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The next day, everyone was at a public beach where the competition was being held. Even the Abernathy family had come to watch Pit Viper compete.

“Alright guys I got good news. And bad news. Which one first?” Vicky said as she walked over.

“Good, of course!” MC Cobra answered. “What is it?”

“We’re all registered to compete. Everything is taken care of.” Vicky replied.

“Sweet!” MC Cobra cheered.

“Now the bad?” Strikemaster Ice asked.

“It's not a team event. We’re all competing against each other… And the worst part is the Raiders are here.” Vicky sighed.

“Of course” MC Cobra sighed.

“Whoopee” Strikemaster Ice sighed as well.

“Competing against each other, though?” DJ Fist asked with concern, “So one of us alone will be able to win the amulet?”

“But this is good. With so many of us working together we’re still a team. The more of us there are the higher chance we have of getting the amulet and we outnumber the Raiders!” Roundabout said.

“True dat! Yo this thang is gonna work out real good after all!” Ice grinned wide, “We so have this win in the bag!”

“Heck yeah man! We can do this! We’re the best in San Fran! Let’s show Hawaii what California can do!” Depthcharge grinned excitedly.

Many feet away, the Raiders were sitting and waiting for the competition to begin. They noticed that the Scorpions had arrived and some of them were complaining.

“Uhhhhh boss. It's not a team competition this time” Da’Rell, the more muscular black boy of the group said, “How we supposed to win this thang?”

“Yeah” Eva, the Indian girl, nodded, “The Scorpions are really good. Especially that Vicky? Is that her name? She has skills.”

“Yeah. Mad skills” JaMarcus, the other black boy, agreed.

“Hush your mouths with this ridiculous nonsense!” Sapphire snapped, rubbing her temples. “I'm already tense enough that I have to try to restrain my elven skills for this competition to prevent another disqualification. AND not get myself kicked out again! Go out there and do your best! We have no choice BUT to!”

“Yes, boss” the group said together.

“Good. Now. I believe we must go welcome our guests” she sneered as the group got up and started walking towards the Scorpions.

As they walked, Sapphire looked around for somebody and felt a tinge of disappointment that he was not there. At least not yet. Shaking her head of those thoughts, she squared her shoulders and pressed her lips together to give herself a fierce appearance.

“Uhhhhh boss, is this a good idea?” J, the Asian boy, asked quietly.

“Zip!” Sapphire shushed sharply as they approached the Scorpions, who were laughing occasionally and chatting about random things. Sapphire came up to Vicky and bowed mockingly.

“Greeeeeeetings, your majesty. Or is it the Scorpion Queen? Ah! Or perhaps the Nuclear Noble. Which of these pompous titles shall I address you by?” Sapphire mocked.

Vicky and Ice had been sitting on a towel together and Vicky gave a low inhuman growl as she scooted closer to Ice. “How about Dragon Queen cause imma burn yo arse in this competition. And imma look fly doin' it.” Vicky retorted with a snap.

Sapphire chuckled. “Ferocious! So the pimple face is your boyfriend, huh? Tsk tsk tsk, I'm so sorry that you have such low standards. I can say the same about some of your other team members as well” she mocked. “Lilith Abernathy? Or is it Pit Viper? Or how about Stuck Up Princess who would be nothing without daddy’s precious money” she continued to taunt.

Vicky jumped to her feet with a snarl and Roundabout and Depthcharge sprung up to restrain her.

Andre was about to step in when Pit Viper held up her hand and she got up and approached Sapphire. “If you don't stop.” she said, holding up her phone. “I have a recording of you at the skate park and now and I can report you to the authorities for harassment. You go beyond trash talk, little girl. You will get disqualified before you compete and arrested.” Pit Viper said coldly.

Sapphire chuckled and snatched the phone out of Pit Viper’s hand with inhuman speed, crushing it in her hand and throwing the pieces on the ground. It did not feel like a phone though and her face came close to showing the surprise she briefly felt. “Tsk tsk tsk, temperamental, temperamental. Well, I certainly hope that your performance today is as big as your mouth. Good luck, princess” she mock bowed.

“You crushed my cookie, jerk.” Pit Viper growled.

“So sorry, Cookie Monster. Now. Be a good girl and get back to your team. I have better things to do now” she scoffed. She snapped her fingers and walked off in the other direction, with her team following close behind.

“WHAT a twerp!” MC Cobra spat after Sapphire was out of earshot.

“No one treats my sister that way! Uncultured swine!” Amanda said, crossing her arms over her chest. “She’s the monster for ruining such a gloriously decorated cookie!”

“Pimple face? Lowering standards? Yo why does she even have a team? All they do is stand there like a bunch of mindless idiots” Ice growled, “I am SO burnin’ her crust today, know what I'm sayin’?”

“Yeah.” Vicky agreed, sitting back down next to him.

“Fly my pretties fly!” Roundabout mocked and cackled like the evil witch in the Wizard of Oz. “Maybe she’ll melt in the water.” she grinned at them.

MC Cobra laughed. “Now that's a dream I want to come true!”

The other Scorpions were laughing as well at Roundabout’s antics.

“She’s probably trash talkin’ cuz she knows she can't win. If she's smart she won't let her elven abilities get in the way of her performance so that she don't get docked and possibly disqualified again. I'm not worried about the others. Let’s bring down the little gemstone, team.” DJ Fist said with a smirk.

“We got the people and the skills.” Vicky smirked back.

The competition started and there were a few stray paparazzi filming the competition and taking photos of the Abernathy family which they ignored.

“Yo the paparazzi never go away, do they?” Strikemaster Ice observed.

“Just ignore them.” Lawrence replied with a sigh.

A couple of the Raiders performed and they were mediocre at best.

“The only way those guys can win is if elf girl happens to have good surf herself” Ice said with arms crossed, “But elves ain't good in the water, are they?”

“I doubt she will be very good. I think they’re mostly land based.” Dylan said. “See? They kinda seem to be focusing harder. They’re good skate boarders but they don't have much experience on the water.”

“Haha! Too badddddddd” Cobra grinned wide.

“We’re land, water and snow based. So we’re good. Got dis in the bag no prob.” Kitty said confidently.

The next competitor up was Strikemaster Ice.

“A’ight! Wish me luck, ya’ll!” Ice grinned.

Vicky gave Ice a kiss. “Good luck.” she smiled at him.

Strikemaster Ice went out and gave an impressive performance, totally relaxed and loving the water. It didn't even feel like a competition to him; it felt like him just going out and having a fun time on the beautiful Hawaiian water!

After him, a couple other competitors from neither the Scorpions nor the Raiders went and then it was time for Sapphire to complete.

“Okay ya’ll...this is the one to pay attention to…The make or break for us…” Strikemaster Ice said.

“Yep… anyone seen Melody?” Vicky asked

“She can't handle direct sunlight too long with her white hair.” Manolo said.

“Oh okay.” Vicky said with a nod.

In truth the aquatic girl was out in the water creating perfect waves for surfing and playing with fish and other aquatic merfolk. She was special being a half fresh water and half salt water aquatic so she could easily survive in both environments.

Sapphire took a deep breath and swallowed the disappointment she had in her throat that the elf boy was nowhere to be seen. Shaking her mind clear, she pressed her lips together and went out to the water.

Despite focusing hard to restrain elven abilities, Sapphire was actually doing quite well. She made and landed several flips and she was actually starting to enjoy herself. She was not particularly a fan of the water but she did love the outdoors.If she had things her way, she would have come to Hawaii alone just for fun to explore and enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather. But not as an agent of Osiris…

Melody noticed who was surfing and made the wave surge and crash down on her. The board went flying out of the water and Cassie started to sink. Melody swam over quickly and pushed her up to the surface so she wouldn’t drown.

The Raiders gasped in complete shock and horror at their leader’s wipeout. There went their chances of winning!

Sapphire got up slowly out of the water and was feeling shocked about what just happened.

Shay, a black girl, and JaMarcus ran over and grabbed Sapphire and helped her up, each supporting her as they walked back to their spot.

“Boss? Boss you a’ight?” Shay asked with concerned as they laid her down on the sand.

Sapphire blinked and tried to get her focus back on the current situation.

“Rogue wave...I was doing so well...Someone saved me from drowning…” she stuttered.

“There goes our chances for winning” Eva complained with her arms crossed.

“Enough of that talk!” Sapphire snapped. “We’re not finished.”

“Ummmm boss, I don't see no one out there…and never did when you were who coulda saved you…?” Da’Rell asked curiously.

Sapphire paused for a moment to think about what he asked.

“Well it had to be someone! I know I was saved from drowning! It was no delusion.”  She closed her eyes to try to get some brief rest of recovery.

“And boss?” Da’Rell started

“Whaaaaaat nowwwwwww?” Sapphire groaned.

“The pimple face has the fire amulet...It’s around his neck…”

Sapphire slowly got up, supporting her hands on the sand, and looked afar at Strikemaster Ice. And sure enough, there it was, hanging around his neck.

“Duly noted…” Sapphire commented.

The guys waited until it was clear that she was okay then they started to laugh. Hard.

“All talk and no walk!! She shoulda stuck to land!” Kitty laughed.

“Looks like she melted in the water after all!” MC Cobra laughed, which made Strikemaster Ice and DJ Fist laugh hard. “Thank youuuuuuuu, rogue wave!”

“I'm meeeelting! I'm meeeeeeeelting!” Roundabout cried mockingly and flopped back on her blanket and played dead, making everyone laugh even harder.

DJ Fist laughed the loudest and came over to Roundabout and smiled as he laughed.

“You're adorable” he patted her forehead and was content to take a seat near her.

The others were still laughing and it died down and Roundabout sat up sitting by DJ.

Sapphire heard this and was groaning and growling a little in irritation. This amulet quest was more difficult because of them, and she had a bad feeling that unless she took action, more whippings would come tonight. And now she was responsible for trying to acquire two amulets! Not to mention she knew she took her trash talk earlier a little too far and if the paparazzi caught it and spread it around, Osiris would be furious.

MC Cobra was the next one to compete. He was completely in the zone and out of all the Scorpions so far, he performed the best. He rode the waves like they were second nature to him and his stunts were effortless and impressive! His performance showered him with cheers from the audience and praise from his teammates, especially Pit Viper.

The Abernathys were also quite impressed with his skill on a surfboard.

“Mannnnnn this is all goin’ soooooooo welllllll!!!” Ice laughed happily, “Don't need to worry about a thang! Just sit back. relax and enjoy!”

“I knoooooow this is fun! Oooooh idea!” Vicky said before telling the team her idea lowly.

“Hahahaha niiiiiiccceeee. Yo we’ll so outnumber her! Her team ain't gonna move!” Cobra laughed back quietly.

A little while later after several more competitors, including Pit Viper, the competition came to an end. Finally it was time to announce the winner!

“We’ve had some amazing surfers out there today!"

In third place was a Hawaiian surfer.

“In second place, to our great surprise and pleasure, Lilith Abernathy!” the announcer said.

Pit Viper stood and the crowd cheered loudly as she walked over to accept her prize and stand with the Hawaiian surfer.

“And first place goes to a surfer from San Francisco… Shane Grey!”

Cheers erupted within the Scorpion group and spectators. MC Cobra was shocked for a moment but then smiled huge and cheered.

“WOOOOOOOOO!!! Atta boy!!!” Strikemaster Ice cheered as she clapped his friend’s shoulder.

“Well done, Shane!” DJ Fist smiled huge.

Paparazzi came over to snap dozens of pictures of Lilith’s ‘boy’.

The Raiders groaned in despair, Sapphire more so, who put her hands on her head and brought it to her knees. This day had already gone badly, and now she had to fight for the amulets, and risk getting more beatings! Perhaps if she delivered both to her master her earlier trash talking behavior would be overlooked without punishment. It was also embarrassing that her team continued to fail to place! Eva and J did quite well but yet again, not good enough. Why did this have to be so difficult?!

“Why can't we beat them?” J complained, “They're making it harder on us!”

“Yes I knowwww they're making it harder on us, thank youuuu” Sapphire groaned, “But we can't give up. You all know the consequences if we do. Especially me. Do you want the master to go off tonight? I don't think so. Be prepared to fight, because with two amulets in the picture, they're not going to hand them over easily. But that's what we’re here for: to fight.”

“Yes, boss” the group said in unison.

“Don't get yourself arrested, boss” Shay warned.

“I'm not going to get myself arrested!” Sapphire snapped, “That will cause even more wrath on Osiris’ part, even with the power to release me or any of you should it happen. Eyes open. No more embarrassing ourselves.”

“Yes, boss” the group again said in unison.
Another competition for another amulet and drama ensues! Read on to see what happens!

Vicky, Pit Viper, Roundabout, the Scorpion OCs, the Abernathys, Manolo, and Melody belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Sapphire and the Raiders belong to me
The Ice Crew belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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