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When they got to Captain Black’s office, Valmont knocked on the door and came in with Cassie and Kaine. He was going to pretend as if they did not hear the conversation that happened in the conference room.

“Sheila wishes for me to have Cassie acquaintance herself with you all as our newest ally and double agent for the Hand of Light” Valmont said in his smooth British accent, “You are to treat her respectfully and allow no harm to come upon her. We will discuss the semantics of everything with you all later on.”

“Very well, Valmont. Thank you” Captain Black nodded.

“Meet Jack and I outside in the hallways with her when you are finished” Valmont told Tag, “So that we can escort Cassie outside of Section 13.”

Tag nodded and then Valmont left, shutting the door behind them.

Cassie looked around at everyone shyly and nervously. She got especially nervous seeing Vicky.

“Well” Captain Black cleared his throat, “Welcome, Cassie. Becoming a double agent for such an important quest, and at such a young age I might add, is something to not be ignored.”

“Thank you, Captain” Cassie inclined her head.

“Vicky...This is your new ally...Words?” Tag asked his daughter.

Vicky walked over to Cassie, eying her thoughtfully before holding out her hand to Cassie. “As far as I’m concerned. I haven't met you before. Just that rude Sapphire. So Cassie. Can we be friends?” she asked.

Cassie sighed softly in relief at Vicky’s kinder behavior and gesture. She took her hand in hers and bowed respectfully. “If you are willing, then yes. I have much to learn but I will try. Sapphire was a girl who acted out of fear and pride. Cassie may not be flawless, but she has been given new hope and purpose.” Cassie said in her smooth, calm, elven voice.

“Earn my trust and you can join us.” Vicky said. “Your whole group can. It's why we exist.”

“Taking in the lost…” Pit Viper said lowly.

Cassie nodded and bowed in respect to the rest of the group. “Your cause is most worthy and admirable, and has inspired my own team to band together to escape Osiris and the Overlord. I apologize for offending your honor both on a group and personal level. If we had a group like yours when we grew up as orphans, our lives might have turned out to be something better.”

“Trust me. I may not have the physical scars to show for it anymore. But the mental are still there.” Vicky said, tapping the side of her head. “Knowing as a kid that no one loves you or cares for you and all anyone wants to do is hurt you… it sticks… even after you get out… so I understand what it's like to have no one. And this room holds all but two of the founders of the Scorpions… We all needed a place to belong so we created one.” Vicky stated.

“Feeling understood and accepted and not being alone are things that I have come to cherish dearly” Cassie said, “I look forward to working with you and our team in this quest. And I will do my best to not be you teen humans might say…when I am to hunt for the amulets for Osiris…”

The Scorpions chuckled

“Brat or jerk works just as well there.” Dylan smiled.

Cassie smiled a little with a glimmer of amusement in her eyes. “I suppose it does...But I hope in time you will know me not as ‘brat’ or ‘jerk’. ‘Elf girl with fabulous hair’ would suffice” she joked lightly.

The Scorpions laughed out loud to that one.

“You a’ight, Cassie” Strikemaster Ice said with a smile, “We’re here for ya. You gutsy to do this; I’ll give you that. I was a bad boy once too but my boys and I went good. It's only fair we give you a chance too.” MC Cobra and DJ Fist nodded in agreement.

Cassie bowed to him. “Thank you, Strikemaster Ice. I am honored to be given this opportunity.”

“Well...We best get a move on for the sake of Cassie’s safety...Any final thoughts before we let Cassie go?” Tag asked the Scorpions.

“Stay safe.” Kaine told Cassie.

Cassie turned to him and focusing on him only, gently cupped his face with both hands and leaned towards him, pressing her lips gently against his in a genuine, affectionate kiss.

When she broke the kiss, she looked into his forest green eyes with seriousness and sincerity.

“I hope my kiss will be the one to free you of your abominable curse”
Cassie told him. She then kissed him one last time on the lips in the same way. “Stay safe as well, my friend. Until we meet again.”

Jaws were dropped and eyes were wide as the Scorpions stared at Cassie. Kaine, however, seemed a bit starstruck and dizzy.

Captain Black, Tag and Jackie reacted in the same way as the Scorpions did. No one talked or moved for a couple minutes.

“Well” Tag cleared his throat, “We best take our leave, Cassie.”

Cassie turned to him and nodded. She touched her hand gently to Kaine’s cheek before following Tag out of Captain Black’s office to be escorted out of Section 13.

“Weeeeeell then…” Vicky said finally.

Wiess walked over and waved a hand in front of Kaine’s face with no response. She giggled a bit. “I think he’s broken.”

Vicky snorted.

“Yo...I don't know about ya’ll...but I did not see that comin’...” Strikemaster Ice said, trying to get over the shock himself, “I mean I knew she liked him and all but…”

“I think it was more of a ‘thank you’ kiss. Cause he did make it possible for her to find an out of a place she was trapped in.” Pit Viper said.

“True dat…” MC Cobra nodded.

“So, gang...You’re ok with this new plan of action?” Captain Black asked them.

“I feel like we’re getting into some Scooby Doo stuff but yeah.” Depthcharge stated.

The other Scorpions agreed.

“I have seen many things in all my magical quests” Jackie finally said, “But none quite like Cassie. I wish peace and happiness for her own sake and success and luck in this new mission of hers.”

“Indeed. Thank you, gang. I know it was a long and crazy one. You're dismissed. Go back to your Wigglytuff, Depthcharge” Captain Black chuckled.

Depthcharge chuckled and quickly left to go find Kaysha. Maybe she’d still be at the skate park.

Vicky looked at her crew.

“Well. Now what?” Vicky asked.

“Yo. We got interrupted at the skate park. I wanna go back and make up for it” Strikemaster Ice stated.

“Alright! Let's go.” Vicky grinned.

The Scorpions returned back to the skate park to have some hopefully incident-free fun. When they arrived, they heard two people talking in Chinese and then a female laugh, a lovely, pleasant sound that they had not heard before. When they came closer to discover the source of the noises, they saw Kaysha, still dressed as Wigglytuff and finishing up her painting, laughing and sitting next to an old Chinese man with an easel and oil paints of his own. And this old man was the very last person they expected to see: UNCLE CHAN!!!

The Ice Crew gaped with disbelief when they saw this.

“WHAT IS SHE DOING?!?!” they all said at once.

“Uhhhhh talking to Uncle?” Vicky asked, “It’ll be okay, boys. You're good now. You have no reason to fight him and he has no reason to fight you.”

“Well yeah but...dontcha think it's weird?” MC Cobra said, “And since when does the dude oil paint?”

“Since he doesn't have to chase down relics and fight bratty teenage boys?” Vicky asked

Strikemaster Ice huffed and pouted at her comment.

Kaysha and Uncle chatted some more before Uncle picked up his easel and painting and Kaysha escorted him to the parking lot, where Tohru would come pick him up. They were still laughing and Uncle was in quite a jolly mood. They spotted Vicky and the Ice Crew and came over their direction.

“Vicky...Whyyyyy did you not tell Uncle that your cousin was such pleasant company?” Uncle said with a jolly smile and voice.

“I was just getting to know her myself, Uncle.” Vicky smiled

“Uncle is pleasant company as well” Kaysha smiled, “He told me many fascinating stories about adventures in his life, and they are quite something. Would you believe that his antique store used to be a 8-track tape shop back in the seventies?” she chuckled. “Or that he once received training in the Chinese opera?”

“Wow that's cool!” Vicky grinned.

“Kyung-Hee told me many stories of her as well. And also told me of your successes for the good guys so far” Uncle said as he looked at the Ice Crew, “May you stay successful and fight hard against the forces of darkness.”

The Ice Crew gaped in shock at his reaction. Was this really happening?!

“Have a good evening, Uncle. Am I still invited to mahjong next week?” Kaysha asked Uncle with a smile.

“Aaaaaaaaabsolutely! Uncle will bring his A gameeeeee!” Uncle joked.

Kaysha laughed her lovely laugh. “As will I. Farewell, Uncle” she bowed to him in respect.

“Farewell, Kyung-Hee” Uncle bowed back before leaving.

Vicky looked at the guys. “See? Told ya you didn't have to worry.” she smiled at them.

“But…how?” Strikemaster Ice asked in disbelief, “I have never seen Uncle Chan that chill before.”

“The truth is, I told him about you guys and that you were doing very well in reforming from your old ways and also told him that as the fire amulet wearer, you must have a good heart, and that good magic does not lie. Uncle respects me so he listened and agreed, and is pleased to see you three not working for the forces of darkness” Kaysha smiled softly at the Ice Crew.

Vicky hugged Ice. “Everything just starting to fall into place?” she asked him.

“Yeah...Thank you, Kaysh. That was real nice of you to do, vouchin’ for us like that…” Strikemaster Ice said. DJ Fist and MC Cobra nodded in agreement.

“You're welcome” Kaysha smiled, “It’s a family thing” she said as she winked at Vicky.

“Why did he call you Kyung-Hee?” Cobra asked curiously.

“My Korean name” Kaysha smiled, “I take my Asian heritage very seriously.”

“Heritage is important…I just wish I knew mine…” Vicky sighed.

“Perhaps one day you will learn it, and it will be something that you will be proud of…” Kaysha replied.

“Yeah.” Vicky grinned

“Now where is my handsome trainer? He still owes his shiny snuggles and kisses” Kaysha grinned with twinkling eyes.

“Over there digging through his truck for something.” Vicky pointed.

“Yay thank youuuuuu" Kaysha smiled as she ran over to him. When she got there, she quietly crept up to him and gave him a big hug from behind.

Depthcharge squawked a little then looked to see who it was then chuckled when he saw Kaysha. “Hey there.”

“Hello my handsome trainer” she giggled, “Your shiny is happy to see you back.”

Depthcharge chuckled then put a Kanto themed ball cap on his head. “I’m happy to see you too, my sweet Wigglytuff.”

Kaysha’s eyes lit up when she saw his hat. “I love your hat!” she exclaimed, “How do you keep finding new ways to look so attractive?” she flirted.

“I don't know, how can you keep getting cuter and cuter?” he replied

Kaysha giggled and kissed his cheek. She then looked up at him seriously. “Did your secret meeting go well?” she asked with concern, “I was worried when you guys left like that.”

“Yeah it went well.” he nodded. “Better than expected.”

“Well that is good then” she nodded. “I finished my painting. Would you like to go see it?”

“Sure.” Depthcharge smiled.

Time passed, and it was time for Kaysha and Charmaine to go home. Kaysha never enjoyed having to leave Depthcharge for the night but knew she would see him again and looked forward to every opportunity to do so.

“Charmaine! We must go now!” Kaysha called out to Charmaine.

“Noooooooo! I don't waaaaaaanna gooooooo!” Charmaine protested, as she had been spending lots of time with Ash after he arrived and was having a ton of fun with him as usual.

“Sadly we cannot stay here forever” Kaysha said as she came closer to her younger sister.

“Yeeeeeeewwwwww can't make meeeeeeee” Charmaine pouted.

Kaysha laughed.

“Ohohoho really? Ah but I can and I will” she gave Charmaine a huge devious and evil grin as she grabbed the tail attached to the back of Charmaine’s onesie.

Charmaine squawked loudly and her face was completely surprised. Kaysha laughed as she started to drag Charmaine away by the tail with one hand!

“KAAAAYKAAAAAY!!!! GET YER HANDS OFF MAH TAIL!!!” Charmaine protested as she flailed around, trying to break free, but to no avail.

Depthcharge threw a Pokéball (one of the soft plushie ones) and it hit Charmaine on the head.

The other Scorpions were trying hard not to laugh.

Charmaine made a very pouty and unamused face at Depthcharge and glared at him while Kaysha let go of Charmaine’s tail because she fell on the ground howling with laughter.  

Depthcharge walked over and picked up the Pokéball then picked up Charmaine. “Hey look at that! I captured a Charmander.” he grinned.

The other Scorpions couldn't help themselves and they burst out laughing.

Kaysha was laughing so hard she was crying and her laugh became squeaky on occasion.

Charmaine was pouting up a storm and she crossed her arms angrily.

“I hope you don't become my brother in law someday…” she muttered.

“Awwwww don't be like that. It's funny!” Depthcharge grinned.

“Hahaha yeah it is!” Wiess laughed with her phone out recording what was going on.

Charmaine gasped in horror when she saw this. “Aiyahhhhh!!! Noooooo!!! I don't wanna be on candid cameraaaa!!!” she cried in protest, “Ya’ll are makin’ me look bad in front of MY COWBOYYY!!!”

“I dunno I think it's cute.” Ash chuckled

Charmaine softened when she heard his voice. She looked over to him. “But I want you to be my trainer…” she said quietly and shyly.

“Ooooooohhhhhh!!!” Kaysha grinned after she stopped laughing. “Fannnnnncy that!” she laughed. “You can be his Pikachuuuu!!!”

The other Scorpions laughed harder.

“Come oooon. It's time for you two to go home. It’ll be dark out soon.” Depthcharge said.

“Indeed, but it was a most pleasant delay” she chuckled. “Come on, Charmaine. I’ll get you some karmalicious ice cream on the way home” she smirked at her younger sister.

“Shut up, Kaysh” Charmaine grumbled as she stomped off behind her older sister.

The Scorpions watched the two girls leave and Wiess sent the video to Tag.

“Hehehe your dad might enjoy a laugh like that.” Wiess giggled to Vicky.

“Hahaha awwww poor Charmaine.” Vicky said as she laughed.

“Well she did have it comin’!” MC Cobra laughed, “She embarrassed Kaysha earlier so she got it back!”

“Yep and knowing Dad, that video will go right to Uncle Nate!” Vicky laughed.

“Yo I bet that dude will love that!” Ice laughed as well.
A kiss! A surprise guest! A Pokeball! Charmaine entertaining once again! Enjoy :D

Vicky, Pit Viper, Roundabout, Kaine, the Scorpion OCs, and Ash belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Cassie, Kaysha and Charmaine belong to me
The Ice Crew, Valmont, Captain Black, Tag, Jackie and Uncle all belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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