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Godzilla VS Baragon WK 4

Back view of West Kenji GMK diorama
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Mar 11, 2010, 6:44:56 AM
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Where do you get the scale people for these dioramas?
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Usually on ebay or a model train store. Sometimes I try to reposition them so they look more like they are running, and repaint them..
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I will keep that in mind when looking for diorama figures. Thank you.
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No problem! Good luck! The dio I am doing now I will use some larger styrene figures from my Ertl Gigantics series kits.
Dalek1965's avatar
Thanks, and good luck to you too!
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Hmmm thats strange. i remember Baragon being a little smaller than that in the movie. but still this is a VERY awesome diorama. though were they that big in the movie? :)
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He is quite abit smaller, even in the diorama. He looks bigger because he is standing on a cliff and is stretched out, Godzilla is a little hunched over. But this is in scale according to West Kenji...
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Yeah i figured that. i remember him being a lot smaller compared to Godzilla in the movie compared to here. but man, if that was the actual scale, Godzilla was HUGE. i haven't seen the movie in a long time. i actually want to see it now. did you make this diorama? :)
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Whoo! That would take awhile, but I did a tutorial on how I did my Stoutasaurus dio on The Clubhouse Modeling Forum under Stomping Grounds, You can also see it on My page under JonLeGrand my public shoebox album. Did you have any specific questions, like about kit building painting, or was it more the base?
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Damn, i've heard of Stoutasaurs before. i think i've even seen him too. but what does he look like?

I meant everything. this diorama is VERY awesome and well made :)
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The deal with Bill Stout's original concept for godzilla, is it was for a movie that got canceled. So Bill did some sketches of it, but this model kit is about as close to what he was wanting to do as you can see, I believe.
Thanks, I am glad you like it! I bought the model from the sculptor for about $200. To build the model, it was about 20 pieces, I put it together, puttied the seams, sanded and carved some areas and fixed air bubbles in the resin. Then I painted it with airbrush and hand brush until I liked it. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, I will put a link here to my webshots page and you can see in my 1st album (that is me on the 1st pic) a lot of work in progress pics that explain how I did the base, and more pics of the monster too! [link]
Thanks for looking, let me know if you have more questions.
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Yeah, both this and the Stout dioramas are AWESOME. i really really LOVE the Stout model. its just like a dino, colors and all. he even looks a bit like a T-rex. so do you by these things as is? or they come blank and you need to color them?
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They come in pieces of white or ivory colored resin, like a hard plastic. You have to carve the excess stuff off them to make them fit together, then you drill pins in the pieces and put them together with super glue. Then you putty the seams and paint it.
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*Cool, liked the look of Godzilla
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Gives a better shot of the people running.
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