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Vampony Overhaul Pack (REAL FINAL update) [DL]



Remember that vampony pack I leaked through the mane 6? Well, after :iconwhiteskypony: released the ear files, I spent two hours of my life finishing it...whether or not it was worth it, I'm not yet certain.

Anyway, enjoy!

Before you ask, I have fixed the ears on Derpy, Lyra and Lotus/Aloe

My sincere apologies, but I forgot to give credit where credit's due:
:iconbeardeddoomguy: for making/fixing the original bat shy (and for having the textures for the ear available. Really saved my skin there).
:iconwhiteskypony: for releasing the vampony ears.
:iconglaber: & :iconponinnahka: for creating the wings and fangs.

Apologies. I made a slight edit that gets rid of the extra Twilight model.

Update: I added the red eye skins to all of the models, and fixed the stiff wings on all of the models.
Fixed the red eyes for Twilight

Also, just to let Gmod users know, some models like the Lotus Blossum model have some weird issue where the wings are in their default pose when opened. They are poseable, but you need the ragdoll mover to get them out of position.

Well, it appears I never updated the file. I could've SWORN I did -_-

Okay, this is why I HATE doing massive releases like this. I accidently added the old version of Twilight without the ears. This will be the LAST fix I do, I promise. I know I can just do a silent update, but the issue is that a lot of people have likely redownloaded this by now, and I don't want them to have broken versions, which again is why I hate these big releases

GOD DANGIT! I accidently uploaded the Vinyl only zip file. I'm being such an idiot today. I'm so sorry :'(
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The fangs are not here when I tested them, where?