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A month passed and everything had seemed to have fallen into a routine that was working great for the Ice Crew. They worked hard and then got to do stuff with their friends and their brothers. Lorraine had stopped by a few times and she and Vicky went out to goof off. They received regular updates from the Raiders and such. Everyone was just playing the waiting game for the next amulet to pop up. But in all, life was going great.

That particular day, the McStones were eating take out at Section 13 with the Ice Crew. Vicky was staring pretty hard at her food as she thought about something.

“Vicky dear, what's on your mind?” Tag asked as he noticed his daughter’s expression.

“I've been thinking about this seriously for a while… and I’ve come to a decision that I wanna move out of the house and in with Pit Viper…” Vicky stated.

The Ice Crew looked at her surprised and Tag, Lydia and Micky were close to falling out of their seats.

“WHAT?!?!” they cried out at the same time.

“Vicky! You can't leave me! Why do you wanna leaaaaaveeeee?!” Micky exclaimed.

“Because Pit Viper is all alone in that huge five bedroom house and though she’s really, reeeeeally good at hiding it. I can tell that she’s depressed and she’s said multiple times that the house is spooky at night when she’s by herself… Which is always.” Vicky replied.

“Mmmm...yes...It is wise for a young woman to not live alone...Well...if this is what you want, Vicky, then do it. There's no wrong in it and you're almost nineteen after all. This is just another part of life. Your father and I do hope to be empty nesters one day” Lydia chuckled.

Vicky smiled at her then looked at her father. ‘Oh no…’ she thought

Tag was looking down at his takeout and wasn’t saying a word.

“Dad… You okay?” Vicky asked carefully.

Lydia started to rub his back a little and Tag looked up at Vicky slowly. He looked quite devastated and he was on the verge of tears forming in his eyes.

“I’m not ready for this…” he said quietly.

Vicky got up from her seat. “Awwwww Daaaad” she said, going around to hug him. “It's okay! I promise it’ll be okay! I was talking to Captain Black about the possibility of me working with the guys on engineering stuff for a job if I moved out. So I’d still be around Section 13 ‘cause of the whole amulet thing… Plus it's good hands-on training for being an engineer.”

Tag was silent again before he spoke. “True...and it would be good to see you around here as usual...and also good to be with Pit Viper...Your mother is correct about how a young woman should not be alone...It’s difficult to see you girls grow up, Vicky dear. But I can't keep you two little forever…I will let you go, but you must promise me that you will be safe, be responsible, make wise decisions, and keep in touch with us…”

“Dad. My boyfriend lives here. I’ll work here. You’ll see me at Section 13 every day. Plus I gotta pick at Micky Mouse somehow! You’re not gonna stop seeing me around. I’ll just live in a different house… I’m not the only one. Roundabout is escaping her cray cray parents and moving in too.” Vicky replied.

“You sure that's gonna be a good idea?” Lydia laughed, “With how extra hyper she's been lately, you girls might never sleep!”

Vicky chuckled. “I think it's got something to do with a guy but I’m noooot quite sure. I have more snooping to do before making accusations.”

“If that's the case then hopefully that guy isn't drowning in her squealiness!” Lydia laughed.

‘Trust me, Lydia, far from it…’ DJ Fist thought to himself.

“When you do intend to move out?” Tag asked Vicky.

“I was thinking sometime soon.” Vicky replied before her phone rang. She pulled it out and looked at it.

“Huh... Speak of the hyper and she will call…” Vicky said.

“Yo, how much you wanna bet that Tag’s gonna go mourn in his man cave tonight?” Strikemaster Ice asked MC Cobra lowly.

Definitely” MC Cobra replied. DJ Fist heard this and nodded in agreement.

Vicky answered the call. “Hello?”

Vicky suddenly pulled her phone away as Roundabout shouted over the phone in a rapid, panicked Spanish. “Emma! Emma listen I can't understand you!” she looked around, “Okay DJ is here. Imma put him on, okay?” Vicky said quickly with worry as she held the phone out to DJ. “She’s panicking. I can't understand her. It's all Spanish.” Vicky told him.

DJ Fist looked worried and took the phone from her. All eyes were on him as everyone was wondering what was going on. Whatever it was, it already didn't sound good.

“Emma...¿qué está pasando? (“Emma, what is going on?”)” he asked Roundabout over Vicky’s phone.

“¡Ayuda! Alguien drogó Pit Viper! Kitty nos llevó a una fiesta y ella dijo que todo estaba bien, pero ella desapareció con un chico y alguien puso algo en la bebida de Pit Viper y ahora está desmayándose! ¡no se que hacer!” ("Help! someone drugged Pit Viper! Kitty took us to a party and she said everything was cool but she disappeared with a guy and someone put something in Pit Viper's drink and now she's passing out! I don't know what to do!") Roundabout shouted into her phone over the sound of music.

DJ Fist jumped up from his seat, knocking his chair over and was shocked. His eyes were wide and he couldn't believe what he had heard.

“DJ what’s wrong?” Vicky asked urgently

DJ Fist was silent for longer as he tried to process things but then he looked at Vicky with a grim and serious look on his face.

“Roundabout says that Kitty took her and Pit Viper to a party...and that someone slipped a drug into Pit Viper’s drink...and now she’s passing out and Roundabout doesn't know what to do…” he replied.

MC Cobra immediately jumped up from his seat as well and was appalled and stunned. Strikemaster Ice was horrified as well.

“I know where that party is! It's a college party! I got invited but I didn't bother to go” Vicky said, “I didn't know they were going, though! Dad we gotta get there!” Vicky said.

“Precisely my thoughts, Vicky dear!” Tag said as he jumped up from his seat, “And I will find and bust the one who did this to Pit Viper” he growled. “DJ, tell her that we’re coming and to not go anywhere. Boys, come with us. You might be needed”

The Ice Crew nodded and MC Cobra was especially grateful that he would be coming along. He was starting to get furious at the one who drugged his snake doubt some sleazy guy…

“Emma...No vayas a ninguna parte. estábamos viniendo (“Emma...don't go anywhere. We’re coming”)” DJ Fist told Roundabout.

“¡Bueno! Por favor, date prisa Dom!” ("Okay! Please, hurry Dom!") Roundabout replied.

“Let's go” Tag said after DJ Fist hung up.

“Be careful!” Lydia called out as Tag, Vicky and the Ice Crew left the room with haste.

“Is something wrong?” Crissi asked as she saw them leaving and she jogged along keeping up  with the group.

“Pit Viper has been drugged at a party and we are going to get her and Roundabout out of there” Tag replied.

“I’m coming with!” she said as they went for Tag’s car and Vicky’s truck. Crissi shapeshifted into a German Shepherd and leapt into Tag’s car, sitting in the passenger seat.

“Yo I can't believe someone tried to drug Pit Viper” Strikemaster Ice said as he and his crew were riding along in Vicky’s truck, “I hope Tag finds the fool who pulled a stunt like that.”

“I think Crissi is gonna track the idiot down for Dad.” Vicky replied.

MC Cobra was trying hard to keep his temper down but was furious at the guy who did it to Pit Viper, but was also worried sick for her well being.

“We’re gonna get to her and help her, bro” DJ Fist clapped his shoulder, “I won't leave till it happens.”

MC Cobra nodded and closed his eyes to try to relax a little. The last thing anyone wanted was for him to do something that he would end up regretting or could land him back in prison.

When they got to the party, they saw that it was a full blown frat party.

“And this was why I was not interested in going to the party.” Vicky stated as they got out.

Tag opened the door of his car for Crissi and she leapt out and immediately started sniffing around. Her being a German Shepherd was odd… but highly useful.

She barked then bolted off.

“Follow Crissi!” Vicky said as she ran after the shapeshifter.

Tag and the Ice Crew complied quickly.

Crissi led them straight to Roundabout and Pit Viper. Pit Viper was barely conscious but with Roundabout’s urgings was managing to stay awake somewhat.

“Pit Viper!” MC Cobra cried out and ran to her side, holding her close to him but gently, in case she was ill.

“Emma...estás bien? (“Emma...are you okay?”)” DJ Fist asked Roundabout after he came to her side and hugged her, not caring at all about relationship concealment at the moment.

She hugged DJ back and started crying. “Dom! ¡Estaba tan asustada!” ("Dom! I was so scared!")

DJ Fist held her close and made soothing sounds as he rubbed her back and kissed her head several times.

“Va a estar bien, mi dulce luna hada. La ayuda está aquí. Su caballero está aquí. (“It’s going to be okay, my sweet moon fairy. Help is here. Your knight is here”)” he soothed her.

Roundabout continued to cry as she clung to DJ.

Crissi sniffed around and sniffed at Pit Viper and then the air before she took off again.

“Come on, guys. Let's get these two outta here.” Vicky said.

Pit Viper looked up at Cobra and tried to focus before she passed out in his arms.

MC Cobra scooped her up gently and held her close to him.

“I’m here, sweet girl...I’m here…” MC Cobra said as he kissed her forehead and then took off with Vicky, Strikemaster Ice, DJ Fist and Roundabout.

Crissi tracked a specific scent through the party then found who she was tracking and she barked viciously. The young man yelped and made a run for it and Crissi chased after him. He ran out the door and Crissi snagged his leg and made him fall. He tried getting away but from his perspective the German Shepherd attacking him wouldn't let go. She even drew blood.

“Freeze!” Agent Tag commanded as he swiftly came to the young man’s side and pulled both his arms behind his back with force, grabbing a pair of handcuffs and locking them on his wrists. “You're under arrest for drugging a young woman. Party’s over, lil sleazy” Tag growled.

Crissi let go of the young man’s leg and went to help Tag escort the offender to his car.

Vicky saw them. “Hey Cobra. There’s your retribution. Crissi got his leg good.” she said, pointing out the bite wound that was bleeding through the guy’s pants.

MC Cobra nodded but did not speak. He was still angry at what happened and would not rest until Pit Viper was completely well.

“Dad, what do we do?” Vicky asked Tag after he had loaded the teen into the back of his car and Crissi was sitting in there with him. “Do we take Pit Viper back to base with us?” she asked unsure of how to handle the situation.

“We can, to ensure that she will be safe. I’ll have Section 13’s doctors evaluate her as soon as possible and will give her a safe and comfortable place to rest. Roundabout is welcome as well. I advise that you stay at Section 13 for the night and help watch over her. I will stay as well in case I am needed. I want the Ice Crew- Shane most of all- to assist as well.” Tag stated.

“I don't think Roundabout is gonna let DJ go any time soon.” Vicky said.

“Then to Section 13 she will go” Tag replied.

Vicky nodded and they all quickly returned to Section 13.

Lydia ran up to them as soon as they pulled in, with Captain Black, whom Lydia had called in, behind her.

“Guys! Are you all ok?” Lydia asked worriedly.

“Lilith is out cold and Emma is just clinging to DJ. Crissi tracked the guy down that drugged Lil and got him good and Dad arrested him.” Vicky replied

Crissi hopped out of Tag’s car and trotted over, still in her German Shepherd form and she sat down and watched Tag pull the criminal from the back seat of his car.

“I'm pleased that the perp has been caught, though I’m sorry to hear that this has happened. Some guys are just up to nothing but no good” Captain Black shook his head with disgust as he went with Tag to lock up the offender.

“Let's get the girls to some rooms, and then I will get the doctors in to check on Pit Viper” Lydia said as she urged the rest to follow her.

Crissi shifted back to human form and had blood at the sides of her mouth. “I personally am going to go find a toothbrush. And I’m going to brush this gritty, nasty taste out of my mouth. Blood I don't mind the taste of but that guy was nothin' but a slime ball. I’ll find you when I’m done.” she said before leaving.

Vicky and the others followed Lydia and DJ had to carry Roundabout because she was shaking too much to walk.

Roundabout and Pit Viper were put in separate rooms so that each could have their privacy and space and a couple of members from the Section 13 medical staff- one nurse and one doctor- came in to evaluate Pit Viper. MC Cobra sat at Pit Viper’s side and never budged, holding one of her hands the entire time.

It was confirmed that she would be alright and she would have some minor side effects after waking up. Though they did take some blood to confirm that the substance found in the young man’s pocket had been used on her. If so, they’d have a case and would be able to keep him behind bars.

MC Cobra stayed with her and continued to sit by her and hold her hand. He wished that he could have been there to protect her and prevent this from happening, and for DJ’s sake prevent Roundabout from becoming so terrified. He cared deeply for Pit Viper, and would never tolerate any harm that fell upon her. He determined that if he could handle it, he would not sleep until she woke up and he could see that she would truly be ok.

Vicky was standing outside the rooms with Ice and she had her arms crossed over her chest. “This is whack, man! I can't believe some people.” she said angrily.

“Yo, I know” Strikemaster Ice replied, “I’ve done some messed up thangs, but I don't know if I would have ever pulled a stunt like that. Dude deserves to be locked up and bloodied leg fo sho. Tryin’ to run from what he did. Coward.” he scoffed.

“Poor Roundabout, though… Lucky that she was there or who knows what would have happened to Pit Viper. Nothin’ good, that's for sure.” Vicky said. “And then Cobra would’ve been on a rampage”

“Yeah. It all ended up bein’ okay, but hopefully it don't ever happen again. Wonder what happened to Kitty?” Ice asked, “I heard she was at this party too but she wasn't around…”

Vicky cleared her throat and blushed a bit. “She’s a bit more… adventurous than most of us… She doesn't like to stick to one guy… I’m sure she’s fine.”

Strikemaster Ice shifted around awkwardly and little uncomfortably and kept his eyes down. “I see...her business” he finally said, hoping that would be the end of that conversation.

“Yep.” Vicky agreed. “... You think DJ is holdin' up okay?” she asked, changing topics.

“I'm sure he’s a’ight” Strikemaster Ice replied, “Dude’s a tough cookie. I think he’ll just care about makin’ sure Roundabout is ok. He’ll listen or sit or whatever for hours if he needs to.”

Vicky gave a nod. “Let’s go cuddle… I need it right now…” she sighed.

“I’m here for you, baby girl. Let's go” Ice replied as he escorted her off.

Roundabout had fallen asleep clinging to DJ so even if he had wanted to leave he couldn't.

DJ Fist carried her to the room she was to stay in and because of the way she was clinging to him, decided to not leave her but laid down with her, holding her close. He didn't want her to freak out or worry if she woke up and he wasn't there so he was going to stay with her until he was no longer needed or until she went back home.

“Estoy aquí, mi hermosa hada linda de la luna. Estoy aquí (“I’m here, my beautiful sweet moon fairy. I’m here”)” he whispered to her before kissing her forehead and then her lips ever so gently before relaxing his head onto the bed.

In the morning, Roundabout started to stir and she snuggled against DJ, burying her face in his chest and breathing deeply before letting out a content hum.

DJ Fist had only recently woken up and smiled to himself and almost chuckled with amusement. He kissed Roundabout’s head gently and continued to hold her close.

Roundabout blinked awake and looked up at him sleepily. “You smell so good.” she hummed before yawning.

DJ Fist started laughing, trying not to be too loud.

“Thank you” he chuckled before kissing her on the lips.

She smiled and kissed him back.

After the kiss, DJ Fist looked into her eyes. “How are you doing, my sweet moon fairy?” he asked with concern.

“Much better with you here, my handsome knight.” Roundabout replied.

DJ Fist smiled a little as he kissed her again. “I’ll stay with you for as long as you need me” he told her, “Your well being is important.”

“I’ll always need you, sweetheart.” she chuckled.

He smiled again before kissing her.

In a different room, Pit Viper was starting to move around and she groaned a bit.

MC Cobra perked up immediately and looked at her. He never fell asleep. Although he started to doze off on occasion, he always woke back up. He didn't want to be asleep if Pit Viper needed him. He watched and patiently but anxiously waited for her to wake up.  

“Oh my head…” Pit Viper groaned some more, a hand moving to her head. “What happened?”

MC Cobra held her hand a little tighter and leaned a little closer. “You were drugged at a party. We came to rescue ya and Tag arrested the fool who did it to you. You're in Section 13.” he answered her softly to avoid triggering her headache.

“Party? I can't remember last night…”

“Yeah, it was some college frat party. You went with Roundabout and Kitty. Roundabout was freaked out big time and called Vicky for help. She was only speaking Spanish so DJ had to translate. When we found out what was going on, the boys and I went with Tag and Crissi. Crissi shapeshifted into a German Shepherd and helped us find both you and the guy who drugged you. We took both of you back here to Section 13 and the doctors checked you out, said you would be ok but with some side effects. At the party, you passed out in my arms and I've been with ya ever since.” he said to her.

She opened a green eye and looked at Cobra. “You’ve been with me all night?”

MC Cobra nodded. “I haven't even slept. Dozed off a bit at times but I refused to sleep until I knew you were okay.”

“You’re so sweet.” Pit Viper gave a slight smiled.

MC Cobra smiled a little and leaned down to kiss her forehead. “Just doin’ what I needed to do for my snake girl.”

She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a full on kiss.

MC Cobra’s eyes got wide and his face started to flush. He couldn't believe what was happening! He felt starstruck at first and couldn't even concentrate. It felt amazing to get kissed! Especially by Pit Viper! Once he got some of his focus back, he puckered his lips and sweetly kissed her back.

She broke the kiss and rested her forehead against his. “I love you, Shane.” she whispered.

MC Cobra felt a small shudder go through him and he looked at Pit Viper shocked. But that shock soon turned into complete happiness. He felt like he could go out and use that happy energy to run two marathons. This was an incredible feeling!

“I love you too, Lilith” he whispered back as he rested his forehead against hers.

She smiled and kissed him again.

Strikemaster Ice and Vicky were walking around the halls of Section 13 and were making their way to where Pit Viper was staying.

“I hope Pit Viper is doin’ better this mornin’” Ice said as he and Vicky walked hand in hand.

“We could go check on her. I’m pretty sure Cobra hasn't moved since we got her settled in that room.” Vicky said.

“Yeah. We gotta see how she's doin’” Ice nodded.

When the two got to her room and walked in, they caught Pit Viper and MC Cobra kissing!

Strikemaster Ice’s eyes got wide and he gasped. “Ohhhhhhh snap, son”

“Daaaaaang!” Vicky said.

Pit Viper opted to ignore them and continued kissing Cobra.

After a while though, MC Cobra broke the kiss and looked up at Ice and Vicky, smiling sheepishly and blushing.

“I was expecting this to happen but I’m still surprised about this…” Vicky stated.

“For reals, yo! Though I find it amusing to see Cobra grinnin’ like an idiot” Ice started to laugh.

“I don't know what you're talkin’ about, bro…” Cobra said as his smile only got dreamier.

Ice chuckled. “How you feelin’, Pit Viper?” Ice asked her.

“I have a headache, can't remember a good part of last night but… other than that I’m feelin' pretty good.” Pit Viper replied.

“I’ll see if we can getcha somethin’ for the headache. But I’m glad that you're feelin’ a’ight, snake girl” Ice said, “You gave a scare, though it wasn't yo fault. The dude who drugged ya is busted fo sho.”

“That’s good to know.” Pit Viper smiled more

“I’ll make sure I tell Tag and CB that you're a’ight and I'm sure they’ll wanna check on ya. Though it might be safe to say that kisses from Cobra is the best remedy you can get” Ice chuckled.

Pit Viper chuckled. “I might doze back off for a while. Sleep the headache off.”

“A’ight” Ice nodded. “We’ll see ya later” he said as he and Vicky walked out.

Pit Viper reached for Cobra’s hand. “You haven't slept at all yet, Shane… Why don't you take a nap with me? I sleep better with someone holding me nowadays anyway.” she gave him a smile.

MC Cobra was surprised that she asked him this and blushed a little.

“A-a’ight...I’ll sleep with ya...I’m pretty beat so rest will be good…” he said.

She moved over in the bed, making space for him.

MC Cobra somewhat shyly slid in next to her and pulled her close. He felt an excitement and contentment when he did so, and smiled as he held her next to him and rested his head gently against hers, closing his eyes.

She snuggled close and wrapped an arm around his chest as she sighed. “I love you.” she said as she started to fall back to sleep.

Elsewhere, Ice and Vicky were going to check on Roundabout to make sure she was okay too. They walked into the room to find DJ and Roundabout making out!

Strikemaster Ice’s eyes went wide again and he was so surprised he fell on the floor!

“HIZZ to the LLE!” he exclaimed, “What's in the air today, yo?!”

“Whelp…The hyper plague is explained…” Vicky said as she blinked

DJ Fist and Roundabout were surprised to hear Strikemaster Ice and Vicky and broke their kiss quickly. DJ Fist blushed.

“Parece que nuestra charada ha terminado, mi dulce hada de luna (“It looks like our charade is over, my sweet moon fairy”)” he said to Roundabout.

“Tendría que estar de acuerdo con, mi dulce caballero. Hemos sido capturados…” ("I would have to agree, my sweet knight. We've been caught…") she replied

“Yo am I gonna have to walk around with Google Translate from now on?” Ice teased with a smirk.

DJ Fist snorted and rolled his eyes. “Shut up, Ice…”

Vicky helped Ice up off the floor and chuckled.

“Aaaaaaaaanyhoooooo…You doin’ better, Roundabout?” Ice asked her.

“Yup! I'm feelin' real good this morning.” Roundabout replied.

“Well that's good, and I'm glad my boy DJ was able to help” Ice replied, “Now we can put this whole thang behind us.”

“Yup.” Roundabout nodded, “And what did you mean earlier about something in the air?”

Ice chuckled. “Well it turns out that you two are the second couple we walked in on kissing. Pit Viper and Cobra were first.”

“About time” DJ Fist chuckled.

Roundabout giggled. “I’ll say!”

“And when did you two get together? I honestly did not see this one coming…” Vicky said

“That...we’ll keep a secret” DJ chuckled as he winked at Roundabout.

Roundabout giggled and gave DJ a quick kiss.

“Well… it looks like all three of you Ice Crew boys have girls.” Vicky chuckled.

“Yep! Looks like it! Wouldn't have seen that coming a few months ago” Ice chuckled. “But I ain't complainin’ at all, and I don't think my boys are either” he grinned as he took Vicky into his arms and kissed her cheek.

Vicky chuckled and pulled Ice into a kiss.
A scare for the Ice Crew and their closest Scorpion OCs in this chapter but it ends well for them :3

Vicky, Roundabout , Pit Viper and Crissi belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Lydia and Micky belong to me
The Ice Crew, Tag and Captain Black belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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