Fractal No. 1 - Waves in Tyranny (Kickstarter)

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After about ten months of development. The first issue of Fractal: Waves in Tyranny is finally launched on Kickstarter. I can't do this without the comic book fans and crowdfunding community.

For those of you unfamiliar with Fractal:

In the distant future, the general population have become too complacent and preoccupied with their advanced technology and absurd entertainment to take action against a government run rampant.
People have been experiencing uncanny memories and thoughts of the future. Several major terrorist attacks have placed the world on edge, causing some to question their nation's condition. And after a bizarre disappearing incident at a political event, a government agent and an underground hacker discover a secret the nation state and its private sector contractors have been hiding for decades. Making use of their unconventional resources to traverse the corrupt and violent city environment they try to uncover the cause of these mysterious incidents. With the help of a few covert resistance groups, they must trace the steps leading back to the origin of these outlandish events before they succumb to the system of things.

Where a majority of the world's countries have merged to form one larger nation, the atmosphere is dark and gritty, the stress is high. The wealthy have taken the best land for themselves, leaving others stuck in areas where land square footage is too small to maintain the population comfortably. Mass public transportation is prevalent, self-driving cars are the norm for people that can afford them. The middle-class has all but disappeared.

Will they be able to handle the threat of secret technology created to manipulate and influence unknown dimensions?

Every backer counts.
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