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1. Standard :devart: rules apply.

2. All submissions must be of a particular standard or higher; that is, after all, what sets this group apart from the others. We will not accept MOCs of low quality - while we understand that some people lack the necessary pieces, everyone will be treated equally.

3. Submissions must be designed by the owner. This is a group for MOCs (an acronym for My Own Creation), which is anything that the user has created using Lego brand elements. Confirmed offbrand elements will be denied and could be grounds for removal of deviations.

4. Anyone may become a member of this group, but only those whose submissions meet the standard can have their deviations in our gallery.

5. There is a 5 submissions per day limit on all folders. Flooding is not permitted.

6. Please submit your deviation to the appropriate folder. If you are unsure, read the descriptions for the folders or ask one of the administrators.

7. Lego Digital Designer Submissions are allowed

8. To request a submission be featured, removed, or exchanged for another in our featured gallery folder, please Note the group with the subject/title of "Featured Gallery Request." Only Deviations that have been successfully submitted to the group will be placed into the featured folder. MOCers should ideally have more than one deviation submitted to the group before requesting features.

9. The admins have the power to eat your soul, move, reject or delete deviations at our discretion.

10. The Lego MOCer's league is very much like its brother group, the :iconbioniclemocersleague: Much of the rules and standards are the same. However, there are going to be some slight to moderate differences. The LML will be kinder to "lego culture" submissions. We understand Minifigs are a big part of what makes lego fun and aren't necessarily MOCs. We understand this, and therefor will allow quality submissions of Minifigure centric deviations.

11. Lastly, happy MOCing! :w00t:
Hi everyone. I'm writing this journal because I'm seeing a lot of entries get submitted to the Minifigure Madness folder and I just want to point out that there are specific folders for various kinds of MOCs. Those folders include.

Minifigure Madness- where photos that focus on Minifigs specifically are featured. A diorama with a bunch of Minifigs could go here if the focus really is about the figs. But if you simply have a scene with Minifigs in it, It should maybe go to The Architecture, interior design and Diorama folder.

Vehicles-This one is pretty self explanatory. If its some form of transporation it goes here. It doesn't have to be minifig scale either. A spaceship at Microscale, a train, a sub, whatever it is as long as its some form of vehicle can go here. Mechs while technically vehicles do have their own folder.

Architecture, Interior Designs, Dioramas-This is where your castles, houses, battle scenes, basically all of your scenery kind of builds go. There aren't really enough of one kind of submission to split it up into say "Castles" or "Space" so they do end up together here.

Animals and Creatures-Again a pretty self explanatory folder. Put your critters here!

Mechs and Robots- If its a robot or a Mech put it here. Steampunk, cyberpunk, Punk-rock, it goes here if it's a robit of some sort.

Technic Creations-This folder doesn't see a lot of submissions, but if its primarily a technic build it goes here. And remember. The Lego MOCer's League is the sister group to :iconbioniclemocersleague: so if you've got a technic creation that does have Bionicle/Constraction parts on it. You'll want to pay that group a visit and submit to the correct folders there.

And lastly, Lego Art-This folder is kind of a catch all for things that might not fit into the other folders, but it's generally where your mosaics, sculptures and general recreations of things through lego go.

Hopefully this directory can help MOCers pick the right folders in the future. And please, don't just dump your MOC into what ever folder is convenient. I try and maintain a little bit of order here so that people can browse MOCs relatively by category, and it helps if everyone does their part to keep things tidy. Thank you, have a great day and keep on MOCin! :wave:
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My bad i will leave
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Howdy-ho! Thankin' you for joining!
Thatdudemaan Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question. I built a gun. Where can i submit it?
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Umm not sure. We've never had a submission like that. Um just submit it to which ever folder you think it fits best in. :shrug: This group isn't that serious. Honestly I don't really care. :lol:
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Oh. Okay.
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I got a question for the community. 

Are there any recommendations you can give to someone wanting to show the world our Lego creations? 

I mean official pages (like Lego ideas)  or forums to interchange ideas.
2Kclassicspace Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
nothing? a bit disappointing...
Rebel-for-a-Cause Featured By Owner May 13, 2016   General Artist
Thanks so much for the request but it's not an MOC, I used the figure from Lego Dimensions.
Rebel-for-a-Cause Featured By Owner May 17, 2016   General Artist
But now I see that mini figures are allowed.
I wanna join, but sometimes my MOCs are a bit of low quality, but most are just small. I could try to take a pics in a certain background, but no promises. Would love to join though
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