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The guys were going to the mall to hang out with more of the Scorpions. It was a group hang out thing that happened often.

“This is gonna be cool. Hang out day is usually busy but it lets the whole group get together and socialize IRL.” Vicky said.

“Oh yeah!” Strikemaster Ice grinned.

“Yo, Pit Viper! I was thinkin’ of changin’ up my hair color. Keep the black and dye the ends either purple or green. Wanna come with me when I get it done and help me decide what color I want?” MC Cobra asked his snake friend.

“Oh yeah!” Pit Viper grinned.

“Awesome! Let's go!” MC Cobra grinned back.

DJ Fist leaned towards Roundabout and quietly asked her, “¿Caminarás con mi hada de mi luna? (“Will you walk around with me, my moon fairy?”)”.

“Sí.” she smiled and nodded happily.

DJ Fist grinned and grabbed her hand, sneaking her away from the others.

Kaine was at the mall with the other Scorpions and Strikemaster Ice couldn't help but notice that something was...different about him...He couldn't figure it out at first but then the answer became obvious to him the longer he watched him…

“Hey yo, Kaine” Strikemaster Ice said to him, “There’s somethin’ different about you, man…”

Kaine looked at him confused as he drank a milkshake. “What?” he asked

“Dude...I couldn't figure it out at first but as I kept watchin’ you to try to figure it out...I don’t go no fangirls around…I’ve seen plenty of teen girls pass by and not a single one has come to drown you out…” Strikemaster Ice said.

Kaine blinked then looked around then grinned wide. ”Freedom!” he exclaimed happily.

“Are you free from that curse or whatever?!” Ice asked, “How is it possible, yo?”

“A girl must have kissed him that wasn't enchanted by it.” Ash said before laughing.

Strikemaster Ice thought about it for a moment and then he grinned wide mischievously. “It was Cassie, wasn't it?” he teased before laughing.

Kaine blushed and went back to drinking his milkshake quietly.

“A’ight, ima give her a brownie point for that one. I'm happy for ya, man. It's gotta be a huge burden lifted off yo shoulders. Enjoy it. If I was you though, I'd thank Cassie next time you see her” he chuckled as he winked at him.

Kaine just nodded.

A boy about Micky’s age ran by Ice and Vicky.

“Mouse, slow down!” Vicky called out

Strikemaster Ice raised an eyebrow curiously. “Uhhhhh who is that?” he asked Vicky.

“One of the younger members. Undertow caught him while he was trying to pickpocket him a little over a year ago.” Vicky replied

“Pickpocket? At that age. Dang” Ice said with worry, “How old’s the lil man?”

“'Bout Micky’s age.” Vicky replied.

“Yo if he was pickpocketin’ at such a young age then things must have been real bad for him” Ice said sadly.

“His family doesn't have much cash for food. We keep him fed.” Vicky replied.

“That's great, yo” Ice said, “The more I learn about the Scorpions the more I respect them and all that they do.”

“It's why we’re here.” she smiled at him “We call him Mouse 'cause he’s usually lookin' for something to nibble on.”

Ice chuckled. “Awwwww”

Micky and Jade came and joined Vicky and Strikemaster Ice. “We’ve been getting to know Mouse and stuff since he’s in our classes this year” Jade told them.

“Yeah, and the more I see him, the cuter he gets…” Micky said with a big smile.

Strikemaster Ice laughed.

“Uh ohhhhhhh! Didja hear that, Vick? Sounds like lil sis has a real crush!”

Vicky giggled. “Oooooooh!”

Micky just blushed and didn't pay attention to them.

“We've given up on the cootie shot” Jade sighed, “It really is bogus after all.”

Vicky laughed. “I tried to tell you.”

“Just don't tell daddy McStone!” Ice laughed, “He’s finally been actin’ all normal and chill!”

“Eh if he hears I'm sure Uncle Nate will snap him out of the dramatics…. I think he’s spent too much time surrounded by us girls…” Vicky giggled a bit.

“Yeahhh...every guy needs a balance” Strikemaster Ice chuckled.

Elsewhere, Pit Viper and MC Cobra arrived at the salon where Cobra would be getting his hair dyed using the money from both competitions that he's been in so far.

“A’ight, girlfriend, help me out here...what color should I dye the ends of my hair?” he asked her.

“I'm partial to the whole neon colors myself. And green would be a good look for you.” Pit Viper replied

“I like green...I've been doin’ purple for so long that it's time for somethin’ new...What about like the green of your cobra tat?” Cobra asked her.

“Ooooo that would be so cool.” she grinned

“Then it’s settled!” MC Cobra laughed.

MC Cobra told the stylist what he wanted and the stylist got to work. MC Cobra made casual conversation here and there with the stylist but for the most part, he would either stay silent and let his thoughts wander or talk to Pit Viper.

Over an hour later, MC Cobra’s hair was finished. The stylist gelled and styled it and smiled, pleased with her work and how everything came out.

MC Cobra looked in the mirror and smiled huge. This looked awesome!

“Offffffffffff the HOOK, yo!” he exclaimed, “I LOVE it!”

“So cool! That’s a good look for you, man!” Pit Viper exclaimed.

“Thanks, yo! I feel FRESH!” Cobra laughed. “Almost like turnin’ over a new leaf!”

“Well that is what you’re doin' with your life, isn't it?” Pit Viper chuckled.

“Yeah! And it feels so goooooood” MC Cobra grinned. “Never been better!”

“I’m glad!” Pit Viper grinned back at him.

After Cobra paid the stylist, the two left the shop.

DJ Fist and Roundabout were walking around the mall hand in hand. DJ was looking out for any Scorpions for the sake of keeping the new relationship secret and so far they had not been spotted.

“Since we are together, Emma, I think it's time we learn more about each other” DJ said as they walked, “Tell me more about you, my sweet moon fairy.”

“Mmmm... Well. My parents are US citizens but I was born in Mexico because they lived there at the time. Non military stuff.” she shrugged. “Spanish was my first language. But as my parents put it I was quite a problem child, always getting into the biggest trouble. So they sent me to live in Spain with my Abuela when I was like five and a half. Mom and Dad had never been home anyway so I didn't really care. I liked it with my Abuela better. But when I was like thirteen, Mom and Dad moved back to the States and I was called back to live with them again. I met Vicky shortly after I moved here to San Fran.” Roundabout stated.

“Have you liked living here? Or do you miss Spain or perhaps even Mexico?” DJ asked her after listening intently to her story.

“I miss Spain and my Abuela sometimes. I call her often… I don't really like living with my parents.” Roundabout shrugged again.

“How old are you? Surely soon you can find a way to move out, right?” DJ asked.

“I'm eighteen but my birthday is in like a month and a half.” she replied.

“Mmm. Perhaps you will find a way to be free of them and to be happier…” DJ said, “Would you ever live in Spain again? I know you're close to the Scorpions and all but...just curious…” he asked.

“I’ve thought about it… but here is where you are… so I’m content to stay where I'm at… though moving houses may not be a bad idea.”

“If you ever were to leave then I would go with you” DJ said, “But if you are contented to stay here then so am I” he smiled at her.

“I’d like to take you to Spain and introduce you to my Abuela, though. I think she’d love you.” Roundabout smiled back.

“I’d enjoy that” DJ smiled, “I’ve never been to Spain. I wouldn't mind at all speakin’ more Spanish. It's one of the romantic languages, after all” he chuckled.

“What about you?” Roundabout asked “I know you were separated from your brother for a long time…”

“Yeah. I was born and raised in a small Mexican town. Though we were poor, I was still happy. I looked up to Manolo so much, and it ruined my life when he disappeared. He meant everything to me. Mi padre and mi madre clung to me. I understand now why but it became too much. They would never let me leave by myself to play with amigos, and it felt like I was being watched 24/7. I got so sick of it that I ran away when I was thirteen. I traveled around and crossed the border into Texas, where I met MC Cobra, who was a runaway as well. We have not been separated since then. He has become like another brother to me, and since we both had lost our brothers, it made us even closer. We eventually met Strikemaster Ice in a monastery in Bhutan, and the rest is history” DJ told her.

“Do you ever miss your madre and padre?” Roundabout asked.

DJ gave a long thought to that question. “I don't know...The last feelings I had of them were negative because of what they put me through...I don't know what I would think if I ever saw them again…” he replied.

“It's gotta be hard for them 'cause they lost both of their little boys…” Roundabout said as she thought out loud.

“True...I didn't think of it that way...I was only thinking of myself...When this amulet business is over, perhaps Manolo and I can reconnect with them together...if they are still alive and well…” DJ replied.

“I’ll go with you.” Roundabout smiled.

“And I will enjoy your company” DJ smiled back as he kissed her.

DJ Fist and Roundabout went into a jewelry store. He wanted to buy something for her but wasn't sure what yet.

He spotted some pretty gold necklaces with fairies on them, the fairies each having a different colored little gem on their torsos.

“What color is your favorite, my moon fairy?” he asked her.

“Blue.” Roundabout replied.

“Any particular shade?” he chuckled.

“Like the color of a bluebell… Bluebells and foxgloves are my favorite flowers.” Roundabout grinned

DJ looked at the necklaces closer and found the color that she described. He picked it up and grinned as he held it out to her.

“¿Aceptas esto como un símbolo de mi afecto? (“Do you accept this as a token of my affection?”)” DJ asked her.

“Es increíble, mi dulce caballero. Me encanta.” ("It's amazing, my sweet knight. I love it.") Roundabout replied with a smile.

DJ Fist smiled back as he pulled her close. “I'm glad. I wanted to get you something so that will be it. It's wonderful to have you in my life, Emma” he said as he kissed her.

She kissed him back. “And it's wonderful to have you in my life mi caballero.”

“Do me a big favor though and try to contain the hype” DJ Fist chuckled, “I enjoy our charade and would like to keep it up.”

“Oh I am very good at keeping secrets, DJ. You should already know that.” she giggled.

DJ Fist chuckled and kissed her again before going to pay for the necklace.

Pit Viper and MC Cobra met back up with Vicky and Strikemaster Ice. MC Cobra was eager to show off his new color and get other people’s thoughts about it.

“Whoaaaaa!!! Dude! Sharp color!” Strikemaster Ice exclaimed when he eyed MC Cobra’s new hair color.

“Niiiice!” Vicky grinned “That looks so good on you!”

“Thanks, yo!” Cobra grinned back, “I wanted to change things up!”

“Well it looks good, homie” Ice smiled.

“New life. New look. Right?” Pit Viper asked Cobra.

“That's right” MC Cobra grinned.
Vicky, Pit Viper, Roundabout, and all Scorpion OCs belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Micky belongs to me
The Ice Crew and Jade belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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