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Update 8/22:: They have issued an apology and have either credited or entirely removed the stolen fanart and are working towards getting proper credit and using other sources.

Hey everyone; the creator of a Zelda-inspired tabletop game has used dozens, potentially hundreds of pieces of fanart, with no credit given. Please take a minute to look at their siteand content to see if your artwork was used. With as big as this group is, I've already recognized several pieces, but naturally I don't remember the names of all the artists.
Here's a link to the original journal with the content mentioned:…
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Urbosa Fanart by Asten-94
The Three Spirits by LiquidFrogStudios
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LoZ TP Zelink: The Worst Statue They'd Ever SeenLink stared at the statue.It is… hard… to describe or label his expression because “bewilderment” or “dumbfounded” would be far too… well… well… let’s just say for now, Link had no bloody clue what the statue’s sculptor was trying to do. And worst of all, it looked nothing like Link at all!The crowd had dispersed from the Castle Town Square, murmuring about the statue, ostensibly to honor the eight-year anniversary of Link’s courageous, valiant quest to save Hyrule from the Twilight and Gandondorf, so Queen Zelda commissioned a sculptor to make this… <em>thing</em>. Link should have been suspicious when he overheard the sculptor repeatedly insist that he didn’t need Link to pose for the statue as a reference. He didn’t know much about art, but that sounded like a warning. But the sculptor insisted to Queen Zelda that he could capture her husband’s image and likeness just from memory.The unveiling had not gone as planned. There was genuine excitement in Castle Town Square. Citizens began filling it up to 5 hours before the ceremony was set to begin, as they wanted a glimpse of their Queen and her consort, and to honor his achievements. It was chilly, so he wore a fake wolf pelt cape to go with the Ordon long shirt and the trousers he wore back then to stay warm. The ceremony itself started at noon, lasting only half an hour. The mayor of Castle Town spoke. Rusl spoke, and finally, Queen Zelda spoke. Link, not the most vocal person, preferred to sit by the side, watching the proceedings. When it was finally time to unveil the statue, the reaction was…Underwhelmed.Link could hear the crowd’s murmuring as soon as the shroud dropped from the statue. Heck, he could even see their confusion, and he didn’t blame them! He even thought about what Midna would say. Knowing her, she’d say something sarcastic, back-handed, about the sculptor. Queen Zelda did her best, applauding the sculptor for his efforts. For his part, the sculptor was unfazed by the reception, proudly placing his hands on his hips and smiling, beaming. Telma would have told him it looked… odd… but Malo beat her to it.“That’s the worst statue I’ve ever seen,” he said flatly.Well, the sculptor ran home crying, leaving the crowd and dignitaries to ponder the statue, supposedly of Link mid-battle. At least Link could see that he was holding a sword, but apart from that…Link didn’t want to say he was offended at all, and he wasn’t. But he was just a former goat farmer-turned-hero-turned consort and wasn’t great with words. But his body language told a different story. His arms were crossed, hands tucked in, moving his lips, scrunching his eyebrows, opening his lips to speak, only to immediately close them.He heard feet shuffling towards him. Turning, he looked to see Queen Zelda stroll up aside his left shoulder, slipping her arms around his shoulder and torso. He had grown a few inches, now slightly taller than her, even when she wasn’t wearing high heels. No one wanted to say anything whenever they made public appearances. Yes, Link would give them a wolfish glare, but he wasn’t the one they should worry about. Taking her hand in his, he continued staring at the statue, trying to think of something to say.“Well?” she asked. “What do you think?”“It’s, um… unique,” he said.Zelda chuckled. “That’s one way to put it, darling,” she said. “You’re not offended, are you?”“I dunno,” he said in his Ordon drawl.The Queen sighed but did not release her hold on her husband. “If you are feeling overwhelmed by all this, it’s alright,” she said. “Courtly politics isn’t for everyone.”“It’s not that,” he replied. “It’s…”“Are you disappointed?” she asked.“… A little.”The Queen chuckled again, kissing his cheek. Now he wasn’t in such a bad mood, as his frown turned into a grin. He looked at her, mirroring her loving gaze and kissing her.“Well, I suppose there isn’t much we can do,” she said, sighing again. “I should have insisted on making you pose for him.”“You’d have scared the living daylights out of him,” he snarked. She laughed again.“Are you insulting me?” she asked, pretending to be hurt.“No, ma’am,” he answered.She laughed again, and laid her head on his shoulder, nuzzling the fake wolf fur around it. “Do you like it?”“No,” he answered flatly.“At least your Ordon statue looks wonderful.”“It does,” he said proudly.“But do not be so hurt by this one,” she said. “Nothing can truly capture your essence; your wild, fierce, courageous… Oh, I must apologize.”“For what?”“For being attracted to you and falling in love with you all over again.”Her words and smile made him blush, smile sheepishly, and turn away. However, she took his chin, turned him towards her, and kissed him.“I meant every word I just said,” she said.“I know you do,” he replied. “And nothing will capture your beauty and wisdom.” She laughed, kissed him again, and turned back to the statue and he wrapped his left arm around her. They stood on the stage for a few moments, staring at the statue, soaking in each other’s company and warmth until Zelda finally said,“By the way, Malo was right, that is the worst statue I’ve ever seen.”
All-Seeing Eye Below A Red Moon,This landscape, once bereft of existence and anything that is and can be - never is it empty.The power that it contains hasn't diminished over the course of sixteen years, and its bearer will soon forever sleep.Impossibly white trees sway in a trance to the hymn of the wind, the dark blue grass a gentle carpet below your feet. Whether they carry you to your doom or not, you've never gotten a clear answer. What you do know, however, is that the creatures within, the souls phasing in and out of this place, are little patches of the fabric of fate itself. Some turn and reach for you, others staring in reasonless awe.Sometimes a short, almost pointy figure takes your hand, leading you away from the darker creatures abound. As if to be your protector she would walk beside you only here and there. When she spoke, you would only sometimes truly hear and understand what she would say. Not to say you were robbed of your hearing long ago - you can hear a distant song clear as a bell - but sometimes this realm would hide things it felt would endanger you.But then again, it doesn't make sense. After all... why would a dream make sense?Once your feet step into the flowing creek of light green water, steadily rising to your waist and pausing, you stop, blinking and looking around. The canopy of stars above you shifts and obscures, breaking apart constellations and reforming the patterns anew, until some grow bored of repetition and shoot across the sky. No matter what they do, they seem to look back when you notice them, twinkling as though in a sweet hello.You don't quite remember when this world came to be. Matter of fact, you were told by Uncle Gaepora that you'd had dreams here since you were a baby. Until you were twelve you couldn't quite handle it, crying each time you woke even though nothing tried to hurt or scare you. It was only when you were 14, holding Zelda's hand, that you learned to be lucid and walk here. It took training, even actual control, but you managed to get a hold of yourself lest the actual dream be outside your mental abilities.After the years of confusion, Gaepora sat you and Zelda down. He told you of the grace of the Goddess Hylia, how she and her chosen hero slayed the demon king Demise... Well, 'slayed' isn't the correct word. Sealed him away, is what they did. (You dared not question why he wasn't destroyed.) The Hero, the Goddess, and the Demon King, a perfect formation of three; Courage, Wisdom, and Power. But, looking a bit deeper, the three of you found one more.Only traces of them exist in history, the rest existing in oral tradition. A figure called the Seer, tasked with divining visions of when the return of Demise would come, along with Her Grace's return to finish what she began. The Seer was to call upon Hylia when Demise's return was in their vision, and together with the Hero they would stop him.Of course... you have no way of knowing if that's real or not. This dream is no prophetic vision, only a curse of coincidence. You saw a wolf kill a buck, and the following day Link beat Groose into the dirt. You saw that same wolf befriend a bird, and that was the day Link's loftwing appeared.Crawling out of the creek, you curl up next to some rocks, pulling your knees up to your chest. Snickering a bit at seeing some squirrels quarrel (haha) over some nuts, you reach beside yourself, a pair of grey nuts appearing in your palm. Tossing them to the little creatures, you watch with a smile as they stuff their cheeks, raising their paws in thanks before dashing up the tree.Sighing through your chest, you nuzzle into the rocks, closing your eyes. Time to wake up, and face another beautiful day in Skyloft., ,,What wakes you isn't monstrous thunder, nor is it the distant tortured screams of the animals that live here sometimes. You aren't torn asunder by howling winds and the rage of a monsoon; the ground is still as it can possibly be.Rather, the bloody tinted light of the moon, hanging high in the sky but slowly closing in like a measly town running out of time. The piercing light of its gaze commands you to wake, and wake you do, noticing first the lack of life around you before the actual moon. Unlike the gentle paleness it had before, it now seems to glare at you in crude condescension, daring you to look away from it.A cruel being, celestial or no in origin, and yet doing nothing aside from exist. What said existence does, however, is grip your spine in icy claws, reaching into your very core to squeeze out your air. Yet you manage to tug yourself from its hold, retreating into the cast shadow of a tree that guards you with its life."What's happening-?" You murmur, looking around.The creek has run dry, the wildflowers withered and sad. The birdsongs are nonexistent, a crushing silence in their place. Wind is nil, leaving just you and whatever noise you dare to make as your only company against the red moon. Fear creeps up your back as though a clue to a person that isn't there, the ground seeming to cave slowly beneath your feet. With an uneven shriek you emerge back into the moonlight, daring to look again.This time, standing in the far clearing most illuminated by the bloody light, is a hulking mass. Their exact feature isn't definite, the clashing of lights enough to turn them a solid black as though an unforgiving veil. The hair seems to burn like fire, the malicious sword clenched in one hand glinting a bright orange.It raises the blade, and you shriek once more, turning and making haste towards the darker portions of the Dream. Just as you step into some shadows a thunderous rumble shakes below your feet, resounding, boisterous laughter piercing your ears. Something pierces your back in clusters, and you're sent tumbling down a hill before landing, one leg below your body and arms splayed out, on your back.You dare to open your eyes, and the figure illuminated by the moon is one you never thought you'd see.At first a fiendish black creature crudely resembling a Hylian, shifting slowly into a white and red dressed man. The painted brown eyes squint in a grin too big for his face, as though pleased by the fear and pain caused within just a few moments of him being here. Elegantly he begins striding down to you, and only when he's just right next to you, hands behind his back like a tattling child and leaning over you in mockery, are you able to get a sucking breath.His lips begin to move, but you can't make out what he's saying. You can't even lipread like this.Pushing down with your hands, you can only try to crawl, his eyes widening with his smile as his gloved hand reaches out for you. Once your mouth opens in a scream, that same laughter lights up the night.A fearful cry. "Please don't kill me! No!!!"Suddenly, a flash of silver sends him reeling, the red light retracting at the mighty howl of a wolf. Blinking, you quickly roll over, snapping your head upwards as the beast emerges from the blue again shadows of the trees, repelling the bloody beams with each step. It snarls, staring past you at the horrible being that had been taunting you.Breaking into a sprint the wolf is swift in protecting you, standing over you and growling at him. The moment it lunges, he breaks like glass, the moon to follow; then the trees; then the very world.And you're sent plummeting, screaming, into the abyss, into the uncertain - into the unknown., "[Name]!"You writhe, twisting and turning while trying to push at the hands shaking your shoulders. "No! Stay away from me-!""[Name], it's me!" Your eyes shoot open, staring into twin sapphires twisted in worry. "It's me... Oh, another nightmare, huh?"In long-cultivated instincts you melt into the hug Zelda gives you, reciprocating it in full and then some as Uncle Gaepora comes into the room, eyes wide. Normally he's able to remain calm and principled, but when it comes to you he grows increasingly concerned. Sometimes nightmares are a sign of a disease, sometimes long-lasting dreams mean a terrible omen. No one can really say."Another nightmare?" He asks. Zelda turns to him, your head still on her shoulder."Another one. She's had them nonstop these last few days... It's a wonder she hasn't stopped sleeping because of them!" She squeezes your hand in another gesture of comfort. You return this in full."Indeed... [Name], I would normally ask you to tell me everything, but today is the day of the festival." Approaching, he puts a hand on your head, rubbing it. "Perhaps the festivities will help you feel better. Then we will speak about it... this one was particularly horrible, wasn't it?"You nod, biting your lip."Come on, let's get bathed and dressed." Zelda tugs you out of bed, patting your chest. "You'll have a front-row seat today! And afterwards, I'll take you flying with me, how does that sound?" You always loved flying with her.Nodding, you manage your first smile of the day. "That sounds like fun. Though, I thought you said you and Link would fly after the festival?"She turns pink. "Well... Yea, of course we will! And after that, the two of us will go flying together!" She tugs you along to go to the bath. "Just like old times, right?""Just make sure you kiss the right one of us, Zelda.""Hey!"
Pursuit of Power Ch. 1Bang! Bang! Bang! My blue eyes shoot open as I abruptly jolt upwards. Frazzled and confused at the sudden noise, I frantically scan my surroundings to look for the noise around me while instinctively reaching out to my right side, trying to grasp for the familiar item that was always by my side. Chest heaving, my clarity slowly starts coming through as the moments pass. My memory clicks and my breathing slows as I take a deep breath to reassure myself as my frantic confusion quickly morphs into deep irritation. I recognize the familiar deep hollow sounds as the bangs continue—Someone is knocking on my door. I make my way over with an irritated sigh, telling myself that whoever is on the other side of my door and disturbing my peace, is going to feel my wrath. Strangled? Punched? There are many ways I can accomplish this without my sword. My hand grapples the door handle as I twist, my irritation manifesting as I swing the door open a little too hard and fast, finding myself come face to face with, frankly, a complete stranger. Alarmed, wild green eyes meet my own as I note the person before me, his curled hand frozen mid-air, catching him and stopping him from his next relentless attack on my door. Its a boy, probably no more older than seventeen. Shaggy short blond hair pokes out underneath his armored head, along with somewhat light armor adorning the rest of his body. With a quick glance, I easily spot the Royal Family crest. He's a royal knight. “Oh, there you be, Hero,” he speaks out as his face calms to a pleasant look. Happy he scared me half to death. I silently continue to analyze him with barely restrained anger. His voice carries an abundance of glee that I'm in no mood for. It's rubbing me the wrong way. He seems completely oblivious to how dangerously close I am to curling my own fist and throwing it at his face. Blissfully unaware of how much I treasure my sleep uninterrupted. Although, I'm sure this is of not his own choosing, I think to myself as the stupidly cheerily knight before me starts to talk and ramble on about something I couldn't care less about, probably mistaking my silence as an indication to continue with his agenda. My anger rises even more as I declare to myself that I hate him. He talks for much too long. Instead of listening to this oh so honorable knight's words, I daydream of the hundreds of ways I can solve this predicament I found myself in, thinking that was much more entertaining than what he had to say to me. “So anyways, Mr. Hero, if you cou-- umm, are you listening, Sir?” My long, pointed ears twitched and pricked upwards as my train of thought was broken, sensing that he must've noticed I wasn't listening. He probably thought I was consumed by sleep. Nope. I just don't care. I decide to spare him the embarrassment of getting punched by the Hero... or would that be an honor? I'll have to test it out one day to find out. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I acknowledge, waving off the knight nonchalantly, hoping he'll take the hint. “Go see the Queen. Yes, very important matters. Thank you.” I finish, taking a step back in my house and slamming the door in his face as I caught a final glance of him, features sinking in deflation, most likely because I didn’t answer as he expected the “Noble Hero” would. I groaned, rubbing my temples and trying to calm the raging headache that accompanied my wonderful wake up method earlier. I then sighed, already deeply dreading the day. Knowing what's to come and seriously wishing the Queen would just send damned letters instead of making me subject to others' ramblings day after day at the ass crack of dawn. Regardless, this is the fifth time this week that I have been summoned by the Queen, and five times too many in my opinion. I take a quick glance over at the far wall opposite of me, glancing at a much too familiar sight. A rustic green tunic fitted with chainmail hung on the wall, along with a purple-hilted sword, placed delicately against the wall under it, sending me into a flurry of memories and emotions of a year past that now feels like a lifetime ago. I saved the continent of Hyrule from being plunged into complete twilight, essentially saving two worlds in the process, carrying these two items on my back. It was a hard, arduous journey but I'm glad it's over. I am that esteemed Hero, and some would say that its a great honor, but frankly, I look at these two items in disgust. I never wanted it. I was blackmailed and forced into this role. I don't feel honorable. I feel like a fraud. It was never of my own choosing, and yet, I didn't have a choice. I grumpily remove my own clothing and take the green garnet off the wall, slipping my arms through the sleeves, already hating the way it feels against my skin. I'm not the Hero everyone wants me to play. I never wanted this life, this title. I feel the deep, familiar bitterness rising in me. I hate the Queen. I hate this kingdom. I hate the Goddesses above. I rather just burn these clothes and discard this sword. Shed myself of this reputation. I rather be a nobody. But I know the Queen wouldn't want it any other way. Seeing their precious hero dressed in clothes not of his own choosing, being called a title he hates, stuck in a destiny that was forced upon himself. I slide the final piece of the “Hero” image onto my back, the cool metal fitting snugly against my back. Fully dressed, I step out of my much-too-luxurious house, shielding my eyes from the blinding sun. Before me, kids of all ages are seen running, screaming and playing. People standing around talking, conversing with fellow neighbors or merchants. Castle Town was nothing short of alive and bustling. I moved into Castle Town shortly after my battles were over, defeating Ganondorf. I at first returned back to my simple quiet life in Ordon, enjoying the peace, until one day tracked down and approached by a fellow royal guard, urged by the Queen that Hyrule's precious Hero must live closer the center of Hyrule, to better serve. Once again, having no choice, despite my attempts of protest. More like, better to serve as her personal lapdog. I make my first steps to my destination, the big, towering castle in front of my house not hard to miss at all. Standing over everyone that is beneath little miss Queens' feet. Making my path, I start to see heads turning towards me, the familiar feeling of dread and wanting to retreat inside myself seizes me very strong. I want to run back to my house. I usually get way too much attention for my own liking. Without fail, each time I step outside into the bustling city, I always have fellow citizens or soldiers waving to me, or rushing up for an autograph, or someones child will run up to me an want me to play with them. Sometimes they knock on my door for some insignificant thing that isn't worth my time. Despite my own wishes, for almost a year now, I always have to grin and play along with this charade, do the best impression of the “Hero” that I can muster, to keep the image alive for them all, even though its more for them than me. It just reminds me how much of a fraud I am. How much I hate this “destiny” of mine. I catch a fellow mother of two glancing my way, raising her arm up and waving to me from the distance, a broad smile stretches across her face. Despite her warm, happy disposition, Anger rises inside me. I didn't react. I don't care. I'm bitter. I know I am, but this is the real me. This is your precious Hero. I've had enough of playing someone that I'm not. I finally approach the grand steps that lead up into the main chamber of the castle, taking them up to the giant doors that loom over me, making me feel small. The feelings of awe and intimidation never seem to cease, no matter how many times I stand before them. The feelings of dread intensify, placing a gloved hand on the door. I don't know whats worse. Being surrounded and paraded by thousands around me as something that I'm not, or standing before the Queen, who tells me what my “destiny” is and forcing my every action.. My hand clenches tightly in reflexive anger and I take a deep breath, trying to center myself emotionally. This anger is going to do nothing for me but get in the way. I must play the part of the cool and collected and agreeable Hero that everyone adores. After a moment, I push forward the heavy stone doors....
Breath of the Wild, Rune Reimagining Project pt. 1 by Drekaban
Memes, Screenshots, Photo Manipulation
#PostYourRosterUltimate by BrunoBlackened2112
wanna buy sum fast by seasidehill
Rutela by JBarnhoorn
The legend of Zelda Oot celtic God And Goddess by KyNorseFerguson
Official Merch
Link Playing Bayonetta 2 by CheerBearsFan
Original Characters -FULL-
Original and Fan Characters 2
Raffle Prize - Zelda by ellenent
Traditional Art
Friends in the Forest by Medori
Other, Miscellaneous
Majora's Mask Tattoo by DaveDavids
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Bubble by KaosMass95





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