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Update 8/22:: They have issued an apology and have either credited or entirely removed the stolen fanart and are working towards getting proper credit and using other sources.

Hey everyone; the creator of a Zelda-inspired tabletop game has used dozens, potentially hundreds of pieces of fanart, with no credit given. Please take a minute to look at their siteand content to see if your artwork was used. With as big as this group is, I've already recognized several pieces, but naturally I don't remember the names of all the artists.
Here's a link to the original journal with the content mentioned:…
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The Worst can get WorseThe fresh air of Kakariko village, how the hero missed such a feeling after being in those mines for goddess knows how long. He was dropped into the spring near the village, tired and in some pain, but mostly relieved- the job was done.The hero could feel Din’s presence close to him, like it was always near and it was everywhere. He heard the spirit speak, hearing the words not from his ears, but from his mind as though it were a thought.“Heroic Link… North of here, across the plain and past the great stone bridge, in the lands guarded by the spirit Lanayru… You shall find the one who you seek.” The spirit’s presence faded and Link was left alone. Left only with his thoughts and decisions. The spirit told him where to find Ilia, that would be his goal first and foremost.“Link!”The hero turned around to see the young boy, Colin, running towards his hero, his brother. He collapsed to his knees before Link, who was quick to catch him in his arms.“Colin! Are you okay?”The boy nodded and picked his head up, distress filling his eyes. He said only one word.“Ilia…”Link did not know how to respond to this, the boy saw that and began to speak up again.“You’ve got to save Ilia! Those monsters left me with the other kids, but they must’ve taken Ilia somewhere else.”What could Link say? Here was a boy who had been through hell with a bunch of ogres, and all he could think about was a dear friend, not himself. It was selfless, just like a warrior. Rusl would’ve been proud if he could see his little boy today.The hero dropped his head, the thought of his best friend in any danger filling his mind with guilt. Colin knew this, such pain it brought the man who he saw as his brother. He tried to comfort the hero as best he could.“Whenever I thought I couldn't go on, I would think of you and Ilia and hold, Link…”The hero picked his head, and watched as the frail boy picked himself up and onto his feet.“See? I-I’m fine now”A tear escaped the hero’s eye and slid down his cheek, marveling at how someone so young could be so brave and hold so much hope. A smile escaped Link’s mouth that filled the young boy’s heart with joy.“I’ll get her back, Colin. That’s a promise from one man to another.”Renado stepped in, telling the children to go play elsewhere so he could speak to Link alone.“There are countless stories in Hyrule that tell of the ancient hero… Your deeds bring them all to mind, young Link. I hope the goddesses hear me today, I pray whatever it is you need to do that the goddesses guide you on your way. The children will be safe with me, I swear that on my life.”“Thank you Renado, you have done more for me than you know,” the hero said with utmost sincerity.The shaman eyed the hero with gratitude, but noticed Link’s wrapped and blistered right arm.“Goddesses! What happened to your arm, Link!?”Link approached the question with an amused laugh, “Oh, hehe, just some cuts and blisters, normal adventure stuff.”“Well, I must say, it sure was a good thing I snuck those bandages into your satchel before you left. That wound surely would’ve been infected with the environment you were in.”Link stared at the shaman briefly at that remark, “Wait, you put those in my satchel?”“Yes,” the shaman laughed, “It’s just an old habit I have with adventurers that pass through this village. You never know when they might need one.”“I guess all I can say is… thanks again. That probably saved my life, Renado.”“Yes, it very well might’ve. Come with me, I want to look at those blisters just to make sure they aren’t infected as well. It’s unlikely, but you can’t ever be too safe.”Link shrugged in agreement and followed the shaman to the Kakariko inn, the cool air inside blowing over the hero, it felt like heaven.“You must be enjoying getting out of that heat in those mines, I could tell by your face that it was hard in there.”The hero couldn’t help but find the shaman’s intuition amusing, but as usual he, was right.“To tell you the truth, I think any longer there and I would have collapsed from heat exhaustion. Feeling the air like this again… it’s almost like heaven.”The shaman smiled a little, “That’s good to hear! Now come over to this bed and sit down, I want to know what happened.”Link did as the shaman ordered, as he sat down, Renado began to remove the bandages from the now dry gash in Link’s arm.“That’s from an arrow, but I was lucky it didn’t go through my arm. The blisters come from a severe burn I got from a mine vent.”The shaman took a wet cloth to the blisters, causing the hero to wince in pain. But it was nothing he couldn’t handle. It only took a short while, but Renado already seemed satisfied with his findings.“Well, I’m happy to say that nothing is serious. Everything will go down with time, just try not to take direct hits to that arm.”Link nodded, though knowing it was ironic as his right was his shield arm. He was about to thank the shaman again, seeing as it only seemed right, but he cut Link off“If I may ask, where are you headed to next?”Link wasn’t sure what to say to that question, obviously he couldn’t say anything about being turned into a wolf, the twilight realm, or any of that jazz. So he answered as bare bones as he could.“I need to head North, that’s where I was told to go next. I believe Ilia is there, I’m sure the kids have said something about her, yes?”“Indeed they have. She seems like a nice girl, is she close to you?”“She’s… my best friend. She truly means a lot to me and to the children, I have to get her back, no matter the cost.”Renado was taken aback by his ferocity, but soon smiled, “You are selfless, young warrior. A fine trait attached to all heroes. I see no reason you will fail your task. For now, rest a bit. You’ve had a hard time, I can tell.”Link couldn’t agree more with the shaman, he smiled back and soon fell into a nap that was sure to be the best rest he’d gotten in a long time.A dream began, playing the scene from that day at the spring. Link and Ilia stood parallel to each other with Epona standing to the side. “Link… before you go… just promise me you won’t do anything out of your league.”“Aw, cmon Ilia! It’s just a trip to Hyrule Castle, what could possibly be out of my league in doing that?”Ilia did not like his sarcasm and grew angry, furrowing her brow.“Link! Promise me… please. I need you to come back to me.”Link was taken aback from that. He’d never heard Ilia be so intimate before, why now? Maybe it was because he was leaving for a time, and that scared her. It was probably an irrational thought, but it couldn’t hurt to ask what she meant.“What do you mean you need me to come back?”She seemed almost surprised he didn’t know, but Link was always naive like that she supposed.“Link… I love you”The realization hit him like a ton of bricks, what would he say? What could he say to that. The words never came to the young boy, and so he just stared ahead, too shocked to say anything. Ilia desperately wanted this silence to stop but did not want to say anything to break the moment apart.“Was I too sudden?”But Link suddenly felt the words come to him, but they surely wouldn’t be the ones she wanted to hear. He did love her, but it was not in the way she wanted. He would have to tell her.“Ilia… I-”Suddenly, a massive boar clad in iron stampeded its way through the spring, forcing Epona to run. Ilia was suddenly picked up by its rider and taken away.“Ilia! Nooo!” he screamed, running full speed towards the boar. But suddenly he felt something hit his head and he fell to the ground. He saw as several more boars ran past him, one by one, until finally his vision was no more.He gasped, now finding himself back in the bed at the inn.It was only a dream”“How was your beauty rest?” the angry imp now taking a stand against the hero, “From what I could tell, it wasn’t very pleasant. But now that you’re awake, let’s get going, now!”The hero slumped back in his bed and closed his eyes, tired and frankly annoyed Midna was already demanding him to get going.“Midna, it hasn’t even been a day since we got out of the mines. Maybe if I had Epona with me I’d be willing, but I’m not very interested in trying to make another 3 day walk to the other side of Hyrule Field right now,” and he fell silent, trying to get just a little more rest before he had to leave. But Midna had other plans.“Need I remind you that you are my slave!? Get up! We leave now, or your chances of entering the last blanket of twilight are zero.”Link ignored her, seeing no reason to believe her threats. Midna could have sworn steam started coming out of her ears she was so angry. She was his master, it was like just his defiance in Ordan. It infuriated her so much that he still acted with independence. How could light dwellers be so stubborn and ignorant, it only made her hate the world of light even more than she already did.Link suddenly woke up, and sat up with the speed of the finest mare in Hyrule. “Woah, did my threats work this time?”He started running out of the room, not caring if Midna followed or not, but she entered his shadow again quickly, very confused and surprised.“Hey Dingus! What about your things? How do you expect to get across Hyrule Field without weapons?But the hero paid her no attention as the sounds of Epona grew louder faster. He shoved the door open, and quickly saw his mare bucking and thrashing with all the strength she could carry. Still, the bublins on her back did not give way, attempting to hold on to the reins with all the strength they had left.With one final quick spin, the bulbins lost their grip and were flung off the hero’s mare. The hero ran to his steed hoping to regain his most valuable ally, but she was spooked, and the mare did not recognize the hero. Link knew what he would have to do.With one fluid motion, the hero leaped onto his steed and grabbed hold of the reins, hoping to gain control again. For a time, the two were at war with each other with Epona thrashing with all her might to knock the hero off. But, Link’s skills as a horseman won out in the end, he tugged the reins tight and stopped her, finally gaining her trust again.The hero stepped down, and just like day and night, it was almost like Epona was completely different. Her nose pressed into Link, begging to be pet, to which the hero did not ignore.“It’s good to have you back, girl. I’ve missed you.” He said as he brought the mare’s nose to his chest in a hug. At last they were reunited, traveling would be so much easier now.“Guess this means we’re leaving now, doesn’t it?” the imp inquired, suddenly making herself visible to try and end the nice moment.Link sighed, but knew what he said to her, so at the very least he would keep that word. He grabbed his things and said goodbye to the children before returning to his steed. “Link,” it was Colin, rushing by his side again, “If you find Ilia, make sure she isn’t hurt!”“Don’t worry Colin, even if she is hurt I’m sure Renado would be happy to help us out any way he could. You can trust him.”The young boy smiled, “Okay Link, Epona, I’ll be waiting for you two!”Link smiled back, mounted Epona and began heading North towards Lanayru. What would’ve been possibly a 3 day travel was cut down to merely a few hours and before long the curtain of twilight was once again right in front of Link. The hero dismounted his steed, knowing she could not follow him into the darkness. His shadow became visible to him, yawning and stretching, “Ah… Finally! Here at twilight once more. Could you honestly have taken any longer though?”He ignored her sarcasm which was something he became more used to, but had a question to ask, “Hey, why did you warn me about the arrows?”Midna was a bit speechless for a while at that question, she didn’t even know the answer to that. She always thought she couldn’t care less if this light dweller died or not, and she still didn’t right? It had to have just been her realization of her plan possibly failing and nothing more.“Hell if I know,” she’d said, shrugging, “It was probably just out of instinct more than anything else.”She looked over at Link as he processed her response. He looked… disappointed, but why? He began to speak up suddenly.“That’s too bad,” he’d said with a monotone voice, “For a second I just thought… you were beginning to care, even if just a little.”The imp couldn’t hold back her laughter. Did she really hear that from him? A Light Dweller?“Think again, hero. The only thing I care about is getting these fused shadows. Your world and all of its inhabitants, including you, mean nothing to me.”He wasn’t sure what to do with that information, should he ignore it? Or should he come at her for it? Eventually he decided to go with the former, seeing no point in arguing with Midna over something so stupid. Midna outstretched her hand again, eagerly waiting to go back into the realm she so adored.“Come on then,” Midna said, mocking the hero, “Sooner you get this over with, the sooner you’re free of this little demon who treats you so poorly. I’d say that’s a win-win!”The hero took her small hand in agreement, and once again they were transported to the realm of shadows. It was always the same routine. Darkness, into the searing and extreme pain of the transformation into a beast with Midna crashing onto his back. He could swear she did it that way on purpose just to make it more humiliating, that conclusion wouldn’t surprise Link in the slightest.The hero didn’t give Midna any time to speak as he started to begin running out to the field, which was much more expansive this time around, navigation would be difficult. Along the road was a small handbag that looked… familiar. Link smelled it, it was Ilia’s! The determination on his face grew tenfold as he began chasing the smell at record pace.“Hey!” Midna said, tugging on his fur to stop him, “Look at that. Look familiar to you?” The imp was pointing upwards to a large castle. Come to think of it, it did look familiar, it was the same castle he rummaged through when he first turned into a beast. It still stood tall despite the failures that it hid well, it was almost welcoming.He followed the scent again, bringing them closer to the castle until the scent brought them to the town that surrounded it. Such a sight it was to behold, hundreds of spirits roamed what had to be the town square, so unaware of the fate which befell their kingdom. The castle looming over the town was no longer a welcoming sight, it left the hero without words.The scent continued on through the town until it took him to a building marked as ‘medical clinic.’ Had Ilia been hurt? That was a conclusion Link wished he didn’t have to make, but it was short lived. The scent continued onward in another direction until it reached a burning point near a bar whose door was slightly ajar. The hero went inside, Ilia was inside! There was no choice in Link’s mind.The bar was empty, tables all vacant and unclean, no customers, nothing, only three orbs in the distance all huddled around a round table. Link honed his senses, and could finally put some of his worries to rest.“Just remember, they can’t see you, so don’t get any ideas on getting side tracked on our mission, got it?”How he cursed the imp for her words, this was his best friend she was talking about, and she was right in front of Link. But Link knew Midna was right, he wanted nothing more than to tell Ilia everything was alright, that they could go back to Ordan to live again, but he couldn’t. How the thought burned in his mind, driving his determination further to end the twilight.Along with Ilia stood a larger woman that Link did not recognize, and a zora child which lay down on the round table. A conversation between the two women was brewing, but the hero only listened enough to hear that the zora boy was not well. The hero was soon gone after that and ran out East to the great bridge of stone which Din spoke of.He began running across, too focused on what he needed to do to care about the strange smell that surrounded the area, it smelled like oil. Midna was not so careless, however, and stopped Link with a harsh yank on his ear.“Stop! Don’t you smell that you idiot? You’ve led us into a trap!”Link found Midna’s outburst and exaggeration, an annoying one at that, but soon realized what she meant. On the other side stood a single twilit demon with a bow and flaming arrow. With one quick draw, it launched its arrow to the other side of the bridge, lighting the oil and setting off a chain reaction. It fired a second arrow right in front of it, lighting that side and trapping the duo between two walls of flames.“Get us out of here! Hurry!”Two crates were around, he pushed one of them close to the edge of the bridge, got up, and looked down. It would be a risk, but there was no other option, but the imp objected.“No way, we can’t survive that fall. You’ve gotta be crazy!”But Link only gestured his head to point to the rapidly closing flames, she knew it as well as Link did that there were no options left.Midna sighed, anxious and legitimately afraid, she closed her eyes, “Ok, ok. Just do it!”Link quickly jumped, hearing Midna scream with the air rushing through his face and ears. He could only hope there was water below for them to land in. It was a lucky break. With a hard slap, the hero’s canine body hit a small, but deep, section of what used to be Lake Hylia. It was mostly gone, what Link landed in was the only body of water left. Link had always heard tell of this place, many hailed it the most beautiful place in all of Hyrule, but now it was dead. Sand and grass was all that remained of this place, and it angered the hero to see such a fate fall upon such a cherished place. It only drove him on more to be rid of this twilight scourge.In his search for the spirit’s spring, Link came across several spirits, each belonging to Zoras, clearly upset at the destruction of their home land. “Hey, if this is their home land, why was that child in castle town? It doesn’t seem smart for him to leave his home like that, but hey, leave to another stupid wolf to know what’s stupid and what isn’t,” she smirked, stretching her tiny arms and lying back.Link grumbled a little at that comment, Midna was beginning to annoy him, but it did no good to fight back, and so he pressed onward. After wandering around for some time, Link came across a monster. It picked up a blade of grass much like that of what grew in Ordan and began playing the song which calls owls. Only this time it was a massive, winged beast in which the fiend used to get higher ground.Still, the monster’s plan was pathetic and he was quickly killed off after falling off the beast which held him so high, leaving the monster with no master. Midna smirked and got a crazy, yet brilliant idea. She floated quickly to the monster’s back and calmed it down, she told Link to get ready before taking the hero into the monster’s talons to the upper point of Zora’s River.The first strange thing they noticed was just how cold everything felt, as they walked on what used to be the river, ice and snow made its appearance.“Hey! Hurry up and get us through this, it’s really cold!”Link could feel Midna shivering as she said that, it was not unwelcome to see her a little vulnerable. He felt it somewhat evened the playing field in this situation. That was until the hero came across a massive frozen waterfall, and she would have to help him again. The jumps were quick, high, and dangerous. It left Link’s heart racing to see just how close he came to impaling himself against frozen stalagmites, but he made it to the top unharmed. At least Midna had been there to help him, that could’ve been ugly.At the top of the falls rested what had to be the Zora’s domain throne room. Its architecture scaly and oceanic, the colors blue and green dominating most of the structures with ice covering much of the ground.“Hey!” Midna suddenly blurted out, “Look down in the ice!”He did as she said, and saw several spirit orbs all swimming around in the ice. Some he could see were trying to escape their confines, but the ice must’ve been much too thick for the Zoras to do any damage. “Hey, what do you want to do,” Midna asked, surprising Link with her concern, “We can’t leave them like this.”Now that was a surprise Link surely wouldn’t forget. This was Midna he was talking about, she didn’t care about anyone or anything that didn’t benefit her cause, so why did she suddenly care about these Zora folk. He could only wish he was human so he could shove those words down her throat again.Deep down though, Link always knew she had a considerate, more selfless side under that condescending and selfish facade. He always knew it would come out eventually, and it has multiple times, it was welcome but also so surprising. But Midna was right, they could not leave the Zoras in this position.He made a signal for her to take them to Death Mountain where they picked up that massive rock that fell from the volcano and almost killed the both of them. It had been there a while, but it was undoubtedly still hot and would surely melt the ice.They warped back to Zora’s Domain along with the giant rock. With a loud slam, it instantly broke the ice, melting the rest with its immense heat that sent a loud rushing current of water barreling down the cavern. With nothing left to do, Link turned around to follow where the current went, but was stopped when he felt a presence nearby.It was a woman, a Zora woman to be exact, who said she was the queen of these people, Rutela. She told the tale of how the beings she referred to as the ‘Dark Ones’ came and took over her land. The shadow king Zant executed Rutela as an example of fear, which is why she sent her son to castle town to warn Zelda of what had happened.“Hero, I am in no position to ask this of you, I know that. But I sense that my son is unwell and held in castle town. I need you to save him. His name is Ralis and he is the prince of the Zoras. He must be allowed to live.”Link nodded, knowing he would have no choice anyway since Ilia wanted that, but the queen told Link that she would bestow him the ability to breathe and swim like a Zora as compensation. Then the spirit vanished, leaving Link and Midna to themselves again.“Well, well. Sounds interesting. Guess you should go save that Zora boy after this is over then shouldn’t you?” Midna said, smirking, but knew he would need the reward.Yes, he would do it, he would’ve done it without the promise of a reward, but said reward would most certainly be helpful in this environment.Link turned to face the now flowing waterfall and jumped, letting the strong current take them to the spirit’s spring. But the current was far stronger than he anticipated. He lost control over his body, and the hero hit his head on the stone steps next to the spring, knocking him out of consciousness.Link woke up some time later, a bit confused and in a bit of pain. He looked to his right and saw an angry Midna complaining that he ‘slept’ too long. How he wished he could just shut her up for just one second, but they found the spring at last, this was a good moment for him.The dying spirit of Lanayru, so weak and so helpless, gave Link the vessel he needed to collect the tears of light. This was the last one, then he was almost done. That is what Link held on to, the longing for this mess to end so he could go back to living again. He longed for the day he could take Ilia and the children back to Ordan where he could finally sleep soundly again. He was almost done, and that’s what kept him going.The tears of light were simple to find, only more spread out this time around. He had to go as far as castle town just to find one of them, that was a journey he did not enjoy. But when he thought he had all the tears, one more remained back in Lake Hylia, one that Link could’ve sworn was not there before. Midna warped them to Zora’s Domain where he rode the current back to the foot of Lanayru’s spring. It had begun to storm suddenly, and in the middle of the lake Link could see the tosses and turns of waves. The hero swam out to where the commotion was taking place, standing on one of the wooden planks which were tossed in. Bubbles suddenly began rising to the surface, and soon after something large was moving quickly through the water until it rose, flying with a large shock covering its body. The wolf honed his senses, and was met with the most grotesque sight he or Midna had ever seen. It was an enormous, grotesque, and nauseating bug unlike any of the bugs he’d previously killed, and it just had to have the last tear. It charged slowly at first, almost sizing Link up in a way, but the hero was soon to see an opening and attacked its abdomen. The taste of its flesh was nauseating, each bite ripping chucks out of its body.The bug was taken aback, stunned while also being in high amounts of pain. It charged faster this time, slightly shocking the hero and knocking him into the water, but the foe’s movements were sluggish. It took another few bites, and was knocked to its back on the water. The six pustules now stuck out of its body, this was how it would die. He began biting one, but saw no progress, causing the imp to need to step in.“Don’t be an idiot,” she yelled, “That will take too long and this thing will be up in no time. Let me guide you, we will kill it faster.”He listened intently to what she had to say, and before long the six were gone, the bug was dead, and finally the last tear was retrieved.He rushed back to the spring, excited to finally be rid of this realm of darkness. Link dropped the vessel into the spring and the light returned. Finally Link’s normal body was returned to him, and he now stood face to face with the light spirit Lanayru.The spirit introduced himself, and told him he had, at last, revived all the light spirits of this realm. But Link was soon no longer optimistic, knowing he had one final thing he needed to do; get those damned fused shadows.“I have something to ask of you, spirit, I seek a dark power that’s taken hold somewhere in this area. Do you know where it is?”“You will find that power in the Lakebed Temple located at the bottom of our Lake Hylia.”That was all it said, nothing more, so Link turned towards the exit of the spring knowing he needed to go back to castle town. But suddenly the spirit spoke up, it had a warning.“... Before you go, you must bear witness to something, and never forget it. You must know that it was the Goddesses’ will to seal off this dark power…”The light spirits already plagued Link with the unbearable pressure of having all the lives of Hyrule resting on him. They had already given him the burden of being the Goddesses chosen hero, and that it was only he who could bring down the king of shadows. What could they possibly tell him that could make things worse? Whatever it was there was no way things could get worse.Such a stupid thought that was.Link’s eyes were suddenly forced shut as the light spirit showed the hero scenes that felt much too real. He opened his eyes to find he was no longer clad in green, but back in his Ordan goat herding clothes. All around was just an empty abyss; No life, no people, no matter, just himself with Lanayru’s voice as company. When all was chaos, the Goddesses descended to give order and life to the world.Just then, three separate entities of green, red, and blue all whisked past him.They granted all who lived in the light power of equal measure before returning back to the heavens.The three lights create a small plot of green Earth with small, yet beautiful life forms on it. There was nothing to it, yet Link found himself wanting to go there, it was heaven to him. He needed it.The Sacred Realm. That is what this land came to be known as; the one which the Goddesses descended upon.Link looked to his left and saw Ilia standing right by him, happy to see him. It was like they were never separated in the first place, she greeted him with open arms and he did the same. They both looked at the wonderful plot of land that stood before them and watched as the three lights became one, forming three golden triangles that floated high above the land.For ages, the people lived in ease, content in both mind and body…The air around the two became not of happiness, but one of betrayal and distrust. The smiles left both of their faces, now forming ones of hatred.But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Discovery of the sacred realm spread all throughout the light, and a great war for control ensued…All that he could think of was taking the grassy hill in front of him. No one could have it, it was his and his alone. But Ilia felt the same, and suddenly raised a dagger. He saw it in her eyes; the loss of emotion, the loss of humanity over a power neither understood. But he couldn’t let her take it.He raised his blade and swiftly lunged at Ilia, stabbing her clean through the stomach. He watched as she fell to her knees in front of him; in pain and in terror. The Sacred Realm was his at last. Link turned to run to the grassy plain as fast as he could. Yet no matter how fast he ran it never got closer to him; the hero’s eyes showing the same loss of control and emptiness Ilia’s had.He wanted the Sacred Realm, he wanted the triangle… he was the Goddess’ chosen hero, the tunic he wore proved that, so why couldn’t he have that which the Goddesses created… Why couldn’t he have it!Among those living in the light, three interlopers skilled in magic appeared.Three demons stood in the hero’s way, but… they were him! No, they looked just like him, yes, but were malevolent in mind. They were not him; they never would be! Yet they were powerful, beyond that of even Link’s wildest dreams. They had the fused shadows behind; tainted yet complete. The immense power drawing Link in.Wielding powerful sorcery, the interlopers took dominion over the Sacred Realms and cast the weak into ruin.The three demons stuck their arms out in unison, ready to attack. All thoughts of hatred, lust for power, lust for paradise, were all replaced with fear. He tried to take everything back, but it was too late. He raised his shield to protect himself from the evil ones, but they got him nonetheless; casting him into dust before their very eyes.Now he stood with the evil ones as one of their own, all three laughing in unison; proud of their accomplishment.We light spirits were ordered to intervene, to put an end to this madness.Link and the dark ones started looking around themselves, confused as to why the three illuminating lights appeared before them.We sealed away the dark magic which the interlopers had masteredAll the power Link had in the palm of his hand… gone. The light spirits had taken it away! That made him angry… so angry.All that he could was scream. The dark ones vanished, Link along with it, in the blink of an eye. Leaving the lone plot of land alone in the darkness once more.You know this power… The Fused Shadow… his dark power… it made him feel unstoppable, it was a feeling Link liked, and he liked it a lot.It is the Dark Power you seek… The Fused Shadow.The four pieces spun around his head, a smile contorting itself on the hero’s face. His lust grew.O hero chosen by the goddesses… Beware…Ilia suddenly grazed his sight, she was falling, but laughing and he did not know why.Those who do not know the dangers of wielding power will, before long, be ruled by it.Such power… he wanted it. No, he needed it. It was driving him mad.Never forget that…Ilia just kept falling… and falling… and laughing… and falling. Had she gone mad with him? He didn’t want this… but the power consumed him… it invigorated him.Until the light spirit released him.He was back in the world, the vision faded, and he was normal again. Everything he had witnessed just then… it overwhelmed him. A feeling he’d never felt before suddenly took over his body, and he collapsed. His will lost to visions of power never before seen.
Poems of Majora 22. Lovers till the End of Time
Poems of Majora A Majora's Mask Compendium 22. Lovers till the End of Time By J.C. Solis The added pain to loss As the sky pours with rain The love for one another Through Sacrifice and pain The darkness of the sky As the two now caress Their encounter at this hour May the Gods forever bless The End is now nigh But there is still hope That together they'll last And cruel fate they'll elope What was stolen was found And now two can be one Now to wait for either Death Or the rising of the Sun Two lovers found each otherThough one has been cursed Down a path of utter turmoil That only continued to get worse Two lovers reunite In hopes of new joy That they remain with each other Despite Life's wicked ploys For during These Final Hours There were reunited two loves Who found warmth and solace Even with the grim sky above For even through their strugglesThey became a couple once more And no longer are shaken By their losses to the core For during These Hours They had lifted up their souls And in each other's arms Were once more made whole For the Destruction of this land Will never tear Love apart As this strength does begin Within the stoutness of the heart For the whims of cruel fate Will leave their destinies to be free And carry their lives togetherIn lasting joy and reverie For not even Time's End And the coming of Demise Will rent asunder the True Love That they see in each other's eyes For a New Mask is formed A couple's bond now made complete Waiting to enter the Other World Or for Evil's defeat
To have the Strength of One-Hundred MenThe climb up Death Mountain proved to be a treacherous one. Upon climbing a tall, netted, grate, the hero met his first Goron opponent. The Goron was perched just before a narrow canyon wedge which surely led up to the mountain.“Humans? The chief said no humans!” the Goron shouted. Suddenly, the Goron jumped and curled itself into a ball- rolling towards the hero with immense speed and power.“Stupid boy, hurry and get those boots on!” the imp screeched at the hero who was fumbling through his pack with haste and panic. The Goron’s brute force could be heard tearing up the rock and sand as it grew in speed and power. Link finally got the boots and quickly strapped them on just in time to meet the Goron head on. The struggle was quickly put to an end, Link used his brute strength in his arms to grip the Goron’s body while the boots held him in place. Much like when he would wrestle the Ordan goats, Link tossed the Goron behind him with a mighty force. The hero grunted sharply while the Goron yelled in surprise at this human who had bested him in a duel of strength, the hero was free to move on.The hero smiled, clearly satisfied with what he’d just done, but it was quickly cut short by Midna’s nagging for him to move forward that always persisted. Link paid her no attention, but she knew he was right to tell him to keep going and so he pressed onward through the canyon. He met no opposition, until the hero came to a more open area filled with geysers spewing scorching steam from their mouths. But, perched on top of the canyon walls were several bulblins which spotted Link quickly on arrival.“Good going, now you’re spotted,” the imp bellowed in his shadow.Link knew he had to make a run for it, he had no means to reach his advisories at this time. The other side was not too far, he would just need to be careful of the geysers that littered the area. “Midna,” he told his companion, “I’m going to make a run for the other side. These guys are archers, I can see the quivers. It’s a risk, but I see no other way through.The imp scoffed and appeared in front of Link, confused as to why he was telling her the plan, “Why are you telling me? I’m in no danger so long as I stay down here,” as she motioned her small hands to his shadow. “Look at those geysers, those could erupt at any moment. And they’re everywhere! If I’m hit, I’ll need your help to bail me out. I don’t know how accurate these guys are, but you should be fine if you stay like that.Midna was shocked. Was he really asking her to be a failsafe for him? What about what he’d said about her in Hyrule Field? There was no way she was helping him after that!“But, oh no,” she smirked, but Link could tell she was not happy, “I’m a coward, remember? I’m too scared of these guys!” Midna expected Link to be angry at her remarks, but he just stared ahead. Determination filled his eyes more than any other emotion. It angered Midna so much that she could not get to him through her words anymore! All he seemed to do was ignore and insult her when it should’ve been the other way around! What he’d said legitimately hurt her, and then he has the nerve to ask for her help? It made her livid just thinking about it! She retreated to his shadow without saying a word.Link saw that the imp had refused him, but he understood it was not without justification. He knew he was harsh on his companion, and though she did not show it, he knew she was hurt.“Fine… just stay put and out of danger.” Link told her, genuine care put into the command, “I’ll figure this out myself.” But that part he was less sure of. He would need a lot of luck on his side for this one. He made up his mind to run for it. Counting to three in his head, the hero ran at full sprint. The bulbins may have been archers, but were not very skilled ones. While they shot fire tipped arrows quickly, they could not aim correctly, choosing to aim at their target instead of leading their projectiles. Each arrow falling short of their target as the hero dodged left and right, up and down. The enemies were no threats, and he made it to his target destination, the bulblins screeching in anger at their failure.Link scanned his surroundings, he wanted to make sure he and Midna were safe, to which he noticed that the canyon walls were much too high for the bulbins to follow. The hero sat down, content with what he had done but exhausted from the long sprint, jumps, and dodges. “Adrenaline truly is an incredible thing, isn’t it?” Link thought as he slumped to the ground. His shadow thought to object to his course of action, but soon thought against it. He would never listen to her, but he was getting what she needed done anyway. There was no need to fight right now.“Midna…” she heard the hero speak her name but she refused to reply. Link heaved a heavy sigh, knowing now he regretted what he’d said that night. He didn’t mean it, he was just angry at Midna for, well, being what she was. A constant nuisance who pestered him over every wrong turn or action. But then he remembered how she’d helped him out of that cell in Hyrule Castle, surely that would’ve been the end of him had it not been for her. Or in the forest temple when he was bitten by an enormous deku baba, it’s teeth digging into his skin, threatening to eat him. Had it not been for her *ahem* encouragement, he probably would’ve just accepted his fate right there, but through her insults and degradation, somehow that motivated him to kill the plant through the excruciating pain. The hero chuckled, death by plant would’ve been an awfully embarrassing way to go out. “I guess I have Midna to thank for that don’t I?” In fact, Midna seemed to be his drive for most of what he’s done up to this point, though not a nice way. She did motivate him, but in the kind of way that was meant to get rid of someone quickly rather than trying to do a job well done with a friend. He would fall, she’d berate and nag in his shadow in the side lines. But that drove him on anyway, regardless of how it made him feel. He found himself somewhat grateful towards Midna and what she’s done for him. He would never tell her that though, though he reasoned the imp at least deserved an apology, but he did not know if she would accept it.“I’m sorry for what happened in Hyrule Field, Midna. I shouldn’t have said what I’d said. In all of Nayru’s wisdom, I could never really know what you have been through up to this point. For all I knew, you could’ve been the greatest warrior in your world, and I was speaking down on you like you were nothing. Though we are not friends, we are allies, Midna. Allies should not hate each other, regardless of their differences. I hope you can forgive my ignorance.”“Hardly allies,” she pouted, but could hear the sincerity in his voice. Link waited for a response, but received nothing, like he expected. The hero stood back up and began walking down through the canyon again.The hero found that it was only a short distance left until they reached what he assumed to be the Goron Mineshaft. He recognized everything because he’d seen it all once before in the twilight. Only this time, the Gorons would see him. There were so many too! Link was feeling unsure, but was determined to see this to its end.High above Link, he could see patrolling gorons in conversation.“They must’ve spotted me”But he then saw one of the gorons get on the other’s back, afterwards the goron was sent flying in the air several feet upwards to a new platform that led to a room at the top. The hero knew that’s where he would need to go, but how? The Gorons wouldn’t willingly let them on their back, that much was certain. Could he force them?But his thoughts were cut short by powerful tremors in the ground caused by sporadic activity in the volcano the mines were built in. Flaming rock was sent flying everywhere, but from what he could tell, from his position he was safe from the volcanic rock. But Midna saw a massive boulder headed straight for Link’s head. Surely he would die if this hit, she could not let that happen."Hey! Above you, watch out!” the imp screamed as loud as she could, hoping to get his attention. Luckily it worked, and the hero was able to jump out the way just in time. A look of pure shock filling his eyes for a brief moment. His shadow appeared in front of him, a look of slight concern on her face.“You’re so stupid! I hope you realize you almost died back there!” The imp expected his gaze to be of anger and he would insult her again, turning into another fight. But was shocked to see that once he recovered from the initial shock, he smiled at her, realizing what she’d just done.“I guess that means you forgive me, doesn’t it?”The imp blushed a little out of embarrassment. She did forgive him, but she wanted to make it as subtle as possible. She hoped he wouldn’t notice in the back of her mind.“This doesn’t change anything,” and Midna was back in his shadow. Link simply nodded and stood up. He would have to get through an army of Gorons that blocked his way up the mountain, but he had to try.Link approached the first Goron he saw. The man of stone said nothing to Link, only started walking towards the hero, guarding his home. If it wasn’t for Link’s Hylian Shield, this might’ve been impossible! The goron came at Link with jabs of immense strength, but Link found he could stagger the Goron with enough blows blocked. The hero used the opportunity to strike the Goron in the chest with his blade, which seemingly did no damage, but caused the foe to roll back to his original spot with a surprised yelp. Link used this to his advantage and climbed on the Goron’s back to which he was launched several feet into the air. The hero tried to stabilize himself, but found himself unable to do so. He struck the ground with a loud thud as he landed straight on his back, the impact knocking the wind out of the hero for a brief moment. Link’s companion appeared out of his shadow again, annoyance written all over her face.“Idiot! We haven’t even gone up the mountain yet and you’re here on the ground barely able to breathe.”The hero still lay down, shutting down the imps sarcasm, “Shut up,” he’d said, trying to sound sincere without sounding insulting, “I just wasn’t ready for the force of the launch. That won’t happen again.”The imp put her hands around her hips and smirked, “Whatever, just get us up the mountain for Din’s sake. This has taken longer than I’d hoped you know.”Link just shook his head and laughed a little, then got backup and began making his way up the mountain again. Any Gorons he’d find, he would do the same process, but like he’d told Midna, was more prepared this time and encountered no issues with any Goron launches.He did encounter a few rolling Gorons too, but they were quickly dispatched of with the help of his iron boots. Everything felt and went by the same, until he finally reached his target. The room ahead was more heavily guarded with six Gorons facing Link which stood around what looked to be a sumo arena. Two also guarded what looked to be the entrance to what had to be mines. Link had to put on the iron boots right here, there was no way he was getting out alive without them. He strapped them on and began walking at a snail’s pace into the room, the metal clanking loudly each step of the way.The Gorons surprised him, however, as once spotted, all six came roaring towards him in a joined attack. Link knew there was no way he could take all six on at one time, but held his ground in an attempt at intimidation. He would die here, he would fail, he knew it.“Enough!”An imposing voice gave a command that halted the Gorons in their assault. Link breathed a long as heavy sigh of relief and watched the two Gorons guarding the mine’s entrance part ways, revealing an elder Goron, a chieftain maybe. “Is this young man such an imposing enemy that you have to gang up on him? I think not, Little Brothers. Do not fear my brothers, human, they are confused.”The Elder walked to Link, the other Gorons following close behind him.“I am a Goron Elder, little human. I am called Gor Coron. Because of… circumstances, I lead this tribe in the place of our Patriarch, Darbus. Tell me, have you come from the village below?”The hero nodded, and upon seeing that, the Elder smiled.“You have done well to come this far. You are strong… for a human. However…,” he was contemplating something, arms folded and a serious look on his face, “The mines beyond are sacred to this tribe. No outsiders and no exceptions. Unless…”Gor Coron stayed silent in thought for a few moments, until he smiled again as if knowing the brilliance in his own plan. “I could make an exception… but you must first best me in a contest of strength and power. Are you willing to try that, little human?”Link nodded at this, with a smile also plastered on his face. The iron boots would make this fun, quick, and easy. “Step in the arena, human, and we will begin.”Link knew what this was going to be, it would be a sumo wrestle-off. Luckily he had training from Bo in Ordan when he was younger, so long as the boots held, he should not lose.The match was not a quick bout, however, as Gor Coron’s strength far surpassed what he’d felt from even the rolling Gorons from before. He was also very skilled, effectively dodging and slapping Link to get under him. He would’ve lost in a heartbeat had it not been for these boots. Link quickly learned the Elder’s method, though using the Elder’s aggression and power, Link found if he dodged, he could catch the Elder’s body and push him to the edge of the arena.The match was over soon after that, with a final shove, Gor Coron was shoved out of the arena. Defeated, he slumped to the ground and looked towards the hero who had bested him in strength.“Young warrior… you have a strong will… and sharp eyes.”The elder then stood back up and smiled with a newfound respect for this human.“Fine traits… want to see how well you can use them?”Gor Coron turned away towards the cave entrance, the other gorons followed with him. Link finally saw the opportunity to take the boots off, and he did just that as quickly and quietly as possible. Once off he followed the Elder, who instructed him on what to do.“I’m sure you’ve seen it… the mountain erupting without pause… When the mountain began to rage, the four of us Elders and our patriarch, Darbus went inside the Mines to investigate the source of its anger. We had a treasure that was entrusted to us by the spirits to protect, understand? But the moment Darbus touched that treasure, everything went… wrong. He collapsed, and transformed into a terrifying monster before our very eyes. He began to rage throughout the mines, tearing everything apart as he went, causing the eruptions to become more violent and frequent. It took everything in our power to seal him away deep within the mountain.”The Elder stopped and suddenly held his head down, Link could tell it was not easy for him to give this info away. “It… grieved us to do this to our patriarch… but there was no other course of action left. And so, I ask this favor of you, young warrior… Go to the aid of Darbus! Make no mistake, the spirits sent you here. I, Gor Coron need your help. On behalf of my entire clan, we ask you to come to our aid.” And then the Elder stuck his hand out, looking for a shake as though to make a deal.Link took the elder’s hand, showing him that he agreed to help.“I will do what I can to help your people, Elder Goron,” The hero said, determination and aggression filling his tone.Gor Coron smiled a hopeful smile, and broke the handshake to face the two guards.“Let the young warrior pass!”At his command, the two Gorons moved away in perfect unison, opening the way to the mines. Link looked up to the entrance and began making his way in, but he looked back to the Goron Elder who granted him passage, who needed the hero’s help, and smiled at the Elder, giving him one last nod before vanishing into the mines.Immediately a raging, searing heat slammed across the hero’s body as the sounds of flowing molten rock filled the air. It caused the hero to stop in his tracks and just look on what lay ahead. He was quickly filled with a sense of worry, this would not be like the forest temple, whose atmosphere upon entering was more welcoming and pleasant. Though the creatures sure weren’t… pleasant, at least it wasn’t like what was layed out before him now. The atmosphere felt here was rage and death. Geysers of molten rock spewed between jumps Link knew all too well he would have to get across, and the only platforms to walk on were rocks and meta grates, almost cages. He could only be thankful he could see no immediate enemies, but he knew they were ridden all over these mines. He would find them sooner or later.The hero took a deep breath, then exhaled, preparing himself for the journey ahead, then made his first down the winding slopes ahead of him.“Getting cold feet are we?” the imp laughed in his shadow, sensing his fear.Link chuckled, but knew she was kind of right, “How could I? It’s too damn hot here to even think about cold feet”Midna laughed even harder now, it was the first time he’d made her laugh since they’re journey began. When did he begin to warm up to her somewhat? Hell, when did she begin to warm up to him somewhat, she probably would’ve ignored that last joke or blow up at him for making a joke at a time like this, but she didn’t. She thought about their times shared together, which mostly just consisted of constant fights, him insulting her or the other way around. Or the hero getting himself caught up in a dicey situation that he always managed to get around. She commended his bravery and refusal to give up at the very least. Without him, she wouldn’t even be close to getting the other pieces of the fused shadow.The imp thought about it some more, “I guess I have Link to thank for this don’t I?”But very quickly reasoned against saying it to the hero, seeing as it was pointless and the job wasn’t done. Maybe she’d say it when this was all over and done with, they’d never see each other again after all, but reasoned even then he probably wouldn’t accept such words from her. She wasn't even sure she could bring herself to say it either lest her pride be thrown out the window.Link had to admit that Midna’s sly comment lightened the mood by a strong margine, and he felt less fearful knowing he was never truly alone. Even if the thing accompanying him didn’t exactly find the pairing to be enjoyable, it was always nice to share this with someone.The jumps ahead were thankfully not very long, the only concern was timing so as to not be burnt to a crisp by the geysers that occasionally blocked his path. But once cleared, he found little issue in the rest of the room. Buttons that, when pressed, stopped a flow of searing air from escaping large vents, but only for a certain amount of time. A few slugs which were imbued with fire hung from the ceiling, the first of which giving Link the scare of his life. He didn’t want to know what would’ve happened if that landed on him. He also had to be careful of the slug’s tendency to combust whatever energy they stored inside of them to form a small explosion.The hero came across one last button, one last one and he was home free to the outside of this literal hell hole. Upon pressing it, he saw where the vent was perched, the realization causing his head to sink. He had to run towards the vent this time instead of it facing his side, worse yet is the vent was only closed off for the same amount of time as the rest of them were.“Would’ve been really nice to have been a Goron right now,” the hero thought, gritting his teeth hard. He knew what he needed to do, and made up his mind to do it, there was no other way. With a count of three in his head, he pushed the button again and made a mad dash to the other side, hearing the clicks get progressively faster and faster every second, signifying he was running out of time.Just as Link thought he was in the clear, the heat began to flow again, catching the hero’s right arm with it. The hero screamed and reeled in pain as the searing heat cut blisters into his arm.“Midna, I need you to look at this!” He managed to make out in a pain filled frenzy, “Tell me if this needs to be looked at.”Midna looked at his arm, she knew it was bad, but didn’t care enough to tell Link they should go back to that shaman.“I’m sure you’re fine, they’re just blisters and burns, they’ll go away eventually. Let’s keep going.”He saw the imp return to her usual place, but did not believe her words. He realized then, however, he couldn’t go back. What would the Gorons say to him emerging from the mines, they’d think him a coward and a liar, he would never be allowed back in. He had to press onward, he could only be thankful this was his shield arm instead of his sword arm.The mines were not so kind however and he was presented with the next room. It was… massive, throughout the entire area was machinery and metal. Enormous cylinders attached to chains with strange crystals on the bottoms were hung up by one central structure twice the height of the top of the walkway. He could only be relieved all of it seemed to be shut down, lest he be caught in the machine’s business.That thought alone was making him shudder, how gruesome a death that could possibly be. The fear was really starting to kick in this time, he had no idea where on Farore’s Earth he was going.Lost in his thoughts, he failed to notice that in the distance, a few bulbins spotted the hero and planned to catch him off guard. They motioned the single archer they had in this chamber, and he drew back his bow, carefully placing the shot on the hero’s body and it was released. Still, the hero failed to take notice, but the imp did not.“Idiot! Snap out of it! You need to move!”Her scream jolted the hero only in time to jump slightly out of the way, but the arrow was too close and still cut a deep gash down his already burned right arm. The hero winced in heavy pain, but that pain was soon replaced by a rage that burned his very core, vowing to end all living things that stood in this chamber. Though he did not have a bow, his slingshot got the job done with a single well-placed shot to the head, knocking the enemy out and sending it into the lava below.One by one, keesee bats and bulbins, the hero took out with haste and fury until there was nothing left to be slain. He looked around at his work, seeing nothing but beheaded bublins and mangled keesee littering the area. He breathed a sigh of relief, and then a wince of pain as the adrenaline left his body, now remembering the still bleeding gash of the arrow.He looked in his satchel for anything that might help, and to his surprise found bandages, a single roll.“Who put these here?” was all the hero thought to ask, but dismissed it, focusing more on getting them on. He wrapped this arm tight, slowing the blood loss and losing the risk of infection. The blisters were still a large concern, but there was nothing he could do except ignore the pain and go on until the deed was done.Lucky for him, the floor he was on had a chest which contained a key. Soon after he began looking for the nearest door and found one not too far away on the floor above him. But he stopped dead, seeing what he had to do to get there.In between this jump was a rotating slab of metal that would only briefly stay in place, and Link knew he would have to cross this.“I hope you know what you’re doing, if you fall I won’t be able to catch you,” Midna remarked, smirking, “It’s not that far, I’m sure you’ll be fine.”Link only nodded his head, and took a few steps back. He studied the rotating slab until he felt confident he could make the jump. “Now”He ran and jumped onto the platform just as it stopped spinning and jumped again to reach the other side, it had been close, but he’d made it.The room Link found himself next gave the word heat a new meaning. Across the rocks that he needed to jump across he would be the closest he’d ever come to lava so far, it stung his eyes and blurred his vision with sweat dripping profusely down his body, the heat was getting to him. He could only be thankful this room was short, and even more so for what lay ahead in the next room.Not only was this room such a huge drop in temperature than the ones before, it contained a whole spring full of water, inside of a volcano no less! “Wait, there’s water inside a volcano?” Midna asked, putting her hand on her cheek and shaking her head, “The light world makes no sense, you know that?”Link shook his head and laughed.“Leave it to Midna to lighten the mood a little.”Inside the spring, a button was down at the far end, so Link strapped on his iron boots, took a deep breath, and began walking over to the switch. Upon pressing the button it appeared to do nothing, until Link was violently jerked upwards and hung from the boots on the ceiling by those same crystals he saw on those massive cylindrical machines. The button seemed to activate a strong magnetic field.“Woah,” Midna appeared again, a look of amused surprise across her face, “How are you doing that?”“I- I don’t know, these crystals have to have magnetic properties, that’s the only explanation I have.“Can you move? That doesn’t seem to do us very good if you can’t.”The surprising answer was that he could move, but it was slow, the weight of the boots still slowing him down considerably. He still couldn’t understand how he was moving with the strength of these magnets, but did not question it any further. He made his way back to normal ground, the experience as surreal as it was exciting.“Wow! This should be fun then shouldn’t it, hero?”He was inclined to answer her with a yes, but soon felt a headache brewing up from the blood rushing to his head the longer he stayed upside down.“Maybe for a short while,” he’d responded, taking the boots off his feet after making it to solid footing, “But staying upside down like that has its toll on you, blood rushes to your head and it gives you a nasty headache.”Midna scoffed at that, “You humans and your weak, strange bodies,” then she returned to his shadow again.Link was faced with a door now, and seeing no other course of action left, he chose to go through. The door opened to reveal a small cave shaft to what looked to be the same sumo arena Link had fought Gor Coron on. He noticed in the center a small goron as well, basically the same height as Midna was, standing in the center of the arena. Link walked to this Goron, and found the rest of the room revealed to him, which was very much like a stadium. Wooden chairs all around this arena with a few pots here and there, and a ladder which led to the second floor-another door leading to more of the mines. Most significant was a statue holding a red stone, it must’ve been a statue signifying Din.“Ah,” the goron elder spotted Link and called out to him to which the hero listened, “I knew I felt a presence… But what a surprise to see a young human!” The goron tilted his head down, as if to show respect to the hero, “Word has come to me of you… if Gor Coron trusts you, then your heart must be true. Alongside him, I am one of the four elders of this tribe, Gor Amoto is my name. You are heroic, young man, I ask you to help this tribe in its time of need. Take this, you will need it later, it is a key shard. The other elders have the other shards, go to them.”The elder handed Link a strange item made of jade and iron, but as said before, it looked incomplete.“Thank you, Gor Amoto.”“There is no need for thanks, we need you now than ever, young warrior. Go now, find my brothers, they will give you the key needed to release Darbus from his curse.The hero nodded and took the Elder’s hand into his own, reassuring him he will get the job done. But behind that facade hid uncertainty, though suffering minor injury in his right arm, the extreme heat of the area was getting to the hero. He could feel the dryness in his throat begin to creep up on his, his thirst growing, exhaustion rearing the corner. But he would push onward, he made a promise to the elders that he was determined to keep, and keep it he would.The hero climbed the ladder and entered the next room. First thing he sees the next door, but there doesn’t seem to be a path to it from here. But then he here’s the sound of an extreme magnetic pulse, and knows what he needs to do. The imp laughs, knowing it would be a long walk from point A to point B.“Careful, wouldn’t want you blood clogging your brain if you’re upside down too long, wouldn’t we?” she smirked, hands on her hips, watching the hero approach the magnetic field as he was pulled upwards quick and forcefully. The hero grunted, the impact worsened by the weight of the boots, but soon regained his composure and began trudging along as fast as he could.“I don’t have a choice, Midna. We need the other elders to get us to the fused shadow, you know that as well as I do.”“You know, one of these days you’re going to do something stupid and get yourself hurt if you keep up this carefree mindset. You dying doesn’t exactly benefit me you know.”Link eyed the imp slightly, but kept walking on wards to the door, now about half way there.“Reward does not come without risk. These gorons trust me because I am willing to put myself through risks they can’t. If I die, I die. Death is not what scares me.”The headache was only worsening and worsening, the hero slowing down as his legs felt like jelly having to pick the weight up with every step. He wasn’t sure if he would make it the whole way, but would go as long as he could. After what felt like an eternity, finally he made it to the other side, a magnetic field there to carry the hero and his boots down to the ground. The hero was overcome with dizziness and nausea, he thought he would faint. He slumped to ground, needing time to recover. The imp took this opportunity to bite his head off a little more for her enjoyment.“Death doesn’t scare you? Then what does then, oh fearless hero?”The hero’s gaze found Midna’s, “Failure, Midna, that’s what scares me,” he chuckled for a second then spoke again, “I suppose that comes with death, but in a different sense. We all die one day whether it be natural or not. I suppose I’m scared of dying knowing I failed, well… everyone.”Midna was at a loss for words at this, her respect for this man grew a little there. He was selfless, unflinchingly so, a trait Midna admired from the hero. It was something she did not possess.Link got back to his feet, ready to go on.“Come on then, this heat is threatening to do me in all by itself, we’ve got to be quick.”The imp simply nodded and returned to his shadow, the hero walking through the door he worked so hard to get to. He was back in that chamber from before, but on a different floor where switches were present. These activated the enormous magnets found in the chamber which the hero used to get himself to another part of the mines.There he found another strange water reservoir filled with massive spiders that jumped on water. He passed through this section, getting a drink of water that tasted of rocks and dirt, and was presented with the next room. They were outside in an enormous, sprawling area no longer inside the volcano. Boxes and metal grates littered the area, seemingly there for storage and nothing else. A top pillars too high to reach were bublin archers who immediately spotted the hero and began firing. They could not reach him however, and the hero used this to his advantage. With skillful shots of his slingshot, he tagged each blublin in the head, causing it to fall and die.The next elder was quickly found afterward who was the only one to truly look and sound the part of elder. The room mirrored that of Gor Amoto’s with the exception of the statue carrying a green stone. It had to have been a tribute to the goddess Farore.“Ah… the young human. It pleases me to see you have made it this far, brudda. My name is Gor Ebizo. You have heard of our plight with the patriarch, otherwise you would not have come to me. Take this key shard, and find the other elder, he has the last piece you need.”“Thank you,” Link said to the elder, doing the same as he did with Gor Amoto, and he turned, walking towards the ladder.“Wait,” the hero stopped in his tracks, hearing the elder’s call, “Just beyond here is an ancient item. It was passed down from a hero of another time, as such, it is beyond any kind of value. We elders have guarded it for generations, waiting for the return of the hero. Talk to the guard, he will pass it on to you.”The hero nodded and climbed up the ladder to the door the elder spoke of. It was an arena of some kind, a platform held up by chains. Magnetic crystals built across the whole of the arena, clearly intended just for the boots, and so he strapped them on and walked to the platform. But the iron boots spooked what lay on the other side, he stood up to reveal his true form.The goron was truly enormous, twice the height and twice the width of the hero and to make matters worse he was very heavily armoured. Link wasn’t sure what he could do about this, he could only hope he was on his side in this battle. The goron suddenly stood up, and looked at the hero with an anger that sent shivers down his spine.“Whoa… A human!?” Grinding his armour pieces together on his hands, sending clanks of metal all throughout the surrounding air, “What business does a human have coming down here!? None! No business. This is a forbidden place, I will protect the sacred treasure from you.”Suddenly he jumped as high as he could and landed on the platform with enormous force, causing the chains to break, dropping the platform into the lava below. Had it not been for the boots, that probably would’ve been it for the hero’s journey, but that was secondary to the looming threat that lingered now who was quickly approaching.With the boots on, the hero was essentially immobile, but with them off he had no way of keeping his footing on the platform. There was no balance, and so he would go with his gut and keep the boots on. The Goron approached the hero and raised his arm, getting ready to throw a massive blow that would shatter any bones in the hero’s body if it hit. In a panic, the hero slashed at the only exposed part of his advisory, his stomach, with the sword in an attempt to stagger the foe. To the hero’s surprise, it worked, the goron bounced back with a yelp of pain. He suddenly curled into a ball and began rolling towards the hero with slower speed, but much more power.Link was ready, he planted his feet and held his arms out to try and catch the goron speeding towards him just like he did before so many times. The mighty goron clashed against the hero, his right arm stinging mad from the burning blisters. Link let out a scream as he caught the goron and threw him in the lava below with all the strength he had left. He watched in exhaustion as the goron fell into the molten rock, and screamed in pain as he bounced three times in the lava, the third one sending him rocketing back to the platform where his head piece fell off.Rubbing his head, the goron looked at the hero with surprise, “Ugh… That… hurt a lot. Who knew humans were capable of such feats of strength!”Link saw he was defeated, “Listen to me… I was sent here by one of your elders. They told me about your patriarch and how he was corrupted. I believe I know how to save him.”The goron’s eyes lit up with pride and happiness, “So that’s why you’re here. If that’s the case, take the treasure just beyond this room, it will help you.”The lava suddenly began to rise, carrying the platform back to the position it once stood when it was bound by chains.“My name is Dangoro,mhuman. I was not informed of your mission, I only acted on the orders I was given. I am deeply sorry for what I did.”“You only acted on what you were told to do, no one would blame you for it. Don’t worry, whatever your treasure might be, I will put it to use on rescuing your patriarch, you have my word”“Thank you, young warrior,” Dangoro tells the hero, “May fortune find you in your times of need.”“You’re welcome, Dangoro. The job will be done, you can be sure of that.”The hero walked off, not giving the goron warrior a chance to respond. He opened the way to the room which held the treasure he needed. A chest awaited the hero, in which it contained a very refined bow and arrow quiver. “Find yourself a new toy there?” Midna smirked, seeing the enjoyment in the hero’s eyes.“Maybe I did, though I don’t think it justifies being nearly beaten to a pulp or melted alive.”Midna laughed at that joke, clearly seeing he was exhausted and just wanted to get out. He had done well, she had to admit that at least. “Then come on, you probably don’t have much further to go, let’s find the last elder and get out of here.”Link stared at the imp companion and laughed.“What’s so funny!?” Midna asked, hands around her hips.Link laughed a little more before answering her question, “It was just so weird to hear you say that. You know… encouragement.”Midna was embarrassed and looked away, flustered, “Well… d-don’t get used to it,” and she quickly returned to his shadow.He knew trying to talk to her again was useless, but there was no mistake what had just happened. Maybe she was finally beginning to care somewhat, but in the back of the hero’s mind he knew that was just wishful thinking.What lay ahead was a massive, iron gate tied up at the top, and taking his new weapon, he was able to cut the ropes with two well placed arrows, dropping the gate and revealing a new room. Inside there were several stone statues each blocking off an entrance to a certain part of the room. He tried to pull them out or push them in, but the statues would not budge an inch no matter how he tried. Seeing no other options he walked over to the farthest end where a massive door was barred off by another one of those statues, that was until he approached. A low hum sound came from the statue as an eye appeared that glowed a bright red. The hero jumped back, the statue suddenly shooting what had to be an extremely hot lazer directly at the hero’s feet. The same low hum came back, but from behind the hero this time. Every one of the stone statues-now-machines had activated, each with the same red eye, all spinning in the same counter-clockwise direction as though surveilling the area. The hero did not know what to do, every option seemed to end in him being burned to a crisp or doing no damage to the machines made of stone.“Hey blockhead,” Midna chimed in, “Why don’t you try using that new bow you just got, did you forget already? You really are stupid!”But she was right, he didn’t think about hitting the eyes on these machines, so he took his satchel out and grabbed the bow, carefully aiming an arrow to the machine closest to him. It was a direct hit! The eye broke into shards as though it were crystal, the machine shutting down in a smokey malfunction. He proceeded to do this to the rest of the machines, each having the same effect.“I await my thanks,” the imp companion said, smirking with an I told you so attitude.She half expected him to object, and she would try to sound offended after the fact like she usually would.“Thank you. I’ll admit I was stuck there. You bailed me out,” Link said, passively destroying Midna’s assumption about him. She didn’t know what to say. When did he decide to be like this around her? It was weird, but wasn’t necessarily a bad thing either.“W-whatever! Just keep your head on next time!” she flew back to his shadow. The hero had surprised her many times today with both words and feats, it was enough she could handle for one day.Link laughed, amused by the imp’s clear embarrassment, then returned to his objective. With these machines deactivated, it wouldn’t hurt to try and push them out of the way again. To his surprise, this time they actually moved. He moved the one closest to him, and on the other side was a door he did not see before that housed the final elder.The elder’s room was that of the other two, same somo arena, same chairs and pottery scattered around the room, and the statue holding a stone. Though this time it was blue, clearly representing the goddess Naryu.The elder was found meditating in the center of the arena, skin painted black and red in shapes Link assumed to be sacred to Gorons. “Ah! You are here at last!"Link jumped back at this, surprised he knew he was here through his meditation.“How’d you know I was here? I thought you were mediating”The goron elder laughed, “Ah, that I was, young human. I have been expecting you to pay a visit sometime soon. I am far sighted in all things, you see. Here’s what you seek, the final shard to the key.”Now having all three shards, the hero put together the shards to form one large, and round key.“Where can I find the patriarch, Elder Goron?”The goron elder looked at the hero with concern, but knew what must be done, “Darbus is just beyond where we are, go to him and save him. But take heed, we do not know how powerful he might be in his new grotesque form. Yet, we elders trust in your power, young hero. I wish you good luck.”The elder did not give the hero time to respond, he quickly returned to meditation where he would not be disturbed again. “You heard the old coot, the fused shadow is right next to us! Let’s go, hurry.”Link saw no reason to argue with his companion, he wanted out of here too, so he saw no reason to delay. He exited the elder’s room and approached the final stone machine and shoved it out of the way and was presented with what he’d seen before. One last door and it was done.The hero forced the key into the socket and the lock fell to the floor with a loud crash of chain and metal. The hero nodded to himself, and opened the chamber door, ready to face whatever lay ahead for him.Upon walking inside, the hero could already see what the threat was. But from what he could see, it looked to be a giant black mass in the shape of a bear that wore a very strange helmet on its head. Link had to count his lucky stars that the beast was also chained up from all its limbs, he wasn’t sure he could truly take this thing on in a duel.“Midna,” Link whispered, “What do we do? This guy is barred down.”“So? Wouldn’t that make things easier?”“No, it doesn’t. There is no weak spot, that’s how I beat the last demon carrying the fused shadow, but there is nothing on this guy.”The imp smirked, “Maybe he just needs to be woken up a little,”“What do you mean, what are you gonna do?”Suddenly, the imp began yelling at the demon in front of the two, calling him names as loud as she could, and it seemed to work. But that’s when Link noticed that as the demon began to stir, a bright, orange light illuminated the helmet.“See? There’s your weak spot. Have fun!” and she quickly retreated to his shadow, leaving the hero to fight the raging demon alone.It thrashed and roared, lighting itself ablaze and breaking the chains from their holsters, the beast was now free. Link quickly knew what to do and pulled out his bow, aiming at the bright light which porturded from the demon’s head. With a quick pull back and release, Link sent an arrow straight through, causing the demon to thrash wildly until it hit a wall, dropping to its knees from the stinging pain. The hero saw his opportunity. Running up to the foul beast, he struck the source of the glow with his sword, delivering a devastating stab through the head. The beasts thrashed and roared in pain, swinging the chains which once binded him in a flurry in an attempt to destroy the hero before its own demise. But the beast was unsuccessful, and died frozen, unable to move. The helmet suddenly exploded revealing the bits of twilight squares which combined to form the fused shadow. Midna appeared to him again, and for the first time in a while smiled contently, clearly pleased with the job well done Link had performed.“Well done,” the imp said, the same softer tone she’d used in the forest temple, “You know, I have to admit that you’ve been very helpful up to this point. So as a reward I’ll tell you an interesting story.”The imp paused, showing it would not be a happy one, “Zant. That’s the name of the King of Darkness who cast shadows over your world. Make no mistake, he is very strong. You would be nothing to him as you are now. But, Zant will never be my king! I have nothing but scorn for his supposed strength. Not that your Zelda is much better… It still appalls me that this world is ruled by the princess. A carefree youth, a life of luxury… How does that teach you duty?Again the imp paused, but this time she had a look of slight remorse on her face, “I suppose I shouldn’t begrudge her any parts of her life. She didn’t choose this, after all, and I would never wish harm on her. So long as I can get my hands on the fused shadows, I’ll be just fine.”Midna suddenly stopped and floated a little to the left and created a portal much like the one from the forest temple.“Just one more left then, shall we go?”He was about to step in, until he saw the black mass that was once a fierce demon become that of light again, and the Goron Patriarch revealed himself to the hero. He stood up, holding his head clearly out of pain.“Unngh… What am I doing here? Ahh… my head, it aches. I can’t remember anything… so much pain!”The hero chuckled, deciding to let the gorons fill in their patriarch instead of himself. He doubted he’d trust a human.“Let’s go, Midna,” the hero said, stepping into the portal. And just like that, they were warped out.
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