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But not really

Now that I probably don't have your attention, I've decided that it's time to expand from just a simple comic artist, and be at least a half-active user here (And FurAffinity) to be a better artist. So I'm going to actually look at these 100+ deviations that have been added by the small handful of peeps I watched on this site, spread the word of my site some more, and a little something

From today until September 2010 I'll do FREE full colour commissions for anyone who asks, because I need the practice, since I intend to start making money off my work in 2011, and people most likely like the look of digital colour more than pencil sketches

Tell yer friends who can't draw, send me a note, send me an email, leave a comment, I need stuff to draw other than my characters so I can practiceeeee!!! Gogogogogogo

P.S. Max 2 requests per person, may drop to 1 if this actually catches on.
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M'kay, here's the story

No more than 10 hours after my update on Saturday, my host's computer dies. His power supply and heat sink need replacing. He said that unless it's back yesterday or today, he's gotta wait a week or more for the repair shop to order in the parts. And, since it's been that length of time, it looks like the site'll be down for a while, so I'll be uploading the Saturday update here. I wonder how many people even come here when my site's down like I tell them


Enjoy the update!

EDIT: Site's back up
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I nearly forgot about this place. So...



Enjoy the first picture here since September and remember kiddies! My site's address is now (The old one still works, this new one is just prettier)
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If you haven't visited my site recently, I announced Kitty Komic 2's release date, which is November 1st, 2008. Writing is being worked on day by day =3. And how long has there been a llama mood? I'm feeling llama-y today
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Things have been pretty slow going both here and my site since Kitty Komic's been completed. I'm hoping to start to pick up the pace soon, but meh. I still have a LOT to write for KK2's first chapter before I can even think of starting it. Anyway, I hope to get some more Kitty Komic 2 sketches up here every so often in unscheduled bursts. Until then, I'll see y'all later. Toodles!
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Here's the if you want to read it, since unlike everyone else, new readers will no longer have to wait for new pages ^_^. For full news on my ecstaticness on finishing Kitty Komic, read the news post about it (You can't miss it)
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Tee hee! Look at all the fun facepalms and other fun stuff!






More intelligent journal post at a later date =3
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And that's pretty much all of the stuff I want to upload here. The older stuff can be found on my site, as usual =3

I remembered I have quite a few Kitty Komic 2 sketches that I could probably make a large collection picture of and put them here, so keep an eye open for that (Featuring Kei, Ami, Jen, Software, Violet, Sam (I think), and an all new never-before-seen character, Alisha).

I also don't intend to abandon this page like I've done twice before (Blame Skie, I like hearing fan comments ^_^), so I'll put every single non-Kitty Komic comic thingy here as well as my site. And as always, it'll also be a backup should my site every explodes like it's done a couple times in the past. So yeah. Check here every so often, I draw literally everyday, so every day has a chance for getting something new here =3
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I'll be uploading about 3 things here everyday until it has all the recent drawings from the art section of my site, and also some new ones here and there. Keep an eye open to see if there are any favourites you see, ones you wanted to comment on and actually have me hear your comment, or ones that you just don't care about =3

As in the words of everyone's favourite virtual S.A.S. guy, Gaz, "Let's do this"
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Now, if you visited the links section of my site, you should now know I use this for emergencies.

This is one ^_^

Fantum's computer died, and it won't be brought back up until Monday, so here's what Friday's update was going to have. I'm sure you can tell which pictures in the gallery are them.
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This site's certainly changed during my longer-than-a-year disappearance! Anyway, despite not being here forever, I've still been drawing and all that stuff. Why, Kitty Komic has just recently exceeded it's 250th page! Yee-haw! Well, if you like my work, my site always gets updates right off the presses, so check there if I've been gone from here for a while again. All righty? Fare ze well then!

P.S. Some of those mood things are pretty creepy. Horny? Lust? Scary...