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:bulletgreen: Contributors

These are people who are able to enter level two events.

:bulletgreen: Co-Founders

Co-Founders can also enter level two events.

1. The Cactus: MicehellWDomination
2. The Fortune Teller: Minanomix
3. The Onion Warrior:
4. The Sproutling:
5. The Flowering:
6. The Lilipea: anime-lova-xoxo
7. The Faerie:
8. The Pelican:
9. The Dudbear:

:bulletgreen: Recruiting Co-Founders

We are recruiting people that are willing
to contribute their time to making this club more powerful.

Recruiting the following LoM people:
The Cactus: Their job is to help me write up rules and regulations.
The Fortune Teller: Their job is to come up with events.
The Onion Warrior: Their job is to critique anything that I write.
The Sproutling: Their job is to make sure people read the rules.
The Flowering: Their job is to make sure people follow the rules.
The Lilipea: Their job is to help clarify confusions.
The Faerie: Their job is to manage the incoming art submissions.
The Pelican: Their job is to manage the incoming member requests.
The Dudbear: Their job is to recruit new members.

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