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Mortal Kombat Tickle RP
P (Alphabets) by EhsartemL Alphabets (Words) by EhsartemA (Alphabets) by EhsartemY (Alphabets) by Ehsartem
Okay, so, here's a list of rules for RPs that I'm willing to do for Mortal Kombat.
:bulletblack:If it contains fluff and playfulness, then YES! LET'S GO!
:bulletblack:If I do not feel comfortable with the characters or something else, please understand, and I may be able to come up with something.
:bulletblack:You can just come to me without an idea, and I will try to think of something.
:bulletblack:The RP can take happen via note, which is what I most likely prefer, but we can do it in the comment section below.
:bulletblack:Please, everyone, let's all try to be nice to each other. This is for fun, not for hating.
:bulletblack:I can have a maximum of
:iconmusicalvideogamenerd:MusicalVideoGameNerd 5 73
Mushko Design by RobMasamune Mushko Design :iconrobmasamune:RobMasamune 16 2
Final Fantasy XII tickles 1
Vaan stood in the shadows of the Lowtown, waiting. It had been one year since the Archadians had invaded Dalmasca, causing the war in which his brother had died. He eyed up his targets, time to take some revenge. Across the small square stood two Imperial soldiers, they were posted all around The Royal City of Rabanastre and they often stole from merchants. So Vaan thought it only fair that he even the odds every once in a while.
He walked boldly out into the dingy light of the square and headed straight for the soldiers. He walked close enough to look one of them in the eye, then stumbled into one of them – swiping his coin pouch in the process – and falling to the floor. The soldier Vaan had fallen against was angered but the second soldier had less of a temper and stooped to help Vaan up. As he rose he stumbled again, feigning light-headedness – allowing him to lift the second soldiers pouch.
“You all right kid?” asked the calm soldier, not knowing that he h
:icontickler818:tickler818 22 29
Cindy the Brat part 2
Cindy sat on her bed in her new room in her school’s Behavioural Clinic reading the rule booklet she had been given. She wished she had read it before because she could have avoided the horrible tickling she had just endured. However once she finished reading the introduction she was not very hopeful.
The first page of the booklet – one off many that she had skipped – bore an introduction.
‘Welcome student to the Royal School’s new Behavioural Clinic. We are formulating new ways to help students like you to follow our school rules and grow into well rounded, functioning members of society.
The programme you are on will run for duration of two months, minimum. During this time you will be expected to follow all the rules detailed within this booklet. If the staff feel you are cooperating well enough you may be allowed time into the main school, however the rest of the time will be spent within the confines of the clinic. Work will be delivered to you from your l
:icontickler818:tickler818 50 47
Cindy the Brat part 1
Cindy stood before her school's headmaster who was pacing behind his desk with a concerned look upon his face.
"Cindy you have once again disobeyed the rules of this school." Mr Gray sighed. "We have tried every punishment available to us under normal circumstances in an attempt to make you obey our rules. Since you have continued on your aggressive and destructive path we have only one option left."
"But sir," Cindy whined softly, looking down at her black ballet-style pumps and playing with her blonde pigtails, succeeding perfectly in an attempt to make herself look cute. "Charlotte started it Sir. She called me a –“
"I do not care!" Mr Gray interrupted "Whatever she may have called you did not warrant you removing her shoes and hitting her with them. That behaviour is not becoming of a student of the Royal School. As I said you have continually flouted the rules of this school and shown no remorse, even denied any involvement with the situation. Therefore we have only one
:icontickler818:tickler818 69 50
Final Fantasy XII tickles 2
Vaan stood in the shadows of the Lowtown, waiting. It had been six months since the Archadians had invaded Dalmasca, causing the war in which his brother had died. He eyed up his targets, time to take some revenge. Across the small square stood two Imperial soldiers, they were posted all around The Royal City of Rabanastre and they often stole from merchants. So Vaan thought it only fair that he even the odds every once in a while.
He ran full pelt from his hiding place towards the unsuspecting guards. He tackled one to the ground, grabbing for his coin purse. The second guard shouted and lunged for Vaan just as he took hold of the purse. It was at this point the second guard dragged Vaan to his feet and shackled his wrists.
“You'll be spending a night in the palace cells, mate”
The recumbent guard stood and spat in Vaan's face. This enraged Vaan further to his captors, but he was unable to prevent them from dragging him off towards the palace.
“Looks like you need more
:icontickler818:tickler818 15 3
Final Fantasy XII tickles 3
Vaan stood in the shadows of the Lowtown, waiting. He was waiting for Kytes. Kytes was his friend but – since they both lived on the streets of The Royal City of Rabanastre – he had recently stolen a rather full coin purse from Vaan. The fact that Vaan had procured this coin purse by lifting it from an Imperial soldier had been cleanly side-stepped by his anger with Kytes and his determination to initiate his plan.
Penelo – Vaan's best friend since they were children – was supposed to be sweeping the store room of Migelo's Sundries where she worked. However what she was doing was daydreaming of the first time Vaan had tickled her.
He had just come to stay with her family and was sad, she had shyly gone to talk to him to make him feel better. He had asked her a question that had made her blush the deepest red she had known at the time in her life. He asked her to tell him her greatest weakness. She had quietly considered her answer for a few seconds befor
:icontickler818:tickler818 19 3
Cindy the Brat part 3
Cindy had been bad, very bad and the Headmaster at her boarding school had tried one last, experimental, method of punishment. During her time at her school’s Behavioural Clinic Cindy’s life became one of predictable structure. She was taught her lessons, did her homework, ate and slept; all within the confines of the fourth floor in the school’s North Wing. Her life was lived to a strictly enforced time table.
Further to her regular school routine Cindy was compelled to attend tickling sessions at least once a week, compelled by her Behavioural Counsellor, Miss Lawrence. The sessions involved her being restrained in some way and tickled in any selection of spots Miss Lawrence chose for long periods of time. These were to punish her for her past actions and help condition her into better behaviour patterns. She hated them.
Cindy was also tickled if she broke any school rules during her time inside the Behaviour Wing. This happened often, because Cindy was a brat, but the
:icontickler818:tickler818 41 18
Cindy's Dream - part 3.5
It was black but Cindy was falling. She could feel that she was falling, falling uncontrollably into the dark. She reached out to grab something, anything to stop her falling, but there was nothing there. She could see nothing and the only sound she could hear was very faint laughter.
Slowly her surroundings were illuminated and she could see the sides of the tunnel down which she was falling. It looked like a large well except for the fact that the walls were covered in cupboards and bookshelves. She was falling rather slowly as the items on the wall weren’t going by as fast as she thought they should.
She looked down to see what she was falling towards but it was pitch-black so she turned her attention back to the walls of the well. On her way she passed a bowl of sliced peaches in syrup inside an open cupboard and a sheep sitting on a shelf, bleating to itself. She felt that this sheep was somehow electric. Unsure how a sheep could be electric and equally unsure where the thoug
:icontickler818:tickler818 16 24
Before Term
"MUUUUUUUMMM!" Lucy's voice rang out through the house, desperate and scared.
Lucy's sister Laura advanced slowly towards with an evil, girlish smile on her face. When she spoke her voice was cool and calculating, with a large measure of menace.
"Mum's not here Luce, she's out and she's not getting back for ages." This was true; their Mother had left around 15 minutes ago and was not scheduled to be back for a good few hours.
"Who's that and what's she doing here?" Lucy asked, pointing at the tall, slim,  blonde-haired girl who had walked in behind Laura.
"This is Kat, she lives just up the street and she goes to that school that Mum and Dad are sending us to. Mum said she could come over." Kat mirrored Laura's smile and, at a nod from Laura, closed the bedroom door.
Lucy and Laura were identical twin sisters. Since they had been born they had always both had beautiful red hair and had always been very close,
:icontickler818:tickler818 37 21
Cindy the Brat part 5
The ticking of the large Grandfather clock in the corner of the room was the only sound to be heard in Matron White's office as she sat behind her large wooden desk and looked intently at Cindy as if trying to confirm her identity by retinal scan. The Matron herself wasn't that much older than Miss Lawrence was, perhaps 35, and wore a smart long skirt and jacket in black with a white shirt.
Not a word had been said as Cindy and Lily had left the room where they had just been found tickling their Behavioural Counsellor (Miss Lawrence) and followed The Matron down the seemingly endless corridors of the North Wing to her office. Lilly was sitting outside the office in The Matron's waiting room. Cindy was scared.
The Matron – apparently satisfied that Cindy was in fact Cindy – rose from her seat and looked around her office. Aside from the large wooden desk with chair, and the comfortable chair that Cindy was sitting on, the only thing that took up any floor space was the large c
:icontickler818:tickler818 34 39
Cindy the Brat part 4
Cindy awoke with a start, confused she looked around wondering where she was. Looking in the mirror on the opposite wall she saw her blonde hair sticking out at odd angles. She heard the clock ticking above her head. She looked out of her window through the gap in the curtains at the dim light outside and the braches waving in the wind.
These familiar things calmed her enough for her to realise that she was in her bed – she had begun to think of it as her bed around a week ago – in her room – two weeks ago – in her school's Behavioural Clinic.
She remembered being bad before coming here, but she didn't recall exactly why.
She remembered the tickling she had endured as punishment while she had been here.
She remembered the face of her friend Lilly, who she hadn't seen in over three weeks.
She remembered her dream. The face of her friend, her eyes looking up at Cindy from the bench she was strapped to. She also remembered the other events in her dream, to which she ga
:icontickler818:tickler818 25 13
Before Term - Lucy
"MUUUUUUUMMM!" I called out through the house.
Yet again she had just walked in to my room, barged right in. She does it all the time. This time she had a tall, slim blonde girl with her. When I asked, Laura said her name was Kat, and that Mum had said she could come round. She also said she was from the new school that we'd be starting at soon – though she said it like we were being forced to go there. I don't know why she thinks she'll hate it so much; it's a really good school. The fact that Kat would be there with us both next term made me nervous; whatever they did now might get round the whole school before I'd even started – it's a good job I was dressed!
I was reading and they both just walked in to my room, I didn't know Mum had left so I was a bit worried when Laura told me she wasn't in the house; I didn't know what they both would do. We used to be really close, me and Laura, we still are sometimes but recently she's been more interested in showing off to her frie
:icontickler818:tickler818 21 4

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:bulletred: reddeadandhappy - Tick and Tock
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Fictional Character Adoption Roster:

Nickolodeon characters:
:bulletorange: Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender) - Shadow-Aspect :bulletred:
:bulletorange: Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) - reddeadandhappy :bulletyellow:
:bulletorange: Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender) - Cuixilfer :bulletyellow:
:bulletorange: Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender) - RedVelvetPotatoes :bulletyellow:
:bulletorange: Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender) - xenap3 :bulletyellow:
:bulletorange: Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom) - reddeadandhappy :bulletyellow:
:bulletorange: *Jenny Wakeman (My Life as a Teenage Robot) - reddeadandhappy :bulletgreen:

Cartoon Network characters:
:bulletgreen: Ben Tennyson (Ben 10: Alien Force) -
:bulletgreen: *Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10: Alien Force) -
:bulletgreen: *Kevin E. Levin (Ben 10: Alien Force) -
:bulletgreen: *Zak Saturday (The Secret Saturdays) -
:bulletgreen: *Rex *Last name TBD* (Generator Rex) -
:bulletgreen: *Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) -
:bulletgreen: *Ashoka Tano (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) -
:bulletgreen: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (How to Train Your Dragon) - Takumi-ShunBlaze :bulletyellow:
:bulletgreen: Astrid Hofferson (How to Train Your Dragon) - Shadow-Aspect :bulletyellow:
:bulletgreen: Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown) -

Disney characters:
:bulletred: Violet Parr (The Incredibles) - Shadow-Aspect :bulletred:
:bulletred: Dash Parr (The Incredibles) - georgemiser :bulletyellow:
:bulletred: Wilbur Robinson (Meet the Robinsons) -
:bulletred: *Kim Possible (Kim Possible) -
:bulletred: Shego (Kim Possible) - RogueBaron :bulletyellow:
:bulletred: *Jake Long (American Dragon: Jake Long) -

Anime characters:
:bulletyellow: *Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto: Shippuden) - Roku422 :bulletgreen:
:bulletyellow: *Hinata Hyuga (Naruto: Shippuden) -
:bulletyellow: *Sakura Haruno (Naruto: Shuppuden)-
:bulletyellow: *Zetsu (Naruto: Shippuden) - Takumi-ShunBlaze :bulletgreen:
:bulletyellow: Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) - RedVelvetPotatoes :bulletgreen:
:bulletyellow: *InuYasha (InuYasha) -
:bulletyellow: *Seras Victoria (Hellsing) -
:bulletyellow: *Dan Kuso (Bakugan) -
:bulletyellow: *Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) - lucas565
:bulletyellow: *Iria (Iria: Zeiram the Animation) -
:bulletyellow: Sealand (Hetalia: Axis Powers) - georgemiser :bulletgreen:

Videogame characters:
:bulletblue: Link (The Legend of Zelda series) - Taciturnium :bulletyellow:
:bulletblue: *Samus Aran (Metroid series) - GreenJack21 :bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: Sora (Kingdom Hearts) - BigBlueFeather :bulletyellow:
:bulletblue: Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)-
:bulletblue: *Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid) - joek09 :bulletyellow:
:bulletblue: Kumatora (MOTHER 3/Earthbound 2) - SmashProX/WereTickler :bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: *Claire Redfield (Resident Evil series) - TheToonz :bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: *Chris Redfield (Resident Evil series) - hornytickler :bulletgreen:

Live-Action characters:
:bulletblack: Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) - seto749 [Bullet; Red]
[Bullet; Black] Patrick Jane (The Mentalist) -
[Bullet; Black] Sam Evans (Glee) - tkrunk [Bullet; Green]
[Bullet; Black] Harry Potter (Harry Potter series) - Roku422 [Bullet; Green]
[Bullet; Black] *Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana) -
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[Bullet; Black] *Bella Swan (Twilight series) -
[Bullet; Black] *The Doctor (Doctor Who) -

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Welcome to Legends of Laughter, the MMORPFF for tickle fans everywhere!

This group, known as LoL for short, is not just your regular tickling-oriented group. Our goal is to create a singular, creative, and user-friendly storyline for deviantART's tickling community. With over 30 members on the roster so far, and more coming soon, we are proud to state that we hope this group may eventually flourish as one of the most comprehensive and popular tickling groups in this community as of yet.
We hope that you appreciate and support this group and its intentions. Feel free to register, watch, or join this community whenever and however you can! :D

- Shadow-Aspect


Registration Information

To join this group, simply hit the "Join Our Group" option and type in your request, or add the group to your deviantWatch if you don't want to participate directly.

If you choose to register as an actual member, send a note to the founder, Shadow-Aspect. You must include in the note the statistics of age, height, weight, and shoe size; abilities are optional. In addition, you must also provide a complete summary of your personality and personal history, as well as all of your fetishes for story reference. Lastly, you must provide an image of your appearance, be it photograph or drawing, that I can use as reference.

Info format is as follows:
Name: [name of character]
Species: [species of character, I prefer human or part-human, but I don't allow furries/anthros]
Gender: [gender of character]
Age: [age of character]
Height: [height of character]
Weight: [weight of character]
Eyes: [eye color]
Hair: [hair color]
Affinity: [This is a special field. If your character has non-human parts, the animal basis of these parts is covered here. You can use any animal, even fictional ones such as Pokemon in my case.]
Sexuality: [As the stat says. Can be straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual.]
Shoe Size: [foot size of character, use if character has feet/legs]
Abilities: [list of abilities that character can use, this is optional]
Bio: [explains history and personality of character, and also clarifies abilities if he/she has any]
Fetishes: [explains fetishes that character partakes in]

Once you have the note sent, you will recieve a completed portrait within at least the following day. Keep in mind that the founder will need to work on various other administrative duties, including previous LoL portraits, so it may be a week or two before your LoL portrait is officially posted.


Character Adoption

While this group allows a wide majority of your OCs, it is also wise to keep in mind that this group also includes fanart. Thus, you can also submit art or literature that involves copyrighted characters. However, in order for the character to be involved in the mainstream storyline, you must adopt him or her. This is highly recommended when concerning ANY submissions to this group.
:bulletpurple: When you select a character, post a comment on this journal first! Once that's done, send me a note containing all the info concerning that character according to the previous LoL bio formats.
:bulletpurple: Each slot can only be claimed by one and only one deviant. Choose wisely and act fast before the good ones run out!
:bulletpurple: Characters marked with an asterisk are optional and may not appear in the canon; you don't need to send me info notes for them unless you still want to see a portrait of your character.
:bulletpurple: Portraits for characters marked with asterisks cost 10 Points each for lineart, and 20 Points for color. Portraits for non-marked characters, however, are free - as long as you send the info in beforehand.
:bulletpurple: If you have any suggestions about characters you wish to claim that are not on the list, post a comment with your suggestion. Please keep in mind that the characters should be appropriate for tickling only and for the interests of the group in general; that is, no anthro, no pedo, no obesity. Make sure they are suited to EVERYONE'S standards, not just your own!


Code of Ethics
:bulletpurple: All members are expected to treat each other fairly and equitably. Trolling, flaming, racism, or ideologically unstable topics such as posting of sensitive information (e.g. SSNs or credit card info) is not allowed in this group. Any and all violators will, without exceptions, be uncerimoniously devoured.
:bulletpurple: THIS IS NOT AN ANTHRO GROUP. Furry or anthro art or literature is in general not allowed.
:bulletpurple: Members must be respectful towards the decisions or motives of others. Disputing decisions will violate member rights and will generally be counterproductive towards group operation as a whole.


Founder: :iconshadow-aspect:
Co-Founders: :icontakumi-shunblaze::iconthe-great-stash:
Contributors: :icongeorgemiser:
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