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The next day in Hawaii, the Scorpions were having a blast but Cobra and Pit Viper had been taken away from all the fun several hours earlier. Lawrence was giving Cobra a crash course on how to walk the walk and at least somewhat talk it too. Lar and Cobra were roughly the same size and build. Cobra obviously being more muscular and stronger than Lawrence. Lar had lent Cobra one of his tuxedos for the event.

Cobra had just finished putting everything on and Lar straightened him out.

“Wooow, Shane.” a familiar female voice said from behind him, “You clean up real well.”

MC Cobra turned around and blushed when he saw Pit Viper.

“Thanks…ahhhhh you do too, Lilith” he said as he awkwardly rubbed his neck and gave a nervous laugh.

Pit Viper was wearing a beautiful green dress and her hair was done up. She had a silver snake bracelet with green emerald eyes coiled around her upper arm. She chuckled and walked over and pinned something to the lapel of his tux jacket. A silver cobra pin with green eyes. “There. Now it's perfect.” Pit Viper smiled.

MC Cobra laughed and smiled back at her. “I'm glad this event won't take away our entire identity!” he grinned, “We’re still the snake duo!”

“Trust me it's best if we don't look like our usual selves for this.” Pit Viper laughed “We’d never get any peace! But yes. We’ll still be the snake duo.” she grinned back.

“Soooooo is it time to go now or what?” he asked.

“Well let’s head downstairs and see if miss priss is ready to go. I’m pretty sure everyone else is ready to go.” Pit Viper said.

A’ight” MC Cobra nodded.

As they were passing by, Strikemaster Ice and DJ Fist stopped them for a moment to observe their appearances.

Ice whistled. “Yo dude! You be lookin’ SHARP!”

“Super sharp. You look lovely as well, Miss Lilith” DJ smiled.

“Thank you Dominic.” Pit Viper smiled.

“Soooo what are you gonna do at this whole charity event thang, anyways?” Ice asked her.

“Well when we get there it's a maaaajor event. So it's kinda like some red carpet stuff. It’ll be on TV. They have some people singing before me, then I sing and then the TV part ends and then there's like a fancy high society meet and greet and the reason Dad said get an escort is that if I didn't I’d be getting hit on left and right because of jerks wanting my money or family status. And then I woulda gone angry snake girl like I did with Amanda when I got here aaaaand that would not have been a good thing. Soooo our snake boy is coming along with me as a my sanity anchor aaaaand a suitor repellant.” she said.

“Sounds fun” Ice chuckled, “Yo I wouldn't want no fools hittin’ on you either! We’ll tune in and watch ya’ll, see what this whole thing is about.”

“Luckily tomorrow we can do whatever the heck we want and we won’t have to worry about all… THIS.” Pit Viper waved her hands around.

“Cool! Gotta have all the fun we can in a beautiful place like Hawaii!” Ice grinned. “And without aaaaaaany worries at all!”

“Oh yeah! I gotta tell you I am looooovin' the weather and everything here. After this is over. We spend a few more days here. I get my reset. We got the amulet and everyone else gets a vacay in Hawaii.” Pit Viper chuckled.

“Let the good times keep rollin’, yo!” Ice laughed.

Shortly after that the Abernathy family had gathered downstairs and were ready to leave.

“Shane! Lilith! Hang on I wanna get a picture of you two!” Roundabout said as she had a camera in her hands.

MC Cobra laughed. “A’ight! Might as well get practice anyways” he joked as he put an arm around Pit Viper’s shoulders.

Roundabout took a picture of them and grinned. “Awesome. Thank you!”

“You bet, girlfriend!” Cobra grinned.

Andre chuckled. “Let's get going.” he said and they left the house and got into the waiting limo.

“Now you remember everything we talked about right, Shane?” Lawrence asked as they neared the event. The twins were surprisingly quiet and calm and Amanda was… well she was Amanda.

“Yeah” Cobra nodded, “I hope I don't mess up, though! I wanna do everything right but this all so new for me…”

“We understand which is why Lil and I will help as much as we can.”

“Abernathy twins strike again?” Pit Viper asked.

“Yeah we will.” Lawrence laughed a bit.

MC Cobra smiled. He was nervous for this event, and the fact that it would be televised certainly didn’t make it any better. But he was determined to do the best he could and to be the help for Pit Viper that she needed. Soon enough, all of this would be over and things could go right back to normal…

When they got to the event and stepped out of the limo it was just like Pit Viper had said it would be. Like some kind of red carpet event. There was a lot of paparazzi there and TV cameras and all sorts of people blocked off from them by security.

Pit Viper was keeping her cool and held onto Cobra’s arm as they walked towards the building with the other Abernathys.

“Miss Lilith! Miss Lillith!” people called out, shouting questions of all kinds. Relationship questions, personal things and many other questions but one stuck out to her that made her stop.

“Miss Lilith Abernathy! While you were in hiding did you find anything of great importance to you?” someone called and Pit Viper looked at them.

“I actually wanna answer that one…” Pit Viper said lowly.

“Do what you want, girl…” MC Cobra answered her lowly.

Pit Viper stopped and went over to answer the question though Cobra stuck with her.

“Actually yes, I did find something.” Pit Viper said.

Back at the mansion, everyone was sitting in front of the TV watching this.

“Poor Cobra looks so out of his element. But he’s hiding it really well.” Vicky said.

“Yeah” Strikemaster Ice nodded, “Yo I’m just glad I ain't at a place like that!”

“Yeah cuz you would fail miserably” DJ Fist smirked.

“No I wouldn't!” Ice protested, “...A’ight yes I would. I ain't givin’ up my slang or blang.”

“We’re ALL gonna be happy when we have our usual snake peeps back.” Dylan said

“Seein' em without the piercins and wildly epic colored hair is unsettling… They look… normal. And it ain't right.” Wiess sighed

Ice chuckled. “Yo normal is different things to different people. But ditto. Havin’ em back to their old selves will be good.”

“Whats she doin'?” Kitty asked

Pit Viper lead Cobra over to the reporter to answer their question.

“In living in San Francisco I found something truly amazing. A group of people that, though they look rough around the edges, do something totally incredible. The group is called the Scorpions and they have just five people shy of a hundred and fifty members. They skateboard, surf, and do so many other sports. But it's not just a sports group. This group takes in troubled kids and helps them. It gives them a network of real friends to rely on. They’ve prevented suicides and other things and keep these kids from turning to crime. They have a special app for phones that's put on the phone by one of the main admins of the group. And it's their own special type of social media spot that they can cry out for help, tell the group about their day or just about anything. And if someone needs help, everyone in the group is notified and usually a group of at least ten goes to help in whatever way possible. The group has grown into something more than just a small group of outcast teens. That group is a place where anyone and everyone can find a place and fit in.” Pit Viper said “And their leader, Victoria Venom, is the sweetest, kindest person you will ever meet. She’s highly defensive of her group and would do anything that she could to help and protect them and set them on the path to be the best people that they can be.”

Vicky felt touched as she heard Pit Viper talk on the TV “AWWWWWW Viperrrrrrrr!!! When she gets back she’s getting all the hugs.”

Strikemaster Ice chuckled. “She speaks the truth, though! You’re a sweetie!”
“And what a fabulous way to give the Scorpions a good type of media attention!” Tag smiled.

“Yeah! People should be inspired by what your group is and what it stands for” Lydia smiled.

“Maybe this’ll give that Raiders girl a change of heart about us.” Wiess said.

“I dunno, Wiess… She might not be so easily reached.” Kitty replied.

“Hard to know what to think about her…” DJ Fist observed, “She for sure comes off as a snot but we don’t know how she got involved with Osiris and the amulets. What if she and her team had no choice but to serve Osiris? I mean, what do you guys think? Are they really doing this cuz they want to?”

“Who knows? Maybe if Viper’s words got to em we’ll see something next time? It's not like they’re gonna go ‘You gotta help us’. Would you guys have done somethin' like that?” Depthcharge asked.

“Nah, no way” Ice replied, “We didn't think we needed it. Thangs were actually pretty good with D-Man for a while. I don’t know about the girl...but I guess we’ll see…”

Elsewhere, the Raiders had been flipping channels after the training was done for the day and landed upon the charity event. They had just seen Pit Viper answering the question about what in San Francisco she found that was important to her and were surprised at what they heard.

“Soooo those Scorpion guys are basically a bunch of friends who do stuff together but more so take in troubled kids and gives em a place where they feel they belong? Where was that when I was growin’ up?” JaMarcus observed.

“Yeah no kidding” Da’Rell replied, “Sign me up.”

“Makes them not look that bad” J added, “They’re probably fighting to keep the amulets away from the Overlord and his evil schemes. And of course we come across as the enemies. I mean...if we were them...wouldn't we do the same?”

“Yeah. How are we supposed to fight against them now?” Eva asked, “I don't think I wanna hurt em.”

Cassie was sitting back and thinking about Pit Viper’s words and what they meant to her. The Scorpions did seem like a good group! To hear that their main purpose was to take in troubled kids was something that she loved. As an orphan growing up, she could have used a group like that and felt a sense of belonging. She may have grown up incredibly anti-social but it was life circumstances that made her that way. She and her team could use the Scorpions but they were stuck to serve Osiris and how would the Scorpions ever trust them, especially her? She also realized that she misjudged Pit Viper and was surprised but pleased to see her so down to earth. And Vicky, the leader...she had yet to see her sweet side but then again, none of their interactions so far had been positive. She could tell that Vicky was just protecting her crew, as any good leader should. And to lead a group that big was pretty impressive. Maybe she wasn’t that bad after all? Eva was right; how were they supposed to fight the Scorpions now?

Back at the charity event, Pit Viper had finished talking to the reporter and she and Cobra went inside the building and caught up to the rest of her family.

“Well you seem rather proud of yourself, Lilith.” Andre chuckled

“I am.” Pit Viper grinned.

“You did an amazing job answering that reporter’s question” MC Cobra smiled, “You did the Scorpions proud!”

“Thanks.” Pit Viper grinned.

“Sister dear, you need to get back stage. The rest of us need to go take our seats. The show starts soon.” Amanda said.

“Ah yes… of course.” Pit Viper sighed. “I’ll see you after the concert is done.” she smiled at Cobra and her family

“Good luck” Cobra smiled as he took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Thanks.” she said before leaving. Cobra and the Abernathys went to their seats which were in a private balcony which were usually really really expensive seats in theatres like the one they were in.

Soon enough the concert started and after multiple singers, an intermission and several more singers. It was Pit Viper’s turn to sing.

MC Cobra perked up with great interest. He was wondering what kind of singer Pit Viper was and how she sounded. Should be good if she was asked to do it in front of millions, depending on how many people were watching on TV!

Pit Viper stood in the center of the stage with the spotlights on her as the music started she took a deep breath before she started to sing.

“It's another day to fight the fray, my heart is soaring
To find the way towards the stage won't come easily
Troubled waves, spirits decay, their words are daunting
But they cannot create what I will be
They laugh at me
Throw taunts at me
One look at me and they misjudge what they see
But I can only decide what I will be

I'll be your sky and your fire
And I will go much higher
I'll stand up to the lightning, it's time to turn the least i will try

I will be legendary
I will shine in your eyes
and you'll see that I'm worthy to be in your spotlight

I can face the rain, get through the pain, my soul is burning
I was once afraid, hid in the shade, changing what's me
I was falling under, scared of the thunder from their taunting
But they should not effect who I will be

I’m not ashamed
I’m proud of my name
I’m not the same, I can drown their spiteful flames
I’ll aim to win, not wallow within the lie that I've been

I'll be your sky and your fire
And I will go much higher
I'll stand up to the lightning, it's time to turn the least i will try
I will be legendary
I will shine in your eyes
and you'll see that I'm worthy to be in your spotlight

Step in the light..... (I will be me and only me)
Step into the spotlight

I'll be your sky and your fire
And I will go much higher
I'll stand up to the lightning, it's time to turn the tide (at least i will try)
I am not ordinary
I will be only me
and you'll see that I'm worthy to be in your spotlight your spotlight”

Her voice was beautiful and sweet and when she finished the audience erupted into applause and cheers.

MC Cobra was dumbstruck the entire time but he was able to enjoy the sound of her voice. He had no idea she could sing so pretty! The song felt as calming and soothing as the ocean waves, and hearing her voice like that with the song was nearly hypnotic.

“Absolutely beautiful!” Tag clapped back at the mansion.

“A lovely voice indeed!” Lydia smiled.

“For reals, yo! It sounded real nice! Strikemaster Ice added.

“I can just imagine Cobra’s face. He’s probably all dumbstruck.” Vicky giggled.

“Haha I bet.” DJ Fist chuckled.

“Aaaaaaand that’s the end of it.” Manolo said as the program ended on the television.

“Now it's time for the home stretch” Ice replied, “Sendin’ good vibes to my homeboy to get through the hardest part.”

“Yeah.” Danny said.

After Pit Viper had come off of the stage, MC Cobra was still staring dumbfounded.

“L-Lilith...that was beautiful…” he said to her in nearly a whisper.

She smiled at him. “Thank you, Shane.”

“And now to the cocktail party meet and greet.” Lawrence sighed.

“I can do this” MC Cobra replied, “Though I might be happy when it's all over.”

“You and me both.” Pit Viper sighed.

The party was high end and Cobra had only ever seen these kinds of parties in movies. He’d never thought he’d be part of one. Pit Viper was constantly holding on to Cobra’s arm for her own support and reassurance to him. His presence had warded away quite a few young men that had been eying Pit Viper and were still doing so, waiting for Cobra to leave her side.

Though one young man came over though, ignoring Cobra’s presence.

“Lilith. It's been a while.” he smirked.

“Go away, Chad.”

“Is that the way to treat the guy your mommy wants you to marry?” he said.

“She doesn't run my life. I have my own life and I am perfectly happy without you in it.” Pit Viper said, holding Cobra’s arm tighter.

MC Cobra felt himself getting angry and felt jealous at the same time. No way he was gonna let this dude get in the way of a relationship he hoped to have with Pit Viper in the future!

“Her mama doesn't run her life!” Cobra told Chad, “She has the right to make her own choices and does what makes her happy! Seems like you don't have a place in her life!”

Chad looked at Cobra. “And what? Are you the man going for Lilith’s hand?” he asked.

“And if I was? What would you do about it?” Cobra glared.

Chad glared at him. “Then you better claim that fact. Or there will be others trying to take her from you.”

MC Cobra took a chance with what he was about to say but decided to say it anyways to make a statement to Chad. “I am the one going for Lilith’s hand.” he said firmly.

Chad scoffed and made an angry face before walking away.

Pit Viper giggled quietly. “You know you just claimed you were my boyfriend, right?” she asked Cobra lowly.

MC Cobra blushed red. “Yeahhhhh…but I had to. I wasn't gonna let him or anyone else come after ya so I decided to make a statement. Good riddance to him.” he scoffed.

“You're sweet.” she smiled and leaned against him in some kind of hug.

MC Cobra grinned goofily and gave her an awkward side hug. “Yeahhhhh….”

A while later the cocktail party ended and they finally headed back to the mansion.

“Oooooooh my gosh it feels so good to be outta there!” Pit Viper exclaimed as she walked into the mansion with the others and took pins out of her hair immediately and it fell out of its fancy style.

“I don't know. I quite enjoyed it.” Amanda sighed.

“That's you, not me.” Pit Viper replied.

“Yo I'm with ya, girlfriend” MC Cobra said, “It’ll be great to go back to our normal selves!”

“Black and neon blue green hair here I come!” Pit Viper exclaimed.

MC Cobra laughed. “I might not mind the black again in my hair but the piercings are NEVER comin’ out again. I hope.”

“Hey maybe you could do like purple ends for your hair. That would be sick.” Pit Viper grinned.

“You think? Like what Charmaine has? Hmmmm. It would be a deeper shade of purple but still...I might think about it…” MC Cobra replied as he began to ponder the possibility.

Lawrence chuckled. “Or you could do something neon in a different color like Lil to make it pop.”

“Well...I also like green...I dunno...I’ll think about it…” Cobra said. “Variety is the spice of life, right?”

“Oh yeah. Now imma go get outta the frills and cute and I'm putting my piercings back in and changing into something frumpy” Pit Viper mocked at her sister, “And then I’m gonna see about some good food and not that stuff they served at the ‘party’ which honestly was not fun like parties should be.”

MC Cobra laughed. “And I’m gonna get out of all this and back into my regular garb. My bros will be happy to see my piercings back in too”

Pit Viper laughed as she went off to her room.

“Ugh. Those two were like made for each other.” Amanda said.

Andre chuckled. “Your sister tells it like it is.”

“And that's what we love about her.” Lawrence chuckled and Cora and Sora nodded in agreement.

“Yoooooooo dude!” Strikemaster Ice greeted as he and DJ Fist greeted their buddy, “You made it! Welcome back to reality!”

MC Cobra laughed. “Yo thanks, bros! It wasn't too bad overall but I'm happy it's over” he said as he went into his room, his crew following him in closely behind.

“I feel you. You're free to be you again! And so is Pit Viper!” Ice smiled.

“Did you look all dumbstruck as we all thought you did after Pit Viper’s performance?” DJ smirked, which made him and Ice laugh in amusement.

MC Cobra blushed and got flustered. “Nooooo! I-uh-I…okay fine! It was a beautiful performance! And then I had to stand up to this dude named Chad who said that he was the one her mama wanted her to marry and I basically claimed I was her boyfriend!”

“Are youuuuuuuu?” DJ’s smirk turned into an amusing grin.

“Noooooooo!” MC Cobra blushed more. “I wanna be but only when Pit Viper is ready. And when she is, I’ll tell her how I feel in my own words instead of just actions here and there. Never mind all that. I'm ready to kick back and truly relax for the rest of this vacation” he said as he flopped down on his bed.

“Yo we are too” Ice grinned, which DJ nodded and grinned in agreement to.
Pit Viper, Roundabout, Vicky, the Abernathys, the Scorpion OCs, Manolo and Danny belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Lydia, Cassie (she will be known as Cassie from here on out instead of Sapphire), and the Raiders belong to me
The Ice Crew and Tag belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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