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“Yo this is sweeeeeeeeeet” Strikemaster Ice grinned to Vicky, “Yo I can’t wait to jump into that pool and jacuzzi! I’ll leave the beach for competition!”

“Oh yeah!” Vicky exclaimed.

Jack walked past them and he rubbed his neck and some kind of bad looking scar appeared down his neck and disappeared under his shirt suddenly. Red trotted over quickly.

“Jack… your enchantment…”

“What? Aw maaan. Well it's an easy fix.” he said, putting his hands on the back of his neck, casually to hide the scar discreetly.

“You see that?” Vicky asked Ice quietly.

Strikemaster Ice nodded as he looked at Jack with concern.

“Should I ask?” Ice asked Vicky back quietly.

“Maybe… but you might not like what you see if he shows you…” Vicky replied in a whisper.

“...Man I’ll just get it over with, or else it's gonna eat me up” Ice replied. He let go of Vicky’s hand and caught up to Jack.

“Yo dude, you a’ight?” he asked him.

“Hm? Yeah I’m fine. Just dealing with some old scars, that’s all. They aren’t pretty so I cover em up. You know how good lookin' we Fitzgerald boys are.” Jack said before he looked at Ice and there was now a scar on his face over one eye.

Strikemaster Ice looked at him feeling even worried. “Bro there's a scar over your eye that wasn't there before...Be real with me...What's goin' on?”

“I use an enchantment to hide my scars. It just wore off. No big deal.” Jack shrugged “It's easy to renew.”

“....Whatever you say, man…” Ice sighed a little.

Jack and Red were showed to their room and their things were already there. “If you wanna see em come on in.” Jack said after it was clear that Ice’s room was right next to his brother’s.

“A’ight…” Ice nodded as he followed his brother in.

Once the door was shut Jack took off his shirt and across his torso and arms were all kinds of combat related scars and then across his back was an ugly set of scars that looked like they came from a whip.

Strikemaster Ice gasped in horror at these. This was just as bad as seeing the scars on Vicky, if not worse…

“What did they do to you, bro?” he asked quietly.

“Punishment for insubordination… and I also took the blame for stuff so Danny and Manolo didn't have to take the whip… Better that it was just me than all of us.” Jack said.

Strikemaster Ice got teary eyed.

“Bro….I would so whip the people who did this horrible thing to you…” he said as he felt angry and upset at the same time.

“Ohoho don't worry, bro. When we escaped. Me and the others returned the hurt tenfold.” Jack said.

Red was digging through a bag then she popped up with a book and brought it to Jack.

“What's that?” Ice asked.

“Simple spell book.” Jack replied before flipping to a page and doing a quick spell and all the scars disappeared, leaving perfect skin behind. “There. Good for another six months.” Jack said satisfied.

“ long as you're not in pain, then it's all good…” Ice replied.

“Yeah well… if you don't mind me asking…. Is there something wrong with Vicky that she doesn't wear short sleeves or shorts?” Jack asked.

Ice bit his lip and paused. “That ain't my business to share…” he finally said.

“I choose to hide my scars. I keep em to remember all those we lost while in that hell. I can get rid of em permanently just as easy as I can hide em.” Jack shrugged.

“Whatever you want, bro…” Ice replied, not knowing what else to say.

“I’ll be in here for another hour before I head outside to the pool.” Jack told him. “If you wanna talk about something else.”

“Later maybe...I’ll meet ya at the pool, bro” Ice said as he left the room.

Ice found where Vicky’s room was at and went in when he saw that the door was open and she was sitting on her bed.

“Vick...I gotta tell ya somethin’...” he said as he quickly sat down next to her.

“What is it, sweetheart?” Vicky asked.

“Listen...Jack showed me his scars...told me about em...but get this...he can hide em...and even knows how to get rid of them...for good...Vick...what if...what if he could get rid of your scars for good?” he asked her seriously with a glimmer of hope in his eyes for his girl.

“That…. That would be amazing.” Vicky said astonished.

“...He asked about why you don't wear short sleeves and shorts but I told him it wasn't my business to share...But...what if we asked him to get rid of your scars? Like today?” he asked.

“That would be amazing! I could wear the clothes I wanna wear!” she sang, "But…”

“But what?”

“I… kinda wanna show them to you before they're all gone for good… It’d be easy with me in a swimsuit.”

Strikemaster Ice looked at her surprised. “A….a’ight...Yo you sure you wanna go out like that?” he asked.

“Well I could get changed in here while you got your brother. And we could just get rid of them right here.” she said. “And you’d see them all before Jack could get rid of them all.”

Ice blushed a little. “A’ight...I’ll go get Jack then…” he replied.

Ice then left her room, closing her door and went back into Jack’s room after knocking on the door and being let him.

“Jack...bro...A'ight truth is, Vicky’s been hidin’ lots of awful scars from her abusive daddy, way back before Tag and Lydia found her and adopted her...We were wonderin’...If you would be willing to get rid of em all for her…” Ice asked somewhat quickly and hopefully.

“Yeah I can do that.” Jack said getting up off his bed and grabbing his book.

“Thank you” Ice sighed with relief, “You don't know how much it’ll mean to her…”

“A lot of it gets rid of the constant reminder of her biological father that’s branded on her skin.” Jack replied.

“Yeah...and she will love to be free of him…” Ice nodded.

Jack followed Ice to Vicky’s room and surprisingly they found Lydia in there with her and Vicky was wearing a bikini. And Ice finally saw the true extent of her scars, some even went under the swimsuit toward some more… private areas. They were horrible and all over.

Strikemaster Ice first blushed as he couldn't help but admire Vicky in a bikini, but then he focused on the extent of her scars and he was horrified.

“You're doin’ a real great thing for her, bro…” Ice finally said after his silence subsided.

“Yeah… so many burn scars… It's horrible…” Jack said lowly.

Vicky was gripping her arm nervously and she looked up at Jack and Ice then glanced at Lydia.

“You ready to be rid of those scars?” Jack asked.

“You have no idea.” Vicky replied

“We’re ready when you are” Lydia looked at Jack. Ice nodded in agreement.

Jack opened his book and he found what he was looking for then walked over to Vicky and placed his hand on her shoulder and her scars glowed red and she cringed before the light faded to blue and then disappeared, bursting outward in a shower of white magic sparks and her skin was completely clear. Not a scar to be found on her body.

Vicky gaped and looked down at herself before spinning in a circle as she tried to look at her back. Was this for real?!

Strikemaster Ice and Lydia gasped and looked at her as well. They couldn't believe the complete transformation of her skin! It was as if those terrible wounds were never inflicted upon her in the first place!

“Moooooom! Loooooook! I’m pretty!” Vicky exclaimed.

“Awwwww sweetie! You've always been pretty! But I'm so happy for you” Lydia said as she hugged her daughter, “What a burden to be lifted! To never again see those terrible scars!”

Vicky hugged her back and started to cry tears from sheer joy.

Lydia held her close and Strikemaster Ice came over and hugged her as well, not even waiting for Lydia to break her hug.

“I'm happy for you, baby girl…” Ice said as he hugged her, feeling touched by Vicky’s reaction.

“I’m so happy!” Vicky said in a wavering voice.

Strikemaster Ice hugged her a little longer and then went over to his brother.

“Thank you so much, man…That’s some good magic” he said to Jack.

“You’re welcome, bro. No one should have to live with scars like that…” Jack said before Vicky came over and hugged him. “Heeeey you’re welcome, pretty lil lady. I guess you’re gonna wanna rock all the cute stuff you couldn't before, huh?”

“You know it!” Vicky grinned before letting go. “Oh my gosh wait until Dad sees. I think he’s down at the pool already.” she said, bouncing in place. “He’s gonna be so surprised!”

“He is! I’ll meet you down there, darlin’” Lydia smiled as she left Vicky's room, thanking Jack as well before she left .

“Yo I’ll get changed up and then we can by up the pool together!” Ice grinned.

“Yes! I’ve always worn a surfer wetsuit to swim before this so this is exciting!” Vicky squealed.

“Heh. See you guys down there.” Jack grinned before leaving the room.

Before he left, Strikemaster Ice came back over to Vicky and pulled her close.

“I really am happy for you, baby girl...and you look good in that” Ice said as he blushed again. “Hopefully I don't get in trouble with your daddy for lookin’ at chu in an outfit like that”

She giggled a bit and kissed him. “This is a dream come true! And maaaybe I wanna be looked at by you.” she said with a teasing grin. “I do look real good now.”

Ice chuckled and gave her another kiss. “Like your mama said though, you were always pretty. I’ll see you at the pool, a’ight?”

“Okay.” Vicky grinned “See you down there.” she said before running off in her icy blue bikini. She ran down stairs and out to where the pool was and she whooped jumping in the air. She felt so free!

“Heeeey! Look at the butterfly! She came outta her cocoon!” Kitty exclaimed loudly, pointing at Vicky and Pit Viper and Roundabout stared at her shocked.

Tag looked up from his magazine and was so shocked he nearly jumped out of his pool chair.

“Vicky! My heavens!” Tag gasped.

Vicky bounced over and grinned brightly. “Hi daddy.”

“Vicky dear! You’re…not wearing a wetsuit...why the sudden change?” he asked.

“Look! No scars!” she exclaimed happily doing a twirl for him.

Tag lifted his sunglasses to look and he blinked to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

“Vicky...your scars...they are gone!” he exclaimed, “But how….?”

“Jack got rid of them! Mom was there!” she said. She was constantly bouncing; she was worse than a hyper Roundabout.

“Jack….? Through magic?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed, nodding fiercely.

Tag was still shocked that her scars were gone but finally smiled.

“Well that was wonderful of him to do, Vicky dear!” he said, “Now you are free of your biological father in every way possible.”

“I feel like I've been released from shackles and it just feels like nothing I've ever felt before!” Vicky replied

“Only you can know the true extent of your joy and relief. Enjoy the freedom, my dear. But if Ice looks at you too much, I might just have to chuck somethin’ at him” he smirked, “You’re still my little girl.”

Vicky giggled. “Alright, Dad. I’m gonna go swim now!” she grinned.

“Then I shall go back to my magazine” Tag grinned back as he pushed his sunglasses back down, “Have fun!”

A few minutes later, the Ice Crew came out in their swim trunks.

“Ahhhhhhhh YEAH! Ready for some fun in the sun!” Strikemaster Ice grinned.

“Chyeah man this is the best vacay EVER!” MC Cobra exclaimed.

“Woah man….Vicky’s scars are gone, just like you said…” DJ Fist said as he could see enough through the pool to notice the transformation in Vicky’s skin.

“That's awesome! Finally free in more ways than one!” Cobra smiled.

“Yep, and it's so great for her. Let's kick it!” Ice grinned as the three jumped into the pool.

“Lookin’ great, Vick!” Cobra called over to her, “I’m happy for ya!”

“Thanks!” Vicky called back as she dumped water over Roundabout’s head and she squealed loudly.

The Ice Crew laughed and started to play and swim around the pool, having the time of their lives.

After a while Pit Viper went and grabbed a surfboard from a storage shed and went down to the beach to surf. She’d let the others enjoy the pool but surfing set her mind at ease. Which she needed more than ever at the moment.

MC Cobra noticed her and quickly jumped out of the pool to follow.

“Yo Pit Viper!” he called out as he ran to catch up with her. “Hangin’ out by yourself?”

“Just wanted to go surfing. It calms my mind.” Pit Viper replied.

“Yeah, bein’ out on the water does that for ya...Well if you wanna be left alone I understand. I’ll go back and chill with everyone else at the pool” Cobra said.

“You don't have to go.” Pit Viper said. “If you wanted… we could surf together.” she smiled at him.

“I’d like that” he smiled back.

“There are other surfboards in the shed there or… we could share my board and surf it together.” Pit Viper said.

MC Cobra blushed. “I…..I think I’ll kick it solo this time…” he replied.

“Alright. I’ll meet you out on the water when you have your board.” she smiled at him.

MC Cobra ran back to get a board and met back up with Pit Viper. He loved going out into the ocean. The pool was good fun with friends but the ocean was different...It took him to another place, and he always loved the peace and serenity that the ocean had to offer.
Vicky, Jack, Red, Pit Viper, Roundabout and Kitty belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Lydia belongs to me
The Ice Crew and Tag belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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