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Earlier today Nintendo released a trailer showcasing some brand new abilities Link will be able to use in Tears of the Kingdom (the sequel to Breath of the Wild) and they’re literally a game changer. We have a fix for poor weapon durability and Fusing allows for a potentially endless list of things to create.

I’m so stoked. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the game looks great, but I can’t wait to spend hours and hours just messing around in this game creating dumb little machines haha. 🤣 What would you build?
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LOZ Hero of Legend Saga LTTP Ch.1Chapter 1 A Silent Call in a Stormy NightPage 1Panel 1. Overhead shot showing a rustic medieval farm.Panel 2. A wooden sword clashes with a wooden shield.SFX: THWACKPanel 3. A boy with faded pink hair, with a front bang long enough to cover his left eye, and a green tunic stands clenched over holding his head, looking like he’s about to be sick, down with his mouth blocked by his hand. His other hand wields a wooden sword. A larger man with black hair stands ahead of Link. He stands with his hands, both holding a wooden sword and shield, on his hips with a big smile looking impressed at Link.Alphon: That’s it Link excellent footwork. A little more training and you might actually hit me with the spin attack without losing control. Panel 4. Alphon puts himself in a battle-ready posture whilst Link can only look annoyed. Alphon: Okay let’s try that one more time and this time, try not to overthink.Link: Grrr.Panel 5. Link walks away from his uncle throwing his wooden sword and shield away. Link walks in the direction of a log.Link: What’s the point of this uncle Alphon!? , Page 2Panel 1. Link sits down on the log, apples are scattered around on the floor, with his head held between his hands. Alphon approaches from behind.Link: You know I have no interest in becoming a knight. I’m happier being a farmer and yet you keep making me learn how to fight.Panel 2. Alphon sits beside Link.Alphon: Link it’s not that I want you to become a knight. I actually hope you never find yourself having to use a weapon. Alphon (2): Too many people choose to fight instead of working out their problems. Alphon (3): But you keep fighting the other boys and I can’t let you keep getting hurt.Panel 3. Low angle shot of Link looking pleadingly at his uncle.Link: But it’s not my fault Uncle, they keep insulting mother and father. They keep saying they abandoned me and their oaths as knights.Panel 4. Alphon looks away from Link with a look of sadness and fatigue.Alphon: I know Link. You’re not the only one who’s had to listen to these accusations., Page 3Panel 1. Alphon looks back at Link who looks away guiltilyAlphon: But you don’t see me getting upset and getting into fights, do you?Link: I guess not.Alphon (2): No you don’t because I know that your parents weren’t the kind of people who took their oaths lightly. Panel 2. Link looks down upsetLink: It’s just so hard though. I never knew them, and yet I’m supposed to love them whilst their actions have made me an outcast. None of the other boys will be my friend and none of the girls will look at me twice. Panel 3. Alphon looks at Link with a big cheesy grin nudging him with his elbow. Link looks away with embarrassed grin and his face blushing. Alphon: Oh, so that’s it. You’ve got yourself a little crush, have you?Link: What? Uncle please that’s ridiculous. Panel 4. Link shrouds his eyes in darkness.Link: Besides even if I did, thanks to my parents no one will want to subject themselves to the unhappy life of being with me.Panel 5. Alphons hand grabs an apple off the floor.Alphon (off): Link, I want you to answer me a simple question.Panel 6. Link looks at the apple and looks confused.Alphon: What is this?Link: An apple?Alphon (2): No. Well yes, to you it’s just an apple. But in some parts of Hyrule it was a miracle.Panel 7. A severely malnourished Hylian, wearing robes that are hanging of her, begs on the floor to a person holding an apple in front of them (we don’t see the other person, just that their hand holding the apple is blue and unhealthy).Alphon (narration): Recently there was a seemingly unending famine that made people so hungry that they would sell their own souls just to give their children this simple apple., Page 4Panel 1. Alphon ponders the apple whilst Link looks down guiltily.Alphon: So, I think it goes without saying your life could be a lot worse. Link: Haha yeah, I guess was being a bit silly.Panel 2. Alphon bent down on his knees to meet Link eye to eye and puts his hands on his shoulder.Alphon: Listen Link I know you get lonely but never forget you always have me. Alphon (2): And one day you WILL meet a girl who will love you regardless of what people say about you.Panel 3. Link has tears in his eyes as he wears a weak smile. Behind him a visage of two Hylians appear holding baby, wrapped in a blanket, a lovingly. One wearing armour and looking like an older Link. The other a female Hylian wearing a dress and holding the baby with both hands.Alphon: And don’t forget that whilst I don’t know where your parents went, I do know they loved you, and if they could take you wherever they went they would have. Panel 4. Alphon looks at Link sympathetically, whilst Links face is hidden.Alphon: I can only imagine they left you with me because they thought you would be safest with me.Alphon (2): So, I know they wouldn’t want you getting hurt just for them.Alphon: So what do you say? Are you going to try and ignore what the other kids say? …Link?Panel 5. Link looks at his uncle with a humorous grin on his face.Link: I’m sorry uncle I didn’t hear that I was ignoring you.Panel 6. Alphon laughs with his eyes closed and his mouth open. He rubs links hair with his open hand with Link having an embarrassed smile on his face. SFX: HO HO HO.Alphon: That’s the spirt. Now then I think that’s enough practice today, why don’t we do something fun like… apple picking.Panel 7. Alphon puts Link on his shoulderLink: Really? Alphon: Of course, talking about apples has made me hungry for them.Panel 8. Link and his uncle walk away from the log with Link on his uncle’s shoulder.Link so how did the famine stop then?Alphon: Hm?Link: Well, I mean if it was seemingly unending, how did it end?Alphon: Oh, well…I heard some strange sage from foreign lands helped advise the king and stop the famine. I think his name was Aga something., Page 5Panel 1. Dead of night we see thunder in the distance, the trees are being blown by strong winds and rain crashes down onto Links house.Panel 2. We see a bird’s eye view of Link in bed sleeping heavily.Panel 3. Close up of Links face as he groggily opens his eye.SFX: CREEKPanel 4. We see through Links blurry POV of Alphon holding a blurry sword and shield leaving through the door.Link: Wha? Uncle?Alphon: Link don’t worry, I’m just going out for a while, I’ll be back shortly. Don’t leave the house.Panel 5. Close up shot of Link with his eye closed.Link: Okay Uncle., Page 6Panel 1. Thunder strikes.Panel 2. Link finds himself standing in the middle of a foggy void looking confused. Confusion enhanced by panel being drawn in a Dutch/slanted angle.Link: Wh-where am I?Zelda (off): Help! Can you please help me?Link (2): Of course. What’s wrong?Panel 3. We see a full body shot of Zelda wearing a white gown, a blue surcoat and a simple thin gold crown.Panel 4. Link blushes heavily clearly infatuated with ZeldaLink: Wh-who are you?Panel 5. Zelda grips Links hands in a pleading manner. Link continues to blush heavily with a huge grin on his face.Zelda: My name is Princess Zelda and my father has been overthrown by his treacherous advisor Agahnim. I am being held prisoner in the castle please help me.Panel 6. Link puffs out his chest in an effort to make himself look stronger than he is.Link: Don’t worry fair maiden I the mighty Link will happily rescue you from your dastardly kidnappers., Page 7Panel 1. Link looks contemplative as his thoughts can be seen next to him, showing a clear visage of his earlier blurry POV showing his uncle holding a sword and shield.Link: Wait a minute, one other person?Panel 2. Link, looking worried, grabs Zelda and shakes her.Link: WHO!? Who did you reach out to?Panel 3. Zelda, dizzy and swaying, points towards a direction Link looks at. Zelda: This man.Panel 4. The fog now shows a visage of Alphon holding a sword and shield.Panel 5. Link looks stunned whilst Zelda just looks at him confused.Link: Uncle hates weapons. He would only take them if something serious was happening. Oh Hylia, this is actually real.Panel 6. Zelda, looking alarmed and afraid, holds her hand to block Link as he reaches out to her.Zelda: Please do not shake me again. I think I would be sick.Link: Quickly princess where are you?Panel 7. Zelda beaming with joy.Zelda: I am being held in the castle dungeons. The bridge is guarded but there is a secret passage by the east side of the castle hidden underneath some shrubberies. Please hurry., Page 8Panel 1. Link breaks out of bed fully awake.Panel 2. Link digs through a draw throwing clothes over his shoulder.Link: C’mon where are they! Panel 3. Links holding his wooden sword and shield.Link: They’ll have to do.Panel 4. Link grabs a dirty brown hooded cloak of a hook.Panel 5. High angle shot as we now see Link fully dressed with his cloak attached but not preventing us from being able to see his green tunic. A strap also goes across his waist allowing his shield to attach to his back with the swords handle visible over Links shoulder.Link: Hang on uncle I’m coming.Panel 6. Link bursts out of his house into the stormy weather., Page 9Panel 1. We are shown a tall imposing castle surrounded by a moat with its drawbridge raised up and two imposing knights, wearing black armour and whose faces are concealed in darkness with only burning red eyes penetrating out of the shadows (all of Agahnims knights follow this same design description), standing in front of it.Panel 2. A figure hiding in the shadows of nearby trees is watching the castle.Link: Now then, where are you?Panel 3. Reveal that it is Link pointing towards the east with a look of realisation on his face.Link: Aha there you are!Panel 4. Link at the side of the castle investigates some shrubberies. His face covered his marks indicating this isn’t the first bush he’s looked through. Link: Where’s that stupid secret passage Princess Zelda said was around here.Panel 5. Pov shot as we see Link find a ring handle attached to the ground.Link: Finally!Panel 6. Link visibly struggles to lift the cover up out of the ground, with it not being attached to the ground but one big physical round object covered in grass and dirt, with his legs clearly shaking and his face flushed and sweating. Link: Why’d they make the entrance to the secret tunnel so heavy?, Page 10Panel 1. Link walks through a darkly lit passage holding his cloak against his face with it also looking ill.Link: Why do I think this is less a secret passage more a drainage tunnel?Link (2): There has to be an exit around here somewhere.Panel 2. A wooded door creaks open slightly Panel 3. Link collapses onto the floor out of the wooden door.Link: Oh thank Hylia, fresh air.Knight (off): You there what do you think you’re doing?Panel 4. High angle shot as Link looks up to see two knights looming over him. One knight has pink lining his armour and holds a sword and shield. Quite noteworthy for his entire being, being extremely polished. The other knight has green lining his armour with him also holding a spear. His armour by contrast is much dirtier., Page 11 Panel 1. Link sweats and scratches the back of his head with a big nervous smile.Link. Would you believe that I was the sewage inspector? Panel 2. Link ducks so fast his hat stays in mid-air as the magenta knights tries to slice his head off with his sword.Link: Yikes!!! I’ll take that as a no.Panel 3. The pink knight looks up with his eyes closed and his closed fists on his hips. Whilst the green knight looks at him with a sense of disbelief.Pink knight: Of course we don’t believe you! I am this glorious castle’s duly appointed sewage inspector.Green knight: You were only appointed because you appointed yourself, and nobody, including lord Agahnim cares.Panel 4. The two knights get into fighting positions.Pink knight: How dare you besmirch me! Your just jealous that I am respected and have authority.Green knight: “Besmirch”, “respect”? You do realise everyone thinks your full of it? Even this kid. Green Knight (2) Right kid?Panel 5. Both knights look to see an empty corridor where Link should be.Both Knights: We are so dead., Page 12Panel 1. Link runs down a corridor looking back in annoyance and disbelief.Link: How did an army of these idiots overtake the castle? Link (2): Requirements for knights must really have slipped.Panel 2. Link runs around a corner and finds his uncle. His uncle is in the foreground whilst Link is in the background. Alphon is hunched back against the wall looking weak and covered in battle scars.Link: Uncle?!Alphon (off and weak): L-link?Panel 3. Link gets to his uncle’s side.Alphon (weak): What are you doing here?Link: It was Zelda, she contacted me said you were in danger.Alphon (weak): Zelda contacted you to huh? Well, she definitely has good choices in men hehe., Page 13Panel 1. Link has a look of distress as he looks over his uncle’s body.Link: Uncle please this is no time for jokes we need to get you help. Alphon: Link I’m sorry, but no one can help me. Panel 2. Tears roll down Links faceLink: ‘sob’ Please don’t say that uncle. You can’t die, your all I have.Panel 3. Alphon hands Link his sword and shield. Alphon: That’s not true Link you have Zelda now. And your all she has. Promise me you’ll protect her Link.Link: ‘sob’ I promise uncle, I’ll make you proud.Alphon (2): Link you…Panel 4. Link looks into his uncle’s now lifeless eyes.Link: Uncle? UNCLE!!!Panel 5. Link and his uncle are both in shadows as Link cries over his uncle’s body.Link: ‘sob’ Thank you uncle Alphon… for everything. Panel 6. Link walks away from his uncle’s body holding his sword and shield in both hands with his look and posture displaying determination and anger., Page 14Panel 1. A spiked ball, attached to a chain, smashes into a wall.SFX SMASHPanel 2. We see that the mace was thrown by a large knight with red lining his armour. Link and the knight are in the dungeons with a lot of notable damage clearly caused by the knight’s ball and chain. The knight is pulling the ball with great emphasis to try and ball out of the wall. We see Link from his back as he stands triumphantly against the towering knight.Knight: Hold still so I can crush you!Link: Counter offer…Panel 3. Link, with a look of hatred, in mid-air, from jumping, slices across the knight’s neck decapitating him.Link: How about I put you in the ground, where you belong. Panel 4. Close up on the knight’s alarmed eyes.Knight: Uh oh!Panel 5. Link on the floor shields himself from bright energy bursting out of the knight’s armour.Panel 6. Link sitting on the floor watches as amour falls down.Link: What the, did I… beat him? Did he die?, Page 15Panel 1. Link looks across the room to the furthest dungeon where he can see a figure in shadows.Zelda: No, he did not. None of the knights are truly alive they are just “darkness” coated in armour and given life by Agahnims magic. They will reform in time. Panel 2. Link, holding keys, blushes as he looks into the cellLink and Zelda(off): You, your…Panel 3. Zelda sits alone in her cell chained to the wall with bruises and dirtied clothes. On seeing Link, she wears a heavy smile.Link: Princess Zelda.Zelda: Link., Page 16Panel 1. Link, in the cell, slices through Zelda chains with his sword.Link: Hold on, I’ll free you.Panel 2. Zelda jumps into Links arm and hugs him with tears in her eyes, whilst Link just looks stunned and blushing.Zelda: Thank you, thank you Link! You do not know how horrible it has been.Panel 3. Zelda pulls back with tears in her eyes and looks at Link, who’s his face look stunned. In the background between the two we see a visage of Agahnims head, with a red headscarf covering the top back and both his ears. Whilst a scarf covered his mouth and nose leaving only a slot open where his eyes and the space between can be seen showing him to have unhealthy blue skin, staring menacingly at the reader.Zelda: I had to watch that worm Agahnims use his shadow knights to kill everyone in the castle. Panel 4. We see Zelda in the thrown room being held down by the shadow knights. She looks at her father, a larger man with a brown beard and wearing luxurious green robes with gold crown sat on top of brown hair, also being held down by shadow knights. Agahnim, in addition to the earlier image of his head, also wears a red robe covering his entire body except his hands, which also look unhealthy and blue. He stands over the king holds a sword above his head ready to decapitate him. Zelda (narration): He even made me watch as he executed my father.Panel 5. We see a broken Zelda chained up in the cell.Zelda (narration): After spending days in this cell, I thought I would never see another friendly face and be left to Agahnims whim., Page 17Panel 1. Link, with a brave look on his face, holds Zelda close in his arm causing her to blush.Link: Don’t worry, whilst I’m here, I promise nothing will happen to you.Panel 2. Links holding Zeldas hand runs down a corridorLink: Quickly this way. Zelda: Wait what about that other person…your uncle!Panel 3. We see Link and Zelda from the side. Link stops and holds his head down with his eyes coated by darkness. Zelda hugs Links back.Link: He-he’s not…Zelda: Oh Link, I’m so sorry., Page 18Panel 1. Link and Zelda quickly look alert at the sound of knights.Pink knight (off): Hey! Wasn’t the princess being held here?Green Knight (off): Alert all the knights we can’t let her escape.Panel 2. Link looks back at Zelda with an alarmed look on his face.Link: We can’t stop, we need to go!Panel 3. Link and Zelda hide behind a wall as they wait for a knight with red lining in a corresponding corridor walk out of sight.Panel 4. Link and Zelda hide behind two different statues as a knight with green lining walk’s past. He looks at the statues confused.Panel 5. Link and Zelda hide underneath a wooden table whilst the green and pink knights argue above them. Link mocks the knights by pulling a funny face and spinning his fingers against his head. Zelda tries to hold back laughter by covering her face with both her hands. , Page 19Panel 1. Link opens the wooden door gesturing gentlemanly for Zelda to go first to which Zelda curtsies.Panel 2. The door closed.Panel 3. Zelda and Link walk through the sewage passage with both of them looking nauseated. Link once again uses his cloak to cover his face whilst Zelda uses her dress.Panel 4. Link and Zelda stand triumphantly outside, watching the castle from afar in the trees., Page 20Panel 1. Link looks at Zelda walking off.Link: Zelda? Where are you going?Zelda: We need to get to the sanctuary. The old man there will help us. Panel 2. Zelda looks back over shoulder curious.Link (off): Wait!Panel 3. Zelda is given Links cloak with the hood up protecting her from the rain. Link: I’m sorry its dirty and not to a royal standard but… it’ll at least keep you from getting further wet.Panel 4. Zelda, with her head held low and blushing, hugs herself in her new cloak.Zelda: Link… it is perfect. Thank you.Panel 5. Link and Zelda look at each other affectionately and blushing.Panel 6. They both look away embarrassed.Link and Zelda: We should really get moving. , Page 21Panel 1. A high angle shot of Agahnim standing on a balcony sticking out the side of Hyrule castle.Panel 2. A knight approaches Agahnim from behind.Agahnim: Soon, with the sacrifice of that 7th brat I’ll have the power that I rightfully deserve and be able to crush all these worms beneath my feet.Knight: My lord Agahnim, the 7th maiden has escaped. Panel 3. Agahnim shoots lightning at the knight causing the light indicating death to burst of his armour. Hiding to side are 2 knights with one looking at the other and pointing to the proceedings with the other nodding.Agahnim: What!!!? You incompetent fool!Green knight: Glad I didn’t tell him.Panel 4. Agahnim enters the room and screams at the knights causing them to stand at attention.Agahnim: Guards!!! Don’t just stand there, ready the men.Panel 5. Agahnim turns his back to them and walks away.Knight 1: Don’t worry Lord Agahnim we will scour every inch of Hyrule, no matter where Princess Zelda hides, we will find her.Agahnim: Don’t bother, you fools wouldn’t be able to find leaves in the lost forest, never mind a hiding princess.Panel 6. Close up on Agahnims face with an evil look in his eyes.Agahnim: Besides, I know exactly where she’ll go. , Page 22Splash panel. Link and Zelda are running hand in hand away from the castle, rain still pouring over them. A visage of Agahnim looms over them watching them.SFX: MWA HA HA. TO BE CONTINUED
Tears of my Beloved (ZeLink) Ch 1Guardians possessed by Ganon’s malice lay destroyed at their feet as hundreds more ascended upon them. Link was near death, and about to lose consciousness as he kneeled protectively in front of Princess Zelda.“Link, save yourself! Go! I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me!”Link staggered to his feet with the legendary sword in hand, in his continued attempt to shield her. He could barely hold himself up, but one was closing in on them now, and pointing its beam. There was no time to think.“NO!” Zelda cried.She threw herself between Link and the Guardian as blinding light emanated from her palm. The swordsman watched vaguely as every enemy within radius was struck from her light before falling to the ground, dead. His knees buckled beneath him, and his vision began to fade.The last recovered memory of his time from 100 years ago was Zelda sobbing over him.…As Link slowly became conscious, he was aware of the burning pain on his back and side. It was making breathing quite difficult. Wherever his head was resting felt soft, but he didn’t have the energy to move or open his eyes yet. Remembering how he got here was also a struggle. He could remember waking in the Shrine of Resurrection, and freeing the four Champions. He could remember seeing Impa just before all of this.'I went to the castle… I was trying to save Zelda… Did I fail her? I must have.'A range of emotions were circling him now. It vaguely registered that quiet voices were coming from somewhere close, and getting clearer for him to hear.“ enough for everything you, Impa, Robbie, well really everyone-”“Princess Zelda, you really must take a moment to relax. You’ve not stopped thanking me since you and your … escorts arrived with him on that horse. The sight of you both safe and alive is more than we could ask for.”Zelda.Link shot up from his place on the bed inside his Hateno cottage and sucked in sharply through his teeth. With a look of utter bewilderment across his face now, he gazed beyond the railing at the two figures sitting in his kitchen.“Oh Link!” A frantic voice rang.The Princess couldn’t have looked more out of place in her white gown, as she rose from the table and practically sprinted up the stairs. She was on the edge of his bed instantly, and appraising his condition with worried hands. He could only watch in disbelief as Purah joined their side, now donning a preteen appearance instead of a child-like one.“How are you feeling?” Zelda asked him softly.She brushed a few strands of hair away from his eyes. He shook his head vaguely and glanced down at the bandages around his torso.“I have…questions,” Link uttered finally.“You’re well enough to speak, that’s certainly encouraging,” Purah said with a smile. “No one from Kakariko knows what’s happened yet, and I need to figure out how I’m sending word. Please excuse me.” With that, she hurried down the stairs and out the front door into the night.There was a small pause between Link and Zelda as they took in the sight of each other. Zelda’s expression fell slightly, and she looked away before speaking.“I am truly sorry for you to be waking up in this state. Had I realized you were struck by one of Ganon’s attacks and losing blood, I would have spared you the speech. Your horse is an incredibly intelligent creature. She came to me after you collapsed and lowered herself. The only person I knew with the medical knowledge to help us was Purah. I met some kind people at Dueling Peaks Stable who offered to lead us the remaining distance after I addressed your wounds. Purah has since stitched you up and given you medicine. You’ve been unconscious for nearly thirteen hours. I’ve been…beside myself with worry. ”Zelda’s eyes were brimming with tears now but his expression was gentle.“Thank you, Princess…really. Have you had a chance to rest yet?”A few tears fell past and she shook her head.“I’m fine, I've had more than enough rest. I suppose in a way…I was asleep like you all this time. The powers I possess offered more than I ever imagined possible, though they’ve since weakened. I truly ‘woke up’ when you defeated Ganon…” Zelda took both of Link’s hands in hers and inhaled unevenly.“...I am so grateful for everything you’ve done, for this kingdom, for my father and our friends, and for me. All I want for you now is fulfillment and peace. You can live the life you want to. The transition for us both may be difficult, but I find solace in the fact that we are going through it together.”Link squeezed her hands gently and offered an unexpected smile. Her heart eased considerably at the reassuring expression, though one question still lingered.“Do you really remember me…?” Zelda whispered.As reasonable as her uncertainty was, it was still disheartening and devastating to hear. It had been over a century since he’d been in her presence and the sight of her unceasingly relieved him.He pulled her to him, ignoring the pain he felt while doing so, and simply said, “yes.”For a while they held each other in silence, heads resting against the other’s shoulder. The lanterns made the house a dim orange at this time of the night, and the only sounds to be heard were the crickets chirping outside. Zelda was blushing faintly when they broke apart.“We’ll see a lot of each other. I’ve made arrangements with Prima at the Ton Pu Inn for the moment. Your injuries make me anxious, and I’d like to be close enough to watch over you,” She told him, then quickly asked, “Are you still tired? Are you hungry? Can I do anything for you at all?”He found her concern endearing, albeit unnecessary. It made him chuckle as he swung his feet off the bed. The only true restriction he had was his breathing. His legs worked fine and the pain was something he could ignore. “Princess Zelda, I can’t let you concern yourself so much with me.” He rose to his feet steadily, and gestured for her to follow him downstairs. Whatever he was up to was a mystery but she was curious. She found herself sitting in his kitchen once again, watching as he began rummaging through cabinets and drawers.“Please don’t over exert yourself,” Zelda insisted.Link extracted a piece of flint from the drawer and sparked a fire beneath the cooking pot before grabbing a few more things from the cabinet. “Am I right in assuming you haven’t eaten since you woke up?” He glanced over his shoulder at her sheepish expression, and she nodded.“You know, it wouldn’t hurt you to let others take care of you occasionally… although…I’ve missed your cooking,” She admitted.They were both aware that Princess’s knowledge was a bit lacking when it came to preparing food. Before the Calamity, it became the unspoken arrangement during their travels that dinner was Link’s job. Zelda’s curiosity led to entirely too many failed creations, and plenty of wasted ingredients much to Link’s dismay. She’d happily let him prepare anything just to see the bliss on his face while eating it. He’d always been such a glutton.“What are we having?”“Guess.”Zelda flitted beside him and peeked at the contents inside the pot as he stirred. The simplicity of being together for a meal after so long resonated peacefully within them both. Link was humming to himself when she looked at him and smiled.“It’s Risotto, isn’t it?”Link cracked a smile in confirmation.The front door swung open abruptly and Zelda jumped. They both turned to see Purah lugging an open crate over to the table with a loud ‘thud’.“Excellent! I’m so glad to see your appetite has finally returned, Princess. I was worrying about you. I set these clothes aside YEARS ago for your return, it just took me a while to find them. Everything here will fit, and there’s a lot more you can go through later. Symin borrowed your horse by the way Linky, hope you don’t mind. We're still unsure why the Sheikah Slate won’t warp anymore, and we felt this was rather urgent. I’m also too small to have made the journey myself. At least Kakariko’s close.” Purah shruged, then yawned.Zelda made her way over and hugged her friend tight. “I know you’re sick of me thanking you, so I’ll simply say, what would we do without you?”“Perish, probably,” Link said lightly, despite the literal truth of the statement. He grabbed a few bowls from the high shelf and filled one with the steaming rice dish before placing it at the table. He gave Purah a questioning look.“None for me, thanks. I’m dead on my feet,” she remarked. “I’m heading back to my lab for some shut-eye. I’ll see you two tomorrow, bright and early!” She yawned again before turning to leave, waving over her shoulder as she exited. The door shut with a click, and it was just the two of them once more.Link carried his own bowl to the table and sat adjacent to the girl he’d fought so hard to save. It seemed impossible to him that she was really here. She was averting her gaze and it was unclear to him if it was out of embarrassment or something else, but it gave him the chance to admire the precious way her cheeks tinted pink as she took her first bite. Her eyes shut contentedly as she savored it, and he couldn’t help but stare. He knew perfectly well just how beautiful she was.His attention quickly averted back to his own food so the princess wouldn’t catch the expression on his face.The desire to let the night stretch on indefinitely was on both of their minds, but neither of them could produce a reasonable excuse to continue on after the meal was eventually over.Link stacked their empty bowls and rose from the table to grab Zelda’s crate. She did her best not to allude to the anxiety that was slowly creeping back up on her, but he still realized. They left the cottage unhurriedly together.The full moon illuminated the entirety of their surroundings and it was breathtaking enough to stop Zelda in her tracks.“The shrine’s glow seems to be changing. It’s almost purple….” She murmured. “I wonder if Purah noticed.”She gazed across the bridge towards Hateno and Mount Lanayru and lets out a sigh before continuing on.“I can only imagine how hectic tomorrow’s going to be...” she said tiredly.The bewildered look on Sayge’s face inside the Dye Shop as they pass amused Link to no end. By now he’d undoubtedly heard about the return of dear Princess Zelda and all the man could do was gawk.“It’s like you said before, Princess. We’ll help each other through this.”As much as they tried to drag out the walk, the Inn was still relatively close. Zelda opens the main door and carefully took the crate from Link’s grasp, before smiling at him sweetly.“Thank you Link.” There was more on her mind, but it could wait. They had the time for it now.“Sleep well, Princess Zelda.”. . . . . . . . . .Fragmented images of swirling red and purple inflated and expanded the furthest reaches of his mind. Searing hot agony torched his lungs, and he realized he was drowning.…The sound of rapid knocking against the cottage door startled Link from his Waterblight Ganon related nightmare. As relieved as he was to be awake, he couldn't help his mind from lingering on the negative emotions.The slash across his back was hurting a lot worse than before and his breathing was sounding more like wheezing now. He was genuinely surprised he had been able to pass out the night prior with the Princess’s return and everything else going on. After the nearly thirteen hours of sleep he’d already had, he could remember lying there in pain after changing his bandages and just staring at the ceiling.Realizing it’s probably Princess Zelda at the door trying to check on him, he rolls out of bed quickly and grabs his champion tunic off the floor to dress.“Come in,” he called out strenuously.Zelda shyly opened the door in time to see Link pulling his arms through the sleeves of his garment as he descended the stairs. She was wearing the champion blue like him, he realized.He approached her with some effort and the smile on her face faded.“I’m so sorry…Purah told me you’d likely be in worse shape this morning so I made you a health potion.” She held it out to him.He uttered a small ‘thank you’ before awkwardly grabbing it from her outstretched hand and downing it. She could tell from his demeanor that the effects were immediate, as he let out a sigh and relaxed his posture considerably."Oh, I'm so glad that helped," Zelda said joyfully before continuing, "Purah and Symin were causing quite the commotion this morning…I could hear her yelling at him before running off somewhere. I got your horse back from him before he went, she’s outside in the corral now. He tells me all of the towers and shrines have been sinking into the ground all across Hyrule, and no one knows why. He also says Impa and Paya wish to see me, they’ve been at the lab since early this morning …You’re welcome to accompany me.”“Would be happy to,” came his quiet reply.“WHY are you DOING this to me,” Came a guttural screech from outside.They quickly made their way out into the chilly morning air, and saw Purah at the nearby Shrine with the Sheikah Slate in hand, furiously pounding on the pedestal with her other fist. Link and Zelda exchanged similar expressions. Purah’s head whipped around and she gestured for them to come over.“The slate is still alive but none of the shrines respond! If I can dismantle this terminal, maybe I can figure out how to prevent the rest from sinking! I have no idea how much time this one has left,” She wailed.Zelda dashed over to grab the slate, so her friend could use both hands, while Link hovered a few feet back in case of being called upon. Tools Purah seemingly procured from thin air went to work at the base of the pedestal for several minutes.Without warning, the earth abruptly, and violently began to tremor all around them, scattering rocks and debris as both Purah and Zelda began sinking, along with the shrine. Link barely had time to act. He lunged, wrenching his arms out to them both and yanked until they were all falling backwards, away from the forming hole. Rocks crumbled over and closed in, dust and debris settled, and for several moments all they could do was sit and stare at the landslide where the shrine once was.The first one to speak was Purah.“I think you two should probably head up to the lab without me.”The swordsman and Princess both helped the young scholar to her feet.“Are you alright?” Zelda asked.“I…I’m trying really hard not to cry,” Purah said unevenly.Zelda handed back the slate and squeezed the girl’s shoulder gently. Wordlessly they headed in the direction of the Hateno Tech Lab. They’re a reasonable distance away but still able to hear when Purah lets out one more screech.“TEENAGERS!”Zelda shook her head at that, as she tried to imagine what going through puberty twice must be like. Link tried to hide his chuckle. They carried on in relaxed silence all the way up the hill.Symin was outside of the lab when they approached, observing the teleportation circle on his hands and knees. A carriage and horse was stationed several feet away from him.. He rose as soon as he noticed their presence, nodding curtly, and together they all go went to greet the two other sheikah who were patiently waiting for them.Zelda and Link immediately saw that the lab is in total chaos. Papers, books, and ancient materials were strewn across the floor, table and chairs, and the terminal was in pieces. Symin shuffled in quickly, ignoring the mess. Zelda’s eyes fell on a familiar looking hat with glowing delight.For several seconds they just looked at each other, and very quickly the Princess gets down to hug her dear friend tight.“Impa…I can’t thank you enough for guiding Link throughout his memory loss. I haven’t the words to fully express how terribly I’ve missed you all.” Impa weakly returned the gesture, and Zelda broke away gently to stand again.“Symin already told me how many times you’ve thanked us and I’ll hear none of it. I’m so pleased that this moment has come and I’ve lived to see it,” Impa said with a faint smile.Zelda directed her gaze at the shy young woman several feet back and smiled kindly. “It is such a privilege to meet you Paya. Thank you for assisting your grandmother in making this journey…” Zelda looked to Impa again, “...though I do wish I could have come to you instead.”“I-I insisted she wait for you as well, but you know how headstrong she is,” Paya stammered before adding, “It’s such an honor to meet you as well Princess Zelda…h-hi Link.” Paya looked directly at the wall and blushed madly.Zelda couldn’t help but immediately adore the girl and her sweet demeanor.Symin yawned and cleared his throat awkwardly. “It’s unfortunate the teleportation system is down. Purah’s dedicated nearly her entire life to researching and understanding this ancient technology, and it’s getting ripped out from under us. I can’t help but wonder what’s become of the divine beasts as well.”Purah burst through the door, and everyone but Link jumped. Wet red and black makeup streaks were seen running down her face and neck. “I highly doubt the divine beasts function correctly anymore. All of the ancient technology is failing us now.”“Aunt Purah, you’ve aged again…” Paya said awkwardly.“Last week I thought I’d finally configured the anti-aging Rune just right, but just like everything else, that failed too,” Purah complained.“You’re throwing a tantrum,” Impa retorted.“Love you too. So anyways. My life’s work is now entirely obsolete.”The angsty teen threw herself in a chair and lets her head hit the table with an uncaring smack. Paya is quickly at her side with a tissue in a gentle attempt to clear the tear streaked makeup. Zelda flits to her other side to sit, and begins to rub soothing circles on her back.“Purah, it’s as Symin said,” Zelda began, “You’re the brightest scholar I know, and you understand this technology better than anyone. You could easily replicate all of this. The slate, the teleportation circles, and with enough ambition, the towers and their function too. Your research is all right here!”“Princess Zelda, I admire your go get it attitude, but that would mean completely starting over from scratch,” Purah said monotonously.“At least consider the idea. I know you could pull it off, I have complete faith in your abilities.” Zelda turned to address the room. “I’ve been thinking to myself about what my plans are now that I’ve returned…Most of you probably know I’ve never been one to sit idle when there’s so much I can contribute. The calamity left this kingdom scarred, and broken. So many countless lives were lost, and I want to honor all of those brave individuals. Those that survived this tragedy carried on and found their own ways to rebuild. I know there’s so much to be done out there still, and it would benefit this kingdom greatly if I assisted in Purah’s research. That starts with the divine beasts, and that means I must head to the closest one at Zora’s Domain.”Purah sat up and gave the Princess an agonized look. “Your confidence in me is…too kind. I will do my best to earn it.”“You’ll accompany her, won’t you,” Impa directed at Link.He was mid response when Zelda interrupted. “Link is relieved of his duties as my personal knight. He nearly died twice protecting me from Ganon.” She looked at him pleadingly. “I meant it when I said you can live the life you want to now.”Link hadn’t uttered a single word since they’d arrived at the lab. Everyone turned to look at him. His face masked the sadness her statement caused him well.“My duty is to protect you. I take my job seriously,” he said simply.Zelda lingered on several unspoken thoughts, but ultimately decided not to push the subject. He was capable of making his own choices, and deep down she didn’t want to be alone during this trip. She could continue to tend to his injuries in this case as well.“It’s decided,” Impa proclaimed. “Link and Princess Zelda will investigate the divine beasts. We’ll get Purah on track in the meantime…her fit won’t last.”“You’re speaking like I’m not here.”“Act your age and I’ll address you.”Zelda and Paya giggled at the two sisters bickering.For a while Zelda chatted with Impa and Purah about the plans being set in motion. She went around the room to hug everyone goodbye, and she and Link exited the lab together to gather their supplies. They agreed to meet back at his cottage.Zelda makes her way to the East Wind General store while Link ran back home. By this point most of the villagers were awake and going about their routines. Several of them stopped in their tracks at the sight of Zelda, including a handful of children.A small crowd was forming now, and the attention was flustering to say the least. The store greeter Ivee gasped, and a small girl by the name of Karin timidly approached. “Are you really Princess Zelda?” Karin asked her.Link had finished gathering most of the supplies he had stored away, including two bows and an additional sword, before he made his way back out to the horse corral. He could hear the buzz of townspeople across the bridge greeting Zelda warmly. It brought him deep satisfaction in knowing he helped make this very moment possible.He patiently waited for everyone to get their chance at meeting her. She said her goodbyes with a satchel in hand as she made her way back to Link. He was tending to his horse when she approached with an embarrassed smile.“Ready?” He says kindly, before taking the satchel from her to include with the pack.“You never did tell me your horse's name. I’ve been curious,” Zelda said to him.“Pig.”She looked at him incredulously and his expression was straight.“You… you named this beautiful horse Pig? Can I please ask why?”He looked at her as though the answer was perfectly obvious.“She loves to eat.”“She was destined to be yours,” Zelda laughed.He cracked a bit of a smile at that as he helped her mount Pig’s back. He found his own place at the front, and she gripped on to his leather straps anxiously. Their close proximity flustered Zelda considerably. Link could only hide his blush and stare straight on as they made their way out the front gate of the village, Zelda waving to villagers as they went.“Keep an eye out for any wild horses, Link. I want to try my hand at taming one and I think I know how from watching you. It’s not fair for poor Pig to carry us both,” She said close to his ear.“I actually know exactly where we need to go,” he replied.Being the Hero of Hyrule required a great deal of traveling, and Link had tamed dozens of wild horses during that time. He knew all the typical spots they’d likely be, and one of those spots was across a rock bridge nearby. He guided Pig in that direction with ease, and before long it came into sight.“Crouch when you approach, and don’t sneak up directly behind one. The last thing we need is one of them kicking you,” he told her as they made their way to the grassy outstretch across the bridge. He quickly added, “I can step in at any point if you need help.”“I’m confident I can do this,” she said as Pig gradually slowed to a halt.Link got down first to help with her descent, and motions vaguely towards the edge of the cliff. “I see three,” he informed her.She immediately set her sights on the smallest brown horse in the direction he pointed. She gives him a fleeting glance before crouching low and inching her way forward. He stifled a laugh.Her heart picked up rapidly from the anticipation as the horse got within several feet of her. The moment to sprint for it came, and she hesitated just a second too long. The horses all caught sight of her and startled, running off in three separate directions to Zelda’s great dismay.She wearily glanced back at Link who was failing miserably to conceal his amusement. She blushed bright red before fixing her gaze in the direction the brown one ran off to. She came around from another angle, only for the horse to notice her again and dart quickly off.Link was giving Pig a carrot when Zelda came to the realization that there was a better way to approach this.She made her way back over and filled her arms with some apples she’d tucked inside the satchel. Her posture straightened, and with a new look of determination, she cautiously approached the horse once more.“Hello there, Una,” Zelda cooed. The small horse snorted at her but remained still. The name she'd chosen was ancient Hylian for 'One' and she realized how silly it probably was to him too.She cautiously held an apple out for the animal, who approached her slowly. She couldn't help the grin from spreading as she took every apple from her extended reach.Zelda finally gained the courage to pat her new friend and gracefully mount her. She beamed at Link.“Impressive. I’ll consider that method next time,” he said humorously while climbing on Pig’s back.“You like the thrill of the chase too much,” She replied strenuously. Riding without a saddle was more difficult than Zelda could have anticipated, and it was making guiding the horse off the plateau challenging. Pig took the lead towards Dueling Peaks stable, with Una close behind.Everything, from the warmth of the sun to the smell of the air, brought Zelda an overwhelming sense of peace she’d almost forgotten existed within her. She was cherishing this new adventure with her noble knight more than she was ready to outwardly express.She wondered if he felt the same.. . . . . . . . . .I had to combine chapters one and two, they simply weren't ready for publishing before. I feel they're slightly better.
Legend of Zelda fic: By the Blessed MoonLink looked through the leaves and branches, his eyes peeking out from under the headdress, scanning for castle guards. Princess Zelda's study could be seen beyond the moat, the light beckoning to him. The presence of the guards surrounding Hyrule Castle did not concern him. His only concern was whether he could play his love song to Princess Zelda or not. Nighttime was the opportune time. The other boys in his tribe played their love songs outside girls' family's huts to let them know of their interest. Clutching the flute in his hands, he resolved that he would do the same tonight.Princess Zelda of Hyrule captured his attention when they first met and had not let go. He was just a warrior, accompanying the tribe's ambassador on a critical diplomatic mission. After that meeting, he would spend time with her, although they could barely understand each other at first. As her father and his chief talked, she would teach him Hyrulean little by little until he was able to carry conversations with her and others. Just as importantly, he loved to learn about Hyrulean customs. Like how to eat properly in front of guests, and eating with your hands might be proper in your tribe, but awkward in front of the King, Link.But he knew now that his desire to spend time with her meant that he had begun falling in love with her. The chief and the other warriors confirmed that when he told them how good it felt to be around Princess Zelda, especially when she went off on tangents about new things she'd learned, like how to make elixirs using frogs, or the history of her kingdom. ("Tell her how you feel!" the tribe's ambassador said, patting his shoulders)Too bad she had not told him about Hyrulean courting customs.At the ball earlier, she had invited him to her study. ("Link, you can visit my study any time you want!") So, he walked into Castle Town, right up to the castle gates, asking the guards to let him in. They looked at each other and laughed. He immediately knew that he would have to do things the hard way. He honestly didn't think that the castle guard would be too angry if they found out he had snuck into the castle to say 'hello' to the Princess. He still didn't want to get caught.He didn't know how long he waited up in the tree. The guards perched atop the castle walls, positioned so that they could catch intruders easily. A daunting challenge, but a challenge, nonetheless. He'd slipped past guards of rival tribes on horse raids before. What's a castle wall between him and the Princess? If he was going to do this, he would have to put all his training and experience to use.First, the guards didn't notice him. He had hunted game much the same way, and when stealing horses. He could remain quiet, and in the same place for hours on end (at least he thought he could) amidst the brush and trees. At this time of night, the darkness gave him an advantage over the guards, as they could not see him amidst said trees and brush. However, if he burst from them, they would easily spot him and he would be taken to the captain of the guard, and he would be in a lot of trouble. But that was the risk he was taking. Teenage desires were overriding logic tonight.He saw an opening near the southwest corner of the walls. A guard had stepped away, into the guard tower. He had noticed the guard fidgeting every now and then. He must've had too much ale or wine at the ball earlier. Or just too much ale and/or wine in general. But the guard stepping away left a spot where there were no guards around, giving Link the opening he needed. He jumped down from the branches and ran towards the wall.Heartbeats: they were racing. Love: he was chasing.He effortlessly scaled and jumped the wall before the guard returned. It was all smooth riding from here to the princess's study.Princess Zelda closed her scientific journal with a heavy sigh and an aching right wrist. She leaned back, letting her long blonde hair cascade backward while she stretched. She was no longer wearing the fancy dress she'd worn at the ball earlier tonight, just a night dress. What she had expected to take no more than a few minutes stretched out longer and longer until, by fatigue from both the ball and writing about the medicinal properties of Hearty Radish, she could no longer continue.Sighing again, she stretched her arms above her head, standing up and stepping away from her desk. As she turned, she caught a glimpse of a headdress that hung near the window. Now that it had her attention, she looked at it; a creature skill with red "hair", or whatever it was, trailing downwards. The Faronese "barbarians" had presented it to her as a gift of peace, and she gladly took it, although she was laughing awkwardly in the moment. However, she got used to the sight of it.The first individual who came to mind was the handsome, dashing warrior, Link. His interest in Hyrulean culture surprised her at first, but she came to enjoy teaching him the ways of her people, as he did with her. Like the time she taught him how to use a fork and knife after his faux pas in front of the King. They came from different worlds, yet they were both of one blood, Children of Hylia. Besides, he was eager to learn. And handsome. She'd found herself eagerly anticipating his visits, feeling her heart flutter like it was doing right now whenever she saw him.Looking away from the headdress, she left the study. The night was warm, even though a chilly breeze cut through the air. Turning towards Castle Town and the wall, she leaned against the stone railing.She thought about Link again. Had she begun to fall for him like the heroines of the barbarian romance books popular in Castle Town? What would Father think? Hells, what would high society think? Was it wrong to have feelings for him?Link had stopped to catch his breath underneath the gangway that led from Zelda's study in the turret to her bedroom. When he heard the faint sound of the door opening, he froze in place, assuming a guard had caught him. But when he looked up, he was relieved to see Princess Zelda. Gods, she was so pretty tonight. Could it be her and not the Goddess reincarnated? With the way the moonlight shone on her, it looked like she was, in fact, a Goddess, and not just the Princess. His feelings for her swelled at that moment."Ay, me!" she groaned. She speaks! "Oh, Link! Why are you, Link?" she called out to the nether. The subject of her lament felt his heart flutter. "They call you a 'barbarian'!" Oof, that hurt, but from the sound of her voice, she— "Such an unkind word. Would I be a barbarian if I ran off with you? Why must you be a 'barbarian' and I royalty? UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I'm such a fool. The other ladies will endlessly tease me for this."But what a label 'barbarian' is, despite our peoples' respect for each other. We are of one blood. We are Children of Hylia. Is it wrong for us to hold each other in our arms and declare undying love?"… Goddesses, I'm talking to myself, and I sound like a fool."Link held his hand to his chest, keeping his heart from bursting through his rib cage. She shared his feelings! He knew what he must do now. took a deep breath, lifted the flute to his lips, and started playing a soft melody that other boys in the tribe used when calling to their prospective sweethearts. Closing his eyes, he let the song speak for itself.Princess Zelda nearly jumped out of her skin and dress when she heard the music. It was soft and faint against the wind, and she couldn't place the source. Was someone playing the flute in the castle? She looked down, and saw the warrior Link below her, playing a flute. Right as she saw him, he saw her and stopped playing his flute."Link! What are you doing here?" she gasped."I, I wanted to see you," he answered."You saw me earlier!""Yes, and you were beautiful," he replied, making her blush. "But, I… in my tribe, we play flutes outside girls' lodges we want to court."She chuckled. His wording was awkward, but his earnestness made her giggle. "But what are you doing!? You're going to get caught!""You said I could visit you any time!""I meant during the day, not—Oh goddesses. You heard me, didn't you?"Link nodded, and she could see the blush, even in the dark. Her own face turned deep red and she let out a high-pitched, low-volume squeal from her throat while lowering her head to the stone. "Never mind. It's too late now. Please come up here."He was on the bridge in a matter of seconds. As he stood before her, the contrast between the two could not be clearer; the prim, proper princess and the animal skin-wearing barbarian. There was no need to imagine the scandal that would break in the court should they both be found out. He removed his headdress, revealing his luscious blond hair and ponytail. The moonlight emphasized his muscles, even though he wore some strange "vest", for lack of a better term."I… I wanted to see you tonight," he said."Yes, I know," she replied."If I could, I would not be 'barbarian', I would—""No, don't apologize for being yourself!" she said, hitting his arm. "How did you climb the walls?""Love gave me strength and speed," he replied, even though she knew he was always quick on his feet."Yes, well, good for you. Now Father will be angry.""I don't care about him," Link answered. "Let him find me here.""Daring," she said. Then she smiled. "Very daring. So, you love me? Say it with all your heart, and I'll believe it!""I love you, Princess Zelda!" he replied. "I swear by the blessed moon—""Do not swear by the moon!" Zelda interrupted. "She is deceitful, changing monthly and hiding by the clouds.""Then, uh…" Link desperately tried to think of something better to swear by. "Then… by my oath as a warrior?""You never told me that," Zelda replied. Then she turned, dramatically, throwing her forearm against her forehead. Link didn't understand, but she was about to reference a play that was popular in Castle Town. "But I swear by nothing! I take no joy in our meeting tonight! It is too rash, too sudden! Ere one can say, 'It lightens.' Sweet, good night! This bud of love, by summer's ripening breath, may prove a beauteous flower when next we meet. Good night, good night! As sweet repose and rest, come to thy heart as that within my breast—AH!"Link, taking that last part literally, threw his arms around her, picking her up and pushing his face into her chest. She squealed, hitting him, until he put her down. "Don't do that again!""Do what?""Put your face in a woman's bosom!" Zelda replied."You told me to!""It was a metaphor!" Zelda replied."… I apologize," said Link. "I know not... I am trying. I see now I don't understand how your people court.""Apology accepted," Zelda replied. "But please, don't do that again. Unless I tell you it's okay.""Okay," said Link. "One last thing?"What would that be?" she asked."I… have never kissed anyone. Can I kiss you?"She scoffed a laugh at his request. "You can, but whether or not you may is another one.""Oh. May I kiss you?""Yes, you may," she replied. She turned to him, lifting her head up to his. Nervously, he cupped her jaw, pulled her closer, and pressed his lips against hers.He sucked in his breath at the sensation. Her lips were soft, her scent so fine, like silent princesses. She, too, felt drunk on the scent of sweat, grass, and jungle flowers wafting off him. It felt like the best, most natural thing in the world for them to do, like they were destined to find each other, no matter the lifetime.Slowly, Link pulled away from Zelda, even though she was pulled along with him on an invisible string until her eyes reopened, and she realized what happened. She licked her lips, savoring Link's taste."You kiss by the book," she said."What book?""… It's also a metaphor.""Do you want to come with me to meet my tribe?"Zelda's breath hitched in her throat. Bodice-rippers about courtly ladies meeting or being kidnapped by barbarians were popular in Castle Town and in the Court. It was impossible for her not to hear about them. In fact, she read one or two. Thoughts swirled in her head. "I hardly know how to live in… wherever it is you live," she replied."Come on, is that your excuse?""An explanation is not an excuse," she said. "And besides, if Father finds out, as much as I would love to escape, he will hunt us down. He could have you hung or decapitated!""… I wanted to know if you could visit our encampment outside."Feeling silly, Zelda covered her face with her hands, groaning. "Yes, that would be nice," she replied. "Why have I not visited them yet?""I don't know," Link replied, scratching at his cheek.At that moment, their little bubble burst when a guard shouted, "YOU THERE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?":-:-:-:-:-:-:-:Ambassador Ryu couldn't stop laughing, despite the daggers that King Rhoam threw at him with his glare. Sitting at the table in the dimly lit interrogation room, Link and Zelda tried to make themselves as small as possible against the situation."Be serious!" King Rhoam huffed."I am!" laughed Ambassador Ryu, who was flanked by two older warriors who also could not hide their smiles. "What were you thinking, Link?""If one person could breach our walls, what does that say—""It says the boy wasn't thinking," Ambassador Ryu said, answering his own question. "Gods know I did some silly things at that age.""Zelda, are you alright?" King Rhoam asked, ignoring the ambassador."Father, I am fine," she replied. "This is my fault. I should have taught him more about how we court.""Court?" King Rhoam asked. "Breaching my castle walls is 'courting'?""He was doing what I did once," said Ambassador Ryu. "He is doing his best.""I would be more concerned about him causing a diplomatic crisis if I were you," King Rhoam growled.Ambassador Ryu put his hands up. "And I am going to say this; imagine if those two did marry—hypothetically, of course—forget the scandal. Our peoples would be allies." He held his hands out, and did not continue, knowing that King Rhoam had picked up on his line of thinking. The King visibly relaxed, straightening his posture."Well, I suppose we can let this go. He is still a child, after all," said King Rhoam. "But if he is to court my daughter, he must be accompanied at all times by our guards." Both Zelda and Link groaned."Thank you for understanding," said Ambassador Ryu, as he pulled Link from the table. As they left, Link turned and winked at Princess Zelda, making her giggle. To keep Link from misbehaving, Ambassador Ryu threw an arm around Link, pulling him close against him so no one could hear them, and said, "We need to teach you a thing or two about courting."
Echoes of the Past Part one *spoilers for TotKFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the series Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom. with the Fan-fiction based around my personal play-through of the series, and how I’ve pieced together the series from the few games I’ve played. ^-^ Part One, Ocarina. A gentle melody of an Ocarina whispers against the Lookout Landing, catching the attention of young Josha. A young student under Purah, who was busy in her lab in Hateno Village working on a new invention. With the help of the Zonai Survey team, she was able to have a team search the surrounding area for the source of the melody. With the gentle touch of the evening sun on her bright blonde hair as she stepped outside, noticing the young sheikah worry. With only a few months since the defeat of the ancient Ganondorf, Zelda acted like her normal self before the upheaval. With the secret stone from her time in the ancient Hyrule still worn around her neck. "Josha, what seems to be the matter?" "Princess!" Josha turned to face Princess Zelda as she walked up towards her, but another melody played slowly whispered throughout the Lookout. Catching Zelda's attention right away, as she heard the melody before. "Princess?" She asked in concern as Zelda's gaze seemed to freeze momentarily. "Send word for Purah to come, please?" Zelda waved towards an overhead Rito as they flew past. "Right away, Princess!" He hollered at her, before turning towards Necluda in a rush. Wind rustled through his feathers as he flapped his wings, vanishing behind the twin peaks. Zelda turned her attention to Josha. "Until Purah gets here, let's keep trying to pinpoint the source of the sound." Zelda quickly turned to rush back inside, grasping hold of her Purah pad. "Without a doubt, Link will be here soon once he hears..." She smiled as she rushed back out to Josha to join the search team. Chimes of a bell filled Hateno village with joy as children empty the school house. Professor Link glanced out the windows of the school hall. Feeling a familiar sensation in his gut, one that he thought was close to being done. With the students off to their homes, Link began to walk up to Purah's lab. As of late, he began to enjoy helping with Purah and Robbie research. With them working on constructing a scuba gear device for non-Zora to travel underwater. Since gaining his memories of Mipha, and Sidon's marriage to Yona. A zora from outside the domain, Link wanted to one day visit one of these domains. With his mind imagining the joy on Zelda's face upon getting to explore brought joy to his face.Upon readying himself to begin the walk up the hill to the lab, Link noticed a Rito rushing quickly from the distance. Uncommon for Rito to travel such a distance, especially one that he recognized from the Lookout. Link began to pick up his pace, concern started to peck at him. Hopefully Zelda was alright, or so he thought. Upon reaching the lab, Link could hear a commotion coming from inside. "Are you sure you put it over here, Purah?" "Of course I'm sure!" Link opened the door for Purah to fling a few items his way. Luckily for his reflexes, Link dodged as she threw them until she finally stopped. Standing up with a piece of rebuilt Zonai tech, using items from Mineru's Construct. "Ah there it is!" "Well hand it here! We can't get ready for the test run if we don't get it running first!" Robbie hollered at her, as his backpack had mechanical legs. Supporting him due to his age, making it easier for him to travel. With the upheaval giving Robbie more items to use towards upgrading his gear. "Oh, hello there Link! You are just in time, my boy!" Purah scrambled around, pulling her goggles from her face. "Linky! Did you come to check out the progress so far?" She smiled as she placed the zonai tech inside a giant Whale device. With the tech set, Robbie began to reach for the power supply, but as he was about to flip it over the doors opened. Exhausted from his flight, the Rito caught his breath. "Oh? Is something the matter?" "P-Princess Zelda has summoned your aid, mistress Purah." He crouched, stretching his wings before standing up to look her in the face. Purah sighed lightly, but turned her attention to the Rito. "My aid? Right when I was about to use my new device too.." She glanced back at the device and then to Link. "I'll head that way shortly, but you'd best head that way before I get there." She smiled. "To ease any of these worries I know you must be having." Robbie chuckled, Link's ears began to turn a slight shade of red. Either from Embarrassment or from his feelings in regards to Princess Zelda. "Don't worry, my boy. We'll be right behind you once we load this up!" "Load it up?" Purah turned to look at Robbie as he chuckled. "We can use it at the moat surrounding Hyrule Castle for the testing area for the gear, plus we don't have to worry about it sinking or drifting out by the sea current." Robbie began loading up his tools before moving out towards his air balloon. "Who knows, it might come in handy with what Zelda is needing." Purah chuckled lightly as she glanced over. With Link long gone from the lab, with only the Rito standing by the door. Preparing himself for the flight back, before setting off Purah gave him a letter. "Here, give this to Princess Zelda. As well inform her that I'll begin setting out once we are all loaded up here." "Yes, Ma'am." Upon placing the letter in his back pouch, he was off back towards the Lookout. Glancing from below in the village, Link stood with his trusted horse by his side. His quiver filled with a fresh supply of carved arrows, he started his trip to Hyrule field. After the upheaval, Link built defenses around Hateno to keep the monsters from pushing into the village. With the fort coming into view, Link could hear the neighing of horses that began to live freely in the plains passing the fort. With the stable opening the Dueling Stable Ranch, with horses that the stable sell to travelers unable to tame their own. Link remembered much of his time since the final battle, tending to the horses that now roam the ranch. With him helping tame many of the horses that live within the ranch. With the sight of the newly Twin bridges coming into view, Link quickly reached to give his horse a carrot. Allowing her to pick up her speed as her hooves clanked against the metal boards of the bridge. After the final battle, Link began to notice the decrease in monsters and the beasts that used to torment travelers. With the sages using their secret stones along with Zelda to help tend to the land of Hyrule, Link found himself taking it easy for the last few months. With him spending his days living not as the noble swordsman, but Professor Link. As his horse was about to reach Hyrule field, a light howl caught his attention. Making Link turn his gaze towards the source. A wolf, with a fog of shadow shielding it, sat staring at Link. Glancing at him and then towards Faron, but only for a moment until it vanished with another howl. Curious, Link returned his attention to Zelda, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was familiar about that wolf. Only he was unable to fully recall how. With the Lookout coming into view, Link's mind quickly jumped into action. Upon arriving at the mini stable, Link leaves his horse to rush towards the Lookout building. Zelda stood puzzled as she stared at the floor, with her chin in hand. "We searched, but we can't seem to locate the sources..." Upon sensing his presence, Zelda smiled before turning to greet him. "Link, you made it! I somehow had a feeling you would show up!" She paused as she looked towards Hyrule Castle, "Recently Josha, and myself have begun to notice the sound of an Ocarina. Although we are having difficulties locating the source." She turns to Link, "So I've sent word to Purah for her assistance." Link smiles as he explains to her the Scuba gear, Purah and Robbie's recent experiment. Her face began to shine bright with excitement as he spoke to her, explaining the details that were shared with him. "Oh how wonderful! I do look forward to seeing this device! I'm sure Mineru would be pleased to know her construct is being reused to help in Hyrule's restoration." As Zelda and Link were smiling at each other, Josha and a few members of the Zonai survey unit rushed towards her. She looked at them as Josha jogged over towards her. "Princess, we were finally able to find where the sound might be coming from!" With her attention, Zelda followed behind her as they rushed to Hyrule Castle. Link followed behind them as they rushed towards the location the team found. Upon arriving at the edge of the Castle gate bridge, Josha pointed in the direction of the water. "We looked all around the area, but thanks to one of the Zora we were able to locate the sound coming from there." "Do we know what appears to be making this noise?" Zelda asked the Zora. "It appears to be trapped under a grate, Princess." Swimming closer towards her, the Zora continued. "I was able to find it coming in the depths of the moat, but I'm unable to reach it. It's definitely an Ocarina by the looks of it." "Strange, I didn't think instruments were able to play underwater." Josha looked at Zelda as her face started to sparkle, before looking back at Link. "Oh this is indeed wonderful! It would appear that the new device, Purah and Robbie design will indeed come to much use!" Returning her gaze to the Zora, "Until Purah arrives, would you please keep watch over the Ocarina?" "Yes, Princess!" Responding with a quickness, the Zora swam under the water surface. Zelda joined Link back towards the Lookout, as the same Rito arrived. With the letter from Purah in his hand as he handed it towards Zelda, but as Zelda took the letter. Robbie's balloon soon came into view of the Lookout. While Purah appeared using her Purah pad to transport, a bundle of books was stuffed under her arms. Retrieving the letter from Zelda, as she noticed Link close to her. "It would seem that this isn't needed, since Link must've told you by now." She smiled at the duo before walking to Josha's station. Placing down her books, Purah turned to some Hudson workers as they finished building the expansion of the Lookout. "Prepare to help unload the Scuba Gear from Robbie once he lands, please." With his balloon slowly descending as a large whale device that appeared to be strapped underneath. Robbie steered the balloon to land on top of a perch built for traveling Rito. Allowing the device to hang from the basket, workers rushed over to help unstrap the device. Robbie, using his mechanical legs hopped out of the basket, scaring a construction worker by his new legs. "I do hope you didn't damage it on your way here, Robbie!" "I wouldn't dare do such a thing to this masterpiece!" Robbie's robotic leg stomped in protest. "Besides, I don't think this device is yet ready to be sync to the Purah pad." "Did you at least bring the backup power supply?" Purah walked over, glancing at the device. Robbie reached into his satchel to pull out a large Zonai battery. Purah snatched it from his hand before reaching into the device, installing the battery in place. "If my calculations are correct from Linky's power belt data, and a few redesigning on my part. This device shouldn't consume any more than this." With the power supply installed, Purah jumped back before reaching for her Purah Pad. "Good thing I keep a backup boot system on here!" She smiled as she pressed a button. Zelda could hear the gears turning inside the giant whale device, with a striking resemblance to that of a divine beast. Lights turned on from its eyes as the gentle roar of an engine could be heard humming slightly. However as the roar of the scuba gear began, another wave of gentle music from the Ocarina could be heard once more through the Lookout. Catching both Sheikahs' attention, Purah looked over at Zelda. Remembering her reasoning for traveling the device from the comfort of her Hateno lab. "Josha, did you hear that sound as well?" "I did, and thanks to a Zora we were able to pinpoint the location of the source. That being Hyrule Castle moat." Josha placed the paperwork on the Scuba gear back down, turning to look at Purah walked towards her young student. "However, we aren't able to reach it due to it being behind a structure. Even the Zora couldn't reach it, but he was able to identify the source as being an Ocarina." "An Ocarina?" She glanced towards the gear towards the castle. Still floating high above from the ground, but with a recent decline in monsters. Hudson construction has begun building a bridge towards the castle once more. However with the upheaval, Purah could imagine the original route to such a place must've been destroyed. "Hmm, I'm sure instruments can't be played underwater, but this will be the perfect test run!" Turning towards Link,"Oh yes, this should indeed help us retrieve it. So we can begin investigations further!" Zelda smiled, with an excited twinkle in her eye for adventure. "Let's begin preparation right away, Link isn't this exciting!" Without another word, Zelda dashed towards the Scuba gear. Many of the Hudson workers began to help move the device closer to the moat, as the device didn't have any form of movement on land. Zelda carried a box of tools given to her by Hudson, a welcoming gift upon her first trip to Terry Town. With only grabbing a few tools that could be used it retrieved the device. As she was curious about Purah's newest invention, one that Link kept a secret even from her. Josha walked up behind her, stuck reading the instructions for the scuba gear that was written by Purah. She struggled to make out some of the words within the notes, but she followed along slightly. Helping Zelda pick out the appropriate tools. "It would seem that we are in need of something to at least make an opening, from the looks of it we can install attachments to the device." Purah was busy leading the Hudson workers in the reinstalling of the device, but Robbie close by walked over towards the two . He began properly explaining the device. While the preparations began, Link began to stroll around the Lookout. Taking in the new improvements made to the once fortress. As it slowly started to turn into a village for the Monster control Unit and the Researchers, houses were slowly being built along the Lookout. With Expansion stretching towards the old Ranch. With children running through the newly built roads of the Lookout. Link couldn't help thinking of his students, as his time without the duty of hero on him, was a nice recovery for his strength. A newly built restaurant sat close to the mini stable, along with an Inn for travelers. Despite the few bumpy roads, and the final battle with the ancient Ganondorf. Hyrule's slow restoration had started to show with the construction of Lookout Landing, and with the expansion brought more structure to the fallen kingdom. Rito flew overhead as they landed on houses built on the fallen sky islands that littered the kingdom. "Another order please!" Link heard the drunk hollering of one of the local farmers. Slamming down a jug that had a drizzle of milk dripping on the table. "Sir, I think you had enough." A young barmaid smiled at him, with her hair parted in braids. "Besides, we need to make sure to have some for the other customers as well!" "I want another though!" He whined before standing to his feet, placing a few rupees on the table. He left the building, but as he was passing Link. His feet gave out to his drunken state. Before smacking into the dirt, Link caught hold of the man. Relief hit him as he stood on his feet. Grasping hold of himself before letting go of Link's shoulder. "Thank you, brother..." Link nodded his head as he helped the man to a nearby stool, allowing him to sit down. His drunk haze made his mind spin momentarily. Forcing him to lean against the restaurant wall as he looked up at the sky. As Link touched his shoulder to see if the man was alright, he fell asleep. Sighing, Link helped lean the man into the shade, keeping the sun from his eyes. "Link!" Turning around, he noticed Zelda. Her face was covered in excitement as she rushed towards him, but he reached her first. Grasping his hand, she turned to lead him towards the castle. "Come on! Purah says that the gear is ready to go!" As they rushed outside the Lookout through the ruins of the old Castle town. Another howl caught Link's attention, making him pause. Zelda turned to him with a concerned look covering the once excited smile, forcing Link to snap out of his gaze. Reassuring her that all was well, they continued towards the castle moat. Purah stood helping Josha install a device to help dig the Ocarina from under the water. Worried to cause any more of the castle to crumble on top of it before being able to investigate, Purah installed a hook-shot device in the fins of the scuba gear. "Purah what are those?" Noticing Link and Zelda as they approached, Purah lifted up the second set of hooks for them to see. Held with two hands, with a long chain coiled around a base, Purah made it look easy to hold. Handing it off to a Hudson worker, with another rushing to help keep it in place. Purah used one of her tools to finish the last installment. " These are hooks that Robbie insists I install in these, but given the circumstances. I find that you two might need these if we want to retrieve that Ocarina in one piece." Upon tightening the last bolt, she stood up before running her finger along her Purah Pad. "Let's see...Ah there it is!" With a press, the back hatch of the device opened up. Inside sat two chairs and a steering wheel. "Where are the controls for the hook-shot?" Zelda quickly sat into the device behind the wheel, her face was covered in excitement. She quickly looked around the dashboard, behind the steering. "Don't worry, Princess." Robbie walked over, "I've finished the updates to the Purah Pad, so you should be able to use it to sync the controls." "I thought you said that the device wasn't ready to be sync yet, Robbie?" Purah looked at him, but he smirked at her. "Come on, we both know that you've already got it in sync with yours." Purah chuckled at him as he continued. "Besides we both know the Princess will be able to use the controls for this device if her Purah pad was synced." "Yeah, you do have a point there." Turning to Link as he started to get himself set inside the device. Being unable to travel on land, Purah had the device set to release into the water, but only once she made sure the two were seated. As she was unaware of how the ride within would be, with being the first test run of the device. After showing Zelda the controls, Purah pressed a button on her Pad that allowed the hatch to close. "Don't worry now, if all my calculations are correct. Once in the water you two should be able to sink, don't worry I made sure there were no cracks!" Despite being unable to hear outside the gear, Purah's voice echoed out the pad to them from her own. "Alright, begin raising for the dive!" "Doc your sure it's safe?" Josha's voice could be heard, in a questioning tone. "Will they be able to breath down there?" "Yep, made sure of it when I started building this baby!" Her voice sounded confident, but Robbie's voice soon hollered out to her. "But didn't you scrap that design for that one a few years ago?" Purah didn't respond for a moment to him. Zelda looked out the scuba gear window to see Purah looking away from him smiling. Trying to recall her memories, as her first attempts on the scuba gear were a whim in her early Seventies. Back before Link awoke from his long hundred year slumber. "Well I'm sure I used the same mechanics around this one!" Her voice didn't match her face as she spoke, but she continued. "Besides, I'm confident that all will work out!" Without any further delay, the scuba gear was sent off into the water. Purah quickly pulled up her Pad. "Testing, Princess Zelda, do you read me?" Purah froze for a moment as Robbie and Josha quickly rushed to the edge of the moat. Worry covered their faces as they didn't receive a response. As Purah quickly began to pull off her jacket to jump in after them, ready to call the test a failure. Zelda responded, "I read you Purah! You should see it down here! Link, look, there is the Zora!" After a sign of relief, Purah pulled her jacket back on. "Well good, I'm glad to see all is going smoothly." Link held the steering wheel as he guided the gear deeper into the water. With the edge of the moat coming into view, the zora swarmed towards them. Zelda scanned around on her Purah pad. Finding the right software, with a press of the button she could hear the voice of the Zora as he spoke towards them. “This must be what was looking down at me from the top. Thank goodness, I was worried a monster was littering above.” He motioned his forearm across his forehead. Zelda looked at her Purah pad, before lifting to speak. “My apologies, would you be so kind and show us to the Ocarina?” “Yes, right this way Princess!” Recognizing her voice, as he could only make out the set of eyes looking through the scuba gear device’s teeth. Turning downwards, he guided them. Following closely behind, with the light humming of the battery echoing as the edge of the stone side of the moat started to appear. A small grate started to become clearer, with Link noticing a soft melody coming through the Purah Pad. Zelda used the Purah pad, as Robbie instructed her beforehand, to open the hook shots from their resting position. “Right there, you can see parts of it from here.” Pulling the gear in place as instructed by the Zora, Link noticed a reflecting light of blue. A gold triforce was imprinted on the mouth piece, but Zelda couldn’t recognize the instrument. Even from her time studying the royal family artifacts, but like the history of Hyrule’s founding. Many pieces of the Royal family were lost, even amongst the family itself. Meeting his gaze, Zelda turned to start using the hook shots to cling onto the grate. “Oh, I do hope this doesn’t cause the rest of the structure to collapse!” Worry covered her face as she pressed the button for the hooks to fire, with a loud noise, they attached. With the hooks looped tightly around the bars, Zelda began to slowly pull the chains back. Her finger slowly glides across the Purah pad, chains clinking back in place. Until they tighten, with the force of the final pull of the chains, breaking the bars of the grate. Despite the tight fit, the Zora swam into the opening, reaching inwards pulling out the Ocarina. Zelda leaned towards the opening watching as the Zora slowly crawled back out. Holding in his hand the instrument. Relief hit Zelda as she turned to her pad once more, speaking. “Please take it to Purah, we’ll be returning back as well.” “Yes, Princess!” He nodded his head, before swimming upwards towards the water surface. Leaning back down, Zelda smiled at Link as he began to steer the device upwards. “Purah, do you read me?” Zelda poked through her pad, with a stumble she received a response. “Loud and clear, Princess!” “We’ve begun to ascend back to the surface, I’ve asked the Zora to deliver the Ocarina to you.” With the grate vanishing back into the water, Link continued to drive them back towards the surface. “Don’t worry about that, Princess. I’ve just received it. Josha has already begun looking it over.” Her voice sounded upbeat as she spoke. “I’ve already got a docking system set in, so Linky should be able to just guide the device straight in.” “Thank you, Purah.” Zelda smiled at Link, with him returning the smile as they continued upwards. With a set of floating balloons bobbing against the top of the water came into view. Guiding the device to line up with the balloons, Link began the final ascent. With the breaking of the water as the top lifted open, Zelda stretched upwards. Excited from her test run of the new device. Purah appeared to walk away, with the Zora standing on the edge of the moat. “Where did Purah go? I was sure she would be here waiting for us?” “Mistress Purah went ahead with young Josha towards the Lookout, Princess.” Responding to her, reaching his hand outwards for the duo to exit the Scuba gear. “She asked that I tell you upon your arrival.” “Thank you.” She smiled as she looked at Link. “Let’s go then, I’m most curious about this instrument, Link.” He felt the same as her, curious, but he also felt something eerie about the instrument. With the gentle whisper of another howl. Link glanced around, while Zelda had begun to walk towards the Lookout. Feeling the same presence as before, but without wanting to cause Zelda’s joy to change. Link brushed it off as he chased after her. Part one End.Part Two, ,EEchoes of the Past: Master Sword Following in an Au fan-fiction of the series
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