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The Times They Are a-Changin'

What's this?  Comics?  After all these years?!

You might have not noticed that I relaunched, AND started a Patreon. (  What does this mean?  It means COMICS!

The plan is to go back to the weekly comic format, and keep that up the best I can.  Sometimes when I'm doing art for our Flash projects it may be delayed though...  But I'm in between stuff at the moment so I should be able to keep that up!  Also, the comics will go up on the site before I post it here on DA.

Enjoy the new comics, and the new looks for the the characters!
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IamHetalian237's avatar
Yes, a part of 7 year old me has been regained, thank you!
Noniway's avatar
My childhood!
KeybladeKnight99's avatar
Oh God, the feels. Its been so long.
chloviejeo's avatar
omg i did see ark and kerrigan like 5 years
AnthroLoverJay's avatar
Huzzah! Ark and Kerrigan are back, baby! :D Man, I hope we'll be seeing Senya and Sal again at some point.
AAGGRESSS's avatar
she is right you know, she is more adorable.
VickyViolet's avatar
Oh man I haven't seen these two lovelies in years. 
Nemmer's avatar
Azurada's avatar
Kerri does look cuter every time.

Dammit, Joe, you're making me feel old.
mitchell00's avatar
This brings back so many memories.
I hope to see more Ark and Kerri in the future. ^.^
KonekoTsukino's avatar
Muffins!!! I love Ark and Kerrigan, so glad to see you showing them some love!
Kirbykid's avatar
wow, It feels great seeing these two again!
jurf-rokstar's avatar
I really did miss these guys. You won't be animating them will you?
Count-Hoshioni's avatar
shut up and take my money!
n0irex's avatar
:iconexcitedplz: *delighted*
PraiseMoyer's avatar
Excited for the updated site!
KisekaeDenizen's avatar
Love their new style!
Lunar-Fennec's avatar
[Breathing Intensifies]
LaurusRex's avatar
Glad to see Arc and Kerrigan again.
I liked the original version better than the remodeled a few years back.
Now both of them seem to be between those art styles. LIKE
HaruBlossom's avatar
OMG YESH!!!! <3
I LOOOOOOVED Kerigan when I was growing up! Me and my friends would watch all the "One Ring to Rule Them All" and I LOVED the collab you did of Metal Gear GEAR!!!!!!
I am sooooo excited!!!!
FragmentsofMagic's avatar
Oh my god was my life as a teen <3 Final fantasy is an RPG it's the RPG for MEEE <3 Wow this is totally a WELCOMED blast from the past! 

Keep up the great work man!
eaglebaize's avatar
x333!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconasplodeplz:
OupazasMedia's avatar
If this was released about a month ago, might have been in time for Pi Day!

I mean it's not ALL that important. 

...with it's soft flaky crust, and blueberry center...
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