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The next day, Pit Viper came downstairs and outside around the pool, which was the common hang out area, later than everyone else and she was rubbing her hair with a dark towel. No one could see her face yet.

“Hey there she is!” Vicky exclaimed.

“Has the snake girl been restored to her former glory?” Strikemaster Ice teased.

Pit Viper took the towel away and her hair was back to its previous wild coloring and she flipped it back and hissed. Her piercings and fake fangs back in place where they had been before.

“Woohooooo!” MC Cobra cheered.

“Yeahhhh! MUCH better!” Ice grinned.

“I feel like me again” Pit Viper grinned back.

“The snake girl has returned!” Wiess laughed and the other Scorpions whooped.

“Now thangs are back to normal and we can finally chill with no worries!” Ice grinned more.

“Heck yeah!” the teens cheered.

Carter chuckled. “They certainly are energetic. Aren’t they?”

“Indeed! I dare say that they have been survivable on this trip!” Tag chuckled, “A feat I did not see possible!”

“Oh please!” Lydia laughed. “At least the tough parts are done and over with! Oh! And be sure we don't forget the coffee and macadamia nuts for Nate!”

“We shan't! I will be a gracious brother in law to him this time” Tag chuckled.

“Everything is going remarkably well. And we can trust the younger group to the care of the older six and go out to do something as adults… They seem unusually mature for their age…” Carter said.

“Captain Black will be quite pleased with our report and perhaps will place greater trust in the Ice Crew. I might be able to have the electrical work dropped from their probation as reward and have them focus entirely on the amulets mission and perhaps combat training instead” Tag said.

“Those boys are engineers. Give em a few building projects maybe and I bet they’d be pretty happy.” Carter suggested.

“There ya go! Career building skills!” Lydia exclaimed, “Because this amulet business isn't gonna go on forever and the point of the reformation is to get the boys into honest work! It would be helpful for them in that aspect!”

Tag rubbed his chin and began to think about Carter’s and Lydia’s words.

“Mmmm…yes…good points…” he said.

“Getting them set up right for success would be beneficial to them and to you, Tag. Because isn't your daughter dating one of them? Get em set up good and proper and he’ll be able to take care of your girl if they do end up going further than just dating.” Carter stated.

“An excellent point...but going further than just dating…???” Tag said as he started to feel emotional, “My little girl is growin’ up…”

“Taaaaaagggg…don't go man cave breakdown on me” Lydia said as she fanned him with her magazine, “Especially here.”

“It's okay, man. It’ll be fine.” Carter reassured Tag

Tag sighed. “The thought of her moving on to big things like marriage is...hard to grasp. But it will do me no good to think so far ahead. Yes, I need to help the Ice Crew be prepared for future careers and future lives away from the influences of evil. I shall speak to Captain Black about the terms of their probations when I return…”

The teens were goofing off again and Kitty had grabbed Depthcharge’s phone and while Depthcharge was flexing and standing by the pool, Kitty took a photo.

“Hehehe Sending to the girlfriend!” Kitty laughed.

“Ack! KITTY!!!” Depthcharge exclaimed as he chased the girl

“SENT!!!” she exclaimed.

Back in San Francisco, Kaysha was in the library during an off period with Charmaine when she got a text notification on her phone. She was excited to see that it was from Depthcharge but when she opened the text, it was something that she was definitely NOT expecting. Depthcharge had sent her a picture of him by the pool at the mansion he was staying at in Hawaii, shirtless and flexing.

Kaysha’s eyes got wide and she was so surprised she fell out of her seat.

Charmaine looked up from her homework and raised an eyebrow at her.

“What the heeeeeeeeck, Kaysh?” she asked quietly.

Kaysha’s face was literally entirely red and her mind was spinning from seeing Depthcharge shirtless and seeing his well defined muscles.

“What did you get from Depthchargeeeeee?” Charmaine asked as she got up from her seat and snatched Kaysha’s phone off the floor as fast as she could.

“Ooooooooohhhhhh!!! Depthcharge sent you a photo of him shirtless at the pooooooool!” Charmaine cooed. “Iiiiiiiii know how to respond to THAT for ya!” she laughed mischievously as her thumbs started texting ferociously.

Kaysha jumped up off the floor and lunged at Charmaine over the table to take her phone back.

“Charmaineeeeee!!!” she hissed, trying to stay quiet in the library. She looked to see what Charmaine had texted and gasped in absolute horror. Charmaine's text said:

Oooooooooooohhhhhh look at those muscles! Hi there, hottie! You're hotter than the suuuuuunnnnn!!!

Charmaine started shrieking quietly with laughter, falling out of her chair, while Kaysha got terribly flustered and ferociously texted back before Depthcharge could respond.

THAT previous text was from Charmaine, NOT from me.…fine…

Kaysha set her phone down and sighed. Why did her little sister have to embarrass her so?! She even felt flustered for calling him fine. But Depthcharge’s attractiveness refused to leave her mind. So much for concentrating in school for the rest of the day…

Back in Hawaii, Depthcharge blushed as he looked at his phone.

Kitty stole my phone and took the picture and sent it to you! Gah!

Aiyah. No privacy for us, eh? Well, I still mean it when I said you looked fine. You made me blush redder than a tomato and fall out of my chair in the library onto the floor. And now I'm not sure I can concentrate in class for the rest of the day. Thanks a lot :p

XD Sorry. Not my intention. I was just playin around with the guys when Kitty struck.

Oh guys and their muscles baha. I miss you and eagerly await your return from Hawaii. I love my sister but I enjoy the company of my sweet boy <3

I miss you too my quiet beauty <3

Send me a picture of the beach there, maybe at sunset, before you leave, please. I do love how the sun looks as it sets over the water. Perhaps one day we can watch a sunset together.

I will. See you when we get back.

“A’ight, man! Tell us! What did Kaysha think of that pic of ya?” Strikemaster Ice laughed.

“She fell outta her seat at the school library.” Depthcharge replied.

The Ice Crew all laughed.

“So what you're sayin’ is that she thought you looked good!” MC Cobra laughed, “Or she was NOT expectin’ to get that kind of text!”

“Both I think.” he chuckled

“Poor girl” Strikemaster Ice chuckled. “When are we gonna see this more feisty side to her, anyways? I gotta see it to believe it that a girl like that can be so energetic on the court! But I wouldn't mind seein’ that quiet mouse pull some more shoutin’-in-Korean type of surprises on us” he chuckled more.

He chuckled. “Maybe if we get her playin' basketball.”

“Basketball is fun” DJ Fist said, “I haven't played in years. I could go for a good game sometime.”

“Kaysh is good. We could play a game sometime when we get back to San Fran.” Depthcharge smiled.

“Count me in, man” DJ smiled back.
Vicky, Pit Viper, the Scorpion OCs, and Carter belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Lydia, Kaysha and Charmaine belong to me
The Ice Crew and Tag belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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May 31, 2017