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FF7: Aerith, Yuffie and Tifa


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FF7: Aerith, Yuffie and Tifa


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Wonders 5: New Characters

Wonders of the Universe

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Santa's Little Secret

LF Comics

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Mass Effect: Chibi Garrus and Tali

Mass Effect

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Chrono Trigger CHIBIS

Super Chibis

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Old and New: Xiphon

Old and New

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Commission:  Roxine Serra.


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Unused Resident Evil 2 Models

Unused Flash Models

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Legends of the Black Book 1

Legends of the Black Book

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The Toils of Dog Ownership

Kerri Comics

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That's Comedy Folks

Joey Comics

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FFXIII: Sacrifice a New Day

 "Sacrifice a New Day" Serah's Theme - Final Fantasy XIII new lyrics by Joseph Blanchette --- Sacrifice a new day To keep the one we have Make it all a secret To have it last forever Will you take the high road When our journey ends? Or will you just walk away? Dreams of our past life Falls somewhere close by. Once the new sun rises We'll know it was real.

Song Lyrics and Poems

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Santa's Little Secret

Misc Comics

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Chibi Cids

Final Fantasy

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Commission:  WoW Night Elf

World of Warcraft

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Love at First Sight

Favorite Scraps

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Homestuck: Kanaya

Homestuck Fanart

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Super Smash Brawlers 8

Super Smash Brawlers

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Animated Metroid Sprites 1: Samus


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Chibi Homestuck Trolls Scraps


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