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Sinnoh 107: Arceus (Gospel Form) [v2]



[Pterraforming / #BuildaFakePterosaur] Intimacy



Eowenah Chest Skeletomuscular Anatomy



[Terraria] The True Destroyer of Worlds [FINAL]

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My Bio

Hello all and welcome! Stay as long as you want and feel free to have a look around. Also, don't be shy to comment, I don't bite (well, most of the time anyways).

I uh, I guess this is the bit where we talk a little bit about ourselves... Here it goes.

I am mostly a traditional artist, although I'm slowly transitioning to digital, and do bit of spriting from time to time. Most of what I make are speculative species (The Pterraforming Project), Fakemon (The Ferros, Acerbies, and Naraht regions), anatomical drawings, skeletal diagrams, terraria sprites, and so on.

Aside from drawing, I am also a mid-experienced mushroom hunter and mycology enthusiast, a skull and bone cleaner/collector, a paleobiology enthusiast, and a bird watcher/enthusiest. I also do quite a bit of work with our local Audubon Society. I'm particularly fond of Pokemon, Terraria, the Five Nights At Freddy's series (You've have to forgive me for that :/), accurate pterosaurs and dinosaurs, and good old fashioned SCIENCE (and anything pertaining to it).

Now, before anyone asks, no, I don't currently plan on making any fake games or mods, as sadly I have no experience with coding or programming. I am currently learning it, however, so there is a chance maybe one day I'll do something with my stuff. That being said, THE TERRARIA SPRITES IN MY GALLERY ARE FREE TO USE! I just ask that you ask first, and of course give credit (Oh, and maybe give me a download link, for science). Other than that, go crazy (Well, within reason).

Feel free to ask me anything, I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have (Although I'll be completely honest I can be pretty slow at responding). I do read ALL comments, and will try to respond to every single one. Also, I will NOT cut you down for criticism or holding an opinion. Just make sure you read the whole description before you write a critique, as most of the time the concern is answered/addressed there. Criticism is especially welcome on the Pterraforming Project, as I am trying to make the creatures there as plausible and accurate as possible.

If you see any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typos, run on sentences, or if the text is just plain unreadable in the descriptions, PLEASE let me know. I struggle with writing and typing, so I need help going over/correcting it.

Please note that I do not do requests, commissions, art trades, etc. Drawing and art is a hobby for me, not a career. I use it to de-stress, so trying to make a job of it is just too much.

So anyways, enjoy yourself!

I am often slow to update, but you can see my upcoming deviations early here in my st.ash: https://sta.sh/21n16q6tbvq1

Favourite Visual Artist
Everyone I watch
Favourite Movies
Pokemon the First Movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Favourite TV Shows
Bones, Flashpoint, MST3K
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Coldplay, One Republic, Imagine Dragons, Andrew McMahon
Favourite Books
Forager's Harvest/Nature's Garden (Samual Thayer), 100 Edible Mushrooms (Michael Kuo), Pterosaurs (Mark Witton)
Favourite Writers
Richard Adams, Terry Pratchett, Samuel Thayer, Michael kuo
Favourite Games
Pokemon Platinum/Soul Silver, Terraria, [Modded] Mindcraft, The FNAF series, Darkwood
Favourite Gaming Platform
*Wispers* PC master race...
Tools of the Trade
Mostly pen and pencil, GIMP is also pretty awesome
Other Interests
Fakemon, paleobiology/speculative biology, taxidermy, gaming, Mycology, Ornithology, etc

I've made a decision regarding my Fakedex

I've made a decision regarding my Fakedex

I've decided to continue forward with my Fakedex as if Gens 6 onwards are all non canon, even non existent. I know this isn't some groundbreaking announcement or anything, I mean it's not like it actually makes a difference in anything... Still, for me it's a pretty big deal. With this in mind, the national dex for all my fakemon starts at 650, with Genesect being the last "official" Pokemon in the fakedex. So why the change? Well it's quite simple really; I'm fucking done with Pokemon's bullshit. I'm tired of the half assed games, I'm tired of the hand-holding, I'm tired of Game Freak treating fans like their fucking retarded. I'm also sick

10 Years of Deviantart: A Thank You

10 Years of Deviantart: A Thank You

Wow, how time flies. Feels just like yesterday I had my one year anniversary, hard to believe it's already been ten years. So yeah, today my account turns ten, so I thought I'd finally bump the (now a year old) last journal entry I posted off and take some time to thank, well... everyone. I'm not very good at journals, or getting all my thoughts out via typing, so I'll try to condense down a bit here. Truthfully I meant to do a journal like this when I hit 1000 watchers (currently 1021, also something I'm really happy about :)), but I never got around to actually finishing it. Anyways, as I said, ten years ago today I joined Deviantart, back

Spring time! Time for a quick update! [Update]

Spring time! Time for a quick update! [Update]

~updateplz (https://www.deviantart.com/updateplz) More images uploaded to my Stash! You can see all my upcoming submissions here (if you are interested). -- Yeah, considering my last journal was one of sorrow and loss (and back in September), I think it's time to finally bump it off and put up a new journal. Spring is always a good time for new beginnings and fresh starts, so it works out well. As a follow up to the last journal, thank you all so much for the support you gave me after my loss. To date loosing my cat Milo is probably the hardest thing I've ever had to go through, and seeing so many of my friends and watchers reach out to me was very, very reassuring. I'm doi

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Here is another person whose art I love.

Eh eh, maybe one day I will be creative when I have the courage to take my pencil and you will be one of my inspirations. ^^

Continue like this. 'w'

legendguardHobbyist Traditional Artist

Well, I really appreciate that, thank you so much!

>"Eh eh, maybe one day I will be creative when I have the courage to take my pencil"

Yo, the best way to do it is to just start. Doesn't even have to be perfect. I have pages and pages and pages of stuff that I either just doodled, sketched up, or never finished. Sometimes just moving the pencil is enough to get those creative juices flowing :)

Glad you think of me as one of your inspirations though!

Hiya check your notes buddy owo
legendguardHobbyist Traditional Artist
Did... did you just "owo" me?!
Yes... Im sorry if you didn't like it DX
legendguardHobbyist Traditional Artist

It's ok, that's just a paddlin' round these parts

Hello there. Check your notes buddy. Thank you and have a good day :3