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:bulletgreen: Contributors

For those of you who wants to be a contributor:
1. You must have at least 10 points
2. Have posted up your  birthday
3. Have been active in some conversation

:bulletgreen: How to Earn Points

Submitting any related deviation* would earn you exp 1 point each.
Submitting any detailed related deviation* would earn you exp 2 points each.
Submitting any supremely beautiful related deviation* would earn you exp 3 points each.

*The submitted artwork must not be repetitive in any way
such as line art and then the exact line art colored.
So if you have submitted line art and a colored version of
the same drawing, the line art doesn't count.

+ must shows effort, more than simple sketches.

:bulletgreen: Co-Founders

Qualifications: Anyone who leave me feedback and have to do the following tasks:

1. Complete the scavenger hunt
2. Write one short paragraph on what you want to contribute to this club.
3. Send both task number one and two.

Co-Founders who have not been active at all over the
time period of half a year would be questioned in their position.

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