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:bulletgreen:Welcome to LegendofZeldaFanz
:bulletgreen: We are a club that only shows Zelda related artwork. All art will go through a voting process to be approved or declined.

:bulletgreen:due to major demand of art being submitted in the club we now have art requirements. If your art gets declined don't be discouraged. Try harder on your next art work so you as a artist have a challenge and improve on your art ^-^

:bulletblack:If submitted to the wrong folder it will be declined
:bulletblack:Art work must look appealing and look like hard work got put into making the art piece.
:bulletblack:No bad coloring
:bulletblack:make sure you put forth all efforts into all artwork.
:bulletblue:What can be approved:
:bulletpurple:Zelda, Link, Ganondorf, Other Zelda characters, Zelda OCs, or Zelda merchandise, or basically anything that says "Legend of Zelda"

:bulletgreen:If the art it not appropriate for young eyes its not allowed. Adult material such as the middle finger and bad language is not allowed. In addition sex appeal, showing provocative, or sexual undertone suggestion is not allowed.

:bulletgreen:Please, before submit your art work READ OUR RULES ABOUT FOLDERS legendofzeldafanz.deviantart.c…

and remember to check your admins, who can help you with your questions or suggestions legendofzeldafanz.deviantart.c… :)

Legend of Zelda Fanz
Where Zelda Fans Unite!

Gallery Folders

Last Battle by velsen
Hey! LOOK! by Rey-HANA
Sheik by TixieLix
Sheik by zorn981
Heroes of legend cover art (ver 2) by Artistfan62
Shenhe Genshin Impact by deum1
DWOAH: Asgore Dreemurr vs DemiseDeadliest warriors of all historyAsgore Dreemurr vs DemiseMonstrous Kings sealed awayAsgore Dreemurr info:Height: 8 foot 5Weight: 700lbsWeapons: Trident, MagicStrengths: As King of the Underground Asgore is one of the most powerful Monsters to ever exist, Extreme physical strength (Is considered to be strongest Monster in the Underground, Undyne deemed her killing Frisk to be a mercy compared to what Asgore would do to them), Extreme durability (Is considered to be one of the most durable Monsters in the Underground, Withstood multiple attacks from Frisk, Is resistant to attacks on his Soul), Hypersonic speed (Is considered to be one of the fastest Monsters in the Underground, Casually outspeeds Tsunderplanes that can dodge Lightning), Is a master of both Trident combat and Soul Magic (Has collected the Souls of multiple humans he has slain in the past and can use them to attack the Souls of others), Is highly resistant to extreme cold, Can create afterimages of himself, Is Pyrokinetic, Has over 1000 years of experience (Monsters stop ageing if their children die so both Asgore and Toriel stopped ageing after their son died multiple centuries ago), Gains power if his opponent has a strong Soul and killing intent.Weaknesses: His morality can hold him back in a fight, If his opponent has no intention to kill him he becomes weakened.Demise info:Height: 40 feet (As the Imprisoned) 10 feet (normal height)Weight: 12 tons (As the Imprisoned), 840lbs (normal weight)Weapons: Greatsword, Energy BlastsStrengths: If Hylia is God in the Legend of Zelda universe Demise is the closest example of Satan, Extreme physical strength (Was strong enough to mortally wound Hylia and force her to reincarnate as Princess Zelda, Can harm and kill the likes of Link, Simply swinging his Sword can create tornado-like air currents), Extreme durability (Survived his battle with Hylia, Tanked multiple hits from Link with the Goddess Sword, No sold being struck by lightning, Is nigh invulnerable in his Imprisoned form), Massively hypersonic speeds (Matched Hylia in combat speed, Can match Link, Can casually dodge lightning), Is Telekinetic, Can create his own planes of existence, Created the Curse that Doomed Zelda, Link and Ganondorf into an endless cycle of reincarnation.Weaknesses: The scar he gained in his fight with Hylia is a significant weak point on his body, Whilst he is extremely fast in his normal form Demise is extremely slow and lumbering in his Imprisoned form.Battle begin!Asgore walked through his throne room as the very structure of his Kingdom shook around him, the sounds of booming footsteps and distant but approaching roars echoing throughout the Underground alongside the screams of the Monsters that fell to the invading Beast's fury.Sighing as the booming footsteps drew ever closer Asgore stood before the entrance to his Castle calling his Trident to his hand “so today, the King of the Underground fights for his Kingdom once more”.The moment he finished his sentence the wall of the entrance of his Castle erupted as the Imprisoned burst through it, the massive bipedal Beast shaking the entire foundations of the Castle with its roars as Asgore steadied himself and readied his Trident.Setting its sights on the King of the Underground the Imprisoned took one thunderous step forward shaking the Castle again as Asgore hurled his Trident at the Beast, the pronged Weapon striking the Beast in the chest making it bellow but more out of annoyance than pain.Easily shrugging off the Trident hit the Imprisoned took another earth shaking step forward, the force of its foot slamming to the ground sending a shockwave that forced Asgore back as he called his Trident back to his hands, the King of the Underground them summoning a Fireball in his grasp to launch it at the towering Monster only for it to have the same effect as his Trident.As the Fireball burst harmlessly against its body the Imprisoned suddenly fell forward onto its front and surged forward using its legs to kick rapidly against the ground, its massive Maw snapping and snarling all the way as it rushed towards Asgore with the King just narrowly jumping out of the wall causing the Beast to just smash through the room, destroying everything as it then turned around to ‘slither’ towards Asgore again.Leaping to the air as the Imprisoned crashed towards him Asgore unleashed a borderline ‘Bullet Hell’ of Fireball, raining them down upon the Beast to shower it in Magical Flame, the Imprisoned roaring louder as it disappeared in the Inferno.The Flames didn’t hold it for long though as barely a second later it erupted out of the Fire to charge at Asgore again, using its legs to propel itself upwards and snapping its Jaws shut around the Underground King before he could properly react.“Accursed creature!” Asgore shouted using his free arm to hold up the Imprisoned’s top jaw whilst pressing down with his feet on the bottom jaw, preventing the Beast from snapping its mouth shut around him.As his arm and legs strained against the Imprisoned’s Jaws Asgore noticed something deep in the back of its mouth, the tip of a Sword jutting out of the roof of its mouth with the flesh around it a bright glowing white rather than the deep black of the rest of its insides.Judging it to be a possible weak spot Asgore readied his Trident before thrusting it at the tip of the Sword, striking the Weapon making both it and the scarring around it flash a bright white to which the Imprisoned threw its head back with a roar of pain, spitting Asgore out in the process as it staggered back.Upon landing Asgore watched as the Imprisoned thrashed its massive head around, noticing that the Sword in its mouth also jutted out of the top of its head with the same white scarring he had seen inside of its mouth.Readying his Trident again Asgore leapt into the air again and with one mighty throw struck the broken Sword impaled in the Imprisoned’s head with his Weapon, making the Monster bellow in pain and rage even louder shaking the entire Castle as Asgore then proceeded to jump upon its head landing right were the Sword was.Grasping the base of the Sword Asgore then pulled with all of his might, planting his feet firmly to steady himself as the Imprisoned thrashed wildly, the massive Creature starting to smash into the walls around them to try to shake the Underground King loose but he held fast, slowly but surely wrenching the Sword from the Imprisoned’s skull.As the Sword was wrenched free from the Beasts head the Imprisoned let out one last bellowing roar before it collapsed, the entire Castle shaking as it struck the ground hard with what only could be considered a death rattle.Panting with exertion as he landed next to the felled Beast Asgore threw the broken Sword away as the Imprisoned started to break down, its black skin bubbling and fizzling away in what seemed to be an advanced state of decomposition before suddenly exploding in dark power, forcing Asgore to shield his face from the blast force.When the blast ended Asgore looked to where the Imprisoned had fallen to find a new humanoid being there, now much smaller in size similar to his own height give or take a foot or so, his skin the same deep mottled black of the Imprisoned and with hair ablaze with flame and when the being turned to face him he saw the same glowing white scar upon his chest that had adorned the Imprisoned’s head.As Demise turned to set his sights on the Underground King the sound of approaching footsteps caught both of their attention “Lord Asgore!” Undyne called out as she and Papyrus rushed inside to stand in front of Asgore, both of them heavily battle damaged from trying to stop the Imprisoned’s rampage but still both ready to fight “stay behind us!” his Guard instructed as Papyrus summoned a Bone Staff preparing to fight.Unphased by the Guards arrival Demise simply raised his left hand as Papyrus rushed at him, the Demon Lord then taking hold of the Skeleton with Telekinesis before throwing him back at Undyne with power and speed enough that she had no time to react, the attack sending them both flying back as Asgore watched in horror.Before the Underground King could call out to his Guards Demise was upon him, moving faster than his huge bulk should allow as he grabbed hold of Asgore’s robes and in a flash they were both gone.Shielding his eyes from the flash Asgore then slowly opened them to find that he was no longer in his ruined Castle but now a seemingly endless bright void, the ground covered in a thin layer of reflective water that spanned as far as the eye could so, the only beings there being him and Demise.“Consider this my gratitude for freeing me from that accursed form” Demise then spoke as he stood several metres away from the Underground King, raising a hand to summon his Greatsword “a death without interference” he stated before raising his free hand to fire a blast of Dark Energy at Asgore scoring him in the shoulder making him recoil.Digging his heels in to stop himself from falling back Asgore responded to the attack by summoning the several human Souls he had collected in his life, the multicoloured Hearts hovering over him before he then used them to launch attacks at the Demon Lord, firing beams of Energy made to attack the targets vary Soul as Demise came thundering towards him.To Asgore’s horror the attacks from his Souls seemed fruitless as Demise deflected the first two with his Sword before the others struck harmlessly against his skin, showing that his Soul was not human or worse he lacked one entirely.Shrugging off the Underground King’s attacks Demise swung his Greatsword with extreme force, Asgore only just managing to catch it between the prongs of his Trident as the Sword swing and impact created a powerful air current that outright tore the cloak off of Asgore’s Armour.Gritting his teeth as he had to put his full strength into pushing the Sword back with his Trident Asgore glared intensely into Demise’s unfeeling eyes, the Demon Lord’s eyes burning with hatred but not for him, as to him Asgore was insignificant.As he slowly pushed Asgore back Demise used his free hand to fire a blast of Dark Energy straight into the King’s abdomen, knocking Asgore off balance and allowing Demise to grab him by one of his horns to slam him to the ground.Gasping as he was winded by the action Asgore then gagged as Demise slammed a foot down to his stomach, the Demon Lord raising his Sword up aiming to stab it down to impale the King of the Underground to which Asgore summoned his human Souls again, the multicoloured Hearts appearing above Demise to start attacking him again causing the Demon Lord to pause.With a look of bitter annoyance Demise swept his left arm back with a blast of Dark Energy, the attack both stopping the Souls actions and outright shattering the Hearts, Asgore watching in horror as the Souls were completely destroyed.As Demise readied his Sword again Asgore responded in a panic, desperately thrusting his Trident upwards to score Demise in the chest, the three prongs of his Weapon driving deep into the white scar that marred his skin making Demise recoil with an exclamation of anger and pain allowing Asgore to make some distance between them.Panting heavily as he leapt back several dozen feet Asgore summoned more Fireballs to rain another Bullet Hell down upon Demise, the attack seeming to be one of pure desperation as he launched attack after Magical attack completely coating Demise in Flames.It was all for nought though as Demise erupted out of the Flames and was upon Asgore in moments, the Underground King only able to look into the Demon Lord’s eyes in horror as he felt his Greatsword meet his neck.And in an instant it was over, Demise swinging his Greatsword until the tip of it met the ground and Asgore’s head was separated from his body, his body crashing to the ground as his head landed several feet away, the same look of horror frozen on his features before both his head and body crumbled to dust leaving only his crown behind.Watching Asgore’s body crumble to nothingness Demise reached down to pick up the crown as he returned from the created plane of existence and back to the Underground, his eyes falling upon Undyne and Papyrus who looked back at him in horror as he held up Asgore’s crown.And crushed it in his grasp.Winner: DemiseFirst let me apologise for how long it has been between fights, I’ve been working a lot more recently and it’s been killing my will to write.But anyway, why does Demise beat Asgore?Well like I had described earlier Demise is the closest equivalent Hyrule has to Satan, having faced Hylia in combat and mortally wounding her and whilst Asgore himself is extremely powerful he has never done anything remotely close to ‘fight God and force her to a draw’.Plus the fact that he created the Curse that started the constant reincarnation of Link, Zelda and Ganondorf as well as technically being Ganondorf’s father his power arguably trumps Asgores and since Asgore lacks Holy Weapons like the Goddess Sword the King of the Underground didn’t really have much in ways to put Demise down.
Link Ocarina of Time fan art ! by LunMermaid
Link by KAP2005
Link And Marin by scytheskid
Peaceful... by Filiana
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Hey all you Zelda fans!

If you want something to get your creative juices flowing, somebody is putting on a contest for "Anything From Zelda" with point prizes. If you want to go and check it out, here is the link. -->…
Make sure that you read all the rules before participating. :)

See you soon for a contest hosted by this group.
Hello Zelda Fans! is holding their Character Battle again this year! Right now one of the battles is going on and Link needs your help to beat Draven. We can't let our favorite hero down so head over to and cast your vote for him. Do it quickly because the voting period will end soon. Here is the link -->  Also there is no registration required to vote.

Don't let Draven trample over Link. Vote for him!

If you guys were waiting for a new contest... all I have to say is soon.

All right everyone!

Our last contest is over and the judging is complete. The theme of this contest was a Cosplay contest! Here is a link to the information page on the contest. --> legendofzeldafanz.deviantart.c…

We admins, and three members who donated prizes, judged these pieces and chose the winners.

For our scoring we used a point based system from 1-10. We judged these picks on the how the costume looked, the scene (or atmosphere), and if it looked like the character. It was a hard decision, but we finally came to an agreement.

So without further ado, let us announce the winners of this contest!

First Place
Lon Lon Milk - Malon Legend of Zelda OoT…
by :iconartemismooncosplay:
With a score of 9.30
You prizes are…
       2 chibis + base colored (two different ore one with 2 chracters) by :iconviokcha:
       a digital artwork by :iconkaja-tan:
       a gmv(with a song on choice enter Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword) by :iconjeako:
       a traditional artwork by :iconnenril-tf:  
       a llamas by all the admins(4 llamas)
       Your work will be added in Featured Folder

Second Place
Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess 03…
by :icondizzymonogatari:
With a score of 9.15
Your prizes are…
a chibi + base colored by :iconviokcha:
        a colored digital chibi by :iconkaja-tan:
        a chibi and a watch from :iconnintendosegagirl:
        a llamas by all the admins(4 llamas)
        Your work will be added in Cosplay Winners Folder

Third Place
Zelda and Link Skyward Sword cosplay…
by :iconlayzemichelle:
With a score of 9.15
Your prizes are…
 a chibi colored by :iconviokcha:
         a line art by :iconkaja-tan:
         a bust drawing + a llama by :iconlizbethlizard:
         a llamas by all the admins(4 llamas)
         Your work will be added in Cosplay Winners Folder

Congratulations to the winners!
It was so great to see all of the wonderful consumes!
The prize donors will contact the winners and then go from there so the prizes may given.
Thank you so much for the participating in the contest everyone! Stay tuned for more updates and future contests.

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