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MC Cobra walked over to stand next to Pit Viper and he was handed the prize money and the water amulet, which had the image of a trident on it.

“Congratulations, sir” the man handing Cobra his prizes smiled.

“Thank you” MC Cobra smiled back. He held the amulet in his hands and observed it, his first time holding one. He did not feel anything as he held it, however, which meant that he was not the one meant for this amulet.

“Yo nice job, girlfriend” he complimented Pit Viper, “Two Scorpions takin’ two of the slots; not bad!”

“Heck yeah! High five.” Pit Viper said, holding up her hand.

MC Cobra laughed and returned it.

They returned to their group and the other Scorpions and they were all chatting excitedly.

When the crowds cleared up a bit, Sapphire got up from her spot and the Raiders followed closely behind her. There was only one thing left for them to do today, and that was to fight for the amulets.

She walked over and tapped MC Cobra on the shoulder. MC Cobra spun around and was surprised but then disgusted to see Sapphire standing behind him.

“What do you want?” MC Cobra spat with an angry look on his face. The water amulet was in his hand.

“I came to offer my congratulations, snake boy!” Sapphire said with a smirk on her face, “Does not a good sport congratulate his or her opponents even amidst defeat?”

“Normally yes but I don't believe you.” Vicky said.

“Neither do I!” MC Cobra growled (when Sapphire’s attention was on Vicky, MC Cobra subtly passed the water amulet to Pit Viper), “We don't want a thang from you! So beat it!” he growled more as he reached his arm out to shove her.

Sapphire caught it quickly and with her elven speed, quickly spun him around and locked his arm in a tight and extremely painful position, making him yelp and forcing him to his knees.

“Don’t touch me again. Garden snake” she said coldly as she sharply let him go and kicked him to the ground, Cobra holding his arm in pain. Sapphire was surprised that the water amulet was not on him anymore but didn't let it show.

Strikemaster Ice and DJ Fist hopped up and strode over to Sapphire angrily.

“Yo no one touches our homeboy and gets away with it” Ice growled.

DJ nodded with a furious glare and smacked a fist against an open hand to emphasize his point.

Sapphire smirked and then again with her sharp reflexes, jumped up and kicked DJ in the chest so hard that he fell down backwards, wheezing, and then she grabbed Strikemaster Ice by the amulet around his neck. The amulet burned her immediately to the touch.

Sapphire yelped and then drew back her hand quickly, hissing in great pain. With a furious glare in her eyes, she gave a loud and menacing snarl before she quickly picked up Strikemaster Ice and threw him towards the Scorpions, knocking some of them down.

“Give. Me. The. Amulets.” she growled as she stared down Vicky.

“Ummmm NOPE!!!” Vicky said, “You just messed with the Scorpions so you about to get STUNG, girl! Victoria Venom is gonna take. You. Down!”

“Then show me what you got, shrimp” Sapphire taunted darkly.

The other Scorpions recovered and got up and Pit Viper held up the water amulet and then Sapphire felt some kind of surge go through her and suddenly her limbs felt heavier.

Sapphire gasped as she looked at herself, not understanding what just happened!

“Wh-what trickery is this?!” Sapphire cried out.

“It's called human limitations, sweetheart.” Jack chuckled. He had the symbol for magic tattooed on his chest inside the staff of an attractive sorceress which the tattoo itself traveled to his side and down his ribs in its entirety.

“Wh-wh-what do you MEAN, human limitations?!” she demanded, “Do I not look human to you fools?!” she screeched as she pulled some hair away to reveal a human-looking ear, compliments of Kaine.

“You look it but you can't hide what you smell like~” Red sang. She was wearing a classic Red Riding Hood short cape with a large hood covering her head. She had a bikini top on and a pair of swim shorts. She had a tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon on her hip.

Sapphire growled furiously. She felt helpless, the very essence of her being stripped from her. She eyed the water amulet in Pit Viper’s hands. She still had work to do, and she could not allow her new limitations to stop her.

“Fine then! I will STILL put up a fight!” Sapphire growled as she charged towards Pit Viper.

“KEEP AWAY!” Pit Viper cried and tossed it to Dylan. He caught it and the Scorpions spread out a bit and grinned.

Sapphire dashed around, trying to catch it but struggled not only from how fast the amulet was flying around but the new restraints were weighing her down.

“WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE?!” Sapphire screeched at her team, “GET OVER HERE AND HELP!”

The Raiders jumped a bit and then ran into the action to help. They too were unsuccessful, although Eva and J snuck around to try to take the amulet from Strikemaster Ice by grabbing the chain instead of the amulet.

Strikemaster Ice noticed them before they could make a move and kicked them away quickly.

“Not a chance, suckas!” Ice cackled.

Jack caught the amulet then passed it from hand to hand behind his back and tossed it towards Danny.

Before it could get to him, Da’Rell caught it and smiled excitedly.

“Boss! I got it!” Da’Rell cheered as he held it up proudly.

Sapphire turned around and smiled as well. The expression her face showed in that moment however, was not one of an evil happiness, but a happiness that they finally nabbed an amulet for their master! Which meant relief for her!

“Excellent! Then we take our leave! Farewell, desert bugs!” she cackled with her returning evil grin as she threw a smoke bomb down to make them disappear.

“Oh man they got it! What now?!” Roundabout cried.

“Well at least they didn't grab both of them” MC Cobra tried to encourage but was disappointed as well. “Ice-Man. What did your amulet do to her?”

“Burned her- somehow” Ice replied, “But I can't believe we lost the amulet to that insufferable wench” he complained.

“Eh let her keep it.” Jack shrugged, not worried about it and the others of his team stared dumbfounded and shocked at him.

“What?!” Ice cried, “BRO! Have you lost your mind?!”

“Chyeah, man! Seriously?! We kiiiiiiiinda need to collect all twelve to keep them away from the hands of Osiris!” MC Cobra added, appalled by Jack’s reaction.

“Hey I’m just sayin'. Let her keep her toy when we have the real one.” Jack grinned as he pulled the amulet from his back pocket and let it hang from his finger by the chain.

The Ice Crew was shocked for a moment but then grinned huge.

“JackJack you slyyyyyyy dog!” Ice laughed as he ran over and clapped his brother’s shoulder.

“You pulled a fast one!” Cobra laughed, “How’d you swing that?!”

“When I passed it behind my back I dropped it into my back pocket and snagged out the fake from my other seamless slight of hand. Simple magic anyone can do.” Jack grinned even wider.

“Dude. You ROCK!” Strikemaster Ice laughed as he high fived his brother.

“Hahahaha I bet Osiris is gonna be maaaaaaad when they find out they have a fake!” Cobra cackled, “I would pay to see the reaction on that arrogant elf’s face!”

“Oh we’ll hear about this from her alright.” Vicky chuckled.

“I for one am happy to not think about her anymore. I say we go celebrate” DJ Fist grinned.

“Heck YEAH!” Roundabout cheered. “Lets Par-TAY”

“Where did you guys go?!” Lydia asked with concern as the group walked away from the beach and she and Tag came up to them, “You guys seemed to vanish!”

“That would be my fault. I covered up a fight that went down over the amulets. I figured the crew and the Abernathy family didn’t need the bad press so like a government I covered it up.” Jack said. “Aversion spell. I created a blind spot on the beach for a temporary time so no paparazzi and no one coming in to interfere in stuff they didn’t need to get tangled up in.”

“Ahhhhh. A wise plan, Mr. Fitzgerald!” Tag grinned, “So the amulets are secure?”

“The fire amulet burned Sapphire when she tried to grab it and the Raiders took a fake water amulet. We have the real one. Courtesy of Jack.” Vicky said with a grin.

“A job well done, gang! Sapphire will be foolish to make a scene again if she wishes to prevent herself from getting arrested” Tag grinned, “Not that I don't want her in my personal custody. Ah never mind that, let's go celebrate!”

“Dad I’m sure with the animosity between your three other charges and her. You wouldn't get stuck with her.” Vicky said with a chuckle. “Lets goooooo! Time for some fuuuunnnn!!!”
The fight for the water amulet is on! Who wins?

Vicky, Pit Viper, Roundabout, the Scorpion OCs, Jack, Danny and Red belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Sapphire, the Raiders, and Lydia belong to me
The Ice Crew and Tag belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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Submitted on
May 29, 2017