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January 23, 2014
A Shining Trapezohedron by Legiongp
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A Shining Trapezohedron

A Shining Trapezohedron:

    This beautiful and mind-shatteringly dangerous relic was brought to us by the widow of a Narragansett Bay fisherman in 1963. The man had snagged it with his line while fishing the Bay. That night his widow claimed watching strange lights dance on the walls in the kitchen as he sat in the dark, staring in the box. After that, she said, the fisherman wouldn't shut the lights off. For a couple of months she endured the behavior until she saw the electricity bill.
    On a whim, one night, as she got a glass of water from the kitchen, she turned the lights out on her way back to the bedroom. As soon as the last light had been extinguished in the hall, a great black wind knocked her down on its way to her sleeping husband. Though they never found his body, the widow assured me that the shrieks were enough to convince her of his fate.
    Scholars say this object hails from completely alien origins. Others say it was first discovered in Egyptian ruins in the 1800's. This may be true, though cryptic passages in forbidden texts hint at a more terrifying possibility. It is now believed that several of the Trapezohedron exist, hidden in the world's most ancient and hidden places. For now, we offer this to you with one warning. Don't turn out the lights. 

Solid cast resin (many assembled pieces), 7 inches x 7 inches(closed)
This was a commission from a very passionate fan of Lovecraft. The gem pulses with a 3 lobed eye inside. A very limited run will be available for order when The Rumtucket Trading Company site launches.
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Komsommolets's avatar
Great piece!
I have an important question.
I apologize in advance for possible errors: I translate what I write in Russian with the help of a Google translator.
Can you make a container for trapezohedron WITHOUT the stone itself? How much is it? I myself work with a stone and I want to cut a trapezohedron of obsidian. But I do not work with metal. So the box is best ordered from a professional. And you are the best. I don’t have enough money for the whole product - I won’t make 10,000 American money until Chinese Easter. So I am only interested in the container. Can you make one such or something like it?
Legiongp's avatar
Thank you. The box I created is made of resin, not metal. I could not afford to make it in metal : )

The box you see was a commission from a client. Under contract, I was allowed to make 10. I cannot make more of that design.
This piece cost $1100.00 US dollars. In bronze would cost much more. I do not know the exact amount without asking the bronze foundry their cost.

It is possible that I could change the design while keeping the shape. Shipping a metal container to you would be expensive, also.

I am booked with work for this year and the beginning of next year. What would you have as a budget?

google translate:
Спасибо. Ящик, который я создал, изготовлен из смолы, а не из металла. Я не мог позволить себе сделать это в металле:) Коробка, которую вы видите, была комиссией от клиента. По контракту мне разрешили сделать 10. Я не могу больше сделать этот проект. Эта штука стоит $ 1100.00 долларов США. В бронзе стоило бы намного больше. Я не знаю точной суммы, не спрашивая бронзовую литейную фабрику их стоимость. Возможно, я смогу изменить дизайн, сохранив форму. Доставка металлического контейнера вам тоже будет дорого. Я забронирован с работой в этом году и в начале следующего года. Что у вас будет в бюджете?
Komsommolets's avatar
Thank you for your prompt response.
I'm not sure that next year I will have at least some budget. For the next three years you can relax. Anyway, the trapezoedron by that time will already be done and it will be necessary either to make a container for it individually, based on the size of the crystal, or to discuss the size and shape of the box beforehand and adjust the crystal to fit it.
Legiongp's avatar
Good Luck! It sounds like a fun project.
WintersMalice's avatar
Can you purchase this/these somewhere
Legiongp's avatar
I can make one for $1100. But I am booked until September.
Nabokiller's avatar
Doing an review of the novel The Haunter of the dark for school, google searched the novel's name and found this. Good job!
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channeledchaos's avatar
Great work, it looks amazing.  Not what I imagined the trapezohedron to look like, a little to regular, but a really cool peice.
Legiongp's avatar
Thanks. From the story, it had to be kinda egg shaped with seven surfaces. I made sure there were no right angels. Its actually less regular than most. Nothing made by human hands could ever match what the imagination can make. 😊
Brother-Malachai's avatar
You still selling this?
Legiongp's avatar
A very limited amount, but yes. If you are interested, please drop me a note. Thanks!
Omega2064's avatar
Great work on this.
How is the Trapezohedrom lit? And can it be removed from the case, or is it integral?
Legiongp's avatar
Thanks. I cast the creature, hollow, out of resin, and cast IT inside the gem. The gem is black translucent resin. I  hot glued 3 led bulbs into the hollow creature inside the gem, then wired them to 4 aa batteries and an on/off switch, which I fastened underneath the box. There wasn't enough room in the gem for the bulbs, wire and power source. The gem does not come out. 😊
LegionGUA's avatar
Excellent work, and congratulations on a well deserved Daily Deviation. ^_^
Legiongp's avatar
PaperJack93's avatar
Looks great! How did you make the gem?
Legiongp's avatar
I sculpted a little critter and made a rubber mold. I sculpted the gem and made a rubber mold. I poured bright red resin into the critter mold, and drilled out the center to insert LED lights and wire, then, I placed the critter in the gem rubber mold. That mold was then filled with a smokey resin, which encased the critter and led lights. Hope that was helpful!
Would you consider selling it?
Lumpatolagy's avatar
when will this beautiful piece be available for purchase ?
Legiongp's avatar
There is a limited run of 10. They are made to order, and take about 2 to 3 weeks. The box is 7 inches by 7 inches and the gem is the size of a fist. The price is $1100.00 plus shipping.
grixit's avatar
Breathtaking! Perhaps sometime later, you could release a simpler version, just the gem and embedded eye, to use as a die.
Legiongp's avatar
That would be cool, but the gem is the size of a fist 😊 the neighbors would complain when you rolled it.
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