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Episode 1 of "Lloyd" is out! Check it out via the link below.


If you weren't aware, "Lloyd" is a series me and Toonwerks are doing with Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones. It stars a cat detective, and he solves cases based on reviews on Brad's site. The first episode is based off the horrible ET rip off "Nukie"

WARNING: This can be a MATURE series... so watch out!

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You MIGHT have noticed that my website was down for a few weeks.  (if so... why were you going there???)  That's because I decided a little while ago to start doing my comics again.  They were pretty well received here on DA a few years back, and it felt like the right time to start a ongoing project like that again.  Well... after a slight redesign, (which I will continue to tweek) I relaunched the site!


You might notice that the comics are front and center now.  When I start producing those again, they'll be on the website first, then DA a little later.

You might ALSO notice a link to my Patreon page.  While the comics where the push for me to make one, I'm still active with what Toonwerks are doing.  Wonders of the Universe and the Cinema Snob's "LLOYD" series will also be supported by this.  So for the moment, the monthly pledge will be in preparation for the weekly comics, as well as my work on the animation side of things.

More details on my Patreon page: www.patreon.com/legendaryfrog

I'm not sure how well it will do, but every little bit helps!!  Expect more from this when the comics start being produced.  Also...  Progress on Lloyd Episode 1 is going very well.  Don't expect a Wonders 5 sized delay with this one!  Even though we didn't write the dialogue, well all think its fits our style fairly well.

Anyway, that's it for now.  Take care!
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Episode 5 Podcast!  It comes in 2 flavors...

Audio:  t.co/B75mmI3NfL

And Video:  t.co/NkJTqBIV9D

This was recorded a few months ago, but it still holds true.  Enjoy!


It's been a long time coming... but here's Episode 5 of Wonders of the Universe!  Please enjoy!

Episode 5 had some roadblocks during production, but we're very proud of the end product.  You might notice that it features an original score!  This was the main reason for the delays near the end here, because it was done after the movie was complete.  We go into more detail in a upcoming podcast and commentary!

I'm knee deep in animation for another Wonders short... but it's on hold at the moment when me and Toonwerks work on something else.  What is it? I'll tell you!  We're working with Brad Jones, aka "The Cinema Snob" on a series called "Lloyd!"  We' can't say much about it, but we CAN say it's about a cat detective.  We'll be talking about it more as it continues production.  It was made possible with support for his Patreon, found here:  www.patreon.com/thecinemasnob

Even with Lloyd taking up more of our attention, I personally want to make it a goal to have Wonders stuff going on.  2014 was NOT a good year for us supporting the series, and we want to make it better.  In addition to shorts (which me and Casey are working on), we want Episode 6 to be completed in a reasonable time frame in 2015.  I'll probably take another attempt to get another animator on board as well.  Again, we'll discuss this more in a podcast probably.

Anyway, enjoy Episode 5! (And tell a friend!)
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Update 2:  Adding a deadline of FEB 28th for the voice try outs!

Update:  We are now looking for voice actors!  Visit here for the audition form, and the character sample lines:    goo.gl/forms/HiHgqzBscm

Me and my buddy Randy :iconinvictus-inferno: have a Marvel parody written!  But we need some help.  A much more detailed post can be found in the Google Docs link below,  But here is the bullet point version so you can get the gist of it:

- It's based on Marvel super heroes!  We're wanting it to be fast paced and snappy humor wise.

- We're looking for a animator to work with us.

- The current project is 3 shorts, each one 2 - 3 pages each.  It's a fairly self contained mini arc of episodes.

- There are no current plans to go beyond these 3 right now, but the story is set up so it can continue.  It all depends on how things work out.

- No art style is set yet, but I'm thinking my Chibi style might be a good fit... and be simpler to animate.  If the animator is also a cool artist, then their art is a possibly as well.

- It's a project me and Randy co wrote together and he wanted to do it himself for years, but he just doesn't have the time to learn to animate.  Not to mention get real GOOD.

- I personally want to get much more Wonders of the Universe stuff done this year.  This doesn't leave room for a side project like this.

- Please have stuff for us to look at before contacting us!

So like I mentioned, the REAL post is in the link below.  So take a look, and if you're interested or have questions, my contact info is in the post... or send me a note here on DA!

Hope to hear form you!

Link to the Google Doc:
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Hello!  Several months ago I announced that a Warcraft 3 script I wrote way back in 2004 (jeeze!) had been made into a storyboard by my buddy Serge.  And to present it to you all, we would be adding voices and music and backgrounds.  Well guess what?  The first 2 parts have been released!

I hope you enjoy this little blast from the past.  Serge did a great job keeping the project alive, and making more presentable when releasing it.  And thanks to all the voice actors who helped out!  Within the video description there is a link that explains the process in more detail.

No time table on the final half of the story... but it should be in the next several weeks if things stay on track.

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