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MirrorwoodComics and I recently moved town, and as if that wasn't enough, our baby girl decided to arrive 3 weeks early!  So yeah, it's been a wee bit manic, at the Brown house.  lol  I'll be aiming to check submissions more often now, as things are sort of starting to settle.

Many apologies for the delay in submissions!  Submissions that hadn't expired have been accepted, and those that did, I've sent requests to.  All you need to do is accept.
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This much is trueI was first introduced to this Spandau Ballet song back when I was a kid and used to stay up watching late night infomercials, back in the 90's or so. There was this one infomercial that used to air recurringly. Promoting hits from the 80's in a compilation album with this former MTV hostess. They would only play snippets but I'll never forget it's intro. I didn't even know the name of it but that warm, almost melancholic feeling always stuck with me. It was a sharp contrast to the other, more upbeat songs. They were advertising.It wasn't until many years later when I heard that song in it's entirety. At my old workplace If I remember correctly. I eventually looked it up and appreciated it from beginning to end. Guess I have a thing for scores that are subtle but emotionally powerful.After my mother died, this song took an entirely new meaning for me. I remember listening to it repeatedly while locked in my room. That was my way of coping. Whenever I relapse inside the darkest regions of my conscious I'm always left with a cold and detached feeling. As if trapped in an inescapable darkness. And in that darkness I find myself crying out to her. Telling her how much I missed her. How I regret the things I said. How I'd want nothing more than to undo the mistakes I made. But It's too late. My mother is beyond hearing. There's nothing left in the darkness to comfort me as my cries echo through the unknown.And there I am. Standing beside myself. With nothing else to say besides the following, in a symbolic attempt to make amends within myself and within my mind for all the wasted opportunities I had in life.After everything we've been through and above everything else. Always remember this, mom. I love you. That much is true.
Alexandra Daddario. Red Dress by Godzilla2137
The harder they fall by ThePrincessRobotRoom
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Truckin' by tommullin

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Legends of the 80's

:spotlight-left: Group Rules :spotlight-right:

:bulletpink: You do not have to have lived through or been born in the 80’s in order to join. You just gotta be a fan of the decade.

:bulletgreen: All forms of art and all skill levels are welcome. Artistic nudity is also allowed, however we reserve the right to not accept any submissions that we feel focus more attention to :cough: specific parts, rather than the artistic merit.

:bulletpink: While there is no minimum requirement of deviations for a member to submit to the group, there is a maximum of 3 submissions per week to each of the folders (not including "Featured"). This helps prevent spamming watchers to death.

:bulletgreen: We like to have our “Featured” folder have something from each member. You can only submit 2 deviations per year to this folder, so choose your best 80’s pics to truly represent you.

:bulletpink: You will be kicked out if you do any of the following:
-Submit something blatantly rude and offensive.
-Submit stolen work.
-Act like a dick to other members.
-Spam the front page.
-Submit to the wrong folder too many times. (If you’re not sure which folder to submit to, you can always ask.)

:bulletgreen: Submissions into wrong folders will not be accepted. If your submission is denied, this may be why. Simply try again, but into the correct folder.

:bulletpink: Just have fun! :party: :squee: :happybounce: :strip:

:spotlight-left: Folder Guidelines :spotlight-right:

Movies – Live Action
Fan art from live action feature length films released during the 80’s. (Examples: Ghostbusters, Labyrinth, Back to the Future, and Big Trouble in Little China)

Movies – Animated
Fan art from animated feature length films released during the 80’s. (Examples: The Secret of NIMH, Heavy Metal, The Land Before Time, and All Dogs Go to Heaven)

TV Shows – Live Action
Fan art from live action TV series that aired during the 80’s. This includes shows that started in the 70’s and ran into the 80’s, and shows that started in the 80’s and ran into the 90’s. Shows that aired during any previous decade and were rerun during the 80’s do not count. (Examples: Baywatch, Fraggle Rock, Magnum P.I., and Round the Twist)

TV Shows – Animated
Fan art from animated TV series that aired during the 80’s. This includes shows that started in the 70’s and ran into the 80’s, and shows that started in the 80’s and ran into the 90’s. Shows that aired during any previous decade and were rerun during the 80’s do not count. (Examples: He-Man, Carebears, Trap Door, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Anime – TV and Film
Fan art from 80’s anime from both TV series and feature length films. (Examples: Urusei Yatsura, Akira, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, and Bubblegum Crisis)

Video Games
Fan art from video games released during the 80’s. (Examples: Super Mario Bros., Dragon’s Lair, Frogger, and Final Fantasy 1&2)

Comic Characters
Characters from comics that were released in the 80's, or characters that appeared in the 80's, in already pre-established comics. (Examples: Spider-Man in black costume, Rorschach, and Maus)

Art depicting celebrities who were big in the 80’s. (Examples: David Hasselhoff, Cyndi Lauper, Michael J. Fox, and Sylvester Stallone)

Artwork featuring fashion trends from the 80’s. This can be 80’s cosplay, make up, fashion design, or OC’s wearing 80’s clothes. (Fashion element examples: Shoulder pads, leg warmers, stirrup pants, and mullets.)

Artwork featuring some gadget or toy from the 80’s. (Examples: Rubik’s cube, Troll dolls, the Keytar, and the first Sony Walkman)

Artwork either based on or inspired by 80’s songs. In the deviation description, you should name the song and artist that the image is based on, if it’s not in the title. (Song examples: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper, Hot in the City by Billy Idol, Club Tropicana by Wham, and Whip It by Devo)

Stamps of anything 80’s!

The place for anything that just doesn't quite fit into any other category.






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Silk Moon -Fanart by Naturalman3   Spider Gwen - Fanart by Naturalman3  Sayaka - Fanart by Naturalman3  She Hulk - Fanart by Naturalman3

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Supergirl - Fanart by Naturalman3

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Noeliart2007 Featured By Owner May 28, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
really i love the 80s,can i enter please?
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Can I join I absolutely love the 80s.
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Great group! I was made right in the beginning of '80, man I AM old! :XD:
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I'm happy that I am now in this group. I really really love the 80's they are so great and iconic. Love  Have a nice day~Heart  Hug 
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Danger Mouse not in Affiliates? Out-ragious!
I will gladly contribute the bondage. :hug:
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Affiliation accepted!  :aww:
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