff for :iconmiis-miis:  Shipped and on its way!  All done!  Hope it arrives safely!  XenoPuff Alien by Legrandzilla

10.  Rotokaiju King Kong 62 second commission.  I airbrushed it and added some acrylic details.  Next I will do washes and dry brush.

11.  Honeybones Gamera is finished, so I will not do anymore updates until I start a diorama if I do make one.  Thanks to all who weighed in and helped me decide what to do for the diorama, the poll is still open, but so far it looks like this is the fave idea:Img 0006 (4) by Legrandzilla

But it is done, it was a tough project but I am pretty happy with it!Gamera is Grooving by Legrandzilla
Img 0005 (4) by Legrandzilla

Here is the video:  
So 3 of these are finished, and I will remove them for the next update, and I will add some new projects this week!

Now let's enjoy a feature of awesome arts that delighted me this past week! Inktober 2018 Day 27 Thunder by EmilyStepp

Animation Class - Layout 1 by Rose-Hunter

Witch's Love by TatyanaChugunova

Fairy by Nixri

.:Blushing Ultraviolet:. by Lawleighette

V I N T A G E__V I B E S by Lawleighette

Autumn Leaves by DeyVarah

Gathering of the Foxes by AnyaBoz

Hungry Squirrel by mockingbirdontree

Marvel's Godzilla -VENOMIZED by KaijuSamurai

Inktober - Life Saver- Day 11 (+video) by LikaKinsky

Inktober - Walking - Day 9 (+video) by LikaKinsky

Inktober - Astronaut - Day 10 (+video) by LikaKinsky

Make Art Not War by Lawleighette

**Rey** by Lawleighette

Baragon attacks Paris by MonsterIsland1969

Barghest - Gwent Card by akreon

White - Morph Gyrfalcon by AnyaStone

Drink Deeply by kenket

Divine Mother by InfiniteCreations

Little Dragon by Arasteia

Mini Godzilla 2014 by SpaceDragon14

Gamera Full Body by SpaceDragon14

Turtle Dragon by SpaceDragon14

Baragon by Sonson-Sensei

Earth Defenders by SpaceDragon14

Mini GMK Godzilla by SpaceDragon14

That's about it for now!  Have a happy week and a safe Halloween!

  • Listening to: Led Zepplin
  • Reading: What I just wrote
  • Watching: Gotham
  • Playing: the fool
  • Eating: Yogurt and Granola
  • Drinking: Water. Lots of water
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Lawleighette Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the feature, Jon! :heart:
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Welcome Marshawn!:)
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Legrandzilla Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Yay 😁
Mindslave24-7 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
"Dwa Dwa! hugs!":jump: 
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