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The flight was long but eventually they made it to Hawaii! And the Ice Crew, having never been before, instantly fell in love with it!

“Ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh” Strikemaster Ice grinned wide.

“Now THIS is what I'm talkin’ about!” MC Cobra laughed.

“Muy bonita (“Very beautiful”)” DJ Fist smiled.

“Aaaand prepare for the storm…” Pit Viper sighed as she and the others went to move through the the airport. She put her sunglasses over her eyes and nervously grabbed onto Cobra’s arm.

MC Cobra stared blankly as cameras started flashing and paparazzi started chattering excitedly.

“Miss Abernathy!” one reporter said.

“Excuse me, Miss Abernathy!” another called out as they began to flood her with a range of questions.

“So this is why celebrities hate the paparazzi…” Tag said lowly to Lydia as they followed in the back of the group.

“Yeah, no kidding” Lydia said back.

Security was keeping the paparazzi away from Pit Viper and her group as they moved through the airport. Pit Viper was clinging to Cobra, trying to hide with her hat.

“Miss Lilith this way!” an older gentleman called and Pit Viper looked up and immediately made a beeline for him.

“Oliver!” she exclaimed.

“Come now, miss, quickly. Best to get you and your friends out of public view for now.” the old, thin man said. He had a kind face with hazel eyes and white hair. “Do not worry; your father has someone taking all your luggage directly to the vacation home.”

“Come on, guys.” Pit Viper said as Oliver lead them outside to a limo.

“Dang, yo! That was CRAZY!” Strikemaster Ice exclaimed as he got inside the limo.

“Tell me about it! Now we know why Lilith likes to look so different.” Vicky said.

“Yeah being mobbed is so not fun.” Kitty huffed.

“Kitty just… be quiet.” Roundabout sighed.

“That was unexpected. But I guess we should have seen it coming with an Abernathy.” Carter sighed.

“If this is what rich life is like, I’d be delighted to stay away from it” DJ Fist commented.

“Dude I still can't get over you talking.” Depthcharge said.

DJ Fist let out a rich laugh. “Neither can I. But I finally feel liberated. I know Emma enjoys it the most” he chuckled as he winked at her.

Roundabout squealed quietly.

Pit Viper sank back in her seat and covered her face with her hands and groaned.

MC Cobra felt concerned for her and placed a hand on her back and began to rub it.

“This is why I like being Pit Viper and not Lilith Abernathy.” Pit Viper said.

MC Cobra bravely took her hand for a moment and gave it a small kiss. “It's gonna be a’ight” he comforted, “It’ll pass fast. Just forget about em while you can and think about happier things, like the beautiful scenery here in Hawaii” he smiled a little.

She smiled at him and relaxed a bit. “Thanks.”

It took a little bit but they finally got to the Abernathy vacation home and it was a mansion!

“Sometimes there are perks of being rich, though…” Pit Viper said.

The Ice Crew’s eyes were wide and they were in shock for the upteenth time. This is where they were gonna be staying?!

“This is niiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeee!!!” Ice exclaimed.

“Super nice! Wow!” Cobra exclaimed as well.

“Yeah it is.” Vicky said amazed. “Mom look! Beach front and a pool!” Vicky said, pointing it out.

“Wow! Double the water, double the fun!” Lydia laughed.

“A stunning view, I must say!” Tag admired.

“I’ll say.” Carter agreed.

When the driver stopped in front of the mansion they got out of the limo and Oliver walked over to Pit Viper.

“Alright miss Lilith… let's see the damage.” he sighed.

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and he laughed.

“Goodness child!” he smiled at her and put his hands on her shoulders. “Your mother will despise it.”

Pit Viper laughed and grinned. “I know. I missed you, Oliver.” she said as she hugged him and he hugged her back.

“And I missed you as well, miss Lilith.” he pulled away to look at her “Your father and siblings are waiting for you inside.”

“Soooooo we go in now?” MC Cobra asked.

Pit Viper looked at him. “Yeah. Come on, Shane.” she said before going and grabbing his hand before heading into the mansion.

The others followed suit and walked into the entrance of the grand and extravagant mansion.

“Yo...meetin’ your dad and siblings...feels huge” MC Cobra said quietly to Pit Viper.

“It’ll be okay.” she smiled at him.

“Ugh what are you doing here?" a snobbish voice asked.

Pit Viper sighed and looked up at the top of the main staircase. “Hello Amanda.”

“Oh wait. Could it be? Oh. My. Gosh. It's TRUE you got dumped. That's why you're here in Hawaii stealing my spotlight.”

Pit Viper hissed at her and stuck out her tongue and Amanda yelped.

“DAAAAD!! YOUR LITTLE MONSTER IS HERE!!!” Amanda yelled as she made a run for it.

“She's nice” Ice snorted after she left.

“Yep. A little angel” DJ mocked.

Two heads appeared from around a corner, one wearing a pink bow and the other blue. The two girls squealed and ran over and grabbed Pit Viper’s hands and squealed even louder as they ran in a circle making her spin and Pit Viper laughed.

The identical twin girls were loud and bouncy just like Charmaine.

“YOU'RE HEEEERE!!!!!” the girls squealed in unison before hugging her.

“Cora! Sora!” Pit Viper laughed and hugged them back.

“This might be hard to believe, but I think Charmaine would drown in this company a little” Tag whispered to Lydia.

“Maybe a little, but she would adapt. But Kaysha?” she chuckled a little, “No chance..."

“Would you let our sister breathe, please?” a young man asked as he walked down the stairs. He looked like he was Pit Viper’s age.

“OKAY!” the twin girls said.

“Well look at you. You clean up well.” the young man grinned.

“Very funny, Lawrence. Guys this is my little brother.”

“Haha by one minute!” he grinned.

“Uhhhhh hey man, I'm Shane Grey, Lilith’s friend” MC Cobra introduced.

“Nice to meet you. I apologize for my younger sisters. It's been quite some time since we have seen our sister. And Amanda is far too much like our mother for comfort.” Lawrence smiled.

“I've been around a squealy type before so I think I can handle it” MC Cobra chuckled.

“These two are double trouble.” Lawrence chuckled.

“Where’s Dad, Lar?” Pit Viper asked

“Don't worry, Lil. He’s dealing with a phone call from Mother. There's a lot of media going on about your return from hiding for the benefit.” her brother sighed, "Mother is throwing a royal fit.”

“Greeeaaaaat.” Pit Viper said sarcastically.

MC Cobra rubbed her back a little in comfort, while Strikemaster Ice snorted quietly to himself. He agreed with DJ Fist: if this is what the rich life was like, he didn't want it either.

“Not all rich life is like this but when you have a woman like Mother controlling your upbringing…. It gets difficult.” Lawrence sighed. "It depends on how everything is structured and Mother is very old fashioned.”

“Sorry, bro” Strikemaster Ice stated, glad that he and Pit Viper understood how ridiculous their mother was.

“Luckily you won't have to meet her!” Cora said.

“I ain’t gonna complain about that, lil lady” Ice chuckled a little.

“Sooooooo uhhhhhh, what do we do now?” MC Cobra asked.

“I usually wait for Father but.” Pit Viper said.

“We can go to the sitting room.” Lawrence replied, going to lead them to a room off to the side of the main entryway.

Everyone sat down and for a while, nobody said anything, hence an awkward silence.

“What is it that you all do?” Lawrence asked them.

“ electrical work…” Ice answered for him and his crew. It wasn't wrong; it was still a condition of probation for the time being. This man didn't need to know their background if it wasn't necessary…

“These three are engineers. DJ and Shane especially. Vicky told me that they could build a working submarine from car scrap.” Pit Viper said.

“Really?” Lawrence said, looking at them surprised. “That’s quite remarkable.”

“Eh it's nothin’” MC Cobra dismissed, “More of a hobby really. DJ and I love to build stuff for fun. It's our therapy.”

“Yes” DJ Fist nodded.

Someone walked into the room. “It's more than nothing, my boy. It takes a brilliant mind to build a submarine. And an even smarter and imaginative one to build one out of scrap metal.” the man said. He had greying golden brown hair and a serious but kind look to him.

The others turned his attention to him. This must be Mr. Abernathy.

“Mr. Abernathy, I presume?” Tag asked.

“That would be me.” he gave a nod, "If I am not mistaken from my daughter’s description of you, you would be Mr. McStone. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Tag inclined his head in respect. “And you as well, sir. Allow me to introduce to you my wife, Lydia.”

“Mr. Abernathy” Lydia gave a small traditional bow in respect.

“It is a pleasure to meet you all. And I hope you all have a good time while you are here. I apologize for the media swarm. The public hasn’t seen Lilith in four years. My wife ignores her existence. Which is such a shame because she is a beautiful and brilliant girl. Whether she choses to be Lilith or Viper.” Andre sighed.

“Thank you for your hospitality and kindness towards your daughter” Tag replied, “We hope your upcoming charity event goes well.”

“Thank you. We’re funding homes for abused women and children with this event.” he replied, “An idea given to me by my Lili pad there.” he smiled

“Daaaaaad….” Pit Viper whined and blushed but she smiled.

“A worthy and wonderful cause, Mr. Abernathy” Lydia smiled, “And a job well done, Lilith.”

MC Cobra took her hand and gave it a quick, gentle squeeze and he smiled at her before releasing it.

She smiled back at her friends before Vicky gave a hug and Pit Viper hugged her back.

“Now, if you wish to go anywhere just let one of the servants know and they will alert the driver and he will take you wherever you like. I believe Oliver is putting all of your things in your rooms as I speak and he will show them to you shortly. You can make use of the terrace which has the pool and jacuzzi or you can go do what you like on the beach. I myself will be busy with preparations for the charity event, but my other children will be about. And if Amanda gives you any trouble just let me know. I’ll handle her.” Andre smiled.

“Thank you, Mr. Abernathy” Tag inclined his head again. Lydia and the Ice Crew expressed their thanks as well, although the Ice Crew was just waiting for the opportunity to go out and have some fun at the pool and jacuzzi!

“You're very welcome. And again I hope you enjoy yourselves here.” Andre gave a little bow before he left.

Oliver came in and showed everyone to their rooms.
Vicky, Pit Viper, Roundabout, all Scorpion OCs, Carter, Oliver and the Abernathy family belong to :iconbikermicechick:
Lydia belongs to me
The Ice Crew and Tag belong to the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures
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