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Agent Tag and Jack drove as fast as they could in a Section 13 van to the skate park after receiving the phone calls from Strikemaster Ice. Tag was shocked to hear that Kaine had brought Sapphire- whom he was told was actually named Cassie- to the Scorpions and Cassie had expressed interest in becoming a double agent. He wasn't entirely sure what to make of this. Could it be a trap? It could. But what if it was the small possibility of being sincere? It was his duty to investigate such, and investigate he would do.

Tag parked next to where the Scorpions were at and Jack followed closely behind. Tag saw Cassie sitting on an empty tailgate and walked over to her, focusing only on her and not the other Scorpions around him. Jack was close behind him within seconds.

“So…Sapphire...whom we now know as Cassie…I am Agent Tag, secret agent and father to Victoria Venom. I will warn you now that if your intentions are ill and this is a trap, we will arrest you swiftly, harm you if it's absolutely necessary. I am a protector of the good and innocent, and protect I will do. Do you understand?”

Cassie nodded stoically in affirmation.

“Very well I hear you have expressed interest in becoming a double agent? May I ask why?” Tag inquired.

“Permit me to tell you my story, and from it you will know why” Cassie answered.

Tag nodded slightly. “Very well...but you will not tell your story here, elf. I will take you to a secret place whose location you shall not disclose.”

“Very well, Agent Tag. Take me to your fortress. But you cannot keep me there for long. Every morning I have trainings with Osiris and it is punishable enough to just be tardy. If I do not return, the wrath of Osiris will be unleashed in some way.” Cassie stated.

Tag looked behind him slightly at Jack to get a second opinion on this. “Jack? Your thoughts?” he asked.

“Not sure. This could go in any direction. Blindfold her and THEN bring her along. She shouldn't know where the base is at all… I need to make a call to my boss.” Jack replied.

“Very well...I shall handcuff her as well” Agent Tag nodded as he got out a pair of handcuffs and with no resistance at all from Cassie, and attached them to her wrists.

“Is Kaine going to be there with me?” Cassie asked shyly and hopefully as she looked up into Tag’s eyes.

Tag’s eyes got wide and he looked at Cassie with a strange face.

“Wh-wh-what do mean will Kaine be there? Though I have questions for the boy, why would you ask such a thing?!” Tag demanded.

“Because Kaine is my friend, and I would feel less scared and alone if he was there with me” Cassie replied, her voice having an edge of pleading.

Tag looked to Vicky, having no idea how to respond.

Vicky crossed her arms. “Fine. He’ll be there. But if I find that you're just toying with him and you hurt him, that nuclear melt down you saw before will be nothing compared to what will be in store for you.” she replied.

Cassie looked to Kaine with great fear in her eyes. “Kaine...I’m scared…”

“It’ll be okay.” he reassured her.

“I don't want to die, Kaine...I’m too young...When we get there...hold my hand…please…” she begged.

“You won’t die, Cassie. And I’ll hold your hand…” Kaine replied.

“Thank you, my friend…” Cassie said gratefully.

“Please refrain from speaking in a language that I do not understand” Tag scolded as he put the blindfold on Cassie and made sure that and the handcuffs were as tight as could be.

“She was scared we were gonna kill her.” Jack said.

Tag sighed. “We would never do that unless one of our lives was in absolute risk! We are not assassins, elf!”

“Using it like that is just the same as using a racial slur!” Kaine said unhappily at Tag.

Tag turned to Kaine and sighed a little. “Apologies, Kaine. It is difficult to give this young woman respect after all she has done to the Scorpions” he stated.

“I know what she has done. And I have heard her story and know some of what she has been through. If I could have helped her I would have but this is a matter for the Hand of Light. Mere humans and their technology cannot help her.”

“Be prepared to answer questions of your own as well, Kaine” Tag told him. “Alright group, listen up! All of you are to report to Section 13 with haste. You’re all part of this just as much as I am. I have also called Jackie Chan in as an extra witness, and the good Captain will be present as well. Let's move out!” he commanded as he grabbed Cassie and took her out of the tailgate before leading her to his van with one arm.

Kaine sighed as the other Scorpions went and left for their trucks though Depthcharge did tell Kaysha goodbye before he left. He was quite disappointed that he had to leave his shiny Wigglytuff behind but she didn’t need to get involved with this.

Everyone arrived at Section 13 only a minute or so after Agent Tag and Jack did with Cassie in tow.

“What do you think is gonna happen?” Strikemaster Ice asked the group as the walked together out of the garage.

“Weeeeell I don't know. But it kinda killed my buzz when she showed up. Today was such a good day too.” Vicky sighed.

“I knowwwww, yo! It was almost as if we got off an epic time in Hawaii and then immediately hopped off the plane and then bam, we had to go fight for another amulet” MC Cobra complained.

“And I had to leave my Wigglytuff behind…Man not cool!” Depthcharge groaned.

“Awwww man we’ll find a way to make it up to you!” Ice reassured him, “Though now it’s a bad time to joke about how awful Kaysha looks in pink...Sorry, man...It's more of Charmaine’s color…”

“I thought she looked pretty cute.” Depthcharge stated.

“Eeeeeeh I gotta agree with Ice…She would have been a cute Bulbasaur, though. Ooooh or the Alolan Salazzle! That would have been a good look for her.” Vicky replied.

Ice chuckled. “The Alolan Salazzle? I think she could rock Pikachu but she can't be stealin’ Ash’s fav Pokémon. Leave that to the cowgirl” he laughed.

“And what's your favorite Pokémon, Drew?” Vicky asked him

“Charizard” Strikemaster Ice laughed, “Do I gotta explain why?”

“Powerful fire breathing dragon?” Vicky asked

“Ding ding! We got a winner, yo!” Ice laughed.

“My fave is Gardevoir and Gallade. The two because I can't decide between them” Vicky laughed as well as they walked through Section 13

Agent Tag and Jack escorted Cassie to where Captain Black and Jackie Chan were standing.

“Soooo…the leader of the Raiders has arrived…” Captain Black said, rubbing his chin in observance of the elf girl. “She is safe of our location now. Unblindfold her” he commanded.

Tag nodded and took the blindfold off of Cassie.

Cassie’s eyes traveled around and looked at all of them nervously.

“Wh-where’s Kaine?” she stuttered.

Tag sighed in annoyance. “Kaine my boy! Come, please!” he called out.

Kaine stepped out from behind DJ as he had been walking behind the much taller and bigger fellow.

“I’m right here. I was just walking behind DJ. Not hiding.” Kaine said.

“Very good” Tag nodded.

“Kaine I must ask you something” Cassie said as he came closer to her.

“This is not a time for casual conversation!” Tag snapped.

“Please, let me ask! It is not even related to the present situation! And he does not even have to answer!” Cassie pleaded.

Tag huffed annoyingly. “F-fine. But no more after this…”

Cassie turned to look at Kaine with sincerity in her eyes.

“Kaine...why do you play football if it makes you so miserable? Do you not have the right to your own happiness and your own heart?” she asked him. She would have loved to tell him just to quit but she restrained.

Kaine looked at Cassie surprised. He didn’t know how to respond.

“When will your boss be here?” Captain Black asked Jack.

“Sheila will be here soon.” Jack replied.

“Very good” Captain Black nodded.

Not long after, the other five showed up and then someone new suddenly just appeared out of thin air with several others with her.

“Whoa!” Captain Black, Jackie and Tag all exclaimed, surprised.

Sheila McStone was an average heighted woman who had long blonde hair, lively green eyes, and was wearing a shorter white and gold sleeveless dress with blue threading on the hem and white, blue and gold high heels that looked fancy but weren’t horribly expensive to begin with and large gold hoop earrings. She observed her surroundings and smiled huge when she saw her long lost cousin Taggart.

“TAAAAAAGGYYY!!!” Sheila squealed happily as she ran over to Tag and picked him up a bit, laughing and twirling around with him. “Oh what an absolute delight to see you again!”

Tag’s eyes got wide and he nearly got breathless from the tight grip of her hug.

“Y-y-you too, Sheila” Tag answered.

Vicky stared at this with wide eyes. “Dad…is that?” she asked, unable to register what was going on.

“Yes, dear. It is. My long lost cousin, Sheila McStone.” Tag sighed.

“I’m not long lost any more, silly Taggy! So don't call me that!”

Vicky couldn't help but giggle a little. She was funny!

“Greeeeeeeeeeetings, everyone!” Sheila introduced as she dropped Tag from her grip, which caused him to fall to the floor, “I am Sheila McStone. Leader of the Hand of Light! Look at my earrings. I just got them! Aren't they fabulous?” she asked with a big smile as she showed everyone her earrings.

Cassie was just staring at her blankly. ‘This is the leader of the Hand of Light?’ she thought, ‘Vicky would make a better leader than her! I might be doomed.’

“Mom… focus… please.” Crissi pleaded quietly.

“Yes, darling. You may show off later” a man with long white-blonde hair in a ponytail, tan skin, and icy blue eyes said. He was wearing a white suit with gold and blue trim, a blue shirt and gold tie. Blue shoes clad his feet.

Captain Black’s and Jackie’s eyes got wide and their mouths dropped.

“VALMONT?!?!” they gaped.

Valmont smirked a little. “Captain Black. Jackie Chan. It has been a while.”

“We recovered him from San Francisco shortly after the demon dragon’s daddy issues hissy fit.” Manolo stated

“He… helps keep Sheila focused.” Jack sighed

“Plus it's his way of redeeming himself after upsetting the balance of magic multiple times.” Danny finished.

“ much weirder is today going to get?” Captain Black muttered and sighed. “Annnnnyways, Sheila and Valmont, what do you propose we do with the elf girl Cassie?” he asked the two.

“Well we wish to talk to her, of course!” Sheila stated, “I require the elf boy Kaine’s presence as well. Valmont, our agents and I will interrogate her” she said. “Any objections?”

Vicky shook her head ‘no’ as Kaine walked forward.

“Mom, I’m sure you saw the news reports on Hawaii. This is the one who was harassing the team helping us acquire the amulets.” Red stated, looking at Cassie.

“I know that already!” Sheila snapped a little. “But the prospect of a double interesting…very interesting...mmmm yes...I like it…”

“I was merely trying to point out the fact that her hand is still burned from her trying to grab the fire amulet from its destined bearer.” Red said as she looked away a bit.

Sheila walked over to Cassie and gently grabbed her right hand. Sure enough, a grueling mark was still there.

“Yes...I see…” Sheila observed.

“The fire element being my brother.” Jack said, pointing Ice out to Sheila.

Sheila looked up and came a little closer to him. “Ah yes! Andrew Fitzgerald. Aka Strikemaster Ice. Oh how lovely to meet the hunny hunny of Victoria Venom!” she giggled a little.

Strikemaster Ice flushed a little and stared blankly at Sheila, not knowing how to respond.

“Mmm...I get that look a lot…” she shrugged her shoulders and walked away. “Now. Agents. Shall we be off to begin our interrogation? We must hear her side of the story.”

Jack, Manolo, Danny, Red, Crissi and Mel all nodded.

“Good”. Sheila whispered something to Captain Black before she, Valmont and their agents escorted Cassie and Kaine away.

Captain Black approached the Scorpion group after the Hand of Light was out of earshot. “The Hand will be using the conference room to interrogate Cassie. The sound system is secretly connected to my office. If we go there, we’ll be able to hear everything. The information is ours to know as well.”

“Let’s find out what Cassie knows.” Vicky agreed.

As they were walking to Captain Black’s office, Vicky held Ice’s hand. “She waaaasssss… colorful. In a funny kind of way…” she said to him

Ice laughed. “Colorful? Yo...she was somethin’, a’ight. Not many people can make me speechless but she managed to do it. Your dad looked way miserable, though.”

“Yeeeah but not like the ‘I'm gonna go run and hide in my man cave’ type miserable. It was like a ‘Oh gosh why this anything but this’ type thing” Vicky said. “It was I dunno. Kinda funny but then again my mind was like way numb. I couldn't process what was going on… but at least it's a cute kind of crazy.”

“Makes you wonder how a lady like that is leading such an important organization but maybe she’s tougher and smarter than we think” MC Cobra stated.

“Oh I bet she is. Jack said she was good with magic and quite a few magic users I've met and heard of so far are kinda quirky… But she just might take the cake.” Vicky chuckled.

Ice laughed. “Well at least she's on the good side. Anyone know who this Valmont dude is? CB and Chan seemed shocked to see him. Old villain?”

“With how Jack, Danny and Manolo talked… ex major villain I’m guessing.”Roundabout replied.

“Heh well guess it shows if he can reform and make it that we can too” DJ Fist said and Ice and Cobra nodded in agreement.

“Alright, gang” Captain Black said as they made it into his office. “I’ll turn up my sound system so that we can hear everything that is being said. Pay close attention to everything, especially Cassie. Let's see if we have fallen into a trap or if- not extremely likely but still if- Cassie wishes to ‘reform’ if you will.”

The Scorpions all nodded.
My OC Sheila McStone has returned! On the GOOD SIDE! :D Her quirky behavior was inspired by Angela from the Inheritance Cycle. And the supersoliders call her 'Mom' as a nickname, as she is the 'Mom' of the entire Hand of Light organization! And Valmont is back and on the good side as well! Woot!

Vicky, Roundabout, Pit Viper, Kaine, the Scorpions, and the supersoldiers belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Cassie and Sheila belong to me
The Ice Crew, Captain Black, Tag, Jackie and Valmont belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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