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Echoes of the Past: CarpFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the series Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom. with the Fan-fiction based around my personal play-through of the series, and how I’ve pieced together the series from the few games I’ve played. ^-^ I've not completed all of TotK shines yet either. Here is Part One, Part Two, Part Three,EEchoes of the Past Part one *spoilers for TotKFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past: Master Sword Following in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past Part Three Following in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesPart Four Carp. A cold breeze whistled off the shores in Akkala, with Terry Town reach spreading outwards. A large building was constructed around the chasm by the Hudson workers, with the man himself printed on a large sign close by. Warning workers to be careful when entering the chasm. Up on the hill, overlooking the town and the expanding streets with homes that started to spring up since the final battle. Link looked out his balcony, leaning back in his chair. Taking in the view, he could smell cooking from below. Since their battle, Zelda had found herself living in Link’s home by Terry Town. One built during his time after the upheaval, and the place he spent much time watching Zelda when she used to roam the skies. With a splash of water hitting him in the face, Link’s pet fish danced within the balcony pond. Link wiped the water from his face, before reaching downwards to place his hand in the water. With a few pecks from his Carp, Link’s memories during the upheaval weren’t as bitter as the time he awoke from his hundred year recovery. Besides his Carp, who greeted him home with a splash, but he had his close friend Hudson and Kilton along his journey. Standing upwards, Link glanced towards his wall of weapons. With Mipha’s trident reflecting in his face. Despite his home being able to face Zelda, Link was close to Mipha’s court. To which he visited many times during his travels to save Zelda from the evils that plagued Hyrule. With a painting of Yona and Sidon hung close to the trident, as did Link’s Zora armor. A smile crossed his face as he gently ran his hand against the armor. Imagining Mipha hard at work, mending the armor just for him. “Link, dinner is prepared!” Zelda hollered from the bottom of the stairway, with the smell of cheese hitting Link’s noise. He could recall that smell anywhere, as he turned towards the stairway. Pizza, made from Tabantha wheat, Hylian tomato, and Hateno Cheese was Link’s favorite meal when he was traveling, but Link preferred how Zelda made it as she sliced mushrooms on the top for extra flavor. However with her recipe soon learned by Cece of Hateno, her inside foodie came alive. With her opening the Hateno restaurant that was built close to a heart broken pond. “I’ve also prepared a fruit cake for dessert!” As he reached the bottom of his stairs, Link glanced over as he saw that Zelda had prepared not only a pizza and a fruit cake. Upon closer expectation, Link noticed that she also prepared his second favorite snack, cheese bread. Made from Tabantha wheat and Hateno Cheese. Link remembers preparing this dish by accident, but continued to make it since, upon Zelda return. He has found himself not eating it as much, as he ate what she cooked for him in their times together. Excitement covered Link’s face as he invited Zelda to come and eat with him. As he knew that once they begin their travels, his tastes will surely change with the new foods he was excited to discover. Zelda giggled by excitement as the two sat down and began their meal, with Zelda glancing out at Zelli and Petal. They were stretching their legs out in the fields of Link’s house. Upon taking a bite of the cheese bread, Zelda smiled in delight. “This is delicious!” “Mhmm!” Link responded in happiness, with a drop of cheese on his chin. Zelda smiled as she reached over, wiping away the cheese. Placing her finger in her mouth, with a giggle as Link watched her in a blush. “It's best not to let this go to waste!” With a blush still on his face, Link continued with his meal. Upon cleaning her plate, Zelda reached for a small knife. One gifted to her by Rhondson upon meeting, with her secretly wanting Zelda to be with Link. Using the knife to cut into the pizza, serving Link a healthy slice. With the smell of the mushrooms, Link began to track down the type that was used in preparation. Due to food obsession, that made a few of Link’s recipes sought after by skilled chefs. Mostly due him learning this recipes from building on the ones he learned from his travels across Hyrule. “Link, I’ve talked with Ting earlier today when he was visiting Hudson.” Zelda spoke as she placed her slice of pizza down, while Link had already taken a bite. He was guessing a silent shroom that grew below the hill, under his house. One with flowers planted by Rhondson upon Link’s purchasing of his home. “Hmm?” He muffled, while chewing up the pizza in his mouth. Zelda chuckled as she took a bite as well, giving the pizza a try. “Hmm!” She hummed in joy along with Link. Both hummed in joy of the pizza momentarily, before she continued. With swallowing her food first. “Well, Ting will be able to take us indeed with him to Terma, but…” “Hm?” Link took a sip of water, asking Zelda to continue. “It seems that getting into Terma and back won’t be an issue, but according to Ting. Well it looks like we might have to spend about a month until we are able to return to Hyrule again.” She took another bite, watching as Link continued to eat his. Contemplating all he will have to be sure to bring along with him. “Mhm?” He responded towards her as she finished her third bite. “If you still feel like going to Terma, then once we are finished. Ting had told me that we just needed to meet him at Terry Port.” Once stood old ruins, but with the extinguishing of the monsters that flooded them. Hudson Construction quickly demolished the ruins, with permission from Princess Zelda. Thus Terry Port was created, with the newly formed Knights run by Hoz. Guarded the port on regular patrols. Despite the monsters not appearing as they used to since the blood moon vanished upon the defeat of the ancient Ganondorf. However their strategic attacks and raids on travelers have improved. With words spreading amongst Depths Construction workers, Monster Villages were spotted forming down in the old mines. Causing many Construct Stewarts to abandon their positioning, with the aid of some of the workers trying to preserve the constructs. In honor of the previous Sage of Spirit and late friend of Princess Zelda. Some had to be reprogrammed by Robbie to get some to accept new tasks, with one being the Dock Manager. Taking inventory of merchant ships and visitors at the dock, with Hudson naming the construct Stewartson. Taking another bite, Link let out an approval grunt. “Mhmph.” Zelda smiled as they continued their meal, but as they finished their pizza. Both were too full to slice into the baked Fruit cake that sat on the table. Zelda, still wanting a piece, stared at the cake for a while, but as she was about to reach for her knife. Link lifted up the cake, before placing inside a wicker basket. “Good idea, it will make a nice treat while we are traveling to Terma.” She smiled, before she stood up to clean up the table. After clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen, both of them began preparing for their trip. “I’m sure Grateson will take care of Zelli and Petal while we're away.” “Mm.” Link nodded his head, with a smile on his face. With the ocarina still holstered to his hip, and the master sword sheath on his back. Link gathered up his stash of rupees from within his desk. Inside Link noticed a dried Sundelion, one he picked from Sonia’s grave with Rauru’s hand. Despite Rauru using the last of his power to heal Link’s body from the gloom that plagued his body, Link couldn’t find himself to part with the flower. “Link!” Zelda hollered towards Link, with her carrying a bag on her back, excitement covered her face. “I’ve gathered up all the needed materials I think we’ll need. Are you ready?” Link pushed the draw on his desk shut, after closing the flower back within the book. Pulling on his back pouch, along with his rupees, Link dashed down the stairs. “Bye, Carp!” Zelda hollered once more, with a splash heard from above. Both of them left the house. Part Four End.Part Five, ,EEchoes of the Past: PortFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the series
Echoes of the Past: PortFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the series Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom. with the Fan-fiction based around my personal play-through of the series, and how I’ve pieced together the series from the few games I’ve played. ^-^ I've not completed all of TotK shines yet either. Here is Part One, Part Two, Part Three, & Part Four,EEchoes of the Past Part one *spoilers for TotKFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past: Master Sword Following in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past: Cremia Milk Following in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesEEchoes of the Past: CarpFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the seriesPart Five, Port “Welcome to Terry Port!” Stewartson was surprisingly energetic that evening, Zelda smiled, as both her and Link approached the construct. “Hello, Stewartson.” Catching the construct’s attention. She continued, “Has Mr. Ting arrived yet?” “I’m afraid not quite yet, Princess Zelda. Sir Hudson however is currently preparing the repairs on his ship as we speak. I would recommend talking with him as we will know more of Mr. Ting’s locations…” With a ding, the construct turned his head towards the Port’s loading site. A boat sat raised above the water, with workers currently repairing the siding. With damage that looked to be from a large Octorok attack. “By my calculations, the repairs shall only take an hour to complete. Please head for the Port Inn to rest until then.” “Alright, please let Mr. Ting know where to find us upon his arrival. Will you, Stewartson?” She smiled as she turned to Link. “Certainly Princess Zelda.” He guided the two towards the Inn, before turning back to the port entrance. Port Inn was run by Risa, as she met an ex-yiga foot-soldier and got married. With her husband now working at the port alongside the Hudson workers, the Yigas’ numbers slowly dwindled since the death of Master Kohga. Many still clung to their ways in hopes to bring destruction upon Hyrule, Zelda, and mostly Link. Upon their first meeting, Risa took bananas that led to them fighting. However, with her fighting ability catching his eye, the two ended up falling in love. Risa’s stomach was showing with Link and Zelda appearing at the Inn. “Princess Zelda, Sir Link, welcome!” A smile was beaming off her face, trying to stand up to greet them. However she was unable to due to her pregnancy. Zelda rushed over towards her, helping her stand upright. Link helped as well. “Risa, please don’t push yourself.” “I’m quite alright, Princess.” She smiled. “What brings you two here to Port Inn?” “We’ve come to wait for the repairs to Mr. Ting’s boat.” She smiled, as she helped Risa walk around the counter. Link’s hands were motioned around her to catch her in the event of falling. “Link…” Zelda whispered towards Link, hinting for him to calm himself. “Oh Ting.” Risa smiled, since leaving Gerudo town and living in Akkala, she has found her way of speaking being similar to that of her husband. “Yes, he made mention of heading back to Terma today. Are you by chance going with him?” “Only for a short trip, would you like us to bring you back something?” Zelda smiled, with Risa sitting down in the lounge chairs in the Inn lobby. “Hmm…according to my darling I shouldn’t think of it, but I would most enjoy a big barrel of Terma’s finest Cremia milk.” Zelda’s face shrugged momentarily by Risa’s request. “Cremia milk while you're pregnant isn’t the best idea, Risa…” “Ah, not you too!” Risa’s face puffed up in a pout. “Rhondson told me that after my baby is born, she’ll treat me to a drink of Cremia…” “See, I’m sure you don’t have much longer to go now, Risa.” Zelda placed her hand on Risa’s shoulder. “Besides, it will taste better once your body has recovered from your pregnancy.” “Are you sure?” Tears started to form on her face, with her emotions a whirlwind.Zelda continued to smile, while Link remembered the time Rhondson was pregnant with Mattison. Recalling the time Hudson asked Link, during the time Rhondson went into labor, if he would become Mattison’s guardian. To which he accepted, causing Link to go to Gerudo desert upon the shroud's appearance after the upheaval. With the aid of Riju, Chief of the Gerudo and Link’s closest friend besides Zelda. Link was able to clear the shroud, and allow Mattison to arrive at Gerudo town. Occasionally a letter arrives for Link from Mattison, telling him of her adventures so far. To which he shares with Hudson, causing the man to begin choking up. Patting her back gently, Link gave her a sense of comfort. “We’re sure, Risa.” Glancing at the basket that she sat down, Zelda walked over. Picking up the cake from within. “Link would it be alright?” Risa glanced at the cake, and with a nod from Link. Zelda turned to Risa. “Since we can’t get you any Cremia milk. Would you like a piece of fruit cake instead?”It didn’t take Risa long to nod her head. Link took the cake from Zelda and headed within the Inn’s kitchen. Upon returning with pieces of cake on two plates, Link handed one to Risa. Puzzled by the additional piece of cake, but before she could ask. He had taken the extra fork from his plate and offered a bite towards Zelda. Upon finishing the last bite of her cake, Risa’s mood lightens.”Sarqso, that was delicious.” “Excuse me…” Poking his head in, Stewartson was glancing at them. “Mr. Ting has arrived at the port, but he has requested that the two of you meet him by the loading site.” “Oh…” With Link’s arm for support, Risa stood up to watch the two collect their things. “Sarqso for sharing your cake, Princess. Please have safe travels to Terma.” “We will, Risa. Please be well until then, I promise to bring something for you and your little one to share!” Zelda smiled as she waved Risa off, with Link close behind her. Stewartson led them down the port, towards the loading site. A short man, taller than Kilton, wearing a green suit stood in front of the port. Recognizing him as they approached, it was Mr. Ting. Despite his height had a sharp tongue when it came to negotiations, which led him to have strong connections with other kingdoms besides Hyrule. With the construct walking up behind him as his focus was watching the repairs. Upon Stewartson speaking, “Mr. Ting.” Ting jumped high into the air. On accident he hollered, “Kooloo!” Turning around in a puff, “Can you not do that! You blasted relics!” “My deepest apologies, Mr. Ting.” Stewartson bowed, before moving to reveal Link and Zelda behind him. “As requested, I’ve brought both Princess Zelda and Sir Link. I do hope you have a pleasant trip, Princess.” With a bow, Stewartson left the loading site. “Why do I suddenly feel terrible?” Ting muttered as he watched the construct motioned back up the hill towards the Port Inn. Zelda sighed softly, turning her attention towards the boat. With his focus returning back to Zelda. “Why if it isn’t Princess Zelda, and Link!” Smacking his hand flatly against Link’s chest, with each smack feeling heavier with each swing. “Since you're both here means you're interested in visiting Terma after all!” “That’s only if we are able to get your boat in floating conditions first!” Yelled one of the Hudson workers that worked adding a new siding along the hull. Grunting as he mumbled words under his breath as he continued. “I mean what did you do to even cause such damage to a lovely boat?” “My deepest apologies, sir…?” Ting stepped away from Link and tipped toed over towards the worker. “I didn’t quite catch your name, kind sir.” “That’s because I didn’t give it to you, sir.” He slammed his hammer down, finishing the repairs work. Ting’s noise twitched slightly, but he kept himself. With Zelda standing close, he couldn’t afford to allow his temper to get the better of him. “Besides, I’m only doing these repairs on your poor boat for the Princess to have a decent break. I don’t need her ending up in a shipwreck cause your boat sank.” “I…I understand your concern, kind sir.” Ting calmed himself as he pulled up his tie. “Might I ask how long will the new sealant be set in place so we may ship off?” “Just be patient, the sealant only takes about thirty minutes to set, an hour at most. If I was you, I would be rushing over to Town and gathering any last minute supplies you might need.” He walked outside the Loading site, pulling out a box. One of the few items that comes into the port since construction, as a small island to the south of Martha's Landing being the supplier. Brought on through the trading between Lurelin Village. Not many merchants sell this item throughout Hyrule, due to Zelda’s distaste for the smell and her worry for the health of those that touch it. However the rare few that do, try to avoid engaging in this item around Zelda, out of respect for the Princess. Ting was still in a huff, as he tightened his tie before turning to the duo. “Well it would seem that our departure will be delayed for a tad bit longer. Since you two will be away for a while, maybe we should head to Town and get some supplies.”Link noticed him mumble to himself. Something along the lines of, “...I also might need to get it before I forget.” Zelda smiled, grabbing hold of Link’s hand. “Just until the boat is ready, let’s go and get some spare clothes?” “Mhm.” Nodding his head, he followed behind her as they headed towards thesouth Terry road. Part Five end.
Echoes of the Past Part one *spoilers for TotKFollowing in an Au fan-fiction of the series Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom. with the Fan-fiction based around my personal play-through of the series, and how I’ve pieced together the series from the few games I’ve played. ^-^ Part One, Ocarina. A gentle melody of an Ocarina whispers against the Lookout Landing, catching the attention of young Josha. A young student under Purah, who was busy in her lab in Hateno Village working on a new invention. With the help of the Zonai Survey team, she was able to have a team search the surrounding area for the source of the melody. With the gentle touch of the evening sun on her bright blonde hair as she stepped outside, noticing the young sheikah worry. With only a few months since the defeat of the ancient Ganondorf, Zelda acted like her normal self before the upheaval. With the secret stone from her time in the ancient Hyrule still worn around her neck. "Josha, what seems to be the matter?" "Princess!" Josha turned to face Princess Zelda as she walked up towards her, but another melody played slowly whispered throughout the Lookout. Catching Zelda's attention right away, as she heard the melody before. "Princess?" She asked in concern as Zelda's gaze seemed to freeze momentarily. "Send word for Purah to come, please?" Zelda waved towards an overhead Rito as they flew past. "Right away, Princess!" He hollered at her, before turning towards Necluda in a rush. Wind rustled through his feathers as he flapped his wings, vanishing behind the twin peaks. Zelda turned her attention to Josha. "Until Purah gets here, let's keep trying to pinpoint the source of the sound." Zelda quickly turned to rush back inside, grasping hold of her Purah pad. "Without a doubt, Link will be here soon once he hears..." She smiled as she rushed back out to Josha to join the search team. Chimes of a bell filled Hateno village with joy as children empty the school house. Professor Link glanced out the windows of the school hall. Feeling a familiar sensation in his gut, one that he thought was close to being done. With the students off to their homes, Link began to walk up to Purah's lab. As of late, he began to enjoy helping with Purah and Robbie research. With them working on constructing a scuba gear device for non-Zora to travel underwater. Since gaining his memories of Mipha, and Sidon's marriage to Yona. A zora from outside the domain, Link wanted to one day visit one of these domains. With his mind imagining the joy on Zelda's face upon getting to explore brought joy to his face.Upon readying himself to begin the walk up the hill to the lab, Link noticed a Rito rushing quickly from the distance. Uncommon for Rito to travel such a distance, especially one that he recognized from the Lookout. Link began to pick up his pace, concern started to peck at him. Hopefully Zelda was alright, or so he thought. Upon reaching the lab, Link could hear a commotion coming from inside. "Are you sure you put it over here, Purah?" "Of course I'm sure!" Link opened the door for Purah to fling a few items his way. Luckily for his reflexes, Link dodged as she threw them until she finally stopped. Standing up with a piece of rebuilt Zonai tech, using items from Mineru's Construct. "Ah there it is!" "Well hand it here! We can't get ready for the test run if we don't get it running first!" Robbie hollered at her, as his backpack had mechanical legs. Supporting him due to his age, making it easier for him to travel. With the upheaval giving Robbie more items to use towards upgrading his gear. "Oh, hello there Link! You are just in time, my boy!" Purah scrambled around, pulling her goggles from her face. "Linky! Did you come to check out the progress so far?" She smiled as she placed the zonai tech inside a giant Whale device. With the tech set, Robbie began to reach for the power supply, but as he was about to flip it over the doors opened. Exhausted from his flight, the Rito caught his breath. "Oh? Is something the matter?" "P-Princess Zelda has summoned your aid, mistress Purah." He crouched, stretching his wings before standing up to look her in the face. Purah sighed lightly, but turned her attention to the Rito. "My aid? Right when I was about to use my new device too.." She glanced back at the device and then to Link. "I'll head that way shortly, but you'd best head that way before I get there." She smiled. "To ease any of these worries I know you must be having." Robbie chuckled, Link's ears began to turn a slight shade of red. Either from Embarrassment or from his feelings in regards to Princess Zelda. "Don't worry, my boy. We'll be right behind you once we load this up!" "Load it up?" Purah turned to look at Robbie as he chuckled. "We can use it at the moat surrounding Hyrule Castle for the testing area for the gear, plus we don't have to worry about it sinking or drifting out by the sea current." Robbie began loading up his tools before moving out towards his air balloon. "Who knows, it might come in handy with what Zelda is needing." Purah chuckled lightly as she glanced over. With Link long gone from the lab, with only the Rito standing by the door. Preparing himself for the flight back, before setting off Purah gave him a letter. "Here, give this to Princess Zelda. As well inform her that I'll begin setting out once we are all loaded up here." "Yes, Ma'am." Upon placing the letter in his back pouch, he was off back towards the Lookout. Glancing from below in the village, Link stood with his trusted horse by his side. His quiver filled with a fresh supply of carved arrows, he started his trip to Hyrule field. After the upheaval, Link built defenses around Hateno to keep the monsters from pushing into the village. With the fort coming into view, Link could hear the neighing of horses that began to live freely in the plains passing the fort. With the stable opening the Dueling Stable Ranch, with horses that the stable sell to travelers unable to tame their own. Link remembered much of his time since the final battle, tending to the horses that now roam the ranch. With him helping tame many of the horses that live within the ranch. With the sight of the newly Twin bridges coming into view, Link quickly reached to give his horse a carrot. Allowing her to pick up her speed as her hooves clanked against the metal boards of the bridge. After the final battle, Link began to notice the decrease in monsters and the beasts that used to torment travelers. With the sages using their secret stones along with Zelda to help tend to the land of Hyrule, Link found himself taking it easy for the last few months. With him spending his days living not as the noble swordsman, but Professor Link. As his horse was about to reach Hyrule field, a light howl caught his attention. Making Link turn his gaze towards the source. A wolf, with a fog of shadow shielding it, sat staring at Link. Glancing at him and then towards Faron, but only for a moment until it vanished with another howl. Curious, Link returned his attention to Zelda, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was familiar about that wolf. Only he was unable to fully recall how. With the Lookout coming into view, Link's mind quickly jumped into action. Upon arriving at the mini stable, Link leaves his horse to rush towards the Lookout building. Zelda stood puzzled as she stared at the floor, with her chin in hand. "We searched, but we can't seem to locate the sources..." Upon sensing his presence, Zelda smiled before turning to greet him. "Link, you made it! I somehow had a feeling you would show up!" She paused as she looked towards Hyrule Castle, "Recently Josha, and myself have begun to notice the sound of an Ocarina. Although we are having difficulties locating the source." She turns to Link, "So I've sent word to Purah for her assistance." Link smiles as he explains to her the Scuba gear, Purah and Robbie's recent experiment. Her face began to shine bright with excitement as he spoke to her, explaining the details that were shared with him. "Oh how wonderful! I do look forward to seeing this device! I'm sure Mineru would be pleased to know her construct is being reused to help in Hyrule's restoration." As Zelda and Link were smiling at each other, Josha and a few members of the Zonai survey unit rushed towards her. She looked at them as Josha jogged over towards her. "Princess, we were finally able to find where the sound might be coming from!" With her attention, Zelda followed behind her as they rushed to Hyrule Castle. Link followed behind them as they rushed towards the location the team found. Upon arriving at the edge of the Castle gate bridge, Josha pointed in the direction of the water. "We looked all around the area, but thanks to one of the Zora we were able to locate the sound coming from there." "Do we know what appears to be making this noise?" Zelda asked the Zora. "It appears to be trapped under a grate, Princess." Swimming closer towards her, the Zora continued. "I was able to find it coming in the depths of the moat, but I'm unable to reach it. It's definitely an Ocarina by the looks of it." "Strange, I didn't think instruments were able to play underwater." Josha looked at Zelda as her face started to sparkle, before looking back at Link. "Oh this is indeed wonderful! It would appear that the new device, Purah and Robbie design will indeed come to much use!" Returning her gaze to the Zora, "Until Purah arrives, would you please keep watch over the Ocarina?" "Yes, Princess!" Responding with a quickness, the Zora swam under the water surface. Zelda joined Link back towards the Lookout, as the same Rito arrived. With the letter from Purah in his hand as he handed it towards Zelda, but as Zelda took the letter. Robbie's balloon soon came into view of the Lookout. While Purah appeared using her Purah pad to transport, a bundle of books was stuffed under her arms. Retrieving the letter from Zelda, as she noticed Link close to her. "It would seem that this isn't needed, since Link must've told you by now." She smiled at the duo before walking to Josha's station. Placing down her books, Purah turned to some Hudson workers as they finished building the expansion of the Lookout. "Prepare to help unload the Scuba Gear from Robbie once he lands, please." With his balloon slowly descending as a large whale device that appeared to be strapped underneath. Robbie steered the balloon to land on top of a perch built for traveling Rito. Allowing the device to hang from the basket, workers rushed over to help unstrap the device. Robbie, using his mechanical legs hopped out of the basket, scaring a construction worker by his new legs. "I do hope you didn't damage it on your way here, Robbie!" "I wouldn't dare do such a thing to this masterpiece!" Robbie's robotic leg stomped in protest. "Besides, I don't think this device is yet ready to be sync to the Purah pad." "Did you at least bring the backup power supply?" Purah walked over, glancing at the device. Robbie reached into his satchel to pull out a large Zonai battery. Purah snatched it from his hand before reaching into the device, installing the battery in place. "If my calculations are correct from Linky's power belt data, and a few redesigning on my part. This device shouldn't consume any more than this." With the power supply installed, Purah jumped back before reaching for her Purah Pad. "Good thing I keep a backup boot system on here!" She smiled as she pressed a button. Zelda could hear the gears turning inside the giant whale device, with a striking resemblance to that of a divine beast. Lights turned on from its eyes as the gentle roar of an engine could be heard humming slightly. However as the roar of the scuba gear began, another wave of gentle music from the Ocarina could be heard once more through the Lookout. Catching both Sheikahs' attention, Purah looked over at Zelda. Remembering her reasoning for traveling the device from the comfort of her Hateno lab. "Josha, did you hear that sound as well?" "I did, and thanks to a Zora we were able to pinpoint the location of the source. That being Hyrule Castle moat." Josha placed the paperwork on the Scuba gear back down, turning to look at Purah walked towards her young student. "However, we aren't able to reach it due to it being behind a structure. Even the Zora couldn't reach it, but he was able to identify the source as being an Ocarina." "An Ocarina?" She glanced towards the gear towards the castle. Still floating high above from the ground, but with a recent decline in monsters. Hudson construction has begun building a bridge towards the castle once more. However with the upheaval, Purah could imagine the original route to such a place must've been destroyed. "Hmm, I'm sure instruments can't be played underwater, but this will be the perfect test run!" Turning towards Link,"Oh yes, this should indeed help us retrieve it. So we can begin investigations further!" Zelda smiled, with an excited twinkle in her eye for adventure. "Let's begin preparation right away, Link isn't this exciting!" Without another word, Zelda dashed towards the Scuba gear. Many of the Hudson workers began to help move the device closer to the moat, as the device didn't have any form of movement on land. Zelda carried a box of tools given to her by Hudson, a welcoming gift upon her first trip to Terry Town. With only grabbing a few tools that could be used it retrieved the device. As she was curious about Purah's newest invention, one that Link kept a secret even from her. Josha walked up behind her, stuck reading the instructions for the scuba gear that was written by Purah. She struggled to make out some of the words within the notes, but she followed along slightly. Helping Zelda pick out the appropriate tools. "It would seem that we are in need of something to at least make an opening, from the looks of it we can install attachments to the device." Purah was busy leading the Hudson workers in the reinstalling of the device, but Robbie close by walked over towards the two . He began properly explaining the device. While the preparations began, Link began to stroll around the Lookout. Taking in the new improvements made to the once fortress. As it slowly started to turn into a village for the Monster control Unit and the Researchers, houses were slowly being built along the Lookout. With Expansion stretching towards the old Ranch. With children running through the newly built roads of the Lookout. Link couldn't help thinking of his students, as his time without the duty of hero on him, was a nice recovery for his strength. A newly built restaurant sat close to the mini stable, along with an Inn for travelers. Despite the few bumpy roads, and the final battle with the ancient Ganondorf. Hyrule's slow restoration had started to show with the construction of Lookout Landing, and with the expansion brought more structure to the fallen kingdom. Rito flew overhead as they landed on houses built on the fallen sky islands that littered the kingdom. "Another order please!" Link heard the drunk hollering of one of the local farmers. Slamming down a jug that had a drizzle of milk dripping on the table. "Sir, I think you had enough." A young barmaid smiled at him, with her hair parted in braids. "Besides, we need to make sure to have some for the other customers as well!" "I want another though!" He whined before standing to his feet, placing a few rupees on the table. He left the building, but as he was passing Link. His feet gave out to his drunken state. Before smacking into the dirt, Link caught hold of the man. Relief hit him as he stood on his feet. Grasping hold of himself before letting go of Link's shoulder. "Thank you, brother..." Link nodded his head as he helped the man to a nearby stool, allowing him to sit down. His drunk haze made his mind spin momentarily. Forcing him to lean against the restaurant wall as he looked up at the sky. As Link touched his shoulder to see if the man was alright, he fell asleep. Sighing, Link helped lean the man into the shade, keeping the sun from his eyes. "Link!" Turning around, he noticed Zelda. Her face was covered in excitement as she rushed towards him, but he reached her first. Grasping his hand, she turned to lead him towards the castle. "Come on! Purah says that the gear is ready to go!" As they rushed outside the Lookout through the ruins of the old Castle town. Another howl caught Link's attention, making him pause. Zelda turned to him with a concerned look covering the once excited smile, forcing Link to snap out of his gaze. Reassuring her that all was well, they continued towards the castle moat. Purah stood helping Josha install a device to help dig the Ocarina from under the water. Worried to cause any more of the castle to crumble on top of it before being able to investigate, Purah installed a hook-shot device in the fins of the scuba gear. "Purah what are those?" Noticing Link and Zelda as they approached, Purah lifted up the second set of hooks for them to see. Held with two hands, with a long chain coiled around a base, Purah made it look easy to hold. Handing it off to a Hudson worker, with another rushing to help keep it in place. Purah used one of her tools to finish the last installment. " These are hooks that Robbie insists I install in these, but given the circumstances. I find that you two might need these if we want to retrieve that Ocarina in one piece." Upon tightening the last bolt, she stood up before running her finger along her Purah Pad. "Let's see...Ah there it is!" With a press, the back hatch of the device opened up. Inside sat two chairs and a steering wheel. "Where are the controls for the hook-shot?" Zelda quickly sat into the device behind the wheel, her face was covered in excitement. She quickly looked around the dashboard, behind the steering. "Don't worry, Princess." Robbie walked over, "I've finished the updates to the Purah Pad, so you should be able to use it to sync the controls." "I thought you said that the device wasn't ready to be sync yet, Robbie?" Purah looked at him, but he smirked at her. "Come on, we both know that you've already got it in sync with yours." Purah chuckled at him as he continued. "Besides we both know the Princess will be able to use the controls for this device if her Purah pad was synced." "Yeah, you do have a point there." Turning to Link as he started to get himself set inside the device. Being unable to travel on land, Purah had the device set to release into the water, but only once she made sure the two were seated. As she was unaware of how the ride within would be, with being the first test run of the device. After showing Zelda the controls, Purah pressed a button on her Pad that allowed the hatch to close. "Don't worry now, if all my calculations are correct. Once in the water you two should be able to sink, don't worry I made sure there were no cracks!" Despite being unable to hear outside the gear, Purah's voice echoed out the pad to them from her own. "Alright, begin raising for the dive!" "Doc your sure it's safe?" Josha's voice could be heard, in a questioning tone. "Will they be able to breath down there?" "Yep, made sure of it when I started building this baby!" Her voice sounded confident, but Robbie's voice soon hollered out to her. "But didn't you scrap that design for that one a few years ago?" Purah didn't respond for a moment to him. Zelda looked out the scuba gear window to see Purah looking away from him smiling. Trying to recall her memories, as her first attempts on the scuba gear were a whim in her early Seventies. Back before Link awoke from his long hundred year slumber. "Well I'm sure I used the same mechanics around this one!" Her voice didn't match her face as she spoke, but she continued. "Besides, I'm confident that all will work out!" Without any further delay, the scuba gear was sent off into the water. Purah quickly pulled up her Pad. "Testing, Princess Zelda, do you read me?" Purah froze for a moment as Robbie and Josha quickly rushed to the edge of the moat. Worry covered their faces as they didn't receive a response. As Purah quickly began to pull off her jacket to jump in after them, ready to call the test a failure. Zelda responded, "I read you Purah! You should see it down here! Link, look, there is the Zora!" After a sign of relief, Purah pulled her jacket back on. "Well good, I'm glad to see all is going smoothly." Link held the steering wheel as he guided the gear deeper into the water. With the edge of the moat coming into view, the zora swarmed towards them. Zelda scanned around on her Purah pad. Finding the right software, with a press of the button she could hear the voice of the Zora as he spoke towards them. “This must be what was looking down at me from the top. Thank goodness, I was worried a monster was littering above.” He motioned his forearm across his forehead. Zelda looked at her Purah pad, before lifting to speak. “My apologies, would you be so kind and show us to the Ocarina?” “Yes, right this way Princess!” Recognizing her voice, as he could only make out the set of eyes looking through the scuba gear device’s teeth. Turning downwards, he guided them. Following closely behind, with the light humming of the battery echoing as the edge of the stone side of the moat started to appear. A small grate started to become clearer, with Link noticing a soft melody coming through the Purah Pad. Zelda used the Purah pad, as Robbie instructed her beforehand, to open the hook shots from their resting position. “Right there, you can see parts of it from here.” Pulling the gear in place as instructed by the Zora, Link noticed a reflecting light of blue. A gold triforce was imprinted on the mouth piece, but Zelda couldn’t recognize the instrument. Even from her time studying the royal family artifacts, but like the history of Hyrule’s founding. Many pieces of the Royal family were lost, even amongst the family itself. Meeting his gaze, Zelda turned to start using the hook shots to cling onto the grate. “Oh, I do hope this doesn’t cause the rest of the structure to collapse!” Worry covered her face as she pressed the button for the hooks to fire, with a loud noise, they attached. With the hooks looped tightly around the bars, Zelda began to slowly pull the chains back. Her finger slowly glides across the Purah pad, chains clinking back in place. Until they tighten, with the force of the final pull of the chains, breaking the bars of the grate. Despite the tight fit, the Zora swam into the opening, reaching inwards pulling out the Ocarina. Zelda leaned towards the opening watching as the Zora slowly crawled back out. Holding in his hand the instrument. Relief hit Zelda as she turned to her pad once more, speaking. “Please take it to Purah, we’ll be returning back as well.” “Yes, Princess!” He nodded his head, before swimming upwards towards the water surface. Leaning back down, Zelda smiled at Link as he began to steer the device upwards. “Purah, do you read me?” Zelda poked through her pad, with a stumble she received a response. “Loud and clear, Princess!” “We’ve begun to ascend back to the surface, I’ve asked the Zora to deliver the Ocarina to you.” With the grate vanishing back into the water, Link continued to drive them back towards the surface. “Don’t worry about that, Princess. I’ve just received it. Josha has already begun looking it over.” Her voice sounded upbeat as she spoke. “I’ve already got a docking system set in, so Linky should be able to just guide the device straight in.” “Thank you, Purah.” Zelda smiled at Link, with him returning the smile as they continued upwards. With a set of floating balloons bobbing against the top of the water came into view. Guiding the device to line up with the balloons, Link began the final ascent. With the breaking of the water as the top lifted open, Zelda stretched upwards. Excited from her test run of the new device. Purah appeared to walk away, with the Zora standing on the edge of the moat. “Where did Purah go? I was sure she would be here waiting for us?” “Mistress Purah went ahead with young Josha towards the Lookout, Princess.” Responding to her, reaching his hand outwards for the duo to exit the Scuba gear. “She asked that I tell you upon your arrival.” “Thank you.” She smiled as she looked at Link. “Let’s go then, I’m most curious about this instrument, Link.” He felt the same as her, curious, but he also felt something eerie about the instrument. With the gentle whisper of another howl. Link glanced around, while Zelda had begun to walk towards the Lookout. Feeling the same presence as before, but without wanting to cause Zelda’s joy to change. Link brushed it off as he chased after her. Part one End.Part Two, ,EEchoes of the Past: Master Sword Following in an Au fan-fiction of the series
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Hey all you Zelda fans!

If you want something to get your creative juices flowing, somebody is putting on a contest for "Anything From Zelda" with point prizes. If you want to go and check it out, here is the link. -->…
Make sure that you read all the rules before participating. :)

See you soon for a contest hosted by this group.
Hello Zelda Fans! is holding their Character Battle again this year! Right now one of the battles is going on and Link needs your help to beat Draven. We can't let our favorite hero down so head over to and cast your vote for him. Do it quickly because the voting period will end soon. Here is the link -->  Also there is no registration required to vote.

Don't let Draven trample over Link. Vote for him!

If you guys were waiting for a new contest... all I have to say is soon.

All right everyone!

Our last contest is over and the judging is complete. The theme of this contest was a Cosplay contest! Here is a link to the information page on the contest. --> legendofzeldafanz.deviantart.c…

We admins, and three members who donated prizes, judged these pieces and chose the winners.

For our scoring we used a point based system from 1-10. We judged these picks on the how the costume looked, the scene (or atmosphere), and if it looked like the character. It was a hard decision, but we finally came to an agreement.

So without further ado, let us announce the winners of this contest!

First Place
Lon Lon Milk - Malon Legend of Zelda OoT…
by :iconartemismooncosplay:
With a score of 9.30
You prizes are…
       2 chibis + base colored (two different ore one with 2 chracters) by :iconviokcha:
       a digital artwork by :iconkaja-tan:
       a gmv(with a song on choice enter Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword) by :iconjeako:
       a traditional artwork by :iconnenril-tf:  
       a llamas by all the admins(4 llamas)
       Your work will be added in Featured Folder

Second Place
Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess 03…
by :icondizzymonogatari:
With a score of 9.15
Your prizes are…
a chibi + base colored by :iconviokcha:
        a colored digital chibi by :iconkaja-tan:
        a chibi and a watch from :iconnintendosegagirl:
        a llamas by all the admins(4 llamas)
        Your work will be added in Cosplay Winners Folder

Third Place
Zelda and Link Skyward Sword cosplay…
by :iconlayzemichelle:
With a score of 9.15
Your prizes are…
 a chibi colored by :iconviokcha:
         a line art by :iconkaja-tan:
         a bust drawing + a llama by :iconlizbethlizard:
         a llamas by all the admins(4 llamas)
         Your work will be added in Cosplay Winners Folder

Congratulations to the winners!
It was so great to see all of the wonderful consumes!
The prize donors will contact the winners and then go from there so the prizes may given.
Thank you so much for the participating in the contest everyone! Stay tuned for more updates and future contests.

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