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Episode 1 of "Lloyd" is out! Check it out via the link below.…

If you weren't aware, "Lloyd" is a series me and Toonwerks are doing with Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones. It stars a cat detective, and he solves cases based on reviews on Brad's site. The first episode is based off the horrible ET rip off "Nukie"

WARNING: This can be a MATURE series... so watch out!

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You MIGHT have noticed that my website was down for a few weeks.  (if so... why were you going there???)  That's because I decided a little while ago to start doing my comics again.  They were pretty well received here on DA a few years back, and it felt like the right time to start a ongoing project like that again.  Well... after a slight redesign, (which I will continue to tweek) I relaunched the site!

You might notice that the comics are front and center now.  When I start producing those again, they'll be on the website first, then DA a little later.

You might ALSO notice a link to my Patreon page.  While the comics where the push for me to make one, I'm still active with what Toonwerks are doing.  Wonders of the Universe and the Cinema Snob's "LLOYD" series will also be supported by this.  So for the moment, the monthly pledge will be in preparation for the weekly comics, as well as my work on the animation side of things.

More details on my Patreon page:

I'm not sure how well it will do, but every little bit helps!!  Expect more from this when the comics start being produced.  Also...  Progress on Lloyd Episode 1 is going very well.  Don't expect a Wonders 5 sized delay with this one!  Even though we didn't write the dialogue, well all think its fits our style fairly well.

Anyway, that's it for now.  Take care!
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Episode 5 Podcast!  It comes in 2 flavors...


And Video:

This was recorded a few months ago, but it still holds true.  Enjoy!


It's been a long time coming... but here's Episode 5 of Wonders of the Universe!  Please enjoy!

Episode 5 had some roadblocks during production, but we're very proud of the end product.  You might notice that it features an original score!  This was the main reason for the delays near the end here, because it was done after the movie was complete.  We go into more detail in a upcoming podcast and commentary!

I'm knee deep in animation for another Wonders short... but it's on hold at the moment when me and Toonwerks work on something else.  What is it? I'll tell you!  We're working with Brad Jones, aka "The Cinema Snob" on a series called "Lloyd!"  We' can't say much about it, but we CAN say it's about a cat detective.  We'll be talking about it more as it continues production.  It was made possible with support for his Patreon, found here:

Even with Lloyd taking up more of our attention, I personally want to make it a goal to have Wonders stuff going on.  2014 was NOT a good year for us supporting the series, and we want to make it better.  In addition to shorts (which me and Casey are working on), we want Episode 6 to be completed in a reasonable time frame in 2015.  I'll probably take another attempt to get another animator on board as well.  Again, we'll discuss this more in a podcast probably.

Anyway, enjoy Episode 5! (And tell a friend!)
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Update 2:  Adding a deadline of FEB 28th for the voice try outs!

Update:  We are now looking for voice actors!  Visit here for the audition form, and the character sample lines:

Me and my buddy Randy :iconinvictus-inferno: have a Marvel parody written!  But we need some help.  A much more detailed post can be found in the Google Docs link below,  But here is the bullet point version so you can get the gist of it:

- It's based on Marvel super heroes!  We're wanting it to be fast paced and snappy humor wise.

- We're looking for a animator to work with us.

- The current project is 3 shorts, each one 2 - 3 pages each.  It's a fairly self contained mini arc of episodes.

- There are no current plans to go beyond these 3 right now, but the story is set up so it can continue.  It all depends on how things work out.

- No art style is set yet, but I'm thinking my Chibi style might be a good fit... and be simpler to animate.  If the animator is also a cool artist, then their art is a possibly as well.

- It's a project me and Randy co wrote together and he wanted to do it himself for years, but he just doesn't have the time to learn to animate.  Not to mention get real GOOD.

- I personally want to get much more Wonders of the Universe stuff done this year.  This doesn't leave room for a side project like this.

- Please have stuff for us to look at before contacting us!

So like I mentioned, the REAL post is in the link below.  So take a look, and if you're interested or have questions, my contact info is in the post... or send me a note here on DA!

Hope to hear form you!

Link to the Google Doc:…
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Hello!  Several months ago I announced that a Warcraft 3 script I wrote way back in 2004 (jeeze!) had been made into a storyboard by my buddy Serge.  And to present it to you all, we would be adding voices and music and backgrounds.  Well guess what?  The first 2 parts have been released!

I hope you enjoy this little blast from the past.  Serge did a great job keeping the project alive, and making more presentable when releasing it.  And thanks to all the voice actors who helped out!  Within the video description there is a link that explains the process in more detail.

No time table on the final half of the story... but it should be in the next several weeks if things stay on track.

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Wonders of the Universe!  It's been awhile, right?  Although we've been active with it in some form or another, we took a bit of a break to figure some things out with the series and work out some production stuff.  The first step of this this plan is to do more shorts.  Things are in motion to make them more consistent, and the first one of these to be released is "Gravity of the Situation!"

I hope you enjoy!  Here's a quick breakdown of things we at  Toonwerks are working on:

1)  Episode 5 is well into production. We're thinking about releasing a preview soon!(ish)

2)  Casey is starting work on a "Stardate" length short starring Rut.2

3)  One of my animator friends wanted to help with the series, and is working on a short featuring Rodney and a new character.  He's very busy though... but we're hoping it'll be ready sooner rather than later.

4)  At the moment I'm working on the long lost LF Warcraft project.  (mostly setting up sounds and music)  But after that I plan on working on another short. 

Remember, we announce the bulk of our updates on our Facebook page:

Enjoy the new short!
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Thanks everybody who submitted voices!  Over the weekend I sent out the lines for random Orcs and Humans.   Make sure to check your email!  (It MAY be marked as spam, since i  BCC'ed a bunch of people.  I don't know how strict spam filters are)  Over the next few days I'll compile  all the lines form all 4 parts and email the people for the main roles. Looks like theres i have a lot of copy and pasting to do!

PS:  New Wonders of the Universe short tomorrow on the Toonwerks Youtube page!…

UPDATE:  Less than a week left to get auditions in!  I  know it's easy to procrastinate, but once the deadline ends I'll be going through more "official" means to fill the more important roles.  The goal is to release it as quick as we can!  Serge is working on cleaning up the art, and once I get voices in place I'm hoping a good chuck will be ready for him to clean it up even more!  (On Twitter I announced he'll be adding WoW screenshots to the backgrounds to it make it feel more cinematic.  This means the production quality took a bit of a step up.)

Please check the link if you're interested!


  Way back in 2004 I wrote up a series of scripts based in the Warcraft III universe.  Yeah, not WORLD of Warcraft. The 3rd RTS game! This was before I got real invested in the Warcraft universe, so it used the RTS races and locations to set the stage for an original adventure story.  (So, the reason why things don’t really fall in line with the game lore, that’s why!)  It’s a fairly ambitious script at the time… a 3 part story with a beginning, middle and end… something I didn’t do a lot of back then.

    I wrote it with the intention of working with another animator, but it never really panned out.  However, my buddy Serge :iconsergep: (who did a part in my The Matrix Still Has You collab) offered to storyboard it out as a side project.  As things do it faded from my memory after a while.  As it turns out, he’s been working on and off on this for YEARS and recently he sent me a near complete version of all 3 parts.  Seeing it again sure brought back some memories!  It’s a true long lost LegendaryFrog cartoon.

    And it still holds up pretty well.  Sure, my writing style and humor has changed a good deal since then… and some of the pacing could have been improved with more drafts of the scripts… but it’s pretty solid all things considered.  So I had a idea… what if we got the thing voiced, add music and sound effects, and touch up a few of the rough animatic parts and release it for all to see?  I would keep edits to a minimum to make it a true old school LegendaryFrog parody.

    … And that’s what I’m doing!  And since I’m making this for long time fans, I want fans to voice it!  I’m always getting talented people asking me if they can voice people in Wonders of the Universe… and i have to turn them down because Toonwerks have other means to seek out voice actors.  I figured this would be the perfect way to include them in a LegendaryFrog project.   Available roles aren't unlimited of course.  There are a handful of important characters, as well as a good number of small roles to fill!  And even if you don’t get picked to be in the finished product you’ll get a special mention in the credits.

    Here is a list of available roles:…

    And inside is a link to how to audition. Check it out if you’re interested.  The deadline is THE END OF MAY.

We’ll be editing the animatic a LITTLE bit to improve it, but all thats left really is to add music, effects and voices.  So hopefully it’ll be completed rather quickly!  Keep an eye out for the finished project.

Update:  I remembered that Serge uploaded the first part of this storyboard ages ago to his account.  If you want a sneak peak of what this is, view it here!

Warcraft Trilogy EP I by sergep

Brand new Toonwerks YouTube Channel

Wed Feb 19, 2014, 6:32 AM
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(This post was originally made on the Toonwerks Facebook page!

Big changes here at Toonwerks! Well… it’s big for us. You guys won’t see much of a difference on the surface.

First off, we partnered with Channel Frederator! They’re the guys behind Adventure Time and Fairly Odd Parents, and their studio makes the Bravest Warriors series. Many of our fellow animators, such as Chris ‘Kirbopher” Niosi, have gone this route as well with their original series. We’re hoping this will bring us some new opportunities in the future, and we’re excited to work with them!

We decided also to give Toonwerks its own unique page. When we created Toonwerks, we used Joseph’s personal page to upload our videos because of the built-in subscriber base. But if we’re going to keep moving forward, then it’s time for something new. (Update: the old channel isn't going away though, and new cartoons will be posted there after a delay) The new channel is right here!…

If you were subscribed to the other channel, then please do so again with the new one. It would be a great help to us!

So what does this mean for Toonwerks? Like I mentioned before, not much will change. We’re still hard at work on the new Wonders of the Universe episode. But in addition to that, we have a few things planned for the channel:

- Commentaries of all episodes. We already have the first one posted! Check it out…

- Podcasts. Every week, the Toonwerks team seems to have entertaining conversations that get lost to the abyss. We’re going to try and make it a regular thing and record ourselves via Google Hangouts and interact with all of you!

- Storyboards. More importantly… the storyboard for Legends of the Black Book Part 2!

Keep an eye out for the next several weeks as we update the new channel. Thank you all for the continued support!

- The Toonwerks Team

Art Commission Information Here (Starting at 10 dollars!):…

My Twitter Page:

Our Facebook page:

The LegendaryFrog Cast:…
psssst....Thats our Podcast!
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We released a new Podcast where we chat with Mac and Miranda, the voice of the Captain McKracken and Lin'zee respectively!…

Also, Lin'zee been making good use of her new Twitter account:


Wow... sorry for the long wait on this one guys.  But here it is!  A New mini episode of Wonders of the Universe!

One of the goals with this one was to tell a solid, personal story in a short amount of time as apposed to the actual episodes, which tend to be bigger in scope.  Big shout outs to our voice actors Mac and Miranda for giving such personality to McKracken and Lin'zee respectively.  They're such fun to characters to write!  And of course Mark did a great job animating, as usual.

Please enjoy the episode!  And if you think someone might enjoy the series, why not give them a little linky linky? *wink wink*

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The LegendaryFrog Cast:…
psssst....Thats our Podcast!
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Hello!  I't been a couple weeks since the release of the episode, and the response has ben VERY positive.  Thank you all very much!  We sat down and recorded a podcast about it, which can be found here:

Wonders of the Universe 4 Podcast…



Okay people, we're pretty proud of this one.

Episode 4 of Wonders of the universe, titled "A Cyberspace Odyssey," was released last night!  This probably won't be posted on DeviantART, because it's video only... so please check it out on the YouTube Page!

We'll be doing a podcast soon about the episode, and what our plans are for our next project. (Hint: It's Minecraft Documentary 2)

I hope you enjoy the movie!  And I hope your friends enjoy the movie!  And I hope your pets enjoy the movie!  ENJOY THE MOVIE!

Art Commission Information Here (Starting at 10 dollars!):…

My Twitter Page:

Our Facebook page:

The LegendaryFrog Cast:…
psssst....Thats our Podcast!
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Do you remember, way back in 2009, before I focused much of my attention on Toonwerks, I was recruiting for a Resident Evil collab?  Well, if you keep up with my journals, then you know the project slowly faded away.  It fell into the trap that any collabs do now days… busy schedules, people disappearing, and my interests fading.  So after a couple attempts to revive it, I put the project on the shelf.

But the thing is, a good number of skits where done.  In fact, I probably could have released it as is and had a decent.  But it was missing something; A few key segments  that I was stubbornly holding on to.  And to be honest, some of them weren't as funny as would have hoped in hindsight.  It was going to be a big goodbye to the LegendaryFrog alias… a callback to the first real parody I animated… and it never really happened.

So the skits sat on my hard drive… only being seen by a few people… UNTIL NOW.  At long last, I uploaded a large majority of the skits to my YouTube page.  (With a couple more on the way, if things go right. Including the one I did.)

Below are two of my favorites of the completed skits…  but I urge you all to check out the Playlist on YouTube!

Thank you to all the artist who gave their time and talent to these skits! (Proper credits are in the summery of the videos.)


Art Commission Information Here (Starting at 10 dollars!):…

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The LegendaryFrog Cast:…
psssst....Thats our Podcast!

Commission sale, MMO Edition

Wed Sep 19, 2012, 7:30 AM
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With the release of Guild Wars 2, and Mist of Pandaria next week… I think it's time for a MMO Commission Sale!

From now until the end of the month, I'm going to offer a special price on MMO related pieces.  You can request your character, or if you think a NPC like Illidan is a cool dude, that works too.  Until the end of September, you can get a MMO related commission at the following prices:

Headshot:  $10 $7
Upper Body:   $20 $15
Full Body:   $25 $20

You can find more info on my commissions here:…

Thanks in advance for the support!

Art Commission Information Here (Starting at 10 dollars!):…

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The LegendaryFrog Cast:…
psssst....Thats our Podcast!
Ten years ago today, I released an ambitious flash project set to a OCRemix track called "Final Fantasy 7 ROBO voice" ( by Joe Redifer.  And a few days later, me and my old animator friend Richie "Pikanjo" Zirbies watched as it did the impossible: It got to the #1 spot on the internet's top Flash animation website  If you haven't guessed, 10 years ago I released "Final Fantasy Tribute" under my alter ego LegendaryFrog.

It's hard not to start feeling reminiscent about the highs and lows of my time as a Flash animator, but I'm going to resist the urge to type a miniature novel on the subject.  But what I WOULD like to do is thanks every single one of you for everything that's happened over that time. And a double thanks to the ones that still keep track of all the silly things I do. I've made so many friends over the years I can't even imagine me not releasing that video.  

So let's take a trip down memory lane, and remember the way the internet was 10 years ago.  No Facebook, no Twitter, and even places like YouTube didn't exist yet. Remember as well an age where Final Fantasy was more fondly remembered.  So please click the link below and watch a special part of my personal history... As if for the first time!  Pass it around to that friend you showed it to ages ago. Follow the bouncing chocobo and sing along.  I know you all remember the words.

Watch it on Newgrounds:…

Thanks again everyone!
- Joseph Blanchette

Art Commission Information Here (Starting at 10 dollars!):…

My Twitter Page:

Our Facebook page:

The LegendaryFrog Cast:…
psssst....Thats our Podcast!

Toonwerks is looking for animators!

Sun Jul 15, 2012, 9:38 AM
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Toonwerks is hiring!

Wonders of the Universe has changed since its creation.  The series was originally intended to be 2 to 4 minute shorts... but it quickly became apparent that we needed to make full fledged episodes to tell the stories we wanted to tell.  Another consequence was several of our characters, such as Lin'zee and Captain McKraken, weren't getting the attention we intended.  Much like the skits we did with Rodney (a character who starred in shorts and will appear as a minor character in Episode 4), we thought shorts would be a perfect way to flesh out some of these characters and ideas without trying to shoehorn them in full episodes.  So, kind of ironically, these shorts are what we wanted Wonders to originally be.  

While Joseph (thats me!) will be working on a Lin'zee themed cartoon, his attention won't always be focused on that kind of thing.  That's why we're interested in taking on a full time animator to help with these shorts!  We want Wonders to reach its full potential, and it can't do that with having a episode separated by a unknown period of months.

Here's a few things we're looking for, and to keep in mind:

1) A consistent style.  Everyone does things a little differently, but it's important to keep the animation style similar between these shorts and the main episodes. Each episode is storyboarded to help with things like camera angles and pacing. New models and background art will be provided by Joseph and Casey.  Animation for Wonders is done in Adobe Flash.

2) Be committed!  We all know real life issues can come up, and animating is extremely time consuming. But the number one thing that kills a project is not working on it... as obvious as that sounds.  If you want to be part of the Toonwerks team and help us animate Wonders, then we need to see progress being made once it started.  I know it sounds really strict... but we're understanding people, really!  

Edit: And to avoid confusion, we're obviously not going to expect you to devote all your free time to this.  We understand most creative people also have their own stuff going on. But if you agree to help with a individual Toonwerks project, we would want it to be a priority so episodes get out quicker. Whether you want to help with a single project because thats all you have time for, if you want to devote yourself to the show, we still want to talk to you!

3) It's not limited to Wonders.  While the initial plan is to get a number of Wonders related shorts out, that doesn't mean it'll always stay like that.   We could have a unique idea we would want to see come to life.  Or maybe we need some help on an actual full episode.  Down the line, it could lead to your own original creation under the Toonwerks name as we move away from our current projects, or as more people join us.

4) You'll get an equal share in any Newgrounds ad revenue as the animator.  The same as if one of us did it.

So what will these shorts be about?  As stated before, it'll mainly focus on the cast that aren't considered to be in the "Main Tier" of characters.  These include guys like First Mate Lin'zee Starshine, Captain McKraken, Rodney, and Ensign Xangerflaxx.  This also includes some characters we haven't introduced yet, but want to have in the series.  For example: we have a bartender named Solaris we want to place in a future episode, but she's not really at main character status.  On average they'll be up to a few minutes in length. (Almost like mini episode)

If you have any interest in this, you can send me a private message, shoot me an email at josephlfrog -at- gmail -dot- com, or contact me via IM with one of my names listed on my artist page (Make sure to include examples of past animations!)  Just remember, this isn't asking to be a part of a collab or be a one off thing... we're looking for someone who shares our values in making cartoons and want to see a show like Wonders succeed.   It's also asking you to be okay with the idea of animating shows that aren't creatively yours, at least at the beginning.

We hope to hear from you soon!

- Joseph and The Toonwerks team

Wonders of the Universe Playlist:…

Art Commission Information Here (Starting at 10 dollars!):…

My Twitter Page:

Our Facebook page:

The LegendaryFrog Cast:…
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Update 2:

Want to learn the terrible secrets behind Wonders 3?  Listen to our newest Podcast!

Episode 66:…



And here it is.  Everyone enjoy!

Wonders of the Universe - Episode 3: Shanghai Dune…


Hey everyone!

Things have bene quiet on the news front for Wonders.... thats because all of us have been busy animating it!  As you remember, we all started to pitch in with this episode when we realized Chris (the orignal animator) got way to busy with real life to make any real progress.  This  lead to me and Casey animating segments... and in my case that ended up being about 4 scenes.  At the moment both of us are about 95% done with our parts, and Mark is animating the cartoon's big action sequence.

This means I can say pretty confidently: we're going to see this movie out sometime this month!  Thanks for sticking with us people.  I know it's been frustrating for us, as we promised to have pretty consistant episodes, then having such a big gap since our last short.  We're working on ways to improve that next time we all take animation duties.  And also... Episode 4 is over 1/3 the way complete, so the wait for that one won't be nearly as long!

Here's some screens to help tide you over:

Also, remember to check out and  Like our Facebook page!

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The LegendaryFrog Cast:…
psssst....Thats our Podcast!

Back into the animation fray

Fri Apr 20, 2012, 7:40 AM
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Hello all!  This isn't a update on Wonders of the Universe, because nothing really has changed since our last news post.

Our last Toonwerks news post

But since then I've decided to help with the animation process for Wonders Episode 3 alongside Casey and Chris.   Before this, I had already started to get back into animation with the Wonders "Meet Lin'zee" short a couple weeks prior.  But working on a actual EPISODE was daunting.  Luckily, a few things really helped out getting the hang of the art of cartooning again.

First off, Episode 3 of Wonders is being animated by someone who's not Mark.  By that very nature it will look different than the ones that he worked on before.  Mark puts an incredible amount of detail in his work.  Not to say me, Chris and Casey don't take a lot of care into what we do...  but when I think of putting that much detail into movements I start to go a bit nuts! We're all actually pretty similar when it comes to our technique though.  So I'm hoping it will be fairly seamless when you all watch it.

I did try to copy things Mark had in the other episodes...  Things like how he moves the body when talking and the inclusion of blinks. And I think we all agree that animating the new character Rüt2 is tons of fun!

The second thing that helped me is the way Mark had used nested graphics for nearly everything.  That means every character on screen is about 3 separate symbols deep.  The top one holds everything, the middle one has character animation, and the 3rd is the face that has lip sync and face movements.  It makes it very easy to change and tweak things after animation is done. It's not a NEW process, but a big step up from the way I did things in the past.

I've also been using easing more... which is both great and a pain in the butt for the more complex movements.  I'm sure Mark has a process down for it all, but I'm still getting getting used to it all.  And looking back to my older work, it's a big improvement.

Anyway, as it stands, I'm almost done with the scene I'm working on, and I'll probably be doing another as well. (the first and final scene)  And after all this is done, it's back to work on the short!

Speaking of the short, here's a shot of it that was posted on our Facebook page!

(Make sure to give us a like get updates on the progress of our cartoons!)

Art Commission Information Here (Starting at 10 dollars!):…

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Our Facebook page:

The LegendaryFrog Cast:…
psssst....Thats our Podcast!

Toonwerks play some Minecraft

Thu Apr 5, 2012, 8:33 PM
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A couple weeks ago, me and my friends Casey, Mark and Chris (who make up the Toonwerks team) plays some Minecraft... as we are known to do.  Casey wanted to try out some recording software, so he filmed it!  There's some funny moments in there, so I think you'll enjoy watching it.

Check it out on it's YouTube playlist:

(Warning, contains some adult language and humor)…

We recorded a bit more last weekend, so that'll be arriving pretty soon.  I'll make updates out it on my Twitter and Facebook pages when they're out! (linked below)  We also have some plans to try some other co-op games, such as Magicka and Diablo 3 when its released.

I hope you enjoy it!  And you can check out Casey's channel for some solo "Let's plays" here:…

- Joey

PS. In case you missed it, here is the Toonwerk's update podcast we did. We talk about Wonders 3 and 4, and other stuff!…

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Toonwerks: New short and the future!

Wed Jan 25, 2012, 5:06 PM
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New Short

Earlier this week, we released our first movie of 2012: the second Wonders of the Universe short "Attack of the Foodmatron."  It once again stars Rodney as he argues with one of the ships various computers. Like the first, this was mostly the voice actor "Omahdon" ab-libbing.  As well as Casey giving input this time around. We hope you enjoy it!

Wonders Short: Attack of the Foodmatron by LegendaryFrog

Since we probably won't have a podcast for a little while, I thought I would lay out our current and plans for the new year!

Wonders Episode 3

After Episode 2 wrapped up, Mark was ready for a break. So instead of jumping right into a new short, we focused on script writing for a bit.  We really got into the swing of synergizing with the process. Working with the real time, multi-person editing Google Docs REALLY helped.  The challenge with this one is we still had one major character to introduce, but we also wanted a fun adventure to happen to cap off the Maiden Voyage story arc.

Luckily, it was just one new character: A eccentric robot named "Rut.2" (voiced by Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi).  It's a more character driven episode for the most part... but the climax should be pretty exciting!

Wonders of the Universe Episode 3 is currently titled "Shanghai Moon" and is being animated by Christopher Boe.  We're hoping for a release late March / early April.

Wonders Episode 4

I know it's a bit weird to be talking about the next one when the one we're working on is still pretty early in development...  but since Chris is animated the current Episode, Mark wanted to get started on the next one as soon as he could.

Episode 4 is still in script-writing stages... but don't be surprised if its released fairly close to Episode 3.

Joey's Wonders Short

Some preliminary work has been done on Joey's (That's me!) short.  I was about to get started on a storyboard when.. BAM!  Another project presented itself and I spent some time on that.  What is it? Not saying. This is probably the last you'll herd of it before it's released.

The longer-than-usual short, titled "Meet Lin'zee", stars my favorite character in Wonders, Lin'zee Starshine.  Not going to say much about it, but it'll give some background to her and her species.

On a personal note, its a bit intimidating animating a full cartoon after so long of being inactive.  The Hobbit was what... over 4 years ago? In a way I'm glad I stepped away form big animations... but that also means I'm terribly out of practice.  

But, I still have some art to do, voices to get rerecorded, and backgrounds to wait on.  I'll be sure to give updates when I start!


In the age of YouTube, having a website for a up and coming animated series is a bit less important than it was in the past.  But we still have plans to release one down the line... and have some ideas to make it a bit more interesting.

The site will be Wonders centric... but it'll of course have places for all our movies.  Expect things like character bios, artwork, fanart (If we ever get any!) and quite possibly comics.  We'll also have our Toonwerks related podcast there  as well as blogs/news posts.

Non-Wonders Stuff

It's no secret that everyone on the Toonwerks team is in love with the Wonders' universe (no pun intended), but that doesn't mean we don't have other things on the table.  The success of the Minecraft Documentary spurred talk of a follow up for example.  We have some directions we could go in with that in the future.

Casey has a solo project that will probably be released under the Tookwerks label.  It's a cartoon based off old action serials like Buck Rodgers. It's called Captain Atomic and the Commandos of Action! It's not a big movie, but Casey loves that kinda stuff so he wanted to try something with it. Like me, this is also the first full movie he's animated in years! It might become something ongoing if it does well.

More solo projects aside, we also collectively want to work on a project that's non-Wonders related.  This will probably be a one off cartoon based on one of several ideas when we first formed the animation team.  I have no idea what it would be, or when it'll become a thing... but it's something to look forward to!


2011 was a big year for us, and 2012 looks to be even bigger! We hope you've enjoyed what we've done with Wonders of the Universe. We even came across a blog reviewing it!  (…)  Once again, we hope you enjoyed the short, and stay tuned for more info about Episode 3!

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Update:  11/14/11

Thank you all for the great reception to the Minecraft Cartoon! We recorded a Podcast about it, and YOU can listen to it!  Just click here:…

We talk about the Minecraft toon, and also about upcoming Toonwerks projects.  Also remember to Like our Facebook page to get behind the scene previews for new stuff!



Toonwerk's newest movie is out!  It's a Minecraft parody that is shot like a nature documentary.

This was handled by me and Chris Boe. :iconchrisboe4ever:  I hope all the Minecraft fans enjoy!

You can watch it on here:

Newgrounds:… (Vote 5 for Baby Cweepors)
DeviantART:   Minecraft Documentary: The Journey of Greenfeet by LegendaryFrog

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I know my journals have been "Wonders wonders wonders" for a long time now... but it's what we've been focusing hardcore on for months and months!  In fact, we released Episode 2 last night!  You can watch it on 3 places:




And we did a podcast about the creation of the episode!…

Where should you watch it?  Personally, I say YouTube.  Not only can you view it in full screen, but it has the mot potential to grow. Unfortunately,  not many people know about it there.

We all want this series to grow.  I normally don't ask people this... but if you enjoyed it... tell a friend!  I don't expect success to fall into our laps, but sometimes you gotta give it a little push ;) Comment on it! We LOVE hearing from fans.

Everyone did a great job during its creation... so... good job everyone!

We're all excited to get started on Episode 3!  Here's a little list of our plans:

- Episode 3 will be animated by Chris Boe :iconchrisboe4ever:!  Mark wants a break after animating 2 long movies in a row.  The animation style will undoubtably change  for some episodes.

- We have 2 shorts planned before Episode 3's released, which will probably take longer to animate.  One will be a akin to "Milky Ways" and another will be a mini episode that tells more about Lin'zee Starshine.  (Animated by me!)

- Episode 3 is the last of the "Lift Off Trilogy."  After that, the ship will begin having more Star Trek like adventures.  Of course we still want character driven / comedy episodes in there to... but man we have some cool ideas!

- We plan on making a website soon.  A place where we can post news when we want to.  While we'll link to places like Newgrounds to watch the movie, we plan on using YouTube as the default way to view everything.

We all hope you enjoyed the 2nd episode!

- Joseph

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