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Old MTM1 Tracks MTM2 Remakes Pack by legendofwii92 Old MTM1 Tracks MTM2 Remakes Pack by legendofwii92
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Game: Monster Truck Madness 2

Addon Type: Track
Track Type: Pack / Various

- - - Addon Description - - -

Here's more nostalgia for you!
Remember those awesome days when you would drive in Mud Pies in MTM1? Oh how fun it was to crush those cars anytime when not in a drag race!
Or how 'bout the countless times you got lost in a rally track such as Arizona, Highlands Rally, or Yucatan Adventure when finding the long way home?
Or even the special memories you had during different drag races?

Well now I have all the MTM1 Circuit and Rally tracks that did not return INCLUDING DRAGS to be in MTM2!
I upgraded the textures, some models, and other things here and there.
And yes, I know there is no real Drags in MTM2 since that type never came back for whatever dumb reason and we got the cool Rumble type instead... I recommend doing 1 lap races to make them real drags, and yes they do race on the J-styled drags, I figured out how to get course segments to work there all thanks to looking at someone's track on MTMG when I needed a quick answer by looking in that track.

I did my absolute best on any track that had water, so they might look a little "weird" to you.
Oh well, that's just how it goes in trial and error.


This addon (C) :iconlegendofwii92:
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Submitted on
February 1, 2017
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