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I can’t believe I’m here, in detention, for no good reason. Someone wanted to start a ruckus with me and I retaliated. He hit me first. He hit a girl first, and he got beat up by a girl too, but now I’m stuck in detention while he’s at the hospital, but to be honest, I rather be at the hospital then with smelly Ms. rameriez.

Let me tell you more about her. She’s Hispanic and she is extremely short. She was at 4’11 and I was at 5’5 which isn’t that much but is much for a girl. The main problem with rameriez (First name quana) is that she farted, had smelly feet, smelly armpits and absolute hated me. She had a huge ass and decent size breast and she was pretty intimidating, but that’s the basic gist of her.

I was the only one in detention that day and she came into the class already smelly as hell.

“I hope we don’t have to see each other again, I’m tired of all ur misbehaving” said quana meanly “ I didn’t even want to stay today but someone had to watch over you”

“Then let me leave early” I said

“Hmmmm I was thinking about that, but only if you can do my a favor” quana retorted

She then got super close to me and stood in front of me smiling. I knew I didn’t want to stay here long and I immediately agreed and she walked me to her desk. As we walked I caught a whiff of her and I gagged loudly but she just smiled and continued.

Once we got to her desk she quickly pushed me down and tied me to her chair. It happen so quickly I didn’t even knew what had happen. My head was on the seat of her chair and I was wondering what she had I mind.

“You should have asked me what you had to do instead on agreeing so quickly” she said laughing. “Now Is you excuse me” she said Turing her massive ass around “I think I will enjoy myself” and he massive ass engulf my face.

I immediately try to thrash around and breakout but I was tied down pretty well. All she did was laugh and shook her ass to get me deeper into her ass. Now I didn’t enjoyed this but I had to admit her ass was amazing. I had always been pansexual but I never though of a teacher like that.

Now let me go over what she was wearing. She was wearing a black suit that seem too good to wear at school, but I hugged her curves very well.

My nose was lodged deep into her asscrack and I was only able to breath through my nose her ass smelled terrible. Just as I thought things couldn’t get worse the firsts bomb was dropped.


She farted right on my face. RIGHT ON MY FACE. She gave out a big laugh and started to shake her ass more. And started to bounce on my face.

Pfft pfft pfft pfft

She kept releasing small toots and each one stunk to high heaven. I started to struggle more but that only got me more tired and I had to take more breaths. My nose was on fire and her farts and ass were horrible.

“Shouldn’t have gotten in detention dummy” she said laughing and bouncing again.

“I think it’s time for some more fun” she said as she stood and started to slip down her pants...

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Wow I want to be in detention with her

You gonna continue this? If so pls do