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Hey!  Did you know I created a Facebook page for the relaunched site?  It would mean a lot if you head over there and give it a like.  If you don’t check the site every week, it’ll keep you up to date on new stuff… which will soon include new videos like “Lloyd” and more “Warcraft” episodes.

As for Amiibos and Skylanders and all that stuff… I don’t REALLY get it.  From a aesthetic point of view… I think the Infinity figures look really cool.  (Especially these new Avengers and Star Wars figs)  But you use in games?  I mean they’re not really hiding the fact they’re milking money out of you but giving you a little toy as a bonus.  Amiibos are kinda weird because as far as I know, the figures just give you strange little things like a special CPU character in Smash Bros.  But I do admit I had the urge to by some of the Marvel figures just because I liked the way they looked.  I don’t collect stuff really, so it was easy to take a pass on that.

Oh and in other news:  Expect Senya to appear in the next comic… I just need to draw her!  (which means it might be delayed next week)

Vraptor140 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well the amiibos are just bonuses as you say, like the cpu versions and power ups and gear on other games.  But all the others, skylanders, infinity and even lego dimensions you need the toy to play the character and sometimes even unlock a whole level you wouldn't have otherwise. 
Pozem Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amiibos are the most popular but they barely do much unlike the others where they let you play characters.
This was a funny and interesting idea.
ffbros Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I will say this much: Of the three types, I've had the most fun out of the Amiibos.  Especially when you have a Lv. 50 Marth Amiibo just destroying everyone else.

I tried Skylanders and couldn't get into it.  And I bought the Disney Infinity and Infinity 2.0 sets but couldn't stay attached to the gameplay long enough to hold interest.  

Although the Amiibos don't do much in the other games (free items in Hyrule Warriors/Mario Kart 8, etc.), having overpowered, competitive play-level computers to play against is a great thing.  My brothers and I have a lot of fun with them, so they're worth it (assuming you can find the ones you want).

And, if nothing else, I get compliments about them at work. ^^;
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