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:bulletgreen: Collective Drawing Event:

Hello everyone! Here’s a fun little event that anime-lova-xoxo help create!

Help our group create a collage!
For this event, those who participate would be able to sign up for a character to draw.
By the end of the event, we would be collecting everyone's work and putting them
together to form a nice collage. You can sign up for as many characters as you like,
but make sure the work is of quality (shows effort in trying).

My thoughts: I am thinking we can do this as a monthly event if possible.
Please give me some feedback! ^^;

Event Period: December 9th, 2012 until all characters are collected

Must post to sign up.
The work must be in color.
Must be creative.
Must use LoM characters.

Here is a list of the characters:
1. Alex-------------------------------------MicehellWDomination
2. Bartender
3. Basket Fish
4. Belle-------------------------------------Minanomix
5. Boink------------------------------------Edhelin
6. Bud--------------------------------------SerFrea
7. Cancun Bird
8. Capella----------------------------------Dreamingdreams
9. Cap'n Tusk
10. Count Dovula
11. Crystalle-------------------------------KeyPassions
12. Daena---------------------------------AshuraG
13. Diana----------------------------------princessdaisy09
14. Diddle----------------------------------Dreamingdreams
15. Dudbears
16. Duelle----------------------------------Edhelin
17. Elazul-----------------------------------Edhelin
18. Elle
19. Escad
20. Esmeralda-----------------------------Mangacide
21. Faeries---------------------------------KeyPassions
22. Flameshe------------------------------Minanomix
23. Florina------------------------------- --MicehellWDomination
24. Flowerlings
25. Gaeus
26. Gilbert
27. Hamson
28. Imu------------------------------------SerFrea
29. Inspector Boyd
30. Irwin
31. Jennifer
32. Kathinja
33. Kristie
34. Lady Blackpearl-----------------------Dreamingdreams
35. Larc------------------------------------SerFrea
36. Li'l Cactus-----------------------------Dreamingdreams
37. Lilipeas--------------------------------Anime-lova-xoxo
38. Lisa------------------------------------SerFrea
39. Louie----------------------------------Dreamingdreams
40. Magnolia------------------------------Minanomix
41. Mark
42. Matilda--------------------------------KeyPassions
43. Meimei
44. Mephianse
45. Miss Yuka
46. Monique-------------------------------Dreamingdreams
47. Mr. Moti
48. Niccolo
49. Nuns
50. Nunuzac
51. Olbohn
52. Pearl-----------------------------------Edhelin
53. Pelican
54. Pirate Penguins
55. Pokiehl
56. Prof. Bomb
57. Putty
58. Rachel
59. Rev. Nouvelle
60. Revanshe
61. Roger
62. Rosiotti
63. Rubens
64. Sandra---------------------------------MicehellWDomination
65. Selva
66. Shadoles-------------------------------Dreamingdreams
67. Sierra
68. Skippie
69. Sotherbee
70. Sproutlings-----------------------------SerFrea
71. Students
72. Teapo
73. The Manager
74. Thesenis
75. Thoma
76. Thona
77. Tote
78. Toto------------------------------------SerFrea
79. Trent
80. Watts-----------------------------------Edhelin
81. Windcallers

Thanks for reading!


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Thank you for being patient. ^^
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Edhelin's avatar
just out of curiosity, is the collaborative event still going?
KeyPassions's avatar
Yup! It sure is! I'm so slow at making updates! I'm super sorry my child! :glomp:
Edhelin's avatar
well in that case (since I'm less then a week away from school being done and am on a drawing spree) I will also do Watts and Duelle
KeyPassions's avatar
:D Okie dokies! I'll put you on the list for both of them!
Wow... your school ends quite early~ ^^
Edhelin's avatar
I go to a privet school and we started fairly early as well.
KeyPassions's avatar
:pat: Ummhmm~ Good job!
Mangacide's avatar
If I'm not too late I'd like to do Esmeralda (maybe with her sisters?)
KeyPassions's avatar
You sure can, but first, please join our group as a member.
Mangacide's avatar
For some reason; I thought I had. ^.^|| Damn where has my brain been all this time?
KeyPassions's avatar
^^; Sorry I didn't get to you quickly, but when I did,
I noticed that you weren't in the group right away
(I remember most of the member's names).

:iconhappyhappyplz: But thank you for joining the club!
I'll give you the spot of drawing Esmeralda.
Mangacide's avatar
Woo! I already drew the picture I think I just need to submit it to the group (I got a little excited) ^-^||
KeyPassions's avatar
Woah! so fast! XD Good job!
I went to sleep and woke up and you're already done?!
Mangacide's avatar
haha I did it back when I first asked if I was too late ^-^|| So it was just waiting to be added.
KeyPassions's avatar
Oh... I see. You can submit that drawing to the
side characters folder and draw Esmeralda by herself
if you still plan on drawing her again.
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SerFrea's avatar
I'm so sorry about the delay >.>
KeyPassions's avatar
:D It's okay, I think everyone is tired after the holiday break. It's hard to work art in to our schedules once we go back to school or work.
SerFrea's avatar
That's true... so many things to do >.> Oooh! I got a question though, would the collage only be finished once we've drawn everyone? If yes, would it be possible to pick a few more to draw? (Those that haven't been chosen of course):D
KeyPassions's avatar
Yes! Of course you can pick several more. Reserve them well~ :D
anime-lova-xoxo's avatar
Sorry I took so long-- I just got home from vacation. I'll be inking and scanning today and get colouring.
KeyPassions's avatar
:hug: Aww, it's okay, I'm glad I got to see it when I am on my heavy homework week. -look forward to having this event extended again~
Edhelin's avatar
OH MY I FORGOT! I'll have to do that now. :blushes:
KeyPassions's avatar
^^; It's okay, look forward to having this event extended again~
princessdaisy09's avatar
yay! i can try to do Diana :3
KeyPassions's avatar
Okie dokies! I got you that spot! :D
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