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Two days later at Section 13, Vicky walked over to the guys after they had finished working for the day.

She was carrying a stack of something in her arms while wearing a brand new Mass Effect Andromeda hoodie.

“Hey guys!” she said cheerfully, “I figured you guys would appreciate these. Pit Viper and Roundabout helped me out with this.” Vicky grinned as she handed the guys a hoodie each… but they were decisively heavier than hoodies should be… Something was wrapped up inside them.

The Ice Crew smiled as they took them.

“Thanks, baby girl!” Ice thanked her, “What else is in here?” he asked when he noticed the weight.

“Well maybe you should unfold them and find out.” Vicky giggled.

The Ice Crew unfolded their hoodies and their eyes lit up with surprise and excitement when they noticed smartphones inside!

“No way, yo!” Strikemaster Ice exclaimed.

“Our own phones!” MC Cobra cheered happily.

“Awesome!” DJ Fist smiled.

“Yep! The girls and I set them up and everything! We even picked out the phone cases.” Vicky grinned.

“That's off the hook, yo! Thank you!” MC Cobra smiled.

“Yeah, thank you, yo” Strikemaster Ice smiled as he kissed his girlfriend’s cheek. “These will be awesome to have! Feelin’ more and more like free dudes everyday!”

“And the Scorpion app is already downloaded on them. It's an exclusive app for our group only. It's like a social media thing. There’s special functions on it that if you need help you can send out specific shout outs if you’re hurt, sick or in emotional distress. Some of the more tech minded Scorpions put everything together.”

“An incredible creation” DJ Fist said, “The connectedness of the group is truly amazing.”

“Yeah. We’re a big group so we needed a way to all stay connected. Because while we were in Hawaii, Undertow chose a fill in team for a surfing competition here in San Fran. Some of the vids are up on the app.”

“Sweet! This will give us something else to do!” Strikemaster Ice smiled.

“Good morning, Vicky. Ice Crew” they heard Captain Black say as he approached them.

“Hello Captain!” Vicky waved at him in greeting.

“Mornin’, CB” Ice nodded.

Captain Black’s eyes got wide with surprise when he saw the smartphones in each of the Ice Crew’s hands.

“V-v-Vicky! What is this?!” he demanded.

“You gave me money to get them cellphones. So that's what the girls and I did and we didn't even go over budget. DJ’s is a bit bigger than the others but he’s got bigger hands so.” Vicky shrugged.

Captain Black continued to stare curiously but cleared his throat.

“Well...that’s settled then” Captain Black said. “I’ve come here to discuss the new terms of your probation” he told the Ice Crew.

“New conditions?” Ice asked with a raised eyebrow.

“How new?” Cobra asked.

“Instead of the electrical work, we decided to have you do special engineering projects around Section 13. Ones that you might find fun and still fulfill your quotas with. Consider it work experience and training for future careers in engineering if you choose to stay in that direction” Captain Black smiled a little.

“That's cool!” Vicky grinned.

“Yeah!” MC Cobra smiled and Ice and DJ were smiling as well.

“Yo that's great, CB! I'm down for that!” Ice exclaimed.

“As I figured you would be” Captain Black smirked playfully. “Your first project can be building a submarine out of scrap parts if you wish. I have seen a glance of your work before when you built a submarine for Drago but I would like to see a close up of your work. That's all on the agenda for today. You can start within the hour” Captain Black nodded before walking off.

“That's so cool! That's like a promotion! Can an aspiring engineer student watch you guys work?” Vicky asked.

“Of course you can, baby girl!” Ice grinned, “Cobra and Fist are the real brains of the group but I've been learnin’ a little here and there. Can't go back to bein’ a pizza boy like before” he teased.

Vicky giggled. “If you want I can lend you my college textbook for engineering.”

“A’ight! I can learn with ya! Just one more thing you and I can do together” Ice grinned as he took Vicky into his arms.

Vicky grinned at him. “Yeah. And you might wanna look at your hoodie closer.” she said before giving Ice a kiss.

Ice looked closer with curiosity and grinned wide when he recognized the design.

“Awwwwwwww you got your boy a matchin’ hoodie!” he exclaimed before giving her a kiss. “That’s sweet, yo!”

“Well I saw two hoodies for the latest Mass Effect which I preordered and I had to get them. One for you and one for me. I’m so hyped for the newest game! It's been five years since the original Mass Effect trilogy ended! Trust me. When it comes in, you’ll all hear it.” She grinned.

Strikemaster Ice laughed. “A’ight! We gotta find a way to game more on my free time! I've missed it!”

“I’m workin' at it!” Vicky laughed.

“Let's go build a submarine!” MC Cobra said excitedly. “I'm ready!”

“Me too” DJ Fist grinned.

“That's gonna be fun to watch!” Vicky exclaimed.

“Hope ya like what you see, baby girl” Ice grinned.

She grinned back excitedly and followed the guys off to where they were going to build the submarine.

Some time passed and the Ice Crew, MC Cobra and DJ Fist especially, were working quickly on constructing a new submarine. It would be just like the one they had once built for Drago but cooler and used for the purpose of good!

DJ and Cobra were working silently and were completely focused on their work. They took it seriously but they loved it. How they were so intelligent with engineering they didn't know but this was something they could see themselves doing for a career and they would make a good living off of it! Strikemaster Ice was helping the guys wherever he could and was trying to learn things as he went.

Vicky was watching the guys work and observing Cobra and DJ and learning from what they were doing.

Several others were present as well.

Roundabout was captivated, watching with wide eyes and a cute kind of wonder.

Pit Viper was watching the sub come together though she had no idea how they were doing what they were doing.

Danny, Manolo and Jack were also watching and were impressed with their brothers' work.

Within a couple of hours, the submarine was completely finished. The exterior was painted a shiny black and DJ Fist and MC Cobra had painted a large, menacing gold and black scorpion on either side. The seats on the inside were black, and the submarine was fully functional, ready to work and looked sharp.

“Yoooooo! Did somebody order a sub?!” MC Cobra called out with a laugh to everyone who had been watching them. The trio was surprised but delighted to see the crowd that came to watch them!

The girls were gaping. This. Was. Sooooo COOL!

Yo what do ya’ll think of The Scorpion?” Strikemaster Ice grinned as he leaned against the submarine playfully, “Ya dig it?”

“Yeah!!!” Roundabout cheered.

“That’s amazing.” Pit Viper stated

“The sub is so awesome, boys!” Vicky grinned.

Even the agents were clapping and admiring the Ice Crew’s impeccable work.

“Yo, thanks ya’ll” Ice grinned with great pride and compliments, especially from Vicky. DJ Fist and MC Cobra were beaming as well. They knew they would do a good job but it was still good to get recognition for it.

Captain Black and Agent Tag arrived after hearing the applause and excited chatter.

“Absolutely stunning work, boys!” Tag praised.

“Indeed! Excellent work, boys!” Captain Black praised as well, very impressed. “Shall we take a test drive?”

“Chyeah!” MC Cobra cheered.

“Who wants a ride?” DJ Fist grinned wide up at his Scorpion friends.

The three girls grinned at each other. “We do!” the three said together.

The Ice Crew laughed. “Let’s kick it!” Ice exclaimed.

Agent Tag joined the Ice Crew with Vicky, Pit Viper, and Roundabout inside the submarine, which got submerged into the water to test drive, while Captain Black analyzed everything from above the waters. Strikemaster Ice took the wheel and the submarine zipped under the water at different speeds, testing the functions of the submarine in every practical way.

When they were at a slower speed, a webbed hand suddenly appeared on one of the windows.

The Ice Crew jumped and Strikemaster Ice nearly turned the submarine at a sharp angle.

“HIZZLE!” Ice cried.

“What was THAT?!” Cobra cried as well.

A pale figure with white and blue hair came into view from below the window. She stared inside with the most unusual but beautiful eyes.

“Melody!” DJ Fist gasped. He then patted his chest and laughed his booming laugh.“I am soooooo gonna get my bro back for that!” he laughed.

“For reals, yo! All these jump scares sometimes!” Ice exclaimed.

Melody grinned at them. “I was already down here long before you started your testing.” she spoke in a very musical voice, the instruments of the sub picking it up and allowing them all to hear her.

This surprised everyone in the sub.

“Sorry to intrude then!” Ice laughed, not knowing if she would hear him or not.

“It is alright. Your reactions were funny.” she replied.

The Ice Crew laughed.

“Our test run is nearly over, Miss Melody. We shall leave you to your peace now” Tag chuckled.

Vicky, Roundabout and Pit Viper giggled.

“Just to warn you. I have been waiting for Manolo to come to the water’s edge.” Melody giggled.

“Yo don't worry; we won't run him over” Cobra chuckled.

“Never” DJ grinned.

“He hates it when I pull him in suddenly but it's always so funny. See you later.” she said before swimming off. She was super fast at it too and they caught a glimpse of gills on her sides around her ribs.

“Dang” MC Cobra said.

“I know! It might take some time gettin’ used to seein’ all these different kinds of non humans” Ice commented.

“She was pretty, though.” Vicky said.

“Aquatics usually are.” Roundabout said with a small shrug.

“Elves and fairies are as well” DJ Fist said, subtly and secretly flirting with Roundabout.

Roundabout giggled a bit.

A few minutes later, the test drive for the submarine ended and it returned to the surface of the water.

“What’d ya think, ya’ll? Have fun?” Ice grinned as they walked out of the submarine.

“Oh yeah!” the three girls giggled. “That was fun!”

“And very well designed and functionable! I believe we can put the Scorpion to good use” Tag grinned.

“Indeed!” Captain Black agreed as he approached them, “You three have the talent to take the lead on design for Section 13’s newest mechanical pieces. Your potential is being used to its greatest. This is a win win” he grinned.

“Yo thanks, CB” Ice grinned. “We agree!”

“Did you learn a thing or two, Vicky dear?” Tag asked his daughter.

“Heck yeah I did!” Vicky nodded.

“What do you think you wanna do with an engineering degree?” MC Cobra asked her. “You too, Roundabout.”

“Because of recent developments… We wanna work with you guys.” Vicky said

“Yeah. Brilliant engineers like you guys. It’d be fun and really productive.” Roundabout agreed.

The Ice Crew smiled big at this.

“We’d love to have ya as part of our engineerin’ crew!” MC Cobra smiled, “Pit Viper can take over yummy snack duty to reward our hard work!” he teased.

Pit Viper laughed. “Sounds alright with me” she grinned.

Manolo, Jack and Danny had gone to look over the submarine. Something lunged up out of the water and grabbed Manolo suddenly and dragged him in too fast for any human to see.

“WHOA!” the Ice Crew cried.

DJ Fist ran to the edge of the water to see if he could get a peek of his older brother and make sure he was okay. He got pulled in fast!

Manolo surfaced and gasped as he was tredding water. “MEL!”

She surfaced and swam around him playfully and laughing. It was silvery and impossibly sweet to hear.

Manolo tried to catch Melody but she dodged around him and continued to laugh.

“Nothing but mischief” Jack laughed.

The Ice Crew couldn't help but laugh as well.

“Dang, girl! I don't know if I like that you treat mi hermoso (“my brother”) like that” DJ smirked at Melody.

Manolo laughed a bit. “She’s just playin'. She never had any kind of childhood.”

Melody swam over to Manolo and kissed him and he kissed her back.

DJ Fist smiled at the romance and felt happy for his brother to have a girl of his own that he loved. It made him inclined to kiss Roundabout but that would be something he would do when no one else was looking.

Manolo chuckled as he went and climbed out of the water.

“Whatchu guys think?” Strikemaster Ice directed at Jack and Danny, “You think the boys and I can go into business with this kind of stuff and with Vicky and Roundabout?”

“Yeah. It's good work” Jack stated

“It's a good stable line of work.” Danny said.

“I dunno if I can see us doin’ anything else!” MC Cobra said, “But I agree; good stable line of work.”

“And profitable.” Manolo said.

“In more ways than one” DJ Fist grinned, “Good livin’, honest work, work that ain't crime related, fun work and work that I can do with my best homies” he grinned more.
Vicky, Pit Viper, Roundabout, Jack, Danny, Manolo and Melody belong to :iconbikermicechick:
The Ice Crew, Captain Black and Tag belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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