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Later that night, Cassie ran back to the Osiris base after getting dropped off somewhere near the outside of the city. She was anxious to get back and into the safety and security of her shared room, and also anxious to tell her team about their new plans.

Thankfully, Cassie made it back inside without being noticed, and quietly shut the door to the room after entering it.

“There you are!” Shay exclaimed.

“What took you so long?” Da’Rell asked.

“Yeah you were out for way longer than you said you would” Eva added.

“I'm sorry” Cassie replied as she sat down on her bed and faced her fellow Raiders. “I had a lot of unexpected events come up but they were all for very, very good. I have a new plan for us, and I hope you will agree to it.”

The Raiders quickly gave her their full and undivided attention.

“Really? What is it?” J asked.

“I’ll agree to it before even hearing it!” JaMarcus exclaimed, “It’s gotta be better than bein’ here!”

Cassie grinned. “It involves us becoming double agents” she said with excitement on the verge of her voice.

The Raiders perked up with surprise.

“Double agents?” Da’Rell asked. “Ohhhhh…”

“Dangerous, risky, bold...I like it…” Eva grinned wide.

The other three Raiders agreed as well.

“How did all this happen, Cassie?” Shay asked Cassie.

Cassie retold them everything, from finding Kaine to telling him everything to him bringing her to the Scorpions and then to a secret organization where she met with the head of the Hand of Light and fifteen of the agents, children they had heard about in stories told around Osiris. She also told them about her reconciliation with the Scorpions and their willingness to work with them and take them in.

“Wow...this is really good…” J said. “Cassie will still be our leader of course and the real double agent. We’ll help though like we’re supposed to and be her affirmation on things. And I can't complain about not having to seriously fight the Scorpions and also having an excuse to sneak out and get fresh air.”

“Definitely” Eva nodded, “We’ll have a looooot of planning and scheming to do in order to get this to work, especially sabotaging our own selves on the amulet hunts. I'm glad the Scorpions are willing to help us.”

“Indeed” Cassie nodded, “We will spend our evenings after trainings to plan and keep our ears and eyes open at all times. Any new information is going to be key for the Hand of Light. And we must use everything we learn against Osiris when the time comes. I take it you all are in on this new plan?”

The rest of the Raiders looked at each other and then back at Cassie with big grins.

“We are SO in” they replied.

Cassie closed her eyes and smiled with great contentment. Things were finally starting to look on the up, and she couldn't wait to get started.
Cassie and the Raiders belong to me
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Submitted on
June 2, 2017