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Phases of Shiro by missypena
Shiro by Zarory
Voltron: Legendary Defender by Vultureen
Saint Santorini. by troparah
Voltron Staff Appreciation
[REQUESTED] Allura from Voltron (Genie Style) by blackfr0g
Lance McClain - Formal by Be4utifu1Mind
Merman Lance by Be4utifu1Mind
old cover page by Akira-Okuzaki
Lancey Lance the Sharpshooter Event 2018
Happy Birthday, Lance! by Snowy-Wolf-568
VLD doodles 16 by FrankRT
Sharpshooter ~ Edit by InkyRoses
Guardian Hearts by Svedverite
Happy Birthday, Shiro! by DragonAnalei
Leap Day Baby by hat-and-goggles
||Month After|| by Sexybins
Keith Voltron by CarwelWindon
Keith(Voltron) by DragonGirl115
Another Keith by AliSalazarArt
Voltron Girls - Keith by SimonaAlex
Merry Christmas Pidge 2019 by Thenameissasoti
PIDGE by chicken-rocket
Pidge - Voltron by rexmin203
Inktober Day 14: Overgrown by BisexualDragon
Dreamer by AliSalazarArt
that sass by illusionillustr
Space boy by AliSalazarArt
.:VLD:. Sans Lance by MomoShikadora
Paladin Hunk by Cracky-Bear
Happy Birthday Hunk! by CassarillaDraws
9 Days Left Till Christmas - Hunk by Serina67
Hunk by willowispstudios
[Vld] Chib Romelle by Aire-Draws
The Queen by Forestelfin
Queen Allura of Altea by CassarillaDraws
VLD Romelle by mlpandlpsprincess
Lotor and the Generals
Acxa by mlpandlpsprincess
Matt Holt by XLilacLisianthusX
The Galra Empire
Inktober #2: Mindless by Kaczsia
Blade of Marmora
Inktober #18: Misfit by Kaczsia
Voltron and the Lions
Legendary Defender by Moongirl91939
Other Canon Characters
cosmoooooooo by kimcybernik
Multiple Characters
like old times by hellolala1
Romance and Shipping
Lance and Allura, Gods of Ruotan (SAI version) by HorsesPlease
Taking Commissions! by Taurrigan
AUs and Crossovers
[Pastel Magical Girl] Pidge by Aire-Draws
Voltron OCs
A Rose for my Love by LizzieShiro
Klance (V2) Cosplayers At Fan Expo 2019 by xkillerben5798x
The Break Up by Damare
Klance doodles by PenguinPhilip
Screenshot Redraws
as many times as it takes by spacemull3t
Mature Content

Mature Content

Overtime by Damare
Classic Voltron Fanart
Voltron by ArtNinjaTX
Commission Info and Product Selling
My Paypal Commission sheet! (OUTDATED) by NerdzLikeTheCandy
Advertising and Requests
650+ Watchers Contest and Raffle! [CLOSED]Hello all! Since I'm approaching that 700 watchers mark, I'd like to do something special for it! Last time, I did a raffle. This time, I'm going to do a 2-in-1 with both a contest AND a raffle! How exciting, huh? (Bear with me. This is the first contest I've ever done, so it might be a little bumpy as I'm figuring it out. I'm also trying to figure out how journals in Eclipse work DX).Please read the full journal before commenting. First, let's talk about the contest.Let's make it pretty simple. All you gotta do is draw one of my OCs/ couples/ or my OC and yours. This includes any of my main OCs from my gallery from any fandom. It can be as simple or complex as you'd like. I'll put a list of some of my OCs here:Winx OCs: Ashley, Constance, Rosaline, Miriel, Emory, Tharen, Ian, Dimitri, and DanielWinx couples: Ashley x Daniel, Rosaline x Ian, Miriel x Tharen, Emory x Dimitri. (Constance's boyfriend is currently a WIP. Ask for details.)Voltron OCs: Clara Durant and Ana GreeneVoltron couples: Clara x ShiroOther OCs: Faylan (The Dragon Prince), Delphine (Winx), Unnamed Lolirock OCIf you have a different OC in mind or have any other questions, please ask.RULESCONTEST DEADLINE: July 31st (I'm open to extensions if needed.)I would like to have a minimum of 10 participants. If that number isn't reached, I'll consider cancelling the contest, unfortunately.NO NSFW, fetish, inappropriate stuff.Up to two submissions per person.You don't have to be a watcher. PRIZES1st Place: Colored Full-body drawing and 100 2nd Place: [This will be unlocked if there's 20+ participants] Colored Half-body drawing and 50 3rd Place: [This will be unlocked if there's 30+ participants] Colored Portrait drawing and 50 Now on to the raffle!I'll try to make this simple as well.Comment using the form belowMake a journal or status update advertising this journal.You do NOT have to be a watcher, but watching me will get you another entry (+1). Only watch if you genuinely like my content. Not just for the raffle.You'll get an extra entry if you join the contest! (+1)You can also get extra entries if you follow me on Twitter (+1) and/or Instagram (+1).Please include a link to the journal/status update in your comment and your Twitter/Instagram handle if you follow me there so I can verify.PRIZESThere will be 2 winners selected randomly. Each one will get a colored half-body sketch. Please use this form so I can keep track of everything more easily:Username:Joining the raffle?:Journal/status update link:Joining the contest?(+1): (if so, which OC?)Watching?(+1):Following on Twitter/Instagram?(+1-2): (yes/no. please state which and your username(s))THANK YOU!!! :D
Voltron Drawing References
Castle Of Lions - Layout References by FlufflyNeko
Other Art
Doodlewash April 2020 Day 1: Chocolate by Grimmijaggers
Not Sure Where This Goes
Allura by Twixdoesstuff
AUs and Crossovers 2 CLOSED
Pidge Pokemon Trainer au by Llmascanbepurple
Halloween Week Event
Allura by Tassji-S
Keith Birthday Week
Identity by Jenni41
Voltron OCs Week
VLDOC: Sweater Weather by NerdzLikeTheCandy
Galra Week Event
Baby boy,baby by junipeach
Lance Birthday Week
Lance by cokaserbia
LVSF Week 1 - Rain
Lance in the Rain by Jenni41
LVSF Week 2 - Flowers, Plants
Sancuary by Blueeartx
Shipping Week
An Umbrella (ML AU) by Lavender-Dreamer
LVSF Week 3 - Pidge Week
hap birth by 6oys
Don't Holt Back - Thanksgiving Event
Don't Holt back - Thanksgiving event by Book-Nose
Voltron Christmas Event
Lotor Christmas edition by MightyEmperorMagda
I'm a Leg Hunk Birthday Event
Happy Birthday Hunk! {1.13.18} by Hellixn
Pidge's Peachy Palooza - Pidge Birthday Even
Pidgeon !! by Teaophobia
Share Your Space Ships - Shipping Week 2018
smooches by hopehound
Shiro's Birthday Event
Happy B-day! by Honeybee-Jubilee
Blam Blam Blam - Shiro Birthday Event 2018
Shiro's Birthday by LuneRune

Welcome to Legendary Voltron!

Welcome to LegendaryVoltron! Where many artists contribute their wonderful Voltron: Legendary Defender fanart, writing, and more! Please note we are not a spoiler free group!

Join requests are automatically approved!

Before you submit anything, please read the rules below!

Click HERE to read the rules

Please read before submitting!

(Please send a note for a link to our server!)


Current Events:

Voltron Staff Appreciation

Official Entry Period: August 17-August 31 September 7
Voltron Staff Appreciation Event (EXTENSION)This event will be extended to September 7th! Just one more week to submit your art in!!!
There has been a lot of hatred towards the staff lately and we the admin thought it would be great to show love towards the staff! That includes the creators, animators, voice actors, etc! We'll of course still have a top 5 list for this, but we were thinking of possibly @ ing the staff to the event folder once it's on done on one of the admin's twitter since most of the staff is on there.
Any hate art, writing, etc towards the Voltron staff will not be tolerated. This is meant to be love towards the staff. You don't have to make it towards all of the staff. If you wish to make your art towards a specific person or group within the staff, that is completely fine :)
Schedule (all times are PST timezone)
Official Entry Period: August 17-August 31 September 7
This is the official entry period! The folder will close at 12:00am Pacific Standard Time on <

Lancey Lance the Sharpshooter Top 5

1. Mistakes by BlackKatJinx
Mistakes by BlackKatJinx

2. flower. by fan-Arter
flower. by fan-Arter


4. summer child by JUNkoyaki

5. Serenity by Tears-of-Xion
Serenity by Tears-of-Xion

Other Entries:…

Upcoming Events:

Schedule (all times are PST timezone)
Official Entry Period: September 7 - September 21
This is the official entry period! The folder will close at 12:00am Pacific Standard Time on September 22!
Voting Period: September 22 - September 23
Vote for 2 of your favorite submissions
Top 5 Posting: September 24

Team Voltron and the Rebel Forces

AKA the Moderators:

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Have any questions? Send us a note here, ask it in the comments section below or ask us in our discord server!





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