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Why Thank You! by Legofire199 Why Thank You! :iconlegofire199:Legofire199 0 0 Uh... Mogranthe? XD by Legofire199 Uh... Mogranthe? XD :iconlegofire199:Legofire199 0 0
PBVCR: A Gamer's Plight - A Leader Amongst Cowards
As everyone continued on the path forward, they couldn't help but look at their immediate surroundings, the cyber world's terrain had consisted of polygonal textures and even pixels making up the foliage, and though it was barely noticeable, they made up a whole bunch of the leaves on polygonal tree trunks.
"You know, this is surprisingly 3D for a pixelated world." Ulysses observed, as he took in the surrounding realistic looking plant life.
"Really?" Glitchy asked him, "What'd you exp-expect our wor-world to look like?"
"More... flat I guess?" Ulysses responded, giving his answer a bit of thought, "like an actual game you'd see in a pixelated style like this."
"I'm seeing both pixels and polygons honestly" Marianna commented, seemingly correcting Ulysses in the style of the plant life around them.
"That may also have something to do with the Sister Consoles." Pixelia remarked, floating up to the two as they walked forward still, "well, more specifically the people they got their power
:iconlegofire199:Legofire199 2 10
PBV Fan Stories: Winter Tournament - Match 1
A few weeks have passed, maybe months, before finally the ring had been set for the event. Announcers had been picked, and Anna, one of the first wrestlers up for the tournament, was dressed up in her winter themed wrestling spandex, it gave off shimmers due to silver specks in her spandex's lining, and it appeared to give off a winter storm look to it.
A knock could be hear on the wall nearby her, before Zoey Charm spoke up. "Hey," Zoey announced herself, "mind if I come in?" "Hmm?" Anna turned to look over and saw Zoey standing in the doorway, her icy eyes showing a bit of surprise, "Oh, Miss Charm, sure..." Zoey then walked into the room and sat herself down in a chair nearby, "you can just call me Zoey you know," she stated, "there's no need to be formal, really."
"Right, Zoey..." Anna replied, "sorry, I'm just a tad excited I suppose." Zoey gave a nod as she smiled, "so is everyone else actually," she began, "I think almost everyone from Midnight Mansion is here to see how you all
:iconlegofire199:Legofire199 2 8
PBVCR: A Gamer's Plight - Merchant's Square
As the group continued on, following both Glitchy and Pixelia, Zoey decided to catch up to the two to ask them a few questions, with Madame Bones following behind her. "So, who exactly are these... Sister Consoles, you mentioned earlier?" Glitchy looked back at Zoey with a smile, "I'll ha-have Pixelia explain," she replied, "I'm not exac-exactly a great explai-plainer." Madame Bones gave an intrigued expression, "uh huh..."
Pixelia then floated towards both Zoey and Madame Bones, floating between the two, "the Sister Consoles are of course the rulers of our 'cartridge' as you called our universe," she began, "they have powers beyond anyone around here, in fact I'm not even sure THEY know what they're fully capable of let alone the ones before them." Madame Bones gave Pixelia's answer a bit of thought, "so they're your goddesses then?"
Pixelia shook her head, "not exactly..." she answered, "they're more... I guess, chieftesses with special powers? if you want a simple way of explanation
:iconlegofire199:Legofire199 4 3
Vanessa PumpkinSpice by Legofire199 Vanessa PumpkinSpice :iconlegofire199:Legofire199 7 0 Rough Sketches: Another Robotics Blueprint by Legofire199 Rough Sketches: Another Robotics Blueprint :iconlegofire199:Legofire199 3 0
PBVCR: A Gamer's Plight - The Digital Boxer
As the land around everyone finally began to light up again, they noticed the trees seemed further away then before, and the being known as Glitchy seemed ready to fight, standing in front of the group and blocking their path forward.
"Well, come on!" The digital fighter shouted, "send out your best fighter, I can take any one of you!" Everyone gave the digital boxer a confused stare, "is she being serious?" Soulgem asked Pixelia, "Unfortunately yes..." Pixelia sighed, "look I don't care which of you takes her on just, snap her out of this... whatever's wrong with her phase!"
Zorka walked forward to fight against Glitchy, "well, this'll be fun then... let's go!" the digital boxer gives a mischievous looking smile, "a rightful challenger has approached! Let's see what you're made of!" Zorka then smirks back, taking up her Jeet Kuno Do stance, "bring it..." The digital boxer then rushes at Zorka, trying to throw a few hooks and straights at the cat cobra hybrid, who manages to block all
:iconlegofire199:Legofire199 7 14
PBV Christmas Tourney - Introduction
'Twas 18 days till christmas, and all through the Spires, every creature was stirring, even ones that spat fire. As we inch ever closer, to this holiday tale, we implore you to enjoy as we have done so before without fail. Now before I stop rhyming, allow this tale to be told, one of festive excitement, as I tell you the story of a christmas tournament.
The denizens of Midnight Spires, were enjoying their day, while Anna Frosthaven, the frost golem appeared to be pondering over a piece of paper in her hand, as the queen from Midnight Mansion: Sora Nightwing, came to visit, along with Zoey and Starr Ravenclaw. "Good day everyone." Sora announced, "Good day, your highness." Soulgem greeted her, floating up to them. "Everything alright at the mansion?" Zoey sighed, "it's been busy lately, but we're getting through it. How about all of you?"
Anna then perked her head up as she heard Zoey ask that question, quickly walking up to her with the paper in hand. "Uh... what is, this?" Zoey asked,
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It's a bird, it's a plane! It's.... by Legofire199 It's a bird, it's a plane! It's.... :iconlegofire199:Legofire199 2 3 Queen Apis by Legofire199 Queen Apis :iconlegofire199:Legofire199 11 14
PBVCR: A Gamer's Plight - Introduction
The last tale was interesting was it not? A group of cryptids facing down against island demigods and demigoddesses, along with an old goddess who was imprisoned on that said island. They certainly gained a new ally in the palm tree dryad, and demigoddess of the cultivated plants, Jamala. Though of course let's not forget, Terror Corporation had gotten what they were after once again, though this time things seem to have gone awry in the company's own walls. Whatever could be happening there? And what exactly does this cartridge, that a little robot whom escaped from the company hold?
Well, be ready to find out, for the truth, may just be stranger than fiction.
We begin this tale in Midnight Spires, a sentient castle not too terribly far from Midnight Mansion, where the denizens of the castle are going about their daily activities. When suddenly, a strange scratching sound of sorts, comes from the doors.
"I've got that," Soulgem, the ghostly necromancer said aloud, as he floated toward
:iconlegofire199:Legofire199 1 5
The Fuck...? by Legofire199 The Fuck...? :iconlegofire199:Legofire199 0 0 MT-TheScarcrowp1 by Legofire199 MT-TheScarcrowp1 :iconlegofire199:Legofire199 3 5
Soulgem V Lydia Dreary
We begin this story in the library of Midnight Spires, a sentient castle near Midnight Mansion, as Soulgem is endluging himself in a book he found on the many shelves. "Hmm... quite an interesting read..." he says to himself aloud, as he continues through the books contents. Meanwhile however, in the shadows of the library's corners and openings: Lydia Dreary was sneaking, aiming to get behind the ghostly necromancer with a surprise in mind for him.
She quickly floated right in front of him, making a scary face as she appeared in his sight. "Boo!!" She shouts, aiming to startle the Soulgem with a jumpscare of sorts. The ghostly necromancer suddenly stopped focusing on the book and jumped slightly as he exclaimed in shock, startled by Lydia's jumpscare. Lydia couldn't help but laugh, "I finally gotch'a!" she said, and she then sighed with relief, "you should've seen your face..."
Soulgem looked at Lydia with a look of shock at first, "don't startle like that," he began, "you know how I
:iconlegofire199:Legofire199 2 5
Bonecrusher's Bio
Now if you're thinking this is not his real name... you'd be sorely mistaken, Bonecrusher is legit his name, and he has earned that right.
Being a mercenary for hire, Bonecrusher's story is filled with a bit of sadness like Masquerade's. His tale begins with his family of Bloodfur werewolves, his mother and father didn't have much to go on in terms of money, and his father wasn't exactly the nicest of folks, even to his own family. When Bonecrusher's father tried to attack him and his brother out of rage, Bonecrusher did what he thought was necessary, to beat his father into unconsciousness. While his mother was happy that someone stood up to the 'bastard' as she called him, she of course didn't approve of Bonecrusher's behavior towards his own father. And tried to tell Bonecrusher and his brother, that their father really meant no harm, that he was simply just angry with the way things were.
After later getting a divorce with their father (due to the many more outrages he had): Bonecr
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ok so I've been putting the AGP story aside for two things: one that is important and one that is NOT as important.

1: being two jobs I am working for the same company

and 2: just playing entertaining video games that can't be windowed T-T (I usually play a game sort of while writing my stories o.o)

and due to this putting off the stories I always get this feeling I owe you guys MUCH more than you expect of me cause it seems like it takes so long to write them... I really gotta make a schedule for this or something =/ just something to help me get organized and get all this stuff together.
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you can find the channel I own, as well as another channel I'm a part of, below:… - Luigiruigi… - Table of Insanity
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