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Twilight Knight Art by legendofren

Everything went black but when DJ Fist could see again, he was practically thrown down a heavily forested mountain side by an invisible force.

“Ahhh! Oomph! Oomph!” DJ Fist vocalized as his broad, muscular body bounced down a slope, running into several shrubs and trees along the way, which was scratching his skin up and bruising his body.

When he finally landed, he stared up at the trees that were hanging over him like a canopy and for a moment, he couldn’t think.

“¿Qué diablos (“What the heck?”)?”  he gasped as he tried to catch his breath and distract his mind from the pain surging through his body from the fall. He had a brief moment of shock when he was abducted from his home and dropped off in a forest out of nowhere, and as his body started to calm down and his mind became clearer, he attempted to make sense of things.

“Where am I? What happened? Why am I here?” DJ Fist asked out loud, feeling frightened, which didn’t happen too often for him. He looked around for awhile as he tried to calm himself down even further before he made himself get up. His limbs were protesting heavily but he knew he couldn’t lay there forever. He groaned as he used a nearby tree to help pull himself up and he slouched against it, panting as that alone made him tired.

“Do I have phone coverage?” DJ Fist asked out loud as he reached down into his pockets. When he didn’t feel anything, he panicked as he frantically dug through his other pockets and was horrified when he remembered something.

“No! Dang it! My phone’s still on the charger at home!” he cried, “I won’t be able to call anyone for help, unless I find someone or something around here. Vamanos, DJ. Go find help.”

Though he moved slowly, DJ Fist went from tree to tree as he descended on the mountain. He was flabbergasted about this random event.

“Man I really hope I’m not too far away from home” DJ Fist said out loud, “But I hope more that I can find a phone somewhere. So that Kaysha and the guys can know that I’m okay and bring me back home.”

DJ Fist wandered through and around the trees for a few hours, his stomach angry with hunger but DJ’s appetite not a priority at the moment.

“How big is this montaña (“mountain”)?” DJ Fist groaned as he continued on, “I feel like I’ve been wandering for ages.”

Suddenly DJ heard a hair raising snarling hiss from behind him. And it sounded like a very big cat.

DJ Fist jumped and spun around, gasping as he saw the ferocious and vicious-looking animal. The pain in his body no longer mattered as there was only one thing to do.

“Run, DJ, runnnnn!” he cried out loud before running away as fast as his legs could carry him.

The cat let out a screech as it ran after him. And it caught up.


It roared before jumping at him, teeth bared and claws at the ready to rip into him.

“What heck is that?!” DJ gasped out in horror as he picked up his pace the best he could, “What does it want from me?!”

The large cat pounced on him, knocking DJ to the ground and it bit into his arm and its claws caught his face and neck and a spot on his side.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!” DJ Fist cried as he writhed around on the ground in agonizing pain

For a moment it looked like the cat would kill him until the sound of hooves could be heard approaching at full speed.

Something knocked the cat off of DJ and the feline screeched at whatever interfered.

“PICK A GOD AND PRAY!” Someone with a deep booming voice bellowed.

It was a knight on the back of a horse and he attacked the cat using a long intimidating spear.

DJ Fist was in too much pain to completely comprehend what was going on but he could see the form of a knight and he breathed a sigh of grateful relief that he was not ripped apart again and that someone had come to save him.

The knight fought the feline off and when it was gone he jumped down from his horse and went over to DJ quickly.

The knight knelt beside him and took off his helmet revealing a face that was a mirror image of DJ’s only somewhat older.

“This looks bad.” He said before taking off the red cloak from his back and tearing it like tissue paper and wrapping the cloth tight around DJ’s wounded arm and side and doing his best to dress the wound on DJ’s face and neck.

“You're lucky it didn't pierce a main artery or vein.” DJ’s knight doppelganger said to him.

DJ Fist looked up at him weakly and tried to look at him clearly. He wasn’t comprehending at the moment the striking similarities between the two.

“Th-th-thank you for s-saving me” DJ Fist said quietly, but hissing in pain as even talking was making his face hurt.

“Don't talk man. Save your strength. I’ll get you to safety and get you help.” The knight said before putting his helmet back on then easily picking DJ up like he weighed nothing, putting him on his uninjured side on the back of the horse. “Just try and stay awake.”

The knight got on the horse behind where he’d put DJ then he urged the horse on with a sense of urgency.

DJ Fist groaned in pain as he was bounced around from the horse’s gallop, and he was fighting to stay awake, which he did, but a part of him wished he could fall asleep so that he didn’t have to feel or think about the personal hell that he was going through right now.

It was a little while before the horse stopped and DJ felt other hands on him, lifting him off the back of the large horse. The sun was high in the sky but… The sky was purple.

‘Es ... es que ... es que ... un cielo púrpura? (“ that...a purple sky?”)’ DJ Fist thought to himself, something more simple for him to make out. ‘Where am I?’

DJ could feel someone fussing over him and he felt someone pull the quickly done dressing off his neck and face and ice cold water was poured on the wound.

Faces were muddled for him so all he could see were shadows, shapes of people leaning over him.

DJ Fist moaned softly in relief, the cold water giving him some form of pain reduction that he was desperately craving. Every minute felt like an eternity for him, and he hoped with all this might that this torment would soon end and he would feel better again.

He felt the cold on his other wounds, and eventually the pain subsided dramatically.

“Ohhhhhh….muchas gracias (“thank you so much”)” DJ Fist said out loud, his face no longer stinging with pain, though it did feel a bit numb from all the cold water poured on it.

“Denada mis amigo.” (You're welcome my friend) A woman replied. “Des. His wounds are healing but he’ll have some nasty scars.” The woman said to someone nearby.

“Just get him back to where he can function properly.” A voice replied. It was the knight that saved him. “He needs rest. He's all kinds of banged up. He's a tough one though. Just like me when I was his age.”

Because DJ Fist’s face felt better, he turned the direction of the knight’s voice and his eyes got wide as soon as they looked at his face. He blinked a few times and nearly pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t seeing things but what he was seeing was real. The knight...looked like an older version of him!

“Am I... am I in... the future?” he asked, looking and feeling puzzled

“Not quite, man. I'm an older alternate version of you. Just as you are a younger alternate version of me.” The knight said as he turned his head to show DJ that he had no scars on his face or neck where the scratches were currently on DJ.

“Alternate version?” DJ Fist repeated, “So... alternate reality? ¿Qué diablos (“What the heck?”)? That’s crazy.”

“Maybe so. But dude you're one lucky ducky because I just saved your life from a demon.” DJ’s alternate said.

DJ Fist’s eyes got wide again. “A demon?” he asked out loud in shock, “That freaky cat was a demon in disguise?”

“Spot on. And it got away so my best guess is that it's hunting you. Though for what purpose I don't know yet.”

“Dang...My Yung was right...Though I never expected to be abducted from my home and dropped off in some random spot” DJ Fist replied, “Where am I, anyways?”

“The planet Avalon. We're in the Everfree mountain range. Half a day’s ride on horseback away from the city of Alerai.” The black knight replied. “Not that I’d expect you to know where any of that is or what it is.”

DJ Fist, who had been lying down, shot up so fast that his wounds began to ache, and he groaned as he gently laid his body back down.

“I’m on a different planet?” he asked, even more shocked than before, “... So I’m nowhere near home…? Oh Kaysha…” he said as began to feel emotional, upset that his girlfriend would no doubt be freaking out about his absence, and he hated that he was separated from her.

“We're you with anyone when you were abducted?” the woman asked him.

“Yeah” DJ Fist nodded, “My girlfriend Kaysha and my bros Ice and Cobra, whom, if you’re the alternate me, you should know who they are.” he told the knight

“I personally don't know anyone named Kaysha. My Cobra and Ice, however are on our Earth. Probably being dumbasses and provoking the scorpions, a rival skate group. But… If you were with others when you were taken. Chances are that demon took the others you were with too. And scattered you all far and wide.”

DJ Fist gasped and began to feel even more upset than before. “No... that means they might have gotten attacked by that demon too or are about to...and there’s nothing I can do to help them, or know where they went to…”

“Right now. We need to focus on getting you somewhere safe. You're vulnerable and that spells disaster. Have faith in your homies man. They're smart and resourceful. Even if they can act dumb sometimes. They'll survive.”

“Des. I'm done.” The woman said.

“Thanks, Sarina.” He said with a nod.

“Also. One way or another. I have a feeling that everyone that demon took that you know. Will find their way to you.” Sarina said to DJ

“Siren sense?” Des asked and Sarina nodded.

DJ Fist looked at her and nodded. “Thanks... Thank you both for saving me and for treating me... I was feelin’ like hell, and it was the worst kind of torture I’ve ever felt...What are your names, anyways? Do I call you DJ?” he asked Des

“Aha, no actually. I kinda started to grow outta that twenty years ago. The only time I go by DJ Fist anymore is for Skate competitions or the little munchkins around the Weyr callin me DJ. I’m Desmund James Fist. Call me Des.” Des introduced himself

“Des....Nice to meet ya, man” DJ Fist replied, “Since you shared your full name, I’ll share mine. Dominic James Rodriguez. I guess I’ll drop the DJ and be called Dom from now on. Heh it’d be a first, though.”

“It's a change. But only if you want it to be.” Des said. “Also, this is my girl Sarina. She healed up your wounds. You got some scars now but they won't just split open and bleed.”

“You’ll just be sore as hell for a few days.” Sarina said.

DJ Fist grimaced but nodded again. “I’ll deal. It’s nice to meet you too, Sarina. You’ve got mad skills being able to heal me.”

“I'm not as good as Mike but I am pretty awesome.” Sarina joked with a smile.

“I agree” DJ Fist smiled. “So, what’s Avalon like, anyways?”

“It's a planet of magic. Any kind of magic creature you can think of. It's here on this planet. Though there are precious few Dragons.” Sarina said. “Only seven mated pairs then two extra male Dragons.”

“A planet of magic with Dragons?” DJ Fist asked, starting to feel fascinated. “That’s really cool! Hehe Cassie and Charmaine, my girl Kaysha’s little sisters, would love that, especially Cassie. She’s really into all that fantasy stuff. But why so few Dragons?” he asked curiously, “Where are the others?”

“Dead. Dragon kind was nearly made extinct. The oldest dragon in existence currently is Pyrah. She's two hundred and twelve years old. The only reason dragons still exist is because the eggs that the sixteen mature dragons were hatched from were enchanted.” Sarina explained.

DJ Fist felt saddened. “That’s horrible!” he exclaimed, “Who or what killed so many Dragons, and why?” Contrary to Drago and his father Shendu, who were demons, he and his crew all found dragons fascinating, and he knew Cassie felt the same way.

“Humans corrupted by dark magic wiped out all living Dragons of the old era that we know of, seeking to obtain immortality. They failed to become immortal but Dragons were extinct for over a thousand years.” Des said.

“My gosh... that’s awful” DJ Fist said sadly, “Some seriously messed up stuff right there.”

“What's done is done. The important thing is that Dragons are finally making a comeback.” Sarina said.

“Really?” DJ Fist asked, “That’s awesome! Have any been hatched or whatever yet?”

“No but there will be eggs very soon.” Des said “Two clutches. One from Kyrah and Soaren’s Dragons. Then one from my and Sarina’s dragons.”

“You guys have Dragons?” DJ Fist asked, surprised. “Way cool! Tell me about em!”

“How about we take you to the Weyr and introduce you instead?” Des asked.

“Really?!” DJ Fist asked, his eyes twinkling with excitement, “Man I don’t care if I’m sore! I’m gonna go!”

Des chuckled and helped DJ up. “Alright then. Let's go.”
New chapter is finally up for DJ Fist's short story! In this chapter, DJ finds himself on a whole new planet (sound familiar hint hint Cassie's story?) and is thrown in the jaws of danger rather quickly, only to be saved by... himself? Read on!

DJ Fist belongs to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
Des and Sarina belong to :iconbikermicechick:
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