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Call to the Throne: Chap 9,The monsters they ran into seemed to be the only ones in the area, for Aria and her father did not encounter any more along the path. There seemed to be no explanation for their sudden decline, but they would not over-analyze the blessing given to them.The path took them to a small clifftop that gave them a view of a sizable grotto locked within a small ring of mountains. Several waterfalls surrounded the circular concave lowland within a ring of mountains, the center of which housed a vast lake. Waterfalls surrounding the encirclement allowed water in, while the river below drained it out. At the center of the lake was an intricate, ornately-designed array of pearly-white structures that Aria took to be a city akin to what she saw of Castletown in the distance."There it is." she heard her father say, "Zora's Domain. If we hurry, we can be there within the hour."The two returned to the trail, which wound down the cliff and would take them directly to the city. Aria had an eager spring in her step. The structures she had seen were a far cry from castles she'd read about-ornate and arching like waves of water, rather than the straight lancelike towers of a common brick castle.Both descended down the side of the corona via a narrow and winding path etched into the rocky outcroppings that dotted the stone walls. Every so often, Aria would sneak a look at how close they'd gotten to the city, only to return her gaze to the back of her father. She did not want to chance a peak down-the lack of rails and narrowness of the path caused a pit to form in her stomach.After what felt like half an hour or so, the two reached a patch of ground riddled with boulders and was level with the water. This was no pleasant beach of sand and sun like Aria had seen in some books. The water was almost pitch-dark and crashed against the boulders around them. Once or twice, as they navigated the shore, Aria almost tripped on the slick surface of the uneven rocks."Be more careful," her father instructed as he caught her hand and hauled her back onto the path, "You'll hit your head if you fall."Their traversing eventually brought them to a stretch of rock, but this one had a vast, marble-like bridge extending to the city at the lake's center. Both were relieved to see an unbroken path, but they had no sooner set foot on it when two masses fell from the rocky walls above.Both Link and Aria were taken by surprise. The Moblins had made it further down the path than they had previously thought.Link did not have time to reach for his sword, one of the two Moblins was on him too quickly. He swiftly sidestepped as the beast lunged at him with fist or open hands to either land a blow or grab his neck, but missed each time.Aria was not so fortunate. The Moblin had shoulder tackled her on its fall and had her pinned under its bulk. Once Aria had regained her bearings, the Moblin had opened a tusk-filled maw and lunged for her. Aria only had enough time to raise an arm to guard, then shouted in pain as the sharp teeth of the beast dug into her forearm while its three-fingered hands continued to try and grapple at her face. Aria rolled and ducked side-to-side as she swung her free fist at its face, trying to dislodge it. The beast was irritated more than hurt, though, for it shook its head in annoyance and only made the injury worse.Link had taken his sword out as he backed away from the beast. His back hit the rocky wall, but he ducked to the side just as the beast swung. The beast's fist hit rock and it squealed in pain, clutching its fist as it staggered back, giving Link ample time to rush past it and raise his sword to strike the Moblin atop his daughter.Before he could swing, however, something flew from the water with a "splash" and struck Aria's assailant right through the side. It shrieked in pain as it tumbled off Aria, her arm escaping its gaping maw in the process. Another "splash" and something struck the recoiling Moblin that attacked Link, square in its ribcage.It was a spear, easily longer than Link was tall and topped with a jagged, dangerous looking point. The Moblin impaled upon it grasped at its hilt, as though trying to pull the weapon out, then toppled over as a pool of black began to flow out of its wound.Link was right at Aria's side in an instant, taking her under the arms to help her on her feet. "Are you okay?" he asked, audible concern in his voice as he gingerly took her arm in his hand."I...I think so-ow!" Aria said, wincing as he pulled back her gauntlet and sleeve to inspect the bite wound.Both turned at the sound of shifting water and, to Aria's astonishment, two creatures emerged from the dark depths. They were people, but not like any that Aria had seen before.Standing taller than Link, they vaguely resembled Hylians. However, aside from strings of jewelry around their necks and hips, they were completely-naked. Their bare, smooth skin was a mix of varying shades of silver, green, and blue-like a fish, and their forearms sported a pair of long, flowing fins. Both their hands and feet bore slightly-elongated fingers and toes with short, thin webbing between each digit.Their heads stood out the most to Aria, though. Two fins framed the sides of their faces like bangs of hair and a thick, powerful tail of sorts emerged from the back of their heads, terminating in a fishlike fluke. Below their ribs, Aria saw three large slits that had to be gills.These had to be them, Aria thought. These had to be the Zoras. She had read that they were "people of the water", but they were more bizarre than she had ever imagined.One Zora walked up to the impaled Moblin, then took the spear by the hilt and yanked it free of the beast with pure disdain. As his fellow retrieved his own spear, the first Zora approached the two of them."You're lucky we were here to save you." he said to them, "Most Hylian travelers are not so lucky, and Moblins are getting bolder by the day." As he spoke, Aria could not help but notice that each of his teeth were triangular and pointed. Ignoring her stare, the Zora eyed them up and down, then added, "What brings you to our doorstep, Hylian?"Link stepped forward. "We wish for peaceful entry to the domain. And I'd like to request an audience with your king, if possible."The Zora raised a brow. "Pardon me if I sound rude, but why should the king see you?""I have urgent matters to speak with him about. He should recognize me if he sees me." Link reasoned, "If he doesn't, then I'll leave without struggle."The Zora seemed to contemplate his reasoning, his eyes falling on the sword sheathed on Link's person, then he leaned ever-closer to Link as though inspecting him. It could have been a trick of the light, but Aria could have sworn he saw a glint-the faintest form of recognition in his eyes."As you wish." The Zora conceded, then turned to Aria, who was still clutching at the bite wound on her forearm. "May I?" he asked, offering a hand while keeping the other on his spear's shaft.Aria hesitated, then slowly extended her arm. The Zora pulled back her sleeve and gauntlet, then ran his gaze over the bleeding injury. After a brief look, he let go and said, "Minor, but I imagine it is quite discomforting. We will see to it that you receive treatment at the domain.""Thank you." she said, letting herself smile, albeit awkwardly, "I...didn't take you for doctors."The Zora emitted a faint snort. "We Zoras pride ourselves in medicine, girl. Have you not heard?""I...don't really get out much." Aria said, feeling color rising in her cheeks.The two Zoras led them down the bridge and, after a lengthy walk, they passed through a gateway of sorts into the domain. It was more beautiful and bizarre up-close. The towering, curving structures of marble were bigger than Aria had thought and, if she squinted, she could see that dozens of their constructs went deeper into the water than Aria had previously thought-enough so for them to disappear into the gloom below.She could not admire their structures for long, though, for the entire city was riddled with circular pools, all so deep that she could not see the bottom. Once or twice, she almost stumbled into one, a mad shift in her weight keeping her from falling in.Around the city were other Zoras, going about their daily life. Some were similar to their two escorts, though colored differently, from bright blue to green to even a pinkish red. All too often, Aria would see a Zora go to the nearest pool in a hurry and dive into its depths with a "splash".The small group paused towards the center of the domain, two paths going in opposite directions. The Zora that led them turned to face them."Girl, if you wish for your wound to be treated, you must follow me." He turned to Link. "You know where to find our king?""Yes." Link answered him, "I have visited your people before long ago.""Very well." the Zora said with a nod, then turned and gestured towards Aria, "Follow us."Aria cast a look at her father, who returned her gaze looking like he did not know what to say. His eyes held an apologetic look, but he nodded his approval, nonverbally telling her to follow them. She did as told and followed her fishlike escorts to a different part of the city. Distant footsteps told her that Link went about his business, aiming to gain an audience with the king.She, silently, wished him luck.--A few minutes' walk in, and Link had found what he was looking for-a pool so deep that he could not see the bottom, surrounded by ornately-carved marble that resembled the shell of some oceanic snail. He had walked this very floor so many years ago, and a wave of nostalgia washed over him.This was no time to dwell on it, he told himself, and he had business to tend to. Who knew how long Aria's wound would take to heal, given Zora medical prowess?He approached the rim of the pool, took a deep breath, and spoke in a loud and clear voice."King Ceto! I request your presence."For a few tense seconds, his words faintly echoed through the air. Nothing happened and, for a brief moment, he wondered if the king was either absent or simply asleep.That all changed when the water in front of him suddenly stirred. Taking a step back, he watched the water's surface swell as a shadow became more visible from the gloom.Suddenly, something emerged with a loud "splash". It was not a person, but the three-pronged head of a giant trident. The fearsome-looking polearm rose high into the air, gripped by a large, webbed hand, which slammed the butt of the shaft down onto the edge of the pool with a loud "clang".Using the trident to leverage itself, a hulking behemoth emerged from the water, creating a sizable swell that caused water to spill over the edges and soak Link's boots. His eyes followed the creature as it hauled itself out of the water.It was a Zora, but unlike any of the others that he or Aria had seen. For starters, it was massive: at least fifteen feet tall, almost double the size of the ones that escorted them to the domain. It was also built differently-his legs seemed shorter than his arms and his whole body was bulkier and heavier-set. Moving on land seemed like something of a challenge from how he dragged his feet slightly and relied on his trident to support himself. The fins on his arms were short and curved backward, and the fins on the side of his head stuck out to the sides almost like wings.His body was colored bluish-black and riddled with lighter spots, but it faded to white the closer it got to his underside. He bore silvery cuffs on his wrists, ankles, and cedar-thick neck, and strong threads bearing jewels of deep-blue draped over his thick chest. At the junction of his neck and chest was a ruff of sorts, and atop his head was an ornate, silver, jewel-riddled diadem.His face was not like other Zoras'. Most of them had a semi-noticeable nose of sorts, but this giant's was far less pronounced, even on their standards, having slits for nostrils. His eyes were warm, however, and bore the unmistakable signs of aged wisdom.Once he had emerged from the water, the giant Zora turned his gaze to Link and crouched to look upon him. His mouth, broad enough to fit a man's head in it, opened to speak, revealing lines of triangular teeth as a result. "To whom do I owe the pleasure of granting an audience with?" Ceto's voice was deep and resonant, but also had an air of warmth to it. It was slow, but strong and well-delivered-befitting a king."An ally of the Royal Family of Hyrule." Link answered, his gaze not wavering from the leviathan before him.The giant Zora, Ceto, raised a brow, perplexedly, then stooped lower to closer inspect Link, tilting his head side-to-side to get a better perspective of him. Then it hit him. A look of fast-dawning comprehension grew on his face, and then his broad, toothy mouth spread into a warm smile."Goddesses be praised!" he boomed, then dropped his trident and dropped to a knee, stooping further down to pull Link into a hug. As the Hylian put his arms around his neck as though he were hugging a tree, Ceto raised a massive hand to pat Link's back with surprising gentleness for a creature of his size."Good to see you again, King Ceto.""And you as well, old friend." the colossal Zora said in return. Releasing Link, he stood back slightly to inspect him. "I see that the world has not been kind to you, Link.""I know. That's why I'm here, actually." Link explained, "I need to know what Hyrule has become in my absence."Ceto's brow furrowed and a very uneasy hum escaped his throat. "It is difficult to describe." he said, as though searching for the right words, "Much has happened, and not much good I'm afraid.""I've hidden from Hyrule for fifteen years." Link said, trying hard to mask his desperation, "I saw how it began, and I've only recently had a taste of what's going on. I need to know what happened between then and now. I know things have gotten bad, but I need to know how bad."Ceto lifted a finger to his chin contemplatively. "I hardly know where to begin." he said, solemnly, "For where does one begin when all feels wrong in Hyrule these days?""I'm not asking for everything." Link told him, "Just what you know."Ceto seemed to recognize an old flare in Link's eyes, for he removed his thick finger and heaved a resigned sigh. "Very well," he complied, then turned to a nearby door. "Come and sit with me. This will not be easy to describe...or to hear."
Call to the Throne: Chap 10,Following her two escorts, Aria took in the sights of Zora's Domain and all of its intricately-carved architecture, still in awe of how so alien a place could exist out in the land of Hyrule. Eventually she and her Zora guides arrived at the gateway of what looked like a large collection of small, circular pools.She was of a mind to speak up when another Zora arrived to greet them. It had shown up so suddenly and moved so fluidly, she could have sworn it had just glided in like a ghost.It was unlike any of the other Zoras she had seen. Judging by its more delicate, yet somewhat-voluptuous figure, its large, almond-shaped eyes, and its slightly-fuller lips, Aria could tell this one was female. The newcomer was tall, at least seven feet, and unlike all the other Zoras that Aria had seen, the fins on her arms and "head-tail" were longer, slightly-translucent, and moved in her wake like sheets of silk. Her scales were a myriad of deep-oranges and reds that paled to white once it reached her underside."Greetings." the Zora greeted them, with a gentle and somewhat-airy voice, "What brings a Hylian like you to our domain?""This Hylian was injured by a Moblin." One of the Zora escorts informed her, "Could you tend to her, Lady Thya?""Let me see." Thya said, holding out a hand with long, delicate fingers.Aria had forgotten how much her arm was hurting because the moment the delicate Zora's fingers made contact, a vicious sting shot up her arm. Thya flinched, but did not retract her hand, rather she took it again but slower and more gently. With her opposite hand, she peeled back Aria's sleeve and inspected the bite wound, her large, green eyes darting from one tooth mark to the next.Gently, she let Aria go, and smiled at her. "Your wound is painful, I imagine, but not as serious as it would have you believe." she assured her."Good." Aria said, "I hate the idea of it leading me on like that.""Come with me, Hylian-""Aria." she corrected, "My name's Aria."It could have been a trick of the light, but Aria could have sworn she saw a glint of something in Thya's eye. The very same glint she had seen when her own escort laid eyes on her father. Like before, however, it was gone the moment it had appeared, though, and Aria suspected she could have just imagined it."Very well, young Aria." Thya said, then turned her attention to Aria's escorts, "This should not take long. You are dismissed."The two Zoras took a bow, then turned and left the premises without a word. Aria felt a light tug on her hand and followed Thya to the pools. In some, Zoras were lounging in a blissful, near-sleeplike state. Only now did Aria take note of the difference between the men and women of the Zoras. Males were taller and had more defined muscles, while females were shorter and had slightly-more voluptuous forms, though Thya seemed to be an exception when it came to height.Other pools still appeared to be filled with fish, judging by the frequent bouts of movement in the water and the sheen of scales. Out of curiosity, Aria chanced a closer inspection and she actually stumbled slightly in surprise. Some of the "fish" had hands in place of fins, others had crude or half-grown feet too. Some even jumped out of the water with what was unmistakably childlike laughter.Thya paused, then followed Aria's gaze and smiled. "Fascinating things, Zora children." she said, stifling a laugh, "And they grow so fast, too. It seems only yesterday when they were just starting to grow their land legs."Aria looked up at Thya, puzzled at the term. "Land legs?""We Zoras are born in the water, you see," she explained, "Our children start out looking like fish. We grow hands by age three and legs by age six." As she spoke, several Zora children peered up at them from the pools and waved their greetings, which both Aria and Thya returned, albeit a little more awkwardly on Aria's part. "In a year or so, these ones will be learning how to walk.""You Zoras are...bizarre." she realized what she said and quickly followed up with, "Er, no offense."Thya only laughed, more amused by her statement than offended. "None taken. Besides, you Hylians are equally bizarre in the eyes of a Zora." she said, slyly, then guided her back to their original path.They arrived at an empty pool and Thya gestured to a set of four stone steps with her webbed hand. "Enter." she said.Aria looked at the pool. Its waters were pristine and the color of a polished sapphire, whereas all the water she had seen beyond the domain was significantly darker, almost lifeless. She knelt and slowly dipped her uninjured hand into the water. She was met with an odd experience. It was cool enough to be refreshing, but warm enough to not chill her. She removed her hand and had just reached for the hem of her tunic when she noticed Thya still watching." you mind?" she asked, feeling her cheeks go pink.Thya seemed to start slightly, then allowed a slight laugh at herself. "Oh! Sorry. It's just been so long since a Hylian has visited our domain." she apologized, then swiftly turned her back to Aria so as to give her some modesty.After making sure Thya or any other Zoras weren't watching, Aria removed her boots and disrobed, leaving her clothes in a neat pile a good distance from the pool. She then re-tested the waters with her foot before stepping into the pools seemingly-ethereal depths.Aria waded in until the water came up to her collarbone, then in an act of pure whim, she took a deep breath and submerged herself completely, letting the sensation engulf her entire being. After touching her feet to the bottom, she tread water until her head breached the surface. Breathing a sigh of contentment, she returned to the steps and took a seat on the bottommost one, smoothing back her dirty-blonde hair with her hands as she leaned back."Ready?"Aria craned her neck to see Thya looming over her. The water was murky enough that she felt properly-covered, but she tried not to move around too much just in case. She nodded, and Thya knelt at the pool's edge and raised her pointer finger. She then lowered that very finger to the water and gave the surface a gentle, subtle touch. On contact, there came a ripple as though someone had cast a stone into the water. The formerly-dark surface steadily grew lighter and lighter until the water itself glowed a very bright shade of aquamarine.An odd sensation went through Aria as she sat in the glowing water. The wear and aches she felt from her long hike to the domain and subsequent fight with Moblins seemed to fade from her limbs. It was as though a heavy load had been lifted from her back and it was sorely tempting for her to just fall asleep where she sat.A gentle, long-fingered hand softly took her forearm and raised it above the water and Aria turned to watch as Thya used her opposite hand to scoop up a handful of the pool's water. With that same hand, she suspended her palm just above the bite wound. The water, miraculously, did not fall from her palm, instead forming some kind of orb that surrounded her arm like a sort of cocoon, glowing the same color.To Aria's amazement, the pain seemed to be seeping out of her arm like poison being drawn from a wound. If she focused, she could actually see the bite marks slowly fading away like a hole being filled. When Thya closed her eyes, the glow faded and the water splashed down to the floor. Aria stared in awe at her arm, which now looked like it had never been harmed at all."Wow…" Aria said, gingerly touching the formerly-wounded spot and finding she couldn't even feel the slightest sting, then ran her fingers along the length of her forearm, admiring its unmarred skin, "I guess you Zoras weren't lying about your healing.""It is our specialty." Thya said, warmly, "I am told that I'm gifted even among our best healers." Her eyes went strangely-distant. "We were actually approached by wounded Hylian soldiers in decades' past...back in the days of the old Royal Family.""You mean before the attack?" Aria asked, craning her neck to meet Thya's eyes.Thya closed her eyes as she nodded solemnly. "Indeed. Things changed after the tragedy. We Zoras are living through harsh times, especially these last few years.""How so?" Aria asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.--Link had been prepared for the worst. He had steeled himself to the best of his ability for what was to come.When he and his old friend sat at a pool's edge, just as they had so long ago, he did not know he was in for the biggest shock of his life.He had expected something awful and it was at first, though nothing he had not already pieced together. Ceto had told him how fish were becoming scarcer by the year. Where once they shoaled in the thousands, there were now only a few hundred. Where places once teemed with life, there was eerie silence and a lack of life. Among those they managed to catch, some fought more viciously than before and brought sickness to those who ate them. Some fish, Ceto told, were missing chunks of flesh to a blight that was slowly poisoning their waterways."Malice." he had said unconsciously.Ceto nodded his agreement. He, too, had known of Malice from ages gone. "I am glad you have not forgotten, old friend, but I'm afraid it does not end there."When the Zora patriarch spoke next, the words struck Link like a great hammer. He had expected Malice to be a part of the Zoras' plight, but he had not been prepared for this."We Zoras have suffered losses." Ceto told him, "Scouts of ours that went downriver never came back. When more went to investigate under cover of darkness, they discovered their mutilated forms...with their skins removed.""From the monsters?" Link asked, tentatively, "The ones that attacked me and Aria on the path here?""For the most part, yes." Ceto answered, then hung his head, "But we have also Hylian hands."In that moment, time seemed to slow to a near-halt and, in that moment, Link seemed to lose the ability to blink or even breathe. He wondered if he had heard Ceto correctly. In the moment following those very words, the entire world had gone very cold. He could not breathe. He could not blink. He could not even comprehend if he had correctly heard what his old friend had just told him."It was a gradual change, but Hylians have started treating us with increasing disinterest, or worse, scorn. I hear word that Zora skins and scales are sold for high rewards, especially among the upper classes." King Ceto averted his gaze as he shook his head, "While nowhere near as barbaric as the beasts that haunt the land, many Hylians are not above it, as my people downriver have witnessed." He turned to Link and seemed to notice his shock, for he quickly added, "I'm not saying all Hylians do! You will always have my trust." He sighed, then reverted to his slower, solemn tone, "But I can only convince my own people of that for so long. Those who saved you at our doorstep are among my most loyal guardsmen, but those further down the riverways are far less-trusting of Hylians. After being hunted by monster and Hylian alike, and with Malice bringing communication between our settlements to a near-halt, my people are becoming untrustworthy.""That can't be." Link said, trying to process everything he had heard, "How can it have gotten this bad?""Hyrule's current king does not see us in a good light." Ceto said, solemnly, "I suspect he never has."Link's attention snapped right up to focus on Ceto's face, faster than he thought he could go. "You've seen him?""Only once." Ceto answered, "Not long after he took the throne, he came to our domain all by himself. No guards. No escort. He sought me out straightaway.""What did he want?" Link asked, "War?"Ceto shook his massive head. "War is not what he wants," he replied, then added, "Not now, anyway. I believe he wishes to maintain the image of an admirable, benevolent conqueror for as long as possible." He looked Link in the eye and finally answered, "He wanted complete subjugation of my people-promising they would be free and unharmed if they recognized him as the one and only King of Hyrule."Not wanting to just cast aside centuries of loyalty to the Royal Family of old, I refused his offer without hesitation." His eyes shifted, betraying his suspicion. "He took it in unnaturally-good stride. On hearing my refusal, he merely thanked me for my time, then casually left the domain.""Like that? Without a single word?" Link asked.Once again, Ceto shook his head. "No. He left without a single outburst or threat, but he made sure to have the last word in our discussion. Before he left the royal chamber, he said, 'Come harsher times, you will learn to acknowledge my sovereignty'.""And when did Malice start showing up?" Link asked, wishing to change the subject."I'm not sure." Ceto told him, "I've learned of its presence years ago, but I suspect it could have been spreading for much longer.""Do you share my belief that he is the source of Malice?" Link asked.Ceto nodded. "I do. But I'm afraid there is little that we Zoras can do. We are largely bound to the water, and Malice has poisoned the riverways and more. To my knowledge, only our domain, the seaside and Lake Hylia are seemingly-untouched. But who's to say they haven't already been tainted in some form or another?"Link bit back a growl. Malice, it seemed, was putting Hyrule into a chokehold, trying to strangle all life it touched into submission.It was happening again, like the world's worst recurring nightmare."Ceto…" Link said, trying to ease in an offer to help.Ceto seemed to catch what he was aiming for and shook his head. "No, Link. I have as much power over the Malice as you do. And the destruction of its likeliest source will only cause further problems. You know that, don't you?""I know, I know!" Link said, barely keeping a damper on his frustration. Once he let himself breathe a bit, his anger seemed to ease and he looked Ceto in the eye, hoping the Zora King could see his point, "But I've left Hyrule to suffer for fifteen years. It's needed help for so long and all I've done is hide on the outskirts!""You know why you had to, and so do we-" Ceto interjected, but Link was quick to cut him off."I learned that Malice was spreading again mere days ago. You and the rest of Hyrule have had to deal with it for years, with it getting worse by the day! I've put it off for so long, for her sake at that, but I can't anymore. I won't hide while Hyrule suffers!" Ceto looked mildly taken aback, but remained where he sat. "I need help, so I came to find it." Link said, "If you won't help, then I'll find someone else-""You know I would help any ally to the Royal Family of Hyrule." Ceto replied, cutting him off with surprising volume and sharpness, "The man who seats himself on Hyrule's throne is no king in my eyes! The Royal Family of old was benevolent and longed for peace. He only wants conquest and is choking all of Hyrule to force us all under his boot. I, like any other, wish him to be removed from the throne he stole."Link just looked at Ceto, surprised at the Zora King's sudden outburst and the ironclad dedication to his own words. "However," Ceto said, his demeanor and voice softening again, "This is not an easy path to walk. It will be a long and difficult road. One false move can be the difference between success and defeat. I know you have waited long, but patience must be practiced, old friend."Link removed his gaze from the towering Zora and he let loose a sigh that he had not known he was holding in. Ceto had a point, he admitted to himself.He felt Ceto rest the palm of a massive hand on his back. "There is no reason to abandon hope yet." the Zora monarch soothed, "I have held out for this long for more than simple, blind faith. I do agree with you that the time for waiting is over. It is time for action to be taken."Link returned his gaze to that of the king's. "What can we do?" he inquired, with all the air and composure of a soldier awaiting orders."Seek out Thya, my chief healer. She should be looking after your daughter at the baths." Ceto instructed, getting to his feet with a heave, "Tell her to find my sons and daughters down by the seaside. The life-blood of our domain is the sea. Perhaps there is a clue to be found beneath its waters?""Your children are also looking for answers?" Link inquired."In part." Ceto responded, "It is also a precaution. Should the worst come to be, my people plan to flee Hyrule in search of safer waters.""It won't come to that." Link said, determination lighting a fire in his voice, "The waterways of Hyrule will be safe again. I promise."Ceto nodded his vast head. "I believe you, Link. Now, go," he said, pointing a finger to the entryway, "Your daughter-and mine-awaits."
My Fanmade The Legend Of Zelda Screenshot Book by jacoblink20th
My Fanmade The Legend Of Zelda Manga by jacoblink20th
Zelda Original Characters
BotW Dawn by cameron33268110
SS Dawn by cameron33268110
TP Dawn in her Ordon Village clothes by cameron33268110
TP Dawn by cameron33268110




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Nintendo has made a site for The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary.

It's really neat and there's some good high quality wallpapers there, including some beautiful artwork from Skyward Sword.  There is also info about the Symphony, some things about a Zelda flipnote contest, and a page for the history of The Legend of Zelda.  

You can also watch the orchestral performance that was shown at E3 if anyone missed it.
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