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Later at night, the full moon was out and shining on the ocean. There was something in the air that was carried up from the beach to the mansion… some kind of music or something? But the problem was that only DJ seemed to be hearing it…

DJ Fist followed the sound of the music curiously, wondering where it was coming from. He walked outside and onto the beach and what he saw surprised him.

Roundabout was dancing on the beach and she was impossibly inhumanly graceful. Her hair was up and her ears came to a point and there was a shimmering flash as something on her back caught the moonlight. She was singing something that he couldn't understand.

DJ Fist became hypnotized by Roundabout and couldn't take his eyes off of her. He slowly took a seat on the sand and watched her as she continued to dance and sing. She was so… elegant…

As she sang and danced in the light of the full moon, a pair of shimmering translucent wings became visible to DJ. The wings fluttered as her dance moved out over the water, her feet only touching the surface as she hopped and twirled across a small section of water before coming back over the beach.

DJ Fist’s mouth gaped and his eyes got so wide they began to strain. Roundabout...had wings! Like a…fairy! Was she…a person of magic as well???

It was a while before Roundabout finished but there was certainly magic and beauty in her dancing and singing. When she was done her wings seemed to disappear and she sighed happily as she looked up at the moon.

DJ Fist was still blown away and hypnotized, and for the first time, realized that he had romantic feelings for Roundabout. This side of her contained a beauty and a grace that he absolutely adored, and the word ‘beautiful’ was the only word that seemed to repeat in his mind at the moment.

Roundabout stopped looking at the moon and turned to head back to the mansion but spotted DJ.

“Wh- D-DJ… ¿qué estás haciendo aquí ... cuánto tiempo has estado allí?” ("What are you doing here.... how long have you been there?) she asked nervously, “¿Qué viste?” ("What did you see?") her nervousness quickly and clearly turning into fear.

DJ Fist picked up her nervousness and fear and came closer to her, pulling her gently into his arms and looking down into her eyes.

“Escuché música y me sentí atraído por ella. Y luego vi y escuché lo que creo que fue la cosa más hermosa para mí. Cantando y bailando en la playa y luego sobre el agua con alas como una hada. Fue tan hermoso (“I listened to music and was attracted to it. And then I saw and heard what I thought was the most beautiful thing for me. Singing and dancing on the beach and then on the water with wings like a fairy. It was so beautiful”)” he answered her.

“I… I am…a fairy…” she said quietly…

DJ Fist gasped in shock. So it was true! She was a magical being!

“Emma...Why are you afraid? Why hide yourself and your magic beauty from the world?” DJ Fist asked.

“Because humans don't understand us… They destroy what they don't understand and my abuela said I shouldn't let humans know what I really am…” Roundabout replied.

DJ gasped in horror and he held Roundabout even closer to him, feeling protective of her.

“How could humans destroy that which is so beautiful?” he asked, “You’re not that much different from them. I will never allow harm to fall upon you, my dear Emma. You are too precious of a person for the world to lose.”

Roundabout blushed and hugged DJ. “Thank you.”

“You're welcome” DJ said as he gave her a gentle kiss to the top of her head. “Your secret is safe with me. I don't know if any other Scorpions know or not but if not, I promise to not say a word. I won't even tell my own crew. The secret is yours and yours alone.”

“Only Pit Viper knows…” she said as she relaxed in his arms. “And now you do too.”

“...This might be silly to ask…But will you share one dance with me, here on the beach, before the night is over?” DJ Fist asked her.

Roundabout giggled a little. “I will dance with you.” she smiled up at him.

DJ Fist smiled warmly and took one hand into his and put the other on her waist, beginning a waltz.

Roundabout danced with DJ happily. Was this actually happening?! Her crush had noticed her! She was so excited!

DJ felt so happy and in love as he danced with Emma on the beach in the moonlight, an absolutely romantic moment. Their steps were in perfect synchronization and all he could think about was her.

When the dance ended, DJ Fist pulled Roundabout into his arms and looked down into her eyes.

“Mi corazón te pertenece, Emma (“My heart belongs to you, Emma”)” he said quietly.

“Y el mío le pertenece a mi hermoso caballero.” ("And mine belongs to you my handsome knight.") she replied

DJ Fist’s heart soared and ever so slowly, he leaned down and went in to kiss her.

Roundabout used her wings to gain some height and she met DJ half way and immediately kissed him back as she hovered there.

DJ Fist sighed to himself happily as he held her close to him and kissed her, and the two shared their first kiss in the moonlight, a first kiss that was better than perhaps either of them ever imagined.

When they broke the kiss, Roundabout grinned at him. “That was… better than all my caffeine highs I've ever had combined.”

DJ Fist laughed his rich, booming laugh and kissed her forehead.

“I'm glad it pleased you, my Emma. I have to say that it pleased me too” he grinned as he brushed some hair out of her face.

She smiled at him. “Soooo are we like… together now?” she asked slowly

DJ Fist smiled. “If you want to be, then yes, my sweet moon fairy. We are.” he said as he kissed her cheek.

“I’d like that… though I want to see how long it takes the others to figure out we are together.” she giggled

DJ Fist laughed out loud. “Ah, so you want to keep it a secret, huh? I'm down with that. It’ll be fun. I still am a man of many secrets and not as much words as others” he chuckled.

She laughed as well and gave DJ another kiss.

After the kiss, DJ Fist smiled down at Emma.

“May I escort you inside, Miss Emma? Or perhaps we will go our separate ways so that we don't reveal our secret identities” he chuckled.

She giggled. “No one knows I’m outside… I kinda… flew out my window.” she fluttered her fairy wings. “The full moon gets me every time. I can't help but go find somewhere to dance when it shines.”

“So that means I will get to see you dance again” DJ Fist smiled. “Perhaps you can show me how you fly into your window then”

“Alright.” Roundabout said as they walked back toward the mansion. “I will see you tomorrow, my handsome knight.”

“I look forward to it, my sweet moon fairy. Buenas noches (“Good night”)” DJ replied.

“Buenas noches.” Roundabout replied before giving DJ a kiss on the cheek and flying up and into her window and shutting it carefully behind her.

DJ Fist walked back to the mansion and leaned against the front door, letting out a dazed and happy sigh. Tonight was, without question, the best night of his life.
Time for another fuzzy romantic chapter! ^_~ And we learn that Roundabout is a fairy! :iconfairyplz:

Roundabout belongs to :iconbikermicechick:
DJ Fist belongs to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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May 31, 2017