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August 16, 2014
The Dormant Shoggoth Embryos of Dr. Lake by Legiongp
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The Dormant Shoggoth Embryos of Dr. Lake

The Dormant Shoggoth Embryos of Dr. Lake:

Of all the objects acquired by our artifact hunters, this is considerably one of the most dangerous.
Collectors of the strange may remember the doomed Pabodie Expedition to Antarctica in 1930–31, in which only two of the party's researchers returned. One of the survivors, William Dyer, Professor Emeritus of Geology at Miskatonic University told a tale of madness and monsters in efforts to cancel a follow up trek to Antarctica by the Starkweather-Moore Expedition.
His partner, Dr. Lake, a professor of Biology from Miskatonic University, came back a changed man. He was haunted by the things he had seen and experienced, never speaking of them to anyone. Upon his death his beneficiaries came upon a vault safe hidden behind a bookcase in his study. In it was a loaded pistol, a stack of badly faded black and white photos of fantastical vistas, and a strangely bulging canvas backpack. The backpack was from the Pabodie Expedition. Inside were many strange spheres attached to star shaped bases with a neatly folded note on top. It read:
" To Whom It May Concern,
God help me, but I was a scientist first. The horror I witnessed like a black train of Armageddon roiling through that tunnel. It haunts me today, but not as much as what I brought back with me. There were so many of them there, cold, still, gleaming with life as one could not imagine. Shoggoth embryos, as real as the ink on the pages of the Necronomicon. I knew they existed now. How would we as a race have any hope of surviving if we could not study them, learn their undoing? I was a scientist first, and brought home what could be our salvation, or our annihilation. I have lived my life without action, too horrified by the memory of the things to do harm or good. I leave these sleeping giants with you now. I hope that you will have the bravery and skill to make use of these most evil abominations before the poles melt, and they are free..."
Our company does not recommend tampering of any kind.

Solid cast resin, 4 inches x 4 inches, A limited number of these will be for sale at the NecronomiCon in Providence RI this August.
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I look at these things all the time in the Lovecraft Emporium in Providence. I've always wondered how you make them. 
Legiongp's avatar
It's not easy.
I sculpted creature out of wax and made a two part rubber mold.
I bought a 4 inch acrylic ball online, made a one part glove mold with fiberglass shell.
I made the base from wax and made a 1 part rubber mold.

I cast the creature in different colored resins, let cure then drill whole in bottom for acrylic rod.
I cast the base in different colored resins, let cure and drill hole for screw.
I spray paint the creature in black and brown, wiping off the surfaces before it drys to add depth to the details.
I then have to wait for ten hours until the spray paint is totally dry (so it won't make bubbles in the resin.
I level and set up my sphere mold with a jig to hold an acrylic rod at a 90 degree into the mold.
I poke an acrylic rod in the bottom of the creature and position it inside the sphere mold.
I mix the two part resin, tint it, and put it in a degassing chamber to remove bubbles.
I then carefully pore the resin in to the sphere, over the creature, and let it cure for 4 hours.

Sometimes the creature shifts too close to the edge, sometimes there are air bubbles, sometimes the different temperatures of the creature and curing resin cause the ball to split, sometimes the color tint is too dark. When any of these things happen, I have to throw it in the trash. I have many trashcans full of failures.

If all is successful, I drill a whole in the bottom of the sphere, attach it to the base with a screw and polish it with wax.
That's the easy explanation. : )
SheTheTDE's avatar
How did you make this?
Legiongp's avatar
It's quite a process. I sculpt the creature that is inside the sphere out of wax, and make a rubber mold of it. Then I fill the mold with colored resins. When its cured, I peel it out and antique it with brown spray paint, wiping it off so the dark gets in all the creases. I have a silicon mold of an acrylic sphere. When the paint is dry I put the resin creature in the empty sphere mold and suspend it in the center with a screw and clamp. I then mix up more slow setting resin, and de-gas it in a pressure chamber to get rid of all the bubbles so the resin will be clear. I pour this on top of the creature and fill the sphere mold up. If I'm lucky, the resin sets without bubbles, clear, and doesn't crack due to difference of the setting resin shrinking at a different rate as the solid resin. Pain in the butt, really.
SheTheTDE's avatar
wow... That is quite a process and I have none of the resources to try it.
I'm going to stick to my plan A of following a homemade slime tutorial, making it in black, and sealing it in a jar.
Legiongp's avatar
The specimen look is also cool, and much easier😁
SheTheTDE's avatar
Specimen look? You mean the thing I just said?
Legiongp's avatar
Yes. The specimen in a jar.
SheTheTDE's avatar
cool. Any other ideas for jar contents? I got a set of specimen jars back at Christmas and don't want to just fill them all with the same thing.
Legiongp's avatar
You could do anything. The challenge is choosing materials that don't float. Try Super sculpy in a flesh tone and make little monsters. Search online for fetal things, microscopic animals, deep sea critters. Squish them together. Search online for specimens for inspiration. Have fun!
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DrGravity's avatar
they look like they could hatch at any time(i wish)! they're amazing!
Legiongp's avatar
Thank you. If they hatched, we'd all be in big trouble😉
DrGravity's avatar
well, they'd still be babies. maybe they would be young enough to be controlled?
that would be pretty cool!
EmmetEarwax's avatar
 Professor Lake -AFTER his butchering by the Old Ones- HAD been depicted in a drawing on DevArt.
The author removed it, app. due to its sheer horror.
Legiongp's avatar
Thanks, I've been exploring other versions.
DarkStormGTS's avatar
Are the Shoggoth Embryos actually part of a Lovecraft story? I'm kind of new to the Lovecraftian universe.
And amazing work, I must add.
Legiongp's avatar
Sort of. I continue the story At The Mountains of Madness a bit, and add these guys. Read the description for my little bit of story.
DarkStormGTS's avatar
Gotcha.  And Mountains of Madness is where Shoggoth originates from right?
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